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Small Victories

Over the last twenty-four hours Andy Walker (PR and Social Media Manager at Blues) has been tweeting about good things happening next week. I think we all need cheering up, and we all need to look forwards to what can change positively – whilst the BIH accounts thing drags on it doesn’t mean everything stops at St Andrews and I wanted to talk about what could go right next week.

I suppose one of the big things I expect to change in the next few days is the manager situation, with Tom Ross tweeting on Sunday evening that he expected Blues to make an appointment by Wednesday. Whilst some of the names in the frame weren’t particularly exciting to some I think we should still give whoever comes in (my money is on Lee Clark) a chance to show what he can do. Furthermore having a manager in place means that the club can start planning for the new season – work on what coaches to bring in, what players to bring in once the embargo is lifted, that sort of thing. Blues can move on.

I have also heard on the grapevine that there is a possibility that the embargo could be lifted soon. Now whether that means the long-overdue BIHL accounts will be filed, or that the league will be satisfied without them I don’t know; I’d also say that my personal cynicism doesn’t stretch me to believing that the embargo will be lifted until it actually is – but it’s something to hope for. For me, the embargo is the biggest thing that needs sorting – once it’s lifted, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph Blues can move on and actually start planning for the new season. Yes, we may be shopping in the bargain bins around Netto but at least we’ll actually be in a position to make a purchase rather than staring through the windows from outside.

There is also apparently big news on a sponsor next week. Ian Dutton tweeted that it was “big sponsorship news” and that he was “looking forward to informing all”. Whilst it’s not anything to do with investment/a takeover, I do believe a good name as a sponsor might pick us all up. By that, I mean if someone of a suitable prestige is actually interested in linking themselves with BCFC despite the problems of this season, maybe things aren’t as bad as we think they are? After all, this time last year there was no sign of a sponsor so maybe things are improving enough off the field for businesses wanting to be associated with the club?

June has been a hard month so far – and yes, it might just be small victories in comparison to what some may see as huge disasters but we have to take comfort in those small victories. If the club can move forwards then it’s a good thing for us – because we’ll have something to cheer next season; and it makes it a more attractive proposition for someone to buy. For those who so desperately want the board out (and I will confess, I would be interested in seeing who would want to take us on), the only way that they can go is if they sell. The better the club is doing, the more that people will be willing to offer and the more likely that Carson Yeung etc will decide to take the offer. As always, I live in hope.

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81 Responses to “Small Victories”

  • Ted says:

    Nice to see you’ve cheered up a bit!

    My only expectation in the coming days/weeks is to be surprised or even shocked!


  • James Black says:

    Personally i would rather stand with a mere 6000 optimists who look at the reality and stop finding blame for everything than stand with 20,000 of which 14000 are shouting protest and kill the board and sack the manager, making false accusations as well as overreacting to snippets of information and making hateful knee-jerk comments based on wrong info. We didn’t get promoted last year so everything that is happening now was inevitable. Problem is people just bring us down further with attitude, ignorance and comments without knowing anything that is real. they still think we are a Liverpool and hadn’t noticed we have had a half empty stadium for around 6 years and longer because of some moan or another. How does any of it help. If your gonna bring us down then please dont renew your season tickets as with your voices heard all the time there will always be a cloud over st Andrews. We are gonna be ok, its gonna take awhile but we are gonna be ok. We are not a Liverpool that is delusion. Start again within our bounds and using youth if we have too and watch us grow, that is if people don’t talk us down first. Now moan at me im ready.

    • tony says:

      lol your the one deluding himself.Your the type of fan that annoys the f**k out of me,if the board asked you to bend over and take one for the team then you’d thank them afterwards….

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Hear hear Tone

        He disappeared when the Mutch story broke after telling us all to stop moaning,

        He’s the deluded one and thinks by droning on about being supportive he’s somehow the better man.

        • James Black says:

          Because i dont agree with you that it was such a bad thing and remember you was all screaming about it being a million only when it was 3 million. I dont kneejerk react thats why and if i said anything on the day you was all spitting blood over a deal you never even knew the details of, if i had all you moaners would of spat bile and snot all over me so why would i comment at that time. If you ever waited for the correct information before you have your blood pressures rise to heart attack levels then maybe you wouldn’t say such inaccurate things constantly. I say it again this is not helping anything your just making it worse but i suspect some are happy in misery. Tell me how moaning is going to achieve anything especially when your moans are usually based on wrong information. Three million for Mutch, good deal as far as im concerned in the present situation. Im not here to be spat at for having a view so call it disappear if you want but i do actually have a life as well as being on the computer 24/7 moaning.

        • James Black says:

          Paul i never said im the better man, but i wouldn’t want to be around some in a crisis. It reminds me of my Mrs when i lost my cellphone, her telling me i was stupid for putting it down in the first place was not helpful. I understand your frustration Paul but sometimes i think your anger tends to make you magnify the problems into being bigger than what they are. Its just my view Paul and im not saying im a better man but i am saying i don’t agree and i don’t see the point of making it worse. If i ever sound disrespectful i don’t mean too and as i said to you before, if i come across like that then im sorry it is not intended.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Hi James

            Yeah sorry mate I do go on a bit

            Have no problem with you or any other poster, just think the way ahead will involve us all pulling in the same direction.

    • Gregmeister says:

      I’m with you 100% James, the team which looks more than likely be full of kids will need our support more than ever . Despite what situation the clubs in, I will always be there to support the TEAM which is what it’s all about. If you can’t do that for the club you supposedly love then stay away.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Fans like you prepared to take any shite without a murmur cos basically you can’t be bothered to do anything to help the club you supposedly love. If you just blindly accept every step of our current meltdown and are too lazy to do anything about it then please stay away. You are part of the problem.

        • almajir says:

          Interesting comment there Paul.

          So what are you going to do to help solve the problem?

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            I’ve already told you, I’m not renewing

            The only language these understand

            Your advice about writing mails to the board, hows that going?

          • almajir says:

            Paul – that’s fair enough. Are you going to go any games this season?

            And as for writing to BIHL, I phoned them this morning, as I have done off and on for the last four weeks. They seemed much keener for me to hang up today. I’ll keep phoning until I get an answer.

          • Kel says:

            The thing is – by you not renewing your season ticket, this will only hurt the club not Yeung’s pockets as with the HSBC loan, no money can be taken out of the club by them. I was contemplating not renewing, but like I said, it will only hurt the team more. I don’t think there is much we can do, they won’t sell the club until they’re ready. Protests won’t work, we’ll just look like the bunch of idiots down the road.

    • John says:

      Quite right James. Generally the people who complain about the financial situation at St.Andrews,the manager or the team,are people,who,admit when asked,have rarely,if ever,have set foot in the ground,for years. I now refuse to get into conversation about the Blues,with these people and dismiss their opinions out of hand. Of course there are genuine bluenoses,who complain and they have every right,because they contribute to the finances at St. Andrews. But in times of trouble (and we are never far from them as a Blues supporter) they need our support. KRO

  • Duncan says:

    James, are you suggesting we should suffer in silence and just grin and bear it? Blues is part of our identity and football has always been a method of escapism from the 9 to 5, even more so in these depressed economic jobless times. When something so close to our heart is threatened then why wouldn’t we fight to protect it, trouble is there isn’t too much we can do other than moan and complain. Our current owners are so inaccessible, evasive and secretive and the ‘not knowing’ is whats killing most of us inside – with the Kumars we knew we were done for, we pretty much knew the score. I have never met a fellow blue nose who believes we are a ‘Liverpool’ and find the vast majority of us down to earth and far from deluded; we just want a team that gives their all and a board who cares about the well being of the club and are transparent. We’ve got the team, we just need that board. KRO

    • James Black says:

      I understand that Duncan but my point being what did anyone expect in the current climate. The wage bill had to come down. Ok mutch was not one of the high earners but i still think its good business for a decent but far from great prospect and im sure that Clarke was consulted and for all we know maybe he was not in Clarkes plans anyway. What good would saying too much right now do. What is there to tell you all when they are awaiting developments themselves. Im not even saying that they have handled things perfectly far from but they haven’t handled it as bad as some say either. I appreciate your more measured response to my comment but i simply don’t believe that running off mouths without being in full knowledge of the facts is helpful and as ive said before it is in nobodies interest to ruin the club, especially not in the interest of the board and ok they havent done everything in an ideal way but they have not been as bad as many claim either. Once we failed to go up last season i expected nothing other than what is happening, because it is inevitable. Its not half as bad as you paint it sometimes as this is a transition period. Could be new owners but it may not be either but it wont stay like this forever, its obvious. Its the long term that counts not on the day when things are still developing.

  • Thomas Hallberg says:


    Thanks for giving us a little hope..
    We need to look on the bright side of things now and let the new season start.
    One of the main things about the bad times are the fact that we know nothing about how the owners and even the board thinks and how they are going to move on from now.
    BUT A little hope is better than nothing so thank you for giving us that in these dark times.

  • will says:

    A new manager that no-one wants.

    A shirt sponsor.

    The lifting of an embargo to enable us to spend none of the money which we’re going to recoup from selling our best players.

    Life as a Blues fan just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

    • Gareth says:

      Don’t speak for everybody on the manager front! Lee Clark was my realistic first choice, and I know plenty of others that are happy to have him (that’s if it is Lee Clark we’ve appointed!)

  • Ian Wilcox says:

    Excellent post as always.Keep up the good work

  • Alan Francis says:

    Grasping at straws Almajir. We have to find a way to support the players and manager but show our disgust at the owners at the same time.

  • BluesSean says:

    Were proberly get some next chinise sponser

  • a hawkins says:

    C’mon we all need to stick together thru this adversity. We will bounce back and its gonna take time but it will happen. I was as devastated as anybody when Mutch was sold cause you are selling the future of Blues and will be even more devastated if Redmond and Butland leave. C’mon guys lets keep the faith.

  • Blueboy 88 says:


    You are wrong by saying the only way they can go is if they sell….

    HSBC have a debenture on OUR football club that is clear ,
    HSBC CAN take possession of the club if it defaults on its debts.

    This is their achilles heel , & a pressure point we should now being to exploit fully ,
    by strangling off all their revenue streams.
    No ST or Merchandise purchases will assist but the biggy is the parachute payment
    WE CAN all lobby the Premier League & Football League to suspend the forthcoming parachute payment until such time that BIHL provide the FL with certified audited accounts , to their satisfaction .

    The largest creditors of BCFC are BIHL and Carson Yeung…but it is irrelevant deby because there is no downwards pressure to repay it.

    There certainly is pressure to service the HSBC debt .
    Failure to meet the HSBC loan repayments will bring this house of cards crashing down within days.

    • almajir says:


      I don’t think pressurising HSBC would work – Blues don’t actually owe them that much cash.

      Likewise, I don’t think the FL/PL will interfere. They will only suspend the parachute payment if Blues are overdue with transfers

      • Blueboy 88 says:

        Almajir – They must owe them enough for HSBC to be seriously worried…

        1) Why did HSBC withdraw the overdraft ?
        2) Why did HSBC insist on the debenture ?
        3) Why did BIHL agree to the debenture ?

        As for the PL & FL surely they have a responsibility under the “Fit & Proper” owners criteria,
        if a company defaults on its financial obligations (Filing their accounts) to the league , which is deemed serious enough to put into place a transfer embargo , they can suspend any outstanding payments
        until these obligations are met in full ?

        • almajir says:


          The debenture is more of a security against future debts.

          The bank did what it does in any situation when cashflow starts to look rocky; they withdrew the overdraft (which wasn’t in use at the time), forcing the club to become even more efficent cashflow-wise.

          It’s also worth remembering that the debenture was agreed with BCFC, NOT BIHL.

          As for the fit and proper persons criteria, Carson still fulfills them. The only point he’ll fail them is if he is convicted – they’re not that stringent at all. Hence the FL/PL won’t get involved – look at the shenanigans that went on in Portsmouth and the league did nothing until other football clubs were affected. If you want people to get serious about the accounts you have to wonder why the HKSE have done nothing further than suspending shares over it.

          • Blueboy 88 says:

            Thats my point Almajir – The debenture is more of a security against future debts.

            So lets pile on the debts , force the issue , & raise the downwards pressure on the club from HSBC..

            The debenture was agreed with BCFC, but BIHL would also have had to agree , & why agree to something so draconian ?
            Because they have no where else to go – they are skint… .

            Theres now talk of Hughton wanting Burke , Butland & Davies….

            They will continue to sell off the Family Silver & stagger on regardless …
            HSBC is their achilles , lets stamp on it…

          • devonbluenose says:

            Debentures are usually taken by lenders at the time of issuing a credit line to a Company, this is standard practice. A debenture is a charge over the fixed and floating assets of a Company and allows a lender to appoint an administrator or liquidator if the need arises. Lenders will not absorb 100% of the risk of issuing credit to a client so inevitable, security is taken to balance this risk. Nothing to worry about and nothing unusual about a debenture.

  • Stevie Blue says:

    I do hear what you’re saying James. The full facts have not emerged and while I know all is not well, as a fan my role is to actively support the club. Can I ask any fan who’s calling on others to stay away, if by some strange quirk of fate Blues got to Wembley again would you not want to go? Yes the current board have messed up (not deliberately in my view) but staying away will not help. Will an interested investor want to see a half empty stadium? Support the team actively and protest as well if you deem it necessary.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      The stadium is often half emtpy as it is. That is people voting with their feet.

      How the hell do you expect people to turn up when they’re so racked off?

      It will be worse next season.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        Al, I can’t reply above it wont let me but yes, I plan to go to away games and if things change home games too.

        Once I feel part of the club I’ll buy a ST again, to feel that I want the clubs owners to understand that we are not to be ignored. I am not easy to get rid of, I’ve been there since 67 and had a ST since 72 but enoughs enough. Just as football has changed so have us fans and blind loyalty is not for me anymore.

        And good on you for keep pestering BIH, I realise why you do it but as communication is the issue here they will obviously never answer you.

        I’m surprised anybody is there to answer a phone cos as a company what does it do bar a parent company for us? Does it make anything? Provide any services?

        • almajir says:

          Okay Paul, that makes sense.

          And yes, I agree, communication IS the issue mate. The way I see it is if I (and other people) can pester them enough surely they will end up having to at least release a statement? Furthermore, if someone in the media takes notice that Blues fans are doing something maybe they’ll get off their arses and either send someone to HK or employ a stringer out there to ask questions face to face.

          I’m not sure what else they do out there. For all I know it could be a contact centre I’m calling but I will keep trying.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Al for me to renew (and I suspect others who see it as all they can do to protest) all PP or the club need to do is call a press conference and explain fully and frankly what the hell is going on at the club re the accounts, the embargo, funding going forwards. A nod to us fans and what we’re having to endure might be nice also.

            Now. I wouldn’t expect to like what I hear but I would renew the same day as I would have at least been included as part of the equation. I would at last feel that I’m worht more to the club than a pound note. I would feel myself and my familys lifetime of support was being taken into account.

            Mate the only communication I’ve had in any form from the club is a renewal request. It’s taking the pee big time in my opinion,

            That is all.

          • almajir says:

            That’s fair enough, no disagreement from me here on that.

      • James Black says:

        Paul under Bruce at one time we was 9th in the league and doing ok, half empty stadium then too. not long ago we was 9th at one point, half empty stadium. The half empty stadium is not something new under this regime. And when we was 9th, some was still moaning.

        • James Black says:

          But as regards your comment about all you want is a press conference and to be treated with a little respect, well like Al i cant put you down on that front and yes maybe it would make a difference and show a better attitude. Personally im thinking they are waiting on developments and that they will do shortly but yes i take your point on that one.

      • Stevie Blue says:

        That’s exactly my point Paul. If crowds are worse than last season might that not put off a potential investor? Look, I’ve been a fan since 1974-75 and I was one of the 6/7k in the lates 80’s. Believe me I share your frustration. But people not attending or not renewing will NOT solve anything. In my view more organised ways such as the Trust are the ways to go. Eventually I’d like to see some fan ownership or at the very least fans representatives on the board. Pipedream? Maybe…

        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          No Stevie Blue, it isn’t a pipe-dream.

          I was saying just the same thing yesterday – fans owning some of the club – it might seem distant and fantastical, but the nuts and bolts of it is not as daunting as it may seem as at first. But at this moment in time, BCFC can’t manage to get a couple of hundred fans singing the same rap song so what hope have we get when it comes to getting serious with finances, resources and budgets??

          By the way, if we did end up with a few thousand attending home matches and in relegation trouble with not many decent players, that may be the time someone might want to take a punt on us – knowing it could not get any worse…

        • James Black says:

          Stevie, im answering your comment after the recent PP statement and yes your right it seems that negativity from the fans is a factor in hindering possible future investment. It really is best to keep quiet and stop jumping to conclusions and it is unrealistic to expect daily twitter updates when there is no news to pass on at the time. Dont talk us down people if you want investment. Potential investors do there homework and part of that would be to monitor fan sites like this. General impression they would get is the fans are too quick to comment and are continuously hostile often without reason. That isnt to say some anger is justified on some things but overreaction is not helping.

  • I repeat Lee Clark is not for us

  • AL-LAD says:

    Why does it appear that certain fans on here are desperate for a return to supposedly hedonistic 2nd division days, with 6000 fans stood side by side in a piss soaked, rotting stadium all happily cheering on the Blues?

    I’m sorry, I have a very different memory of those days, and do not wish to return there whilst our club is asset stripped by overseas owners.

    And I’m sorry Al but in these days of corporate football I understood it that managers, sponsors and operating without embargos was more a prerequisites than the luxury you’re article seems to claim them to be.

    • almajir says:

      I think you miss the point AL-LAD.

      You’re right, they’re not a luxury – we should expect them. The fact is that at the moment, we don’t have a manager, a kit deal and we are operating under an embargo. Until they are sorted, we’re in limbo. When they are sorted, we will no longer be in limbo, and we’ll be able to move forward – and that is what the club needs. Small victories, but victories nonetheless

      • Blueboy 88 says:

        No I think you miss the point Almajir..

        All these small victories allow is for this discredited regime to stagger on….from one crisis to the next..

        • AL-LAD says:

          Agree with Blueboy, it’s not acceptable to just stagger on until the next crisis and for the club to just remain in existence as some fans seem happy to accept. I don’t expect titles, or European football or marquee signings, what I do expect is for the club be to run in a professional manner, for a level of communication from the board, after all, don’t the fans make a club?

          I’d never advise or advocate fans to stay away from games, but there are genuine ways as fans we can show our distaste for the current board, refuse to buy ‘official’ merchandise, boycott ‘official’ match day programs, silent sit ins after games, it’s time we brought attention to the clubs mismanagement to the local & national media, maybe then someone will start to ask questions and investigate the circumstances of the clubs, CY’s and BIHL finances.

        • James Black says:

          So lets sell up to a buyer that isn’t there then.

  • Glynn says:

    Well for all the negatives & perhaps soon to come small positives… I renewed on Saturday morning. YEs even after the Mutch sale.

    As for a shirt sponsor – Who wouldnt want to sponsor a team that is in a mess & will get more airtime than a middle of the road never spoke about club. ha ha..


  • mitchell says:

    Good article that cheered me up a bit Al.

    I still fear the worst with regards to the rest of the family silver – if a new manager is brought in then he might be able to convince them to stay. But it still my firm beleif that if the moneys right, we’ll sell.

    Davies, Butland, Burke, Redmond, Foster should recoup around 20/25 million – where that money goes is anyone guess but coupled with the sky money we should be able to continue as a business for the next 12 months.

    Fingers crossed for Wednesday and I urge any fan on this board to do exaclty what Almajir is doing – phoning/writing to BIHL and asking for some answers; it might not lead to anything, but doing something as opposed to having a pop at the people are trying won’t help at all

    United we stand……..


  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    We, as Blues fans, seem to be very polemicized by what is going on at the club and with the whole PP, CY and co saga.

    Some say that BIHL tried to do what is right by the club and have been unfortunate. Others say that PP is trying his utmost under the circumstances. Others question whether we should attempt to ignore the off-field issues and give faith based support to the team.

    Many have given initial ideas about how to tackle the whole situation and attempt to make some headway with the owners. At present the status quo remains. No insightful info from the board, no statement from HK, the embargo still in place – so no additions to the squad and no manager at present.

    Will we ever see the club start to move forward in a positive way or will it be a case of fire-fighting for some time??

    I distinctly recall how so many stated that CH going would the last straw – regardless of whether he wished to talk to Norwich or not, was any effort made to retain him?? He went and the general consensus was “Oh well”. Whether or not JM was a good player for the team or not, it is the manner in which he was sold that gets some to frustrated with the ‘tactics’ of the board. Do we really wish to be in a position where each week brings a surprise (usually negative) which none of us could have possibly second-guessed ?? Stability and foundations are usually prerequisites to even a modicum of success.

    Regardless of whether our owners tried their utmost to make BCFC a success, it has gone badly wrong, and it is grossly unfair to let the situation linger indefinitely. It is a union that had promise but for whatever reasons has not worked out. Let’s both look for new partners hey. CY will more than likely not leave voluntarily as he obviously feels he’s owed big-style for what he’s spent. Let’s pray that something forces his hand very soon – as we are not going to be setting the agenda any time soon.

  • cecilFW says:

    I’m intrigued at the great sponsorship deal about to drop. Can you think whose brand BCFC would symbolise? Answers on a postcard please…….

    • DoctorD says:

      Whose brand? Well someone with Chinese owners and a Midlands link who are struggling to make a mark in the UK. It has to be the new owners of MG cars — the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation.

  • Oldbluenose says:


    One of the persitent problems that raises it’s head on this blog, [ and elswhere ], Is the constant fear that all monies paid into the clubs coffers, Can or are syphoned off into the coffers of BIH,!!.

    Tranfer fees received, are the biggest worry, in as much, that take Mutches supposed £ 3, million can or will be witheld by BIH and not regenerated into the club in any way,!!.

    Are you in a position to be able to clear these points up, At All,?.

    • almajir says:


      In the past no money has gone from the UK to HK

      However, that doesn’t mean it cannot. Regardless of the debenture HSBC has with BCFC, BCFC owes £20m+ to BIHL/Carson and those loans could be recalled. Equally, there are other methods such as management charges which could see money taken from the club and sent to HK.

      Whether that would happen or not I don’t know – the only people who do are in HK.

      • Oldbluenose says:

        Thanks for your courtesy in replying, Almajir, As I suspected, It is not a likelyhood, [ Though a possibility,?].

        I tend to think that Most monies inward bound are used to keep us afloat,!!.

        Though in the recent case of Jordon Mutch, It would be interesting to know whether he, [J,M, ] wanted away himself,?. — He did get on with malky McCay, quite well on his loan to Watford,!!.

        • AL-LAD says:

          What Al say’s isn’t strictly true, the auditors of the BCFC accounts have already alluded to commercial revenue being deposited into accounts in HK. We are also unaware of dividends paid to directors plus a host of other clever scheme’s available to extract monies from a company.

          • Blueboy 88 says:

            Almajir – You state , In the past no money has gone from the UK to HK

            How do you know ?
            Have you been privy to the clubs day to day financial affairs over the past 12 months ?

          • almajir says:

            Going by what I have been told by my contacts at BCFC.

        • James Black says:

          Oldbluenose based on reports i been reading he seems very happy to of signed and its my guess he wanted it so for me for 3 million it was the right decision. He seems to represent something to many and i understand that. he was with us years and came through the ranks hence many feel we are selling off our future. I don’t see it that way. First he was decent but nothing special and more importantly i think he wanted to go to cardiff to team up with malky, so i cant see how it was wrong to sell him and 3 million for a modest to good player fine by me.

      • prewarblue says:

        Sorry to dispute your statement about money going To Hk,,,,,,,have you forgotten the “Directors Fee,s” paid a yaer in advance to the “Brady Bunch” AFTER they had sold the club and other little perks they awarded themselves that the club had to pick up the tab for,,,,,,,do you honestly think this lot have not been up to the same tricks ?,,,,,loans made to the club interest free ? by Yeung and B.I.H ?,,,,they are at Blues to make a profit and are doing so any way they can,,,,,,,,B.I.H is not the first of Yeungs companys to be banned from trading by the HKSE due to fiddling with the accounts and failing to supply information when required by the auditors

        • almajir says:

          All I can reiterate prewarblue is what I have been told.

          • prewarblue says:

            I do not dispute what you have been told,,,,,I just do not believe what you have been told,,,,,your veracity and truthfulness is not in dispute,,,,,what your told is,,,,,,,they [The Yeung crew] saw the fiddles of the books by “The Brady Bunch” to screw as much money as possible from the club by any means before they left,,,,,,,Monkey see Monkey do,,,,although they have tried to do so in a rush,,,,,another get rich quick scheme by Yeung ! has gone belly up and its costing us dearly.

            Again I do not doubt you are telling us what you are told

  • wheresmecell says:

    CecilFW , I seem to recall some seedy adult shop called ‘Promises Promises’

  • KLB says:

    The new Kit aleways cheers me up, any news????


  • Rob78 says:

    The sponser will be JLR – Ticks all the boxes and would attract investment.

    Birmingham is all about automotive and how many that post here are in or around that field.

    With Blues its ban news good news….

  • prewarblue says:

    anybody seen that film “Annie”,,,,,,,The Sun Will Come out tomorrow,,,tomorrow bet your last HK dollar, the sun will come out tomorrow,,,,,its only a day away
    pity it never comes out today for Blues fans

  • Texas Pete says:

    Selling off players is still the only issue for me. Because the squad is too small and if the most valuable are sold then the equivalent have to be purchased for money gained. Young players are on lower salary so selling them is insane. I would rather sell the old guys any day and watch a young side grow.without expecting promotion first time around. This thought reminds me of the crisis when younsters Latchford brthers, Gallagher, Francis etc were brought in on the same day and it started the most exciting era ever.

    • James Black says:

      But Pete we have a new manager coming in and a new era that will want his choices bought in. I thing thats a given in any management change so selling off players to keep the club afloat and have some funds for the new manager when the embargo is lifted is not so negative really.

      • AL- LAD says:

        I don’t share your confidence in the lifting of the transfer embargo, even if it is, I’m not confident that money will be made available for players, it’s more likely bosmans or loan signings that will be secured. I applauded you’re positive outlook, but think you’re falling to see the big picture.

  • Cliff says:

    I am not really sure what to say about Blues anymore. Maybe our owners do mean well but they are pathetic business men or not very straight, either way its no good. Pannu is a chap who fronts this all but is an employee at the end of the day.

    We need a new owner but there isn’t one there
    We need players but have no money
    If we get a sponsor the money will move into BIHL again and not come to the club

    I have renewed out of habit rather than expectation, Clark, Keane whoever cannot do a lot without money and the ability to bring in players. For me McCarthy would have settled the ship and been honest with the fans. I do not know much about Clark but he always seems sullen whenever I have seen him on TV.

    Our expectations need to be set at staying up now not going up. My worry is Clark comes in we settle into mid table and the fans moan at him anyway.

  • Paulo says:

    Why is it so risky at this time to say anything optomistic and just chill out ..and wait to see what happens?

    I think Almajir is right in seeing a little hope in what is happening at the club, but I too want rid of Carson and his gang! How? I don’t know, but I want to keep the faith and am wondering what is going on ..just like the rest of us.

    I am seriously worried about these loans to BIHL though!

  • John says:

    I’m off to Hong Kong in the next few days from Oz.
    I’ll go to the BCFC Office in Wanchai.
    I know WANCHAI very well.
    What questions do you want me to put to any goons I meet in the Office.
    I’ll have a Chinese Guy with me out of my HK Office to help if no-one speaks English.

    Don’t forget July 1st is crunch time.Transfer window opens up Sunday…no manager and players will bail out…expect an exodus…I don’t think fans realise how tenuous our situation is.

    • almajir says:


      1) Can BIHL give any indication when the accounts are gonna come out?

      2) Can BIHL give any assurances that BCFC won’t be asset stripped to pay BIHL debts?

      3) Can BIHL give assurances that they are in an okay shape and can run despite Carson’s legal problems?

      4) Are BIHL looking for investment and/or will they consider selling BCFC?

      For a start.

      Take pics, email them to almajir@oftenpartisan.co.uk and I’ll whack them on here.

      • DoctorD says:

        Nice questions Almajir. If they don’t answer, just a simple “Mr Yeung, what is your message to all the loyal Blues fans around the world?.”

  • Rednal62 says:

    While BCFC accounts may say there is no loan to HSBC, this Daily Telegraph article dated just after the Arsenal final fifteen months ago states the Hong Kong quoted company (BIHL?) does. “Latest disclosures to the stock exchange have revealed that the club already have debts of more than £29 million, of which £23 million is owed to HSBC. The club’s freehold land and buildings, including St Andrew’s, have been pledged to the bank, which has provided loans and working capital worth 77 million Hong Kong dollars”
    The Telepgraph could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  • Rednal62 says:

    In fact doing a Google search with “Telegraph Carson Yeung Birmingham City” reveals the sad saga of CY ownership of Blues. With respect to going to HK to discover what is going on, this Daily Telegraph article dated October 2009 demonstrates how elusive Yeung can be to locate in Hong Kong. Perhaps the named journalists may be able to help.

  • Jonno says:

    There are 5 of us not renewing our tickets this year after having them for the last 20 years.Im with Paul on this one,im angry that the only communication made to me is tell me to spend money on a season ticket. They give me no reason to renew. Ill be picking my games until BIHL are gone and then ill renew once again.

    I know this may hurt the clu and i understand all of the arguements about depriving the club of my money up front as i have done in the past ,but i feel so strongly bout it that i dont feel like they are leaving me any choice.

    Meanwhile ill be joining in the trusts “week of action£ as i feel so helpless in all of this,ill try anything.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Guys, the “loans” from BIHL and Yeung to BCFC can’t be recalled that easily.

    It’s legally complex but these are undocumented loans therefore English law applies and any r”repayment” would probably be illegal and clawed back as un unfair preferance.

    Remember the two company boards are different and there are really strict laws on director conduct, a breach would have serious ramifications. Peter Panu is legally trained and only on the BCFC Board, he wouldn’t risk the sanctions and remember Mr Yeung only owns 23% of the board.

    More interesting is for the directors to consider if the company “is able to pay its debts as they fall due”. If not administration is required.

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