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It’s been a busy few days for Carson Yeung in the Chinese language press of Hong Kong, with a couple of news stories featuring him.

Courtesy Apple Daily

It was confirmed in the Oriental Daily yesterday that with Carson’s new court case over the repossession of his house on Barker Road, he has been allowed to stay in the house until that case has been heard in October. However, Carson has been told that he is still liable for the arrears and interest which total over HK$50million.

There was also a snippet in the Oriental Daily on Friday with respect to his main criminal case in November, where it was confirmed the Director of Public Prosecutions for HK himself was going to handle the case. Kevin Zervos, (here translated to “Xue Weicheng”) has an extensive background of dealing with white-collar crime and has been involved in some of the high-profile corruption cases currently ongoing in HK. Interestingly, his opponent in the largest one (concerning the Kwok Brothers) will also be his opponent in Carson’s case come November. Clive Grossman (translated to “Guo Zhaoming”) is a very distinguished counsel with a history of dealing with defendants in cases like Carson’s.

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14 Responses to “HK News Snippets”

  • Mickey07 says:

    The sooner he shuts the door behind him the better…

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Whilst I do not wishh Carson Yueng, any malice,!!. I do hope that the outcome is the sale of B,C,F,C. !!.

    Though god knows how anyone can/will untangle that web that comprises B,I,H. !!.

  • AR says:

    Thanks again for keeping us up-to-date with the HK Carson scene.

  • Downpour says:

    Thanks Al for all your work, without doubt it’s the best website by a mile. By the way I just heard a whisper M. Forrsell is training at Wast Hills. Any truth in it?

  • Art Watson says:

    Thanks Almajir.

    I’m sure the expats would agree you are our eyes and ears when it comes to Blues news.

    It’s very much appreciated for those who live so far away.

    Keep it going.

    • Peckham_Blue says:

      Not just ex-pats.

      Coverage of Blues in this country is either woefully innacurate or non-existent. Everyone I’ve linked this blog to raves about it so big ups Almajir.

  • Basingstoke Blue says:

    Ditto Peckham _Blue. This is now THE ONLY blog for BCFC supporters, far and near.

    • maurice walters says:

      Ditto Ditto Basingstoke i live in asia, am a blues supporter for over 65 years would be lost without Dan the Man it feels like i know him well keep up the good work PLEASE. KRO

  • Ecablue says:

    Top work aljamir great to be kept updated

  • nick wicky says:

    seems like he’s clinging on while the boat sinks!

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