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Gossip Folks – Summer Edition – Week One

It’s actually been a fairly quiet start to the summer edition of the rumour mill experiment, with only three stories I have picked up from the nationals about transfers out of Blues players – not quite a fire sale yet.

I’ve put the spreadsheet so far up here and as you can see, there is nothing in the way of new stories; it’s still Butland to a Premier League team, Davies to Norwich and Zigic to whatever Spanish team his agent has thought about this week. That suggests to me that either things are zipped up tight at St Andrews or there really isn’t a rush from other teams to sign our players – and judging by the amount of outlets that picked up on Blues signing Peter Lovenkrands I’m inclined to believe that it’s the former.

I actually think this window could be one all about who Blues will sign; already rumours of a queue of trialists coming to Wast Hills next week for training have started circulating and I’ve seen names like Sean Davis, Ricardo Fuller and Darren Carter being linked with potential contracts at the club. I think it’s also inevitable Blues will look to the loan market to bring in some young players with potential to beef up the team, with Alex Nimely of Manchester City, Benik Afobe of Arsenal and Andros Townsend (who of course spent two months with Blues last season) of Spurs.

As I said on Saturday, this window will be all about who we can pick up cheaply – ie no fee, low wages and maybe shorter term contracts. I’d like to see Blues implement a policy whereby they try to sign players under the age of 26 in a bid to ensure that they bring in players whose value will rise after playing for the club; if we are to be self-sufficient I think that has to be the method for now.

As the rumour mills start cranking up I’ll keep adding to this section; I’ll also be monitoring various foreign sites as I have a suspicion there will be the usual young players from overseas on trial trying to make it big in England; Blues had two from Argentina last season and I wouldn’t be surprised if once again there were players from that part of the world trying to strut their stuff at Wast Hills. Whether they’ll be any good is another story entirely.


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27 Responses to “Gossip Folks – Summer Edition – Week One”

  • Dan H says:

    Blues have been linked with Paul Coutts from Preston North End this morning in the Daily Mail, a young centre midfielder with talent and a rebellious streak according to some past stories. His goal on youtube against Colchester was Gazza in his prime.

  • BCFC83 says:

    Peter is a good signing.

    I said last week he would be one of the free’s I would like us to sign. I have put 7 other names on the list and would be happy if we signed them.

    Not sure how true it is but a townsend twitter account (not sure if it was his) said that he will be signing for blues on loan for the next 12 months?

    • almajir says:

      Nothing on his official twitter page here https://twitter.com/andros_townsend – you may have been done by a fake/fan account

      • BCFC83 says:

        Cheers, I am not on twitter so have no idea what is going on there but somebody posted a link to facebook sayig it was him but as I say I have no idea.

        Would be good if we could get him back but I think Spurs will look to sell him this year as he has been out n loan for te past 3 seasons now and they don’t seem interested in bringing im into the first team.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    Lee Clark has let you down: Levenkrans is 32 yrs old :-)

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Stephen Carr is pushing 35 and many Blues fans were understandably delighted when he recently signed a new 1 year contract. The point being players ain’t always necessarily finished at 32.

    Only signing players who are under 26 sounds good but there surely have to be exceptions, especially when a club is largely reliant on loanees and Bosmans.

  • andy says:

    You say low wages as one of the criteria for signing players but wouldnt think lovekrands wages would be that low

  • KeeprightCroydON says:

    Re Lovenkrands age, and comparison with Carr. Defenders (and goalkeepers) usually can go on longer that forwards. Losing pace affects forwards more.But the smarter ones learn to deal with this by adding more tricks to their game – classic case with Sherringham. Hopefully Lovenkrands has a few tricks up his sleeve.

    Need to add a note about Carr. The guy still has a bit of pace and energy bombing up that wing.

  • TonyB says:

    Interesting that PL has been announced on Blues official website when there is still a medical to go through. In recent times there would be not a whisper officially till all was signed, sealed and dusted. Clearly a change of policy presumably arising from keenness to give we fans some good news asap.

  • Tom says:

    Hope they give Darren Carter a contract wouldn’t mind seeing him in a blues shirt again wonder if he’s any good now

  • blueYork says:

    Sone Aluko. done a great job at Rangers. with all the uncertainty over there is he worth speaking to? your thoughts please fellow noses

  • mighty_bluenose says:

    Birmingham manager Lee Clark is keen on Preston midfielder Paul Coutts. – skysports paper talk (daily mail) – so two unreliable sources… although two negatives make a positive i was always taught so maybe its true

    Might already be on your list but can’t open the link to see :-)

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    I suspect Lovenkrands in = Burke out

    • mighty_bluenose says:

      Be stupid if we did… his our main supply for attackers. Think this is just a player we have often tried to get and not been able to get done and now we have. Personally, i see this as bolstering the striker options 3 senior strikers currently lovenkrands would be the fourth.

      Maybe its a sign we will be playing a 433 or 4231 formation like spain/germany/dutch – actually thinking about it pretty much any successful team in the last 5 years

      Lovenkrands could certainly play a free role behind a striker or the lone front man. Burke and Redmond wide and King upfront… 3 skillful attackers and poacher/hardworking front man would love to see that.
      What a difference a week or two can make on your outlook for the season ahead. it’ll be a hard season but starting to believe we’ll be fighting it out at the right end of the table

    • Pete says:

      Don’t see why a centre forward/left winger means we are selling a right winger….

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    Still can’t understand why no decent Chinese players have been found for us.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    What about Orlando sa I read his name mentioned somewhere

  • Pete says:

    What about Townsend and N’Daw on loan again and Ramage in on a perm deal?

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