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Chinese Press – More Pressure on Carson

It appears that Hong Kong’s chinese language press have cottoned on to some of the antipathy from Blues fans towards BCFC owner Carson Yeung. A piece in the Apple Daily today makes it clear exactly what they think is happening to Blues.

courtesy Apple Daily

In the article here (and I apologise in advance for the mangled translation), Apple Daily talk about the woes that have befallen Blues; playoff defeat, Hughton leaving and the shortage of first team players currently.

It goes on to talk about Fung Ka Ki leaving (he’s the guy flying off the ship in the picture above); naming Mr Fung as CFO. However, it is my understanding that Fung Ka Ki never held a position of authority at Blues and I believe his leaving is not seen as something of great consequence.

However, what is interesting is that the article goes onto mention Peter Pannu’s statement and more importantly, that many Blues fans contacted BIH to find out what was happening in Hong Kong – clearly the campaign led by the Supporters Trust has had some effect out in Far East.

It’s nothing that we didn’t already know but – and it’s a big but – it’s more pressure on Carson Yeung and BIH. Apple Daily do have their bias, being a huge rival of the Carson Yeung-backed Sing Pao but the fact remains that this will be widely read in Hong Kong and it’s another stinging slap in the face for Carson.

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80 Responses to “Chinese Press – More Pressure on Carson”

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Well spotted. Not being able to speak either Mandarin or Cantonese, I’m in no position to comment on the translation.

    However, the important point here seems to be that this newspaper piece should do no harm at all because it may help explain to its Chinese readership what is really happening at the football club Carson Yeung owns and, crucially, how Blues fans are concerned.

  • BIG says:

    Its interesting that you believe the supporters trust is clearly having an effect, time to get the ego in check?

    • almajir says:

      Strange comment.

      The article clearly references fans contacting BIH for answers.

      As far as I’m aware, the Supporters Trust spearheaded a campaign to do just that in the last fortnight or so.

      Thus one must surely logically infer that it was evidently noticed out there by putting the two together.

      What that has to do with my ego is frankly baffling.

      • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

        Nowt to do with the trust

        Many of us mailed BIH and HK newspapers before the trust had even commented.

        • almajir says:

          Funny that Mr Carter.

          I seem to remember you slating the idea of people contacting BIH in Hong Kong. I refer you back to your comment of June 25 where you said “Your advice about writing mails to the board, hows that going?” which one would think implies you thought the idea wasn’t worth your time.

          Maybe I got that wrong?

          • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

            Sorry Al you’ve got that totally wrong mate.

            That comment in it’s correct context referred to our own board not BIH.

            You’ve forgotten I was urging everybody to mail BIH and HK newspapers, way before your precious trust.

            Sorry mate.

          • almajir says:


            Can I see evidence of that? I’m sorry for doubting you Paul, but I don’t believe you.

            I present your comments from 22 June

            “Contacted the board? Are you taking the pee? Your square root of fack all is precisely what a mail will achieve. I’ve binned my season ticket cos of all this, it killed me to do it but I believe its for the greater good.”

            And to make sure I’m right, this was in context to this:

            But you miss the point Paul.

            Protesting the Kop car park will achieve precisely the square root of feck all.

            Worse still, the poor buggers who work day to day at the club and don’t deserve any sh*t will get it.

            You want to make some noise – have you contacted the board – there are lots of details on the “useful links” page. Drop me a line and I’ll help you further if you want to do it properly.

            You want to “make noise”. You want to “protest”.

            I don’t. I want a solution to the problem. So, I believe, do the Trust.

            Posted by me, where I specifically mean writing to BIH

        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          When they heard it was THE VOR on the line, they pissed themselves laughing.

          • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

            No pal, it’s the internet warriors like you who never go to a game who made them do that

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


            I have been going to Blues since the mid – eighties when I was eleven years old. Since then I have been a season ticket holder in the Wiseman Suite, the Kop, then had access to a box there, thanks to my brother who has given hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business to the Blues and now I am in the Kop corner. I would mention the names of all the senior people I’ve known over the years and the playing staff who are friends, but they probably do not inhabit the circles you obviously mix in.

            Internet warrior?? Welcome to the world of THE VOR…..

          • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

            Mid 80s :)

            Wow Wee lol

          • almajir says:

            I didn’t really start properly going until 1996 or so.

            Does that make me less of a fan?

    • fingles says:

      Why not assume that.Plenty have moaned, but done nothing constructive.

  • DoctorD says:

    Gotta love that Google translation — sounds like a Viller fan on drugs.

    “As for why should resign, Drainage on Wuduo would like to say, the Drainage Wired A third contract, so the majority return to talk wave. “

  • AR says:

    I cannot understand the antipathy towards The Supporters’ Trust; surely we all want the same thing; that is news about what is happening in HK and a well-supported, successful club. BIG appears to be only big in narrow-mindedness or perhaps he’s big at Witton Albion (aka the Vile). I thank OP for the wonderful effort in giving us news from HK. May he & the Trust keep on working on our behalf. What does Big do I wonder?

  • Dan Brazier says:

    So granted the paper will show a little bias but is it not worth the supporters trust writing up a piece offering their point of view and seeing if the paper will publish it, perhaps its a long long shot but surely not as long as hoping to get answers from Carson or BiH??

  • Dan Brazier says:

    Excellent, cheers for that update Aj, will definatly put forward the idea to the trust

  • Barry says:

    Good to see that the supporters trust and other actions getting some notice in the Far East. However, if we are going to attract buyers we also need some positive coverage as to the good things that are happening at St Andrews. I don’t think being seen as a sinking ship is good for business. Whilest we are still owned by the current mob we should be getting them to do a bit of positive PR on our behalf. They have the connections and are not paid for doing nothing

  • tamblue says:

    my wifes from hk and the cartoon has the players moaning about lack of funds and the financial director asking the players we should all pull together.

    • almajir says:

      … as he jumps from the ship.

      • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

        As I said Al it was in the context of contacting BCFCs board not BIH. Thanks for bearing that out.

        I actively encouraged that and was probably the first to do it as well as a couple of HK papers. Louise was another one I recall.

        Sorry mate but some of us were well ahead of the trust on this.

  • macc lad says:

    I don’t think it matters where the pressure comes from, where the articles are printed and by whom. The fact is that we are deemed newsworthy in Hong Kong and that can only be good for the club’s prospects in the long term.
    Paul Carter, grow up. we’re all after the same thing!

    • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

      Grow up?

      Ah, sucking up to Al Macca?

      Myself and Al are having a disagreement, nothing more nothing less.

      Al can take it and give it.

      Send him a box of chocolates instead sycophant.

  • Steve-0 says:

    Almajir claims the campaign led by the trust has had “some effect”. Paul your claim is based around who did it first. Who really has the ego problem here ?

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Not me, just pointing out it was happening before the trust had even mentioned it.

      Strange hostility over it, are all the trust members so vindictive?

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Ego problems? Come on, trading insults won’t help.

    If the recent week of action campaign by the Supporters’ Trust has created ripples in HK then that is all to the good. However, didn’t the campaign coincide with some Blues fans acting independently so who knows for sure?

    One thing is for sure and that is that the Supporters’ Trust has said it is NOT against the current St Andrew’s board (i.e. the main people who are presiding over the mess the club is in).

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Said before I’m all for a trust but can’t join this one as it supports this board.

      Even Al has said he wants this lot out and I hope he can change the trusts policy on this from the inside

      • almajir says:

        That’s not how democracy works fella…

        • Jay Sidney says:

          Which democracy? The Supporters’ Trust’s? So how does democracy work?

          Also, there is a tendency creeping in here to try to personalise things. Disagree if need be and say so in plain terms but, please, leave out the disrespectful stuff, eh?

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Agreed Jay

            But I’m big enough to take it

          • almajir says:


            Democracy is the will of the masses. Thus if the Supporters Trust decide to go one way it’s not for one bloke (ie me) to decide to change that on my own (change policy from the inside I believe was the phrase used) – not that I would want to anyway.

            As for being disrespectful… well, I’m not sure where I’ve done that. I’m sure Mr Carter understands where I’m coming from and he’s cool with it.

  • Hardwick says:

    Speaking as a Blues fan for 50 years, its depressing to note that, once again, fans are arguing amongst themselves about who said or did what first!! Its our favourite pastime for some odd reason….without this website we would know sweet fanny adams about whats going on in HK. Tell you what, our problems first started in the 1970’s when dear old Ken Wheldon walked thru the door and apart from a few bright spots its been pretty turgid since then

  • mitchell says:

    I think the Trust and the massive efforts by Al have made an impact on the recent events concerning our club and BIH.

    Whilst I am a miserbale so and so on occasion, I can’t understand why fans are so sceptical of people who are a) doing something that’s pro-active and b) then trying to take the credit for it.

    The trust and this site are about the only people I believe connected to our club. I don’t trust Pannu or anyone connected to BIH and I certainly don’t trust anyone on this board that lays claim to an idea/concept that was acted out by AL in the first instance.

    Keep up the good work Al.


    • Oldbluenose says:

      Mitchel, and others;, You are correct about the fact, that does it really matter who said what first, !!. or to whom,!!.

      What we all want is the back of BIH, !!.

      Starting backbiting amongst ourselves, is not really wanted, so let us all act like ADULTS, and be glad we can all have our own opinions, air them,!!. but without fighting each other,!!!.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I don’t trust people who make claims with no proof.

    Why folk are trying to make out I have a problem with Al or this site I don’t know as my position on both has always been the same. This blog is top notch and Al does great work. FFS do you all think Al wants a blog full of yes men.

    I will be buying Al a pint in Munich and thanking him personally for his good work.

    Shit stirrers find another target, I’m laughing at your feeble attempts :)

  • Frank White says:

    Seems to me like Paul Carter is the only “internet warrior” here. Al has done a great job in finding this article and keeping us updated with news over there. How does his “ego” have anything to do with it? It’s nice to see you’re supporting the club by not renewing your season ticket. Way to go!

    Thanks for the article Al.

  • mitchell says:

    Time of the month Paul?!

    We are all after the same outcome – for Carson et al to sell up and go. I don’t see how a negative spin can be put on the trusts/Al’s work.


  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Just fighting me corner Mitch

    Nowhere have I slagged the trust same as I didn’t lay claim to being the first to mail BIH.

    You’ll have to try harder mate

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:


    Lads look I’d have a tot with any of ya OK

    Al, do you think there’s an opportunity for you to contact that paper and put the fans case over?

    • almajir says:

      It’s something I’ve thought about Paul – I could certainly contact them and give them a bit of stuff but I’m not a fans spokesperson and I wouldn’t presume to be.

      I’m intrigued as to whether any of the other newspapers pick up on it at the moment.

      • alexjhurley says:

        Gents, entertaining if slightly absurd debate. Reaility is all forms of pressure on the board is worthwhile. Who started it is irrelevant. Progress is being made, keep the faith.

        One v pedantic observation from me. If, as Paul states, the trust is not anti board, then it logically follows they must be pro board, surely? Well I’m not sure they are…….

        Kro and sotv

  • Jay Sidney says:


    Democracy is the will of the masses, is it?

    I wish I had a quid for every politician I’ve heard say that…

    Also, who has actually said any one person can go and try and change Supporters’ Trust policy on their own? I’ve not read anything to that effect. However, if the Trust continues to refuse to adopt a position which opposes the current BCFC board and BIHL, it is surely not a body the many fans who see this board as a barrier to the club’s future progress are likely to be joining anytime soon.

    Finally, the remark about disrespect was in response to a few of the comments which seem to be personalising things (where I see a number of others posting comments have also picked up on this).

    I sometimes disagree with Al but certainly do not disrespect him.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    C’mon guys, lets concentrate on the job in hand, supporting BCFC whilst making it clear to CY that maybe, just maybe, selling out is the best option…. and hope we don’t get someone worse!

  • Bluesfreak says:

    FFS’s looks like Butlands on his way now ….this is getting well depressing

  • Bluesfreak says:

    And whats with these over 30’s signing? looks like another McLeish errer in the making!

  • Bluesfreak says:

    Lovenkrands (32) and Harper (37)..this is unbelievable!! Lovenkrands given a 3 year contract???? wonder how much he’s on

    • almajir says:

      Harper hasn’t signed yet and may just be signing as a goalie coach. Why get worked up on a paper rumour?

      Lovenkrands has signed a 2 year deal with a 1 year option – not quite a 3 year deal.

  • Bluesfreak says:

    This is why we got into this mess in the first place ..signing players with that wont get us a sell on fee , slowly losing all faith!

  • Bluesfreak says:

    And just want to say Hughton!! what a asshole tapping up our players is well out of order after what we did for him!!! Ive lost all respect for him now!!!!

  • B25dave says:

    of course the current board are a barrier they are the current board…how would you like the Trust to behave ?
    The Trust has a mandate fom its members all of whom have signed up and yet only a few are willing to help and get involved.Too many are prepared to do nothing more than blow smoke up each others derriere whilst bemoaning a group that in its short tenure has achieved a response from PP something the precious Mail couldnt do..

    “Also, who has actually said any one person can go and try and change Supporters’ Trust policy on their own? I’ve not read anything to that effect. However, if the Trust continues to refuse to adopt a position which opposes the current BCFC board and BIHL, it is surely not a body the many fans who see this board as a barrier to the club’s future progress are likely to be joining anytime soon. ”

    not sure what you mean by continuing to refuse to adopt a position..we act on behalf of our members and working toward a healthier BCFC..Do you undertsand what a Trust is about or what the Blues Trust is about ?

    • Jay Sidney says:


      You’ve taken the time to offer extensive replies and fans will appreciate that. The Trust’s week of action was a decent initiative.

      However, you partly quote from one of my postings when I asked Almajir a question re the Trust and also ask if I “understand what a Trust is about or what the Blues Trust is about”. OK. You tell me.

      You said in one of your posts that “Other than Peter Pannu There is NO board to speak of at BCFC to speak of…”

      Eh? So who actually owns the club? No disrespect but if you insist there is no board at Blues apart from Pannu, this surely enables you to dodge the central question of whether or not you want the current owners/board (call them what you will) to sell the club.

      You have said that a “trusted” source has said the club will soon be in safe hands. I may be many things but I ain’t a fool and I appreciate there may be legal issues involved if there really is
      somebody waiting behind the scenes to, as you said, put Blues in safe hands and I’m sure thousands upon thousands of Blues fans would just love to drink to that.

      I hope you are right about the safe hands bit but, like another poster on this site, I don’t join something if I don’t agree with its central policies.

      • almajir says:

        Hi Jay

        Apologies for the delay in reply, I’ve been out most of this afternoon and evening.

        I hope I can help clarify things a bit.

        At BCFC the current board consists of Peter Pannu, Carson Yeung, Ryan Yeung and Vico Hui. Carson can’t travel due to bail restrictions, Ryan may be allowed to attend board meetings now all his homework is done and Vico appears to be persona non grata – which means for all intents and purposes, the board at BCFC is just Pannu. I believe this is what Dave was trying to get across – there is just Pannu at BCFC and he’s communicated with the fans – and if anything seems to have conceded that a sale of the club may be necessary. BCFC aren’t the problem.

        BIH has a seperate board (as it’s a seperate entity, despite being so intriniscally linked with BCFC) which currently consists of Carson Yeung, Chan Shun Wah, Pauline Wong, Cheung Kwai Nang, Chan Wai Keung, Raymond Yau, Carson Wong and Zhou Han Ping. They’re the ones that are the problem at the moment; they’re the ones who haven’t submitted their accounts, who can’t fund the club and have said not a word to the world bar regulatory announcements. They’re the problem, and thus they’re the ones the Trust tried to contact.

        There have been insinuations made on here that I’m anti-board. I’m not – I do think that there needs to be investment and/or a sale but if BIH came up with a white knight tomorrow and plowed £xmillion into the club I’d be prepared to give them a chance. As I understand it, the trust have tried to communicate to the board in HK the feelings of it’s members. I hope that the trust will now move on and maybe contact some of the press out in HK and try to put pressure on the BIH board to communicate that way.

        • Jay Sidney says:


          Many thanks for your info.

          Just a few points and questions to clarify if I may.

          i) There is a difference between the board of BCFC and BIHL.

          ii) What exactly did Vico Hui recently resign from?

          iii) Despite travel restrictions on Carson Yeung any public statements are made by Peter Pannu.

          Now, you mentioned the Blues Trust had made attempts to contact several members of BIHL with no reply (although Pannu, perhaps feeling the pressure of the increasing concerns of the Trust’s week of action campaign as well as the activities individual Blues fans have been involved in, did make a recent statement).

          You also said the same people (BIHL) are the ones who “haven’t submitted the accounts and can’t fund the club”. So what is their relationship with the four men (Pannu, C Yeung, R Yeung, V Hui) who you said constitute the current St Andrew’s board?

          B25Dave said in one of his posts that a “trusted” source has pointed out that Blues would soon be “in safe hands”. Please be assured that I can think of no reason why Dave would make such a thing up. So, would this be the new investor Pannu insisted had been identified a couple of months ago or is there somebody else?

          Are we talking about investment into the club where the overall ownership is not about to change hands or are we looking at a protracted takeover bid?

          Any thoughts?

          • almajir says:


            1) as I said in my previous post and will attempt to say again, BIH and BCFC are distinctly separate entities with distinctly separate boards of directors. I’m not sure how else I can make this clear – yes, BIH is BCFC’s parent company, and yes BCFC is pretty much BIH’s sole source of income but they are TWO SEPARATE COMPANIES.

            2) Vico Hui resigned from the board of BIHL. http://www.irwebcast.com/cgi-local/report/redirect.cgi?url=

            He remains on the board of BCFC until we hear otherwise – although Mr Pannu has said that Mr Hui has not attended recent board meetings.

            3) Not sure what there is to clarify there. Pannu talks to the press, Carson doesn’t. As far as I’m aware travel restrictions don’t prevent Carson from picking up the phone, sending an email or asking an underling to do either.

            You also said the same people (BIHL) are the ones who “haven’t submitted the accounts and can’t fund the club”. So what is their relationship with the four men (Pannu, C Yeung, R Yeung, V Hui) who you said constitute the current St Andrew’s board?

            Again, not sure what you’re asking. BIHL’s board of directors run the parent company. BCFC’s board of directors run the club. What else do you want to know? There is no “relationship” per se beyond the normal relationship between a parent and subsidiary company.

            I couldn’t possibly comment on behalf of B25Dave as I don’t want to put words in his mouth.

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    But some of your members like Al want this board out.

    Some of your members believe that the only way to a healthier BCFC is to change this board.

    So why don’t you campaign against them?

  • B25dave says:

    Because the change is already happening,it may not be visible or tangible nor can i offer any concrete proof other than the word of a man highly trusted…We are in support of Birmingham City Football Club and its supporters working together for a long term sustainable future…Other than Peter Pannu There is NO board at BCFC to speak of so who should we campaign against exactly ?There are individuals in HK albeit ever changing ones it seems, that we have chosen to focus our attention on ,but our efforts to engage local media to assist in that have proven pointless as they have had their little spectacular front page which was solely aimed at the club.Daniels efforts and the information he seeks out is invaluable to all supporters and his own personal stance is one of many that form the overall mandate of the trust…try joining you may even get elected at the AGM or is actual involvement not your thing just positioning with the masses..

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    See Dave this is what I don’t get, a simple question on the policy of the trust illicits such vitriol, name calling, abuse etc..

    I haven’t once said a trust is a bad thing, on the contrary I think it’s a good thing but it seems that if a non member asks a respectful question he gets a terse reply normally based around why not join. I don’t join organisations if I don’t agree with their policies. Also my perception of your members is poor based on their net activities.

    I think the reason the trust hasn’t taken off is cos of it’s stance of working with the club instead of actively opposing those who own the club. I think most Blues out there want CY and PP to leave. That’s just my opinion based on the people I know.

  • B25dave says:

    just checked my post and no i cant see any name calling or personal abuse..

    ive challenged your question and have suggested a route by which you or any other individual can be involved nothing more nothing less..also i have asked one or two other questions which you havent answered.
    1.There is no board at BCFC to speak of other than Peter Pannu so who exactly should the Trust campaign against ?
    A man who has admitted that he has actively encouraged HK to sell up !!!
    2.We have directed our efforts at HK which in some small way may have contributed to the beginning of some Press focus on the goings on..would you say that was wasted ?
    The club needs selling,it is already in the process of being sold so im not sure sure why you feel the Trust should turn its guns on the Club.

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    I didn’t mean you personally

    1/ The board of the holding company BIH which includes CY, previously I would have said PP also but he’s now communicating with us so that’s good.

    2/ No, that was good stuff

    You say the club is in the process of being sold? Who to?

    Thinking long term I think once all the present dramas have passed the trust could make a positive contribution to the club and the fans. As I said I totaly agree with some knid of trust.

  • B25dave says:

    I didn’t mean you personally
    have you had personal abuse from a Trust member ?

    1/ The board of the holding company BIH which includes CY, previously I would have said PP also but he’s now communicating with us so that’s good.
    as you know Paul there is no outward communication from HK,hence our attempt to push and prod the Mail amongst others to focus its attentions on HK and the BIHL board and not on St Andrews .
    They have repeatedly ignored this and simply taken the route of PP.IF BIHL were to make a statement that they have NO intention of selling the club then the Trust would have to declare its position on that,but again acting for its membership.

    2/ No, that was good stuff
    anything directing at HK be it as a Trust or individuals is actively encouraged

    You say the club is in the process of being sold? Who to?
    no BS from me i honestly dont know and wont pretend to,other than as i say a very trusted individual has assured me to my face that the club will soon be in safe hands

    Thinking long term I think once all the present dramas have passed the trust could make a positive contribution to the club and the fans. As I said I totaly agree with some knid of trust.
    There are 174 trusts in operation and 31 have a controlling or majority control of their club and many more are emerging as they get stronger.so yes it is a good thing Paul

  • Paul Carter - TVOR says:

    Did your contact indicate a time frame for this takeover?

  • B25dave says:

    he did say before the season starts but that would or could be governed by a lot of things Paul,for instance if the blood letting in HK happens and a strong individual appears that resists the sale it could all go out the window,thats just my summising to be honest.
    In all honesty Paul the Trust has a mandate and a Policy to act in the best interests of BCFC and its supporters,as events unfold it is likely to make its views known but other than its stated intention there is nothing set in stone.as each little drama unfolds we gain members but i would much rather debate the issues and work alongside people that have considered what the Trust is about than just join and pay £5 because we sold Jordan Mutch…

  • Jay Sidney says:


    I raised my points and questions (11 July 8:52am posting) as clearly and as patiently as my grasp of the English language permitted.

    • almajir says:

      Have I not answered them Jay?

      I’m not sure what else you would like me to add.

      • Jay Sidney says:


        How about the bit where I highlighted how Peter Pannu said a couple of months back that a new investor had been identified and I asked the question:

        “Are we talking about investment into the club where the overall ownership is not about to change or are we looking at a protracted takeover bid? Any thoughts?”

        I made these remarks after reading what B25dave from the Trust posted on 10 July at 12:28pm where he said “…a very trusted individual has assured me to my face that the club will soon be in safe hands”

        Indeed, half an hour before that dave posted a comment which included the section that BCFC is “already in the process of being sold”.

        These comments read as though there may possibly be GENUINE DEVELOPMENTS off the field.

        I obviously cannot know how many other people this “trusted individual” has spoken with (perhaps dave may post further comments on your site). I realise you can’t comment on what another person has said but surely you have a view on the question I asked at the beginning of this post.

        • almajir says:


          I can’t clarify further what Pannu said because I’m not Peter Pannu. I can tell you that I’m guarded as to how much of what he says I believe – but that’s my personal view. I think it’s down to you to make up your own mind whether you believe him or not and what you think he’s saying.

          Are there rumours that the club might be sold – yes, there are. They’re all over the net but I couldn’t vouch for the veracity of any of them.

          Do I know anything about the club being sold/investment being made – in honesty no. I’ve heard rumours – some from credible sources – but I won’t believe anything until I see someone publicly announce their intent and show the colour of their money.

          I’m not Dave and I can’t speak for him either.

          In short – Jay, I can’t answer your question because I don’t know the answer. I couldn’t tell you for sure if there is investment or a new owner coming because I don’t know for sure if there will be – you’d think that the current board might have to let go but we don’t know, so I wouldn’t like to say either way or give a timescale.

          I can’t tell you what to believe or who to believe – that’s down to you and you have to make up your own mind what you want to believe.

          I’m sorry if that’s not the answer you’re looking for but that’s all I can give.

  • B25dave says:

    just to follow up on this i truly only know what i have posted…nothing more.I wont pretend to be in the know either.I have been assured and in fact the expression was 90% done but as with most things its unlikely that absolutely no concrete info has been leaked so it could suggest that its not as far down the road as that.I do trust the individual i have spoken with on more than one occasion hence i have even mentioned it in the first place.
    Like all of us i have a theory but very little to back that up with and that is that sooner rather than later there will be blood spilt in HK not literally of course,a power struggle which will reach a conclusion if you will.That may result in a strong individual Investor taking the reins and deciding to run BIH and therefore BCFC,or it could well be that those involved most of whom i believe are unnamed will simply want as much back as possible from their original investment..accepting the fact that it is unlikely to realise substantially less than what was paid.
    really it needs movement at BIHL beginning with the accounts etc hence the need for collective pressure on HK from here,from us and from the UK media if we can although to date our local media seem unwilling to even bother

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Thank you for your reply, Dave.

    I only followed this up to seek clarification re the “trusted individual” you referred to as saying to your face that Blues would “soon be in safe hands” and also the point you made on this site that Blues were “already in the process of being sold”.

    I strongly agree with your frustrations re the non-stance the local media has taken re Blues’ situation to date. I have always taken a very dim view of the local sporting media and, I feel, with very good reason. I believe this overall lack of investigation into BCFC (i.e. one of the region’s major sporting organisations) by the official media to be an utter disgrace.

  • B25dave says:

    whilst the sporting side of the media would actually love the brief of getting to the bottom of it sadly it rests with the news/investigative journos and to date our local paper has done nothing to set them on the trail…we all know and its not one of those chip on the shoulder things that if Randy lerner were to retreat to the States and refuse dialogue whilst the B6 were left in financial limbo the Editor would have all his big dogs on the case he wouldnt rest with sending an email to Paul Faulkner which in effect is what is happening in our case.

    I truly wish i could say more but then perhaps if i did then i couldnt if you get my drift..


  • Jay Sidney says:

    I don’t mean to be dense here but I’m not entirely sure I have got your drift. You said you “truly wish [you] could say more but then perhaps if [you] did then [youI couldn’t”. Couldn’t what? With respect, I don’t understand.

    I don’t think we are talking chips on shoulders, just a sporting media that is (and has been ever since I can remember) slavishly pro-vile.

    • almajir says:


      I suspect what Dave is trying to say is that he wishes he could tell you more – but if he blabbed too much then he wouldn’t get told anything and consequently he couldn’t tell you anything – which in my experience is 100% the truth.

  • Jay Sidney says:


    Okay, but you did say in an earlier post that “I’m Not Dave and I can’t speak for him either”.

    Perhaps better all round to wait until you have grounds for believing you are as close to 100% of the truth as possible and then go public.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Just heard Man U to file out of date accounts in an attempt to disguise a decline in club’s finances.

  • B25dave says:

    you refer to the Sporting media…you need to differentiate there as NO sports journalist would be tasked to break what is going on in HK,but there are some that would love the opportunity.The Mail and more widely Trinity Mirror have teams of investigative journos who should be on the story but we have to ask why not…that is what the Trust is trying to get people to get on board with.We need to stir up HK not BCFC..

    as for getting my drift i couldnt possibly name the individual .is what i meant..and Al is spot on

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