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BIH Accounts Delayed For The Fifth Time

Birmingham International Holdings have announced to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that they have delayed their accounts for the year ending June 2011 until October 2011.

The brief announcement confirms accounts will be delayed until October 31 2012 due to additional time needed to finalise statements and results. This delay will mean that the accounts will be 13 months overdue by the time they are now due to be released and that next year’s accounts are also now guaranteed to be late.

However it is my understanding that this will have no bearing on Birmingham City as the league are satisfied with the club’s accounts.

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32 Responses to “BIH Accounts Delayed For The Fifth Time”

  • Gary says:

    This is getting cringe-worthy…like watching an 80 yr old man dance to Justin Bieber…

  • daddyblue says:

    Steady there Gary whats wrong with me dancing to Justin lol

  • Mark says:

    Get over this…..


  • Oldbluenose says:

    almarjir;, Though the league appear happy enough with B,C,F,C.’s own accounts, !!. Will these [ ever later ] accounts have a long time bearing on us, at all,?.

  • Mark says:

    I been saying it foy ages, as soon as they find a mug who will take up BCFC based on BCFC accounts for a credible price then they can simply wind up BIHL. After all the income of the business was 94% from us whilst in the premier.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Surely Mr Yeung will have to provide all these details in his court case,then they will surely be made public knowledge.
    Thankfully no transfer embargo,as the club,hopefully, looks to somehow distance itself from BIH.
    The further the better.

  • Tamuffblue says:

    yet again an example of the muddy waters that surrounds these people – from the off there was always something iffy about the set up – which would have been apparent to the selling party – Once again this echo’s of the tv show ” Want to buy a football club ” only Mcmanaman was the set up guy not Bryan Robson

  • Poppa999 says:

    Justin Bieber?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    They will be delayed until the outcome of the CY trial. If he can’t bail them out BIHL are doomed.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    The HK Attorney General has convinced the courts there is a high risk of CY absconding .
    Which would lead us down the road of presumption , that they now must have a mounting body of evidence against him on the outstanding money laundering accusations.

    Which does not bode very well for an acquital…..& thereafter the ultimate ,
    & natural demise of BIHL..

    So my vote goes with Mark , these account will never be provided ,
    on the basis of complete irrelevance..

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Blueboy, !!. My fear is the B,I,H. entanglement with us,!!.

      Assuming that Carson Yeung IS found guilty,?. Surely B,I,H. members, [ who are spread around like confetti ] , Are still are a spiders web around us, ??.

      Almajir;, Can you possibly enlighten us on such a possibility, Please,

      • Mickey07 says:

        Would this effect a possible sale?

        • Blueboy 88 says:

          BIHL’s only tangible asset is BCFC ,so presumabely BCFC would be sold as a going concern & BIHL would then be liquidated .

          The unknown is BIHL’s debtors , as there are no recent accounts.

          What we do know is £21.5m worth of BCFC debts are repayable to both Carson Yeung and BIHL.

          So pick the bones out of that mess…

  • Paulo says:

    I’m assuming on the basis of complete ignorance and utter incompetence, that BIHL will be forced to go belly up and as we know a little bit a bout the whole xtep shirt fiasco, the accounts will never be provided as it would take ‘dynamo’ to make the problems dissapear!
    I’m with Mark on this one, we aint going to see them …just as almajir hinted a few months back.

    Let’s all wait for the press to run the story that isn’t news to any of us!

    Good news is that PP got us a bit of distance between BCFC and BIHL, so we can go into the season without that dreaded feeling of being stripped by the HK lot.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    SOUTHAMPTON were penalised because of the insolvency of their parent company.

    So why on Earth are people wishing that scenario on us ?

    The longer they delay the accounts, legally, and the longer Pannu has to continue his excellent work….the better it is for us.

    We need the jewell in BIHL’s crown to be sold off first. The stratagem of continual delay, as long as it accepted by HK and the Football League – the better for us to inch toward safety.

    For BIHL to go belly up will result in Southampton style retribution.

    Incredible that people wish for this scenario.

    • almajir says:

      I don’t know what will happen. However, if someone was to ask me what I think would happen…

      I think BIH will sell BCFC without releasing the accounts. Then, and only after pocketing what cash they could get from the deal, the company would be wound up and the directors would walk off into the sunset whistling quietly. My opinion only, not gospel, don’t quote me.

    • Blueboy 88 says:

      & Southampton are………Now in the Premiership…….!!!

      We can not indefinetly go on like this.
      If there is no promotion to the Premiership the parachute payment is halved for the following two seasons, & then nothing. Then what ?

      There is no long-term gain here for BCFC while we are in the ownership of BIHL.

      lets hope BIHL can agree a consentual sale , but we have to fear the issue maybe forced by the outcome of CY’s trial..

    • Alex McLeish says:

      “the jewell in BIHL’s crown”

      What crown? BIHL is more like a battered filing cabinet, and we take up every shelf except for the file marked “Secret”.

      And the cabinet’s owner is on the phone saying: “Check out this stuff for sale! A football team! Ran by the clearly above board Peter Pannu! Check it all out, its good stuff, right? Don’t go in the top drawer!! I really need money before I go to jail for massive fraud in Hong Kong. Help a nice guy get to China?”

  • Tony D says:

    Let’s hope a Blues fan wins tonight’s £119 million Euromillions lottery!

    • Gary says:

      Have to be honest, I wouldn’t buy Blues if I won 119 Million on Euromillions. Not because I wouldn’t want to, but because 119 Million is simply not enough to own a football club these days. In my opinion you’d need to triple that amount to even consider buying club.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    I think it is a fair point to make that CY is BIHL. Without him it really does not amount to much and is slowly ebbing away…

    Almajir makes a very good point that the most likely scenario is that BCFC is sold by its Board and BIHL is simply left to go bust…

    That sounds as if there is a prospect of things getting messy at some stage, and my greatest hope is that CY makes rational decisions based on sound business sense. The fella must really be feeling the heat with what is going on, and if he loses most of his outlay on BCFC, is there any chance of him making a comeback further down the line?? Most probably do not consider this to be relevant, but he still owns the majority of the club and can really make a difference to what happens in the near future.

    Here’s hoping that CY gets the club the best deal possible and finds the strength to deal with his travails.

  • David Jones says:

    Just on a totally different subject I was thinking about the new season and thought about how more noise could be created by the fans. Does anybody else think that changing from ‘can you feel it’ when the teams come out has reduced the noise. It used to really intimidating with everyone clapping. The classical music we play at the moment just doesn’t create any atmosphere. Am I alone on this one, or do others agree.

  • andy says:

    Oh i agree entirely, mr blue sky followed by can you feel it needs to come back.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    The other option which is possible is one of the other characters that lent BCFC money could force a Voluntary Administrator in – sell BCFC and possible litigate against the directors if they can establish misleading or deceptive conduct.

    Some of the past BIHL Directors seem to have deep pockets.

    Just an angle that might be pursued.

  • Paul Carter-The Voice Of Reason says:

    What does this company make or what service does it provide?


    So why is it there?

    BCFC are managing quite well on their own.?

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