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Brutal Honesty From Pannu

It has to be said that when Mr Pannu makes a statement, fans listen. I will be honest enough to admit I was expecting some vague platitudes but what we got was something that was frank and from the heart. I’ve tried to take a proper look at what has been said and give my personal thoughts on it.

The first thing that struck me about the statement was its brutal honesty about BIHL. For example, take the following quotes from it:

“The queries related to the Xtep deal, the accounting treatment and details of an unannounced “counter sponsorship” arrangement between BIHL and the sponsor as personally handled by Mr Vico Hui and Miss Pauline Wong. Further points were raised regarding the selling of merchandise in China at the sponsor’s stores with modified BCFC logos.”

“A BCFC board meeting was also called by me on 22 June 2012 which Mr Hui failed to attend to answer all queries raised.”

“It is understood that Vico Hui has resigned from the BIHL board and his resignation has been accepted. This will take effect from the July 1 2012. It is unclear if he will also resign from the BCFC and BC PLC boards but further changes may occur and in which case will no doubt be communicated as appropriate.”

That to me reads that there has been a power struggle at Blues, between BIHL CEO/BCFC Chairman Vico Hui and Peter Pannu – and that Pannu is declaring victory. Whilst we knew from the accounts that there were issues re the Xtep deal this is the first time names have been named. As a lawyer by profession you would expect Mr Pannu to be cautious in banding around accusations publicly and therefore it must be inferred that he believes there will be no comeback from either party on that.

Furthermore to publicly announce the resignation of Vico from the BIHL board prior to it being announced to the HKSE is intriguing. I do wonder if Vico has resigned completely from BIHL – there is no mention of him resigning from being Chief Exec and I await the BIH announcement to bring further clarity to that situation. The question must also be asked that if Vico is resigning, who will be running BIHL? Again, I think this is something that will clarified by BIHL as and when they make their announcement to the BIHL board.

Pannu goes on to say:

“It is now understood that there will be some restructuring of the board in Hong Kong as a result of internal reviews and due to the matters I have raised.”

Interestingly, Cheung Kwai Nang, who was appointed to the board this month is a lawyer with a firm called KB Chau and Co in Hong Kong – a firm which has retained the services of Peter Pannu as a barrister prior to his appointment with BCFC. Is it too much of a leap to suggest that there may be a link between Mr Pannu and Mr Cheung and that Mr Cheung may be Mr Pannu’s “man in Hong Kong”? Mr Cheung and Mr Pannu have both declined to answer questions put to them via email regarding this.

Pannu also makes the right noises about transfers; it appears he has listened to the supporters and realised that whilst some sales are expected it would be most wise for the club to hold on to their younger talents. I’m sure his definition of “an eye-popping offer” might differ from some fans but I personally think he’s smart enough to hold out for a good deal – something I think he proved with Liam Ridgewell as an example.

With regards to a potential takeover, Pannu has this to say:

“One thing I can say is that any new buyer will be following closely the support fans give to the club and the current owners. I am sure they will understand the passion of our supporters but I hope that there is no adverse impact on the endeavours to seek a suitable buyer.”

Some people have taken this as emotional blackmail but I’m not so sure. Whilst it’s true that substantially lower gates would make the club a less attractive proposition financially for an investor I also think anyone who is looking to buy us will want to do it as cheaply as possibly and will use any means necessary to screw the price down – thus lower projected gate receipts under the incumbent board would surely play into their hands?

At the end of it all, he’s saying “support the team” – and he’s right. Whilst I can accept people have reservations over renewing season tickets and the like I think the club would be a better proposition for sale if it’s still running on an even keel rather than capsizing with crowds of 6,000 or so. The biggest thing I take from the statement is that it appears Pannu has lost as much patience with the people in Hong Kong as many of us have; it’s just possible he’s on our side. Kudos, Mr Pannu – you’ve done the first bit – you’ve tried to be honest as you can with the fans and given as much info as you can. The next bit is to walk the walk; resist paltry offers for our players, get the embargo lifted and give us something to cheer about.

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94 Responses to “Brutal Honesty From Pannu”

  • Gary says:

    I’ve mentioned it on various forums, but I get the impression that Pannu is in a one-man war against BIHL. And, Alamjir, and I don’t know whether you’ll agree with me on this, but it sounds like PP is desperate to sell the club and take us out of the hands of BIHL. Almajir, I think you also missed an important quote from PP’s statement: “Prospective buyers are continuing to maintain a close rapport with the club but there is so far no meaningful deal in place for the board’s consideration”. That sounds to me like A. buyers are still very interested and continue to talk with the club, and B. They’re actively “negotiating” a sale of Blues. Is that how you read it, Almajir?

  • Vinay M says:

    With regards to the retention of his services. Barristers are part of Chambers and self employed with firms’ giving them work. He may well be a colleague or someone who used Mr Pannu regularly at trial. Just wanted to clear that up that he didn’t work for him as such more with him as a professional colleague to present the case where higher rights of audience are required.

    • almajir says:

      Of course you are right Vinay – I just think it’s interesting that there is more than likely a connection.

      • Vinay M says:

        You’re investigative journalism is fantastic can’t praise it enough. There does seem to be a clear power struggle from the facts above and thankfully Mr Pannu seems to be the domineering party because I have a greater amount of faith in him than anyone else on the board. Lets hope this small connection leads to increased stability even if it means that sustainability is required as opposed to big signings. Kro

  • Bob says:

    Im happy to give Peter pannu a go, he is listening it seems and wants to get answers, from his comments I would say bcfc is getting its act together and maybe it’s time we all got off his back. PP is not the problem, it is the people pulling his strings, which may not even be Carson?

  • The Flying Pig says:

    The statement by Mr Pannu was enlightning, sometimes worrying but always honest and i only wish he’d have done something sooner – albeit I accept he may have been constrained from doing so.

    Whatever anyone says about Mr Pannu, like most of us he simply has a job to do and tries to carry it out to the best of his ability. To the best of my knowledge he’s always been truthful in his statements and so I have no reason to doubt what he says in this case. My main criticism is that there’s been too much silence from the club especially in the last few weeks, but I recognise this may be unavoidable, even if I find it unacceptable treatment of your customers.

    Whilst some might say I’m deluding myself, I actually feel now that I am prepared to renew my ticket and trust him on his word. If I am deluded in terms of that, i am very much aware that it is going to continue being toguh next season but as Blues fans we’re all used to that.


  • skareggae72 says:

    Problem is if Pannu is too outspoken surely he would be releived of his position,then i guess info would fall to 0.
    For some reason i get the feeling he might not be around for much longer.

  • MR says:

    Its worth remembering that Pannu seemed mostly responsible for getting CH in which was viewed as a top move at the time and turned out that way.

  • Bluepenguin76 says:

    “Communication” it’s an amazing thing. I’m not sure I believe all he says as ofcourse he’ll have put a degree of spin on the situation , but atleast its something!!. Fair play to Pannu for addressing alot of the fears we have as fans……truths or half truths, it shows a degree of recognition that we do matter!!.

    Much of the problem we have with BIH is that nobody has a clue what the hell is going on!!.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Thank goodness for PP’s statement. It really has alleviated some of uncertainty that has been floating around for some time now.

    Almajir is very right in saying that PP’s probably got some of the very same frustrations we have with those in HK. There seems to be rays of light shining through with regards to LC’s imminent appointment as manager and the embargo possibly being lifted.

    Privately, I’m sure even he would reckon that the game is up for CY and BIHL. It would be interesting to know if in the event of any possible sale, he actually stays on at Blues…

    Maybe all the anxiety, frustration and concern of all concerned did actually get through in some way. Hopefully the actions currently taking place will further open up communication channels, this time from those in HK.

    All in all a big step in the right direction.

    Well done PP.

  • andy says:

    Its interesting, i wonder if the eye popping figure is still £12 Million? The price tag that was put on Redmond when Man City started sniffing last season. The other interesting statement was that Pannu intimated that Jordan Mutch wanted to leave but Mutch himself says he never asked to leave. The way i see this, is that once Cardiff had their bid accepted, Mutch didnt think twice about going.

  • Alan Francis says:

    I have read the statement and was particularly interested in the section that mentioned providing the new manager with the tools to do the job. At this present stage we have no left midfield at all, no back up at left back, no back up in centre midfield, just one back up at centre half, unless Stephen Carr signs no back up at right back. It looks like we might be ok up front or in goal, if Doyle signs again. However it seems like a minimum of 5 new players will be required before the season starts unless we use Academy or untried youngsters. So will we actively be looking to sign a minimum of 5 players and what quality will they have? Will he be true to his word and provide the resources or is it hot air and the manager is on hiding to nothing?

    • nicky wicky says:

      Obviously Alan listening to his statement he is expecting the embargo to be lifted. I noted that during the local news they read a statement from PP saying that they expected the club to show a profit this year so it makes you wonder about the sale of Mutch? As almijr has alraedy said he also mentioned that Redmond, and Butland are not for sale unless they recieve an eye-popping offer(quite what he means by that i don’t know?)

  • evesham blue says:

    Couple of other significant points for me in his statement.

    1) The bit about PP listening to fans in the recruitment process for a manager
    2) The working on the June 2011/12 accounts and a return to profit
    3) Not selling our best players on the cheap
    4) They are working on the lifting the embargo and in any case any case transfer dealings can still happen with permission i.e. it implies Mutch can be replaced. I think Clark is probably ahead of the game with a shortlist of potential players.
    5) we are self sufficient (and have been for a while) and the money is not going out to HK

    I have always maintained that PP is doing a stirling job. The only other thing I would say is fans want more communication like this. Could of helped BEFORE the Mutch transfer if he had explained this to us. Having said that I think there is a contingent of fans who wont be happy as the trust has already gone.

    I congratulate the Blues activists who have got this info out of PP albeit indirectly.

    Well done. Finally I urge season ticket holders who have not yet renewed to get down to St Andrews. KRO

    • almajir says:

      The only other thing I would say is fans want more communication like this. Could of helped BEFORE the Mutch transfer if he had explained this to us

      I agree

      Communication can solve a lot of problems.

  • Alan Francis says:

    Ps. Jordan Mutch states that he did not ask to move to Cardiff? Peter Pannu’s statement suggests the opposite so which is correct?

  • Paulo says:

    I know I’ve said it in a comment to the previous blog (when this broke), but I do accept this as a positive step from PP and commend his timing for this communication. It is always a good thing and it does offer us hope when PP covers a lot in one go to keep everyone in the loop ..just.
    My problem is that Mr Pannu is not so hot on following up any of his previous statements and I worry that this, to him, is enough to keep us all quiet and keep our heads down and get down the blues.
    I’m not overly convinced, and I have said before that he is good at being unpopular ..and he has even stated that unpopular decisions will pretty much be made if they have to.

    I dont know where to sit with this really, although I do acknowledge that it is good communication.

  • Bob says:

    The Mutch issue with the statement can be read both ways, I imagine what was ment was the offer was accepted and when Mutch had his meeting he jumped at the chance to go,
    hence Mutch saying it all happened quickly and once accepted he only had he’s bit to do?

  • cecilFW says:

    I’m afraid you are being rather naive here. This is simply a smoke screen to make Pannu look like he knew nothing about this dodgey accounting that saw BCFC sponsorship monies going to BIHL and bypassing the club. This is one of the key reasons why auditors will not sign off the accounts. Do you really imagine that in such a cash-strapped situation Pannu knew nothing about that money being diverted?

    Pannu follows this up with a veiled threat that if the fans don’t support the club (buy season tickets) then a new buyer won’t be interested. In fact if the fans don’t but the tickets, the share price will drop, making it more attractive. Any new buyer would love that and fully understand the fans reasoning.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Wow, I wish i was in the know like you Cecil, have you got the offices bugged? If you read his statement it would appear that the reasons the accounts were not signed off was due to Vico Hui and Pauline Wong. But then again Cecil you probably know best and we are all naive!

    • evesham blue says:

      I dont think it is good for the club if money is not coming in as season ticket holders are hanging on the fence. I suspect this will mean more player sales if anything? I am not convinced there is a buyer out there and we must plan that there isnt in the meantime. Anyway, I’ll take any positive step at the moment and look forward to an official announcement regarding the manager shortly.

      I just hope he gets support from the Holloway brigade

      • nicky wicky says:

        I’m one of those Holloway supporters,and i have to say i am in two minds about Lee Clark. He was a good footballer,and he had some success at Huddersfield,but he spent an awfull lot of money to achieve it. I wonder if he can achieve this with Birmingham? He will have a better standard of players to work with hopefully,but as of yet it’s hard to tell!

    • nicky wicky says:

      why did you say cash strapped cecil? have you ben reading the national media?Don’t you know the club’s due to show a profit? how is that cash strapped?

  • Taz says:

    Like most other Blues fans, I welcome this statement from PP and feel he has gone as far as he can to allay the fears of the fans. His slightly veiled comments about BIHL and Vico Hui are about as open and honest as anyone could expect and, as such, show a very refreshing honesty.

    The two issues I have with this statement are:-
    1). Comments about any new buyers being adversely affected by closely following the support given to the club and current owners. I would assume that nay owners worth their salt will have done their homework on BCFC and will realise that ANY action taken by the fans is directly aimed at the current owners only and, in no way reflects on any POTENTIAL that the club has.

    Although I would not recommend any mass walk-outs or other adverse actions, I feel sure that any worthwhile potential buyers will recognise the large fan-base and will understand that the fans will return once the current owners have left. It will then be in the new owners hands, whether or not the fans remain. (I just hope we don’t start getting all the old “sleeping giant” platitudes again)

    2). Comments about Redmond, Butland, et al, not being sold unless we get “eye-popping” offers for them. I would feel slightly happier about this comment if it wasn’t for the fact that it was PP who promised that there would be no fire-sale last year – just moments before the fire-sale began.

    • evesham blue says:

      I suspect this may be a response to the story about West Ham about to offer a paltry amount for Redmond. The problem with no communication from the board is the media will prey on our fears. The delay in the accounts meant they were surmising we were going into administration.

      One other thing that occurred to me in the statement about returning to substantial profits and working on the accounts for this year. Perhaps they are getting the club into a position to a) lift the embargo and b)make it a more attractive proposition to buy ?

      Also, the squad must remain competitive. Mutch was replaceable but Butland and Redmond would be harder to do so. The board are not stupid – these players could be worth a few bob in a year or so – so its gratifying to know it is not a case of sell everyone for any price

    • nicky wicky says:

      Blues had to sell those players last season due to relegation to get the wage bill down and they probably didn’t have relegation clauses either. The club is due to show a profit so there is no need to have a firesale. The club isn’t cash strapped or heading for admin!

  • Wingman Blue says:

    The proof will be in the pudding. If we keep Redmond and Butland, I’ll take him at his word. If they go for under £4m each, I won’t.

  • cecilFW says:

    Blue in Spain I thing you are Blue in Space. Are you really telling me that you believe that Pannu knew nothing about the diversion of sponsorship monies – that the auditors picked up many months ago? I hate to be the one to break this to you………there is no father Christmas

    • Blue in Spain says:

      What a condescending pleb you are cecil, but hey you know he’s lying because you’re so clever! So clever you couldn’t reply to my comment and had to put a new post.

      comment edited

      please lets not get into personal abuse

      • Taz says:

        I can somewhat understand your frustration with posters like Cecil, although he is entitled to his opinion as well but, You must admit, it is a tad hypocritical to edit your post to say “let’s not get into personal abuse” when you have just referred to him as “a condescending pleb”.

        • almajir says:

          Taz, if a comment says “comment edited” it means I have edited it.

        • Blue in Spain says:

          Firstly he intimated I was a bit of a space cadet, then he said I was so naive that I still believed in Father Christmas, so who got personal first? All I tried to guess at what the intials FW stood for??? second word wit?

    • The Flying Pig says:


      to quote from the Auditors comments: “During the audit process an individual director made comments in writing about certain transactions reflected in the financial statements that indicated concern as to the integrity of these transactions and their recording and / or disclosure in the financial statements”. If i understand Mr Pannu’s statement correctly, it seems he was the director that raised this issue in the first place. That is not to say he knew nothing about it, but it does seem to suggest he wasn’t kept fully informed and so flagged this up to the auditors as a concern. Isn’t that the proper thing to do?

  • andy says:

    It is understandable if supporters are sceptical over this LATEST statement from Peter Pannu, after all, his previous statements and promises to come on the radio and talk to the fans, have somewhat never materialised. Im sure we all believe in actions speak louder than words, well i for one will wait with baited breath.

  • Dodger says:

    We have had smoke blown up our arse’s once too often Peter all the crap about new investors
    give us details not more bull ,

    Almajir he’s done a job on you again clearly’ one day you want rid the next day its a love in!

    I know we need to sell to survive but if we cant replace the players that go we are F=*ked.
    We all know that Nathan and Jack will go if an offer comes in why doesnt PP say what there price is ?
    10m Redmond,5mButland with add on’s would be sufficient then at least blues fans and prospective buyers know the price.
    Hopefuly when we get a manager things will look a little better. KRO.

    • almajir says:

      Actually dodger, I disagree.

      Firstly, I have cast my doubts on some things he said.

      More importantly, I said that whilst it’s good to say these things, now he’s got to do it.

      And as for the price – why advertise what we’ll sell players for?

      • Dodger says:

        Because we are going too sell stop deluding yourself .
        P.S love this site.

        • nicky wicky says:

          haven’t you heard dodger the clubs gonna post asubstantial profit for last year. blues had to sell last year to get the wage bill down they now have a surplus they’ve no need to sell to the first bidder or at all. they can wait till the right offer comes in. Foster could have been sold weeks ago!

          • almajir says:


            Do you not read the responses? Do you not listen to what is said, or read what is written.

            We might have made a profit last year BUT that was to make up for the horrendous loss the season before.

            Blues will not have much money to spend, and Blues will sell players. Accept it.

            We may not be heading for admin but there is no way on this Gods green Earth we are flush with cash.

  • Mark Y says:

    PP’s statement gives me a much more positive vibe in a number of ways. I was very sceptical about the reasons given previously regarding the delayed BIHL accounts, however, it seems that there appears to have been some dodgy dealings which were uncovered by the auditors and those involved are now losing their powerbase. The statement infers that no money will be withdrawn from BCFC to repay CY or BIHL which gives me a great deal of reassurance and reduces the potential of a firesale, although I do think that Mutch went without a great deal of bartering. Also PP’s reiteration that there have been interested parties to buy the club along with a continued commitment to sell is very encouraging as that I believe new ownership is the only way that we will be back on track.

    • evesham blue says:

      Here here. New manager, embargo lifted, couple of signings even if freebies and the world is a suddenly a rosier place again.

      Al – is this Vico guy that resigned the same guy that lent CY/BIHL money? If so – would he want his money back now?

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Peter Pan has clearly identified the enemy within BIHL..

    Time to para-phrase Love Utd Hate Glazer for our needs , & begin the campaign to rid ourselves of BIHL , while fully supporting the Football Club…
    Black / Gold scarfs 1889 – http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Birmingham_City/Birmingham_City.htm

    Take-over talk is quite riduclous though …nobody is going to pay good money to a parent company thats plainly has not got a pot to piss in….can’t produce its accounts in a timely fashion…..& who’s Chairman is facing serious money laundering offences..

    The Patience of a Vulture is more likely the order of the day , while awaiting BIHL’s inevitable demise…

  • evesham blue says:

    But then again – you would think BIHL would call in their debt from us then if that were the case?

  • It is good to hear that last financial year seems to be profitable for Birmingham City! It must be because of our Europa League adventure and the television rights that followed.
    The things that BDO are questioning about the former financial year, which affect our transfer embargo, seem to be related to typical HK tycoon business matters where they think there is no transparency so they give favours to the ones that are patting their backs, for example Vico Hui’s relationship with Xtep.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Vico Hui will soon face a trial of some kind.
    Like Almajir, I was also surprised about the “brutal honesty” in Peter Pannu’s message. He hasn’t got an easy job, but he has a long experience of working in Hong Kong and dealing with crooks of different kinds, both when he was a policeman hunting the triads and a barrister.
    If Lee Clark will be appointed as a manager, I would believe it is very much because of Peter, and then we should be happy that a manager like Clark dares to move to our club and I believe we should also show our utmost support to Peter Pannu.
    If there have been a power struggle, like you say Almajir, and Peter has won it, then he would be the main person to introduce new investors to Birmingham City FC and that is probably what we all want.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    O-k then;, If I read it correctly, The scenario is as follows,!!.

    1st;, Peter Pannu, is after all said and done, NO MORE than an employee, [ High profile, yes ], Therefor he has to watch exactly what he says,?. If You are a boss, you are not going to feel kindly about your emplyee shouting the odds in public, — are you,!!.

    2nd, Peter Pannu, Is on the board of BCFC, — BUT not on the board of BIH,!!. As BIH actually owns us, He has to take his orders from them, [ Carson Yueng, being a large part of BIH ]. so therefor he has to be ” subserviant ” to them,!!.

    3rd, Conclusion, — If P,P, is being as truthful as we hope he is, His only power-base is BCFC, NOT with BIH, So far, — He seems to have Steered a sinking ship, [ After the last summers firesale ] and there seems to be NO REASON to doubt his words that We [ The Club ] have been trading well within our limits and seem to be in profit,?.

    I await the ” Slings and Arrows of outrageous fortune ” to be aimned at me now,!!!.

  • Ted says:

    Hallelujah! The boss (power-of-attorney) has spoken to abate the Chinese whispers!

    PP’s statement may create more questions than it provides answers, but credit where it is due, it does attempt to address ALL of the fans greatest worries.

    STAR PLAYERS: None of us expected to retain all our best players this close season, but we are determined to hold onto Butland, Redmond, Burke and Davies. And personally, I would have chosen to lose Mutch ahead of any of these. Although we may of course still get “eye-popping” offers for these.

    FIRE SALE: Many fans talk about the exodus at the end of last season as a “fire sale”. I don’t think it was. Even without the ‘asset freeze’ we obviously had to restructure. Hleb, Martins, Derbyshire, Bentley and Jiranek were never our players. Bowyer and Philips were past their sell-by date. Foster was sent out on loan. McFadden, Parnaby, Shroot, O’Shea, Bent (happily) and Larsson (sadly) were all out-of-contract. The income, which ensured a 2011-12 profit, came from the sale of Johnson, Dann, Gardener, Ferguson, Jerome, Ridgewell and Beausejour. Would that lot cost a great deal more today? I don’t think so. If PP is true to his word and defends the value of the club, there will be no fire sale this year either.

    LONG-TERM FUNDING: We’ve known for a long time that CY’s funding would not be available before 2013, if ever. Our only hope was/is a new investor/owner. Well, PP could not have been clearer that he is actively seeking to sell the club. That’s good news, but would it not be a good idea for PP to talk to Garry Cook? He did a great job for Manchester City – and they’re still playing in a blue kit!

    NEW MANAGER: I have been banging the drum for Holloway and I think we have missed an opportunity there. Lee Clarke is not my first choice, but then neither was CH. For sure I, like most Blues fans, will be 100% behind him.


  • I also think that it is actually Peter Pannu who has been the one alerting the auditors at BDO about things that led to the transfer embargo. At least, that is my thought when I read what Peter says: “I can confirm that since becoming a director at BCFC on July 2011 I had raised queries with our auditors and the group board on various matters which were unsatisfactorily answered.”
    Hong Kong business people have a lot to learn about transperancy. I think that Carson Yeung, Vico Hui and others never realised these things when they bought shares in BCFC.
    If it is like that, we should really honour Peter.

  • danny boy says:

    “The queries related to the Xtep deal, the accounting treatment and details of an unannounced “counter sponsorship” arrangement between BIHL and the sponsor as personally handled by Mr Vico Hui and Miss Pauline Wong. Further points were raised regarding the selling of merchandise in China at the sponsor’s stores with modified BCFC logos”. -seriously are you telling us you knew nothing of this PP? Cmon

    “We are currently preparing the accounts for the year end June 2012 and we shall be revealing substantial profits for that period”.-if this is the case why are we selling mutch and not paying compensation for Holloway as manager

    “I have spent considerable time seeking directions and impressing upon the BIHL board the need to raise further finances once the parent company’s shares are re-listed.” -when will the shares be relisted, are you telling me that none of the directors have any cash themselves for a short term loan if you are that confident of being relisted?

    “In the mean time, suitable buyers will be sought and we shall address the issues that need to be resolved in Hong Kong when more funds are made available to us” again time frames? I can say I will put in to the club when I win the euro millions!

    “Prospective buyers are continuing to maintain a close rapport with the club but there is so far no meaningful deal in place for the board’s consideration. One thing I can say is that any new buyer will be following closely the support fans give to the club and the current owners. I am sure they will understand the passion of our supporters but I hope that there is no adverse impact on the endeavours to seek a suitable buyer.” which means buy your ST and do what you are told otherwise it’s your fault the club isn’t taken over

    “The competitiveness of the squad will be maintained where possible” – what does this mean if we are self sufficient? And if it’s not possible what hello league 1?

    I studied supporter opinion to the potential candidates and the chosen one will be received well by the majority. If that’s the case it’s Holloway that was the majorities choice NOT Clark

    To sum up a big smokescreen to push supporters to follow the sheep mentality. Well supporters have had enough PP. Is it a coincidence that communication we have all been screaming for comes in the week we see season ticket sales stuck below 4000, the Blues Trust week of action and the Mail dropping this “we want answers” document

    Sorry PP you need to understand that no one wants BIH anymore. If there are investors out there as you claim they will make a decision based on what they know about the club and not fall for cheap tricks to inflate the price by blindly guiding people in to buying ST’s!

  • mark says:

    noted this in PP’s statement regarding the new manager:

    New Manager
    It is hoped that a new manager will be installed very shortly and he will be given all the available support to build the squad by bringing in necessary replacements to continue to play entertaining and competitive football.
    Please get behind him and show him your full support. During the recruitment process, I studied supporter opinion to the potential candidates and THE CHOSEN ONE will be received well by the majority.

    Does this mean we are actually recruiting José Mourinho…!

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Interesting that this statement came one day into the Week of Action and Aljamir’s acceleration. Well done Aljamir and Th Blues Trust

  • Apart from Pannu’s message and the awaited appointment of Lee Clark, another interesting thing is that our former penalty hero Darren Carter has embraced Clark and said he will have a great squad to work with. Darren was training with us the last season but did not get a contract and he is still a free agent. When the transfer embargo is lifted I wouldn’t be surprised if he would be Clark’s first assignment and that would also fit the club, since most of our supporters would love it.

  • Essex Blue says:

    Like most I welcome PPs communication & altho’ a little sceptical about parts on the whole seems honest & forthright. He now has to keep this communication flow going starting with the announcement of the new manager & the support & funding he will be given….. hopefully tomorrow.

  • morty says:

    i for one, would like to think PP for informing us wot is going on inside st andrews and over in HK, i think he should be applauded for his honesty, so let get behind the team and show all the doubters we still a fantastic club……..K.R.O

  • bluenose08 says:

    “Little victories” Thats 2 getting a statement from pp and the unvailing of the new manager lee clark in the next 24hrs. from what pp was saying he seems to be on our side and is fed up as the rest of us with the b.i.h.l. board ! There is nothing more we can do now but get on with the job of supporting the manager and the team. k.r.o.

  • DoctorD says:

    Yeah fair play to Peter P for putting something down in writing to the fans. In fact, it was surprisingly detailed given the crumbs we’ve had to go on up till now. I suspect he kept deliberately quiet until he felt he could speak out — and now that there has been a bit of a seismic shift behind the scenes he feels free to talk. He was quite blunt about Mr Hui, which surprised me. I suppose he feels he can say what he likes about Hui because he is bogging off on 1 July.

  • DoctorD says:

    It’s official — Lee Clark is the new Blues boss.

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    “media doom and gloom is scaring away all potential investors initially identified” the manager leaves, still no accounts, a transfer embargo but worse of all, total silence from one man who today, finally found his voice. If potential investors have been “scared away” he need look no further for the reason than in the mirror. Did he expect the media to report that all was fine and dandy?

    I consider myself an investor albeit a small one of only £400. I like thousands of others love that football club. And although I renewed I have to say i was worried as to where my money would go. Tonight I am a lot happier. But why the he’ll did he not keep us updated at a time when he’s trying to sell seasons tickets?

    • James Black says:

      sirharry First rule of business is don’t say things that don’t need to be said when negotiations are ongoing. If things are said at those times,1) Investors or buyers do not want the fact that they are negotiating put out into the public domain. 2) such deals are always conducted in private the reasons for this are obvious. I find it silly that everyone expects information to be given before anything is final. Just like the police they don’t release information when an investigation is ongoing as it tips off the villans. Investors or buyers would get mad and possibly walk away if information is devolved before completion of the deal. that’s normal practice. So your desire for information is pointless as until anything is finalized there is no information, only speculation.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Good luck Lee

    • James Black says:

      KRO paul better times will be back. Were on the same side. I honestly dont believe the board are the villans some claim them to be and nobody has pocketed any cash i think its apparent now. but your concerns are healthy and respect to you mate.

  • Ad says:

    We’re Birmingham, we’re Birmingham, we’re Birmingham city!!!!:-}

    We moan when we have bad news and we moan when we have good news, come on blue noses be positive and realistic with our expectations and enjoy the bumpy road. A proper blue nose always comes out smiling and that’s what makes us the best bunch of fans in the country and me proud to be a blue!!

    Thanks dad for making me a blue and not a boring vile T@%T from across the other side of town!!!

  • Ad says:

    As you go through life,
    It’s a long long road,
    There’ll be joys and sorrows too.

    As we journey on,
    We will sing this song,
    For the boys in royal blue,
    We’re often partizan, clap x3
    We will journey on, clap x3
    Keep right on to the end of the road,

    Keep right on to the end.

    Though the way be long,
    Let your heart beat strong,
    Keep right on to the end,
    Though you’re tired and weary,
    Still journey on, ’til you come to your happy abode,
    Where all the love, you’ve been dreaming of will be there,
    At the end of the road, Birmingham! Birmingham!

  • macca salop blue says:

    At last Pannu has spoken and co-incidently hours later we appoint Clark. Maybe Clark has something to do with this, making it conditional he communicates state of affairs before accepting the job , maybe Clark has been reading message boards like this and influenced Pannu into making this statement? Or am I reading too much into this.

  • Lee says:

    It is difficult to take seriously any statement that claims that serious investors are being scared off by media doom and gloom. Serious investors would relish it as a chance to get a deal done. any investor would think more than once and then walk away with the set of accounts just published – tht is nothing to do with the media.

    He is also being more than disingenuous with regard to the Transfer position as well. FL rules allow any team to have a minimum squad of 20 for competitive purposes so if Birmingham have less than 20 first team players registered then (probably subject to individual approvals) they will be able to bring players in up to 20. That runs side by side with the embargo. There are rules relating to whether youth players count as squad members or not depending on number of times played.

    • James Black says:

      We know that Lee and your point is?????

    • James Black says:

      Lee just like in buying a business then the attitude of the workers would be important to the buyer. same here goes for the attitude of the fans. Your questions have been awnsered fairly and honestly but still finding negatives. You wanted info you now have info. beats me what else you want.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Well if you read whats written and said about blues in the media you’d think the club was heading for admin but according to PP Blues are due to show a profit for this last year! I think what he’s trying to say is that the media have created a bad atmosphere around blues.

  • mitchell says:

    I said weeks ago that Mutch, Davies, Burke, Redmond, Foster & Butland will be sold; as far as I’m concerned it’s one down, five to go.

    The statements from Panna and the mail re mutch are conflicting. In reality the club sold him because we have to.

    I’d like to know just how much Pannu costs the club as well; he visits HK on a regular basis and I cant see him staying in a Travel Lodge.

    • James Black says:

      Oh for gods sake be quiet please. If you want to shoot yourself i will buy you the gun

    • nicky wicky says:

      Haven’t you heard blues aren’t heading for admin in fact they’re gonna show a profit. Redmond and Butland are not for sale unless they get silly offers. of course if you,and the other doom and gloom merchants don’t back the team then they will probably have to sell a player to offset the lost gate receipts,etc!

  • mitchell says:

    I’ll probably carry on in this manner James. Suicide is a little premature at the moment

  • nicky wicky says:

    It was noticable that despite PP statement that Blues are due to show a profit the national media are still referring to birmingham as being cash strapped,and needing to sell theirstars on the cheapto survive. If you believed all the doom and gloom that’s written it’s no wonder theres so many fans thinking that the club is heading for administration and an exodus of players!

  • james says:

    I’m far from a doom merchant nicky, just a realist that has heard all the spin before – I want Blues to as successful as the next man and whilst I don’t believe we’ll be in admin any time soon, I just don’t believe a word that comes out of Pannu’s mouth.

    Some of the absolute tosh written about Mutch from our so called fans and the acceptance that ” he wasn’t that good anyway” – seriously what planet are you on? Because Pannu has come out with yet more politician type type talk we have droves of fans who think selling one of our hottest prospects for a pittance is acceptable and a sign of the times.

    If any of the money we make from players this month or next is given to Lee Clarke I will happily eat a large slice of humble pie. ( The transfer embargo needs to be lifted in the first instance; obviously there is nothing Pannu could do about this; ” the accounts should be released before the play off final……. zzzzzzzzzzzz)

    I hate the doom merchants that we have in vast numbers; the morons who went on the pitch and threatened Gold/Sullivan, the moaners at half time against West Ham in a League Cup Final despite being 45 minutes away from a major cup final. I won’t be one of the many who refuses to spend money ( I live in Leeds and went to 12 games last season); cutting off any income to the club at this stage makes no sense whatsoever.

    My opinion at the moment is reserved and very concerned about the way our club is being run; I won’t be getting into some sort of frenzy because Pannu has come out with yet another statement to re-assure the fans. Maybe he could do one to assure that no more players will be sold? Maybe he could refrain from statements such as ” eye popping offers” for Redmond and Butland – if Mutch went for 1-3 mill, what would he class eye popping as for the other 2, 4-5 mill? Oh that’s okay because they aren’t that good anyway……..


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