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Another Poor Performance Sees Blues Out Of The Capital One Cup

Here are my reflections on the Capital One Cup game between Coventry City and Blues.

I like to try to be optimistic and positive but I can’t be about this game. I honestly thought Lee Clark would use the cup game to shuffle the pack a little bit and give players like Ravel Morrison, Pablo Ibanez and the like the chance to show what they can do. When I saw the team news, I’ll be honest and say that my heart sank. Ambrose and Mullins, who were abysmal against Watford playing again whilst Morrison picks splinters out of his arse on the bench. Davies and Caldwell given another game when it’s clear neither have been up to it this season.

It could have been much different. 1-0 up early on with a good header from Lovenkrands and then on thirteen minutes Burke unluckily hit the bar after a fine move down the left with Gomis and King. Had that have gone in, I think it could have been a cricket score. However it didn’t and once again Blues defensive frailties were exposed – Caldwell caught flat-footed for the first, Gordon shockingly out of position for the second.

As the game went on, it grew more and more painful. The second period of extra time became a series of hoofs from Colin Doyle trying to get it up the pitch – and each and every time, Coventry gobbled it up and was able to come back at Blues. It was eerily reminiscent of the first leg of the playoff against Blackpool when Blues were doing what they could to get the ball up the pitch but they had not been able to win the battle in the centre of the pitch in  the air beforehand, it wasn’t going to magically change at the end. Blues needed a sustained period of pressure with the ball on the deck but they just couldn’t do it.

I hate doing this, but I have to lay the blame with some of the players. I can’t see what Ben Gordon brings to the team – I thought he was a weak link down Blues’ left and he looked massively out of his depth. Mullins more often than not found a blue shirt with his passes – unfortunately, Birmingham City were playing in Black – and Ambrose, free kick aside for the opener was completely anonymous in midfield. The way Blues lined up was mystifying too – two central midfielders playing fairly wide with the solitary wideman playing in the middle.

The fact is it’s not working with Mullins and Ambrose and I’m fairly sure both have to be dropped for Saturday. We can’t carry a player like Ambrose who goes missing for 85% of a game at the moment and with Mullins playing erratically before being forced to move to right back due to Gordon being subbed off poor Morgaro Gomis was having to do the work of three men at times in the middle.

It worries me that Clark is tinkering with the formation when it seems obvious it’s not the formation that is the problem – it’s the personnel. What makes it worse is the lop-sided nature of the squad – we’ve got a surplus of central midfielders but only two out-and-out wingers (who are both right footed) and a lack of cover in defence. Clark has brought in players who can cover left midfield/left wing but not a true left winger which means that whoever plays there kind of pulls the short straw – it shouldn’t be like that.

One bright spot was Jonathan Spector – he took his goal really well, showing the midfielders how driving into the box with the ball was done before absolutely lashing it home past Murphy in the Cov goal. He played three separate positions; right back, left back and then one centre half in a three man defence and did fairly well in all three.

Another was Morgaro Gomis, who despite the lackings of his colleagues in the middle tried manfully to do a good job. He played some nice stuff, and was involved in the one or two moves that did look smart as Blues attacked. He also nearly scored an equaliser for 3-3 with a rocket that just clipped the top of the crossbar but it wasn’t to be.

In short, it was a very poor game to lose, and I fear for Lee Clark already. It’s not just that Blues aren’t winning games, it’s the manner of the performances. They continually look out-classed in midfield; the defence is continually dropping rickets yet Clark isn’t addressing that by changing the players in the team to freshen things up. I think a poor start against Peterborough on Saturday could make things turn very ugly.

The Match in Numbers

7 – the number of times I said “For F*cks Sake” on reading the team news walking to the ground
38 – the number of minutes before I realised Ambrose was actually on the pitch
3 – the number of minutes between Cov’s 1st and 2nd goals in which Blues completely fell apart
6 – the number of times Doyle hoofed it in the last five minutes of extra time
0 – the number of times a Blues player was on the end of one of those hoofs
9 – the number of years since Blues last went out to a team in the bottom two tiers in a cup competition
51 – the number of games Jonathan Spector has played for Blues before scoring.

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126 Responses to “Another Poor Performance Sees Blues Out Of The Capital One Cup”

  • kentucky blue says:

    Ok now its time to panic

    • NooBloo says:

      All these problems were here last year. The players are very average to poor players. We just had a manager who was so good that he could have got a good performance and goals out of ”Harry Redknap’s Missus” to quote a famous saying

      He was so likeable that everyone wanted to play for him. We do not have that type of manager anymore, so we need to start from scratch and get a right good scouting system and pick up talent from the lower leagues. Otherwise, I fear that Lee Clark will heve a P45 waiting for him in his office very soon. Although, I dont know that we can afford to sack him and all the staff he has brought in

  • andy says:

    I totally agree with u Almajir and too be honest im trying to calm down before i make my point, but its been a while since i heard Blues booed off like they were tonight.

  • Pete says:

    It’s unbelievable that this early in the season, Saturday is genuinely at best, a “must not lose” game for Clark.

    If we lose to Peterborough, I’m not sure I can see a way back for him! His tactics are woeful, the weak links in the side are the players he has brought in and the whole squad looks like they don’t want to play for him. He’s shown nothing over the few games so far to suggest that he knows how to improve the current situation!

    I’m more than happy for him to have a few more chances but there has to come a point where enough is enough…

  • Stuart says:

    Have to agree with all of that having been at the game. But What is apparent to me is there is a bad egg in the camp because they no longer look like a unit and I don’t believe it’s down to the manager. The 2 obvious are Burke and Davies who have both been equally poor this season and are they wanting out? I only said last week that it’s no time to panic as there is a long way to go, but it’s not looking great. We look ok going forward, we just can’t hold it together at the back, and players need dropping. Coventrys 3rd goal had 3 defenders and 1 keeper to there 1 player, it was comical the way we allowed that goal to go in!!
    I do believe we need to keep the faith, but I believe without any investment in the team, then mid table will be the best we can aim for. KRO

  • Qas says:

    I think the team needs a major shake up, the starting XI are far too comfortable in their positions and seem to have started some sort of dressing room rebellion. I understand that they were all fairly close with Hughton, but they need to get over that now and start playing for Clark, if you don’t want to play for the manager then at least play for the paying fans, it’s disrespect of the highest order.

    The backline (with, arguably, the exception of Spector) have been awful, Ben Gordon doesn’t know his defensive trade, his positioning is terrible, his clearances aren’t convincing and he never seems to win anything in the air, I’d say if Murphy doesn’t return soon then we should give one of our own, Mitch Hancox, a crack of the whip at left-back.

    Pablo looked solid when he came on today and made the effort to play the ball out of defence rather than just launch it towards a target that’d never receive it, I would be tempted to start him in place of Caldwell in the backline.

    Onto the midfield, number one problem, Hayden Mullins. He has no clue, unfortunately, his tackles are bad, he is often caught out of position and does not know the meaning of an accurate pass, it’s high-time Clark dropped him. We were all excited about signing Darren Ambrose, however he has gone missing in most games, whilst I feel that he will come good sooner or later, he’s not helping the cause at the moment.

    Ravel Morrison is a ready made replacement for Ambrose, immensely talented, he has changed games when he’s come on and proven himself when he has started, the fact that he is continually left out baffles me.

    Then we have our player of the season, Chris Burke, a talented player for sure, he should not be out of position unless absolutely required, it was a tactical howler from Clark not to let him play in his usual position, we didn’t look potent on the right wing until the introduction of Nathan Redmond.

    Frontline, I’ll say something that might be a little unpopular with some of your readers, Marlon King should be dropped from the first XI. Throughout pre-season and now in the actual campaign, he has looked lazy, unfit and disinterested, he has none of that spark we saw last year and his only goal has come from the penalty spot, his replacement? Akwasi Asante, an academy graduate with bags of talent, we saw it in pre-season, he’s strong, quick and knows exactly where the goal is, a ready-made striker partner for Peter Lovenkrands in my opinion.

    Finally, Big Zig, I understand he may be on his way out, but in the eventuality that he doesn’t go, his best role is impact sub, start him and defences will develop a tactic against him and use it to just put him out of the game, throw him on at 60 minutes, defences panic and he’ll create chances, if not score himself.

    Overall, I think we need a shake-up, show players that places aren’t guaranteed and those who don’t want to play for the manager won’t play at all.

    Of our new boss, I will say that he needs time to settle, he is younger than most managers and will make mistakes, calls for his head after five competitive games are beyond ridiculous. He does, however, need to stop tinkering with starting XIs and formations and go with a straight 4-4-2, the proven formation for this squad. We will score and cut out defensive errors in this formation. If we play a diamond mid, we’ll have 2-3 opposition players burst through the centre and overcome the defensive mid and centre-halves before knocking a goal away.

    He also needs to learn that Birmingham City cannot play a high-line, we should be playing a fairly deep cover-line, Curtis and his defensive colleagues will be much more comfortable like this than constantly being caught out by strikers slipping in behind the line.

    Another thing is the hoofball, stop it and stop it now. Encourage every single player to keep it on the floor, pass to each other, make the simplest pass if necessary and just push forward as a unit, rather than just seeing it lumped up and back down, often bypassing the midfielders. We have more than enough talent to play a quick, slick passing game and Clark needs to see this.

    Here’s my squad for the Posh game: Butland; Carr/Spector, Ibanez, Davies, Hancox; Burke, Morrison, Gomis, Redmond; Lovenkrands, Asante.

    Subs: Doyle, Caldwell, Spector/Packwood, Ambrose, Mullins, King, Zigic.

    • Bluebird says:

      Qas –
      That is a fantastic post –
      Although I, together with others, will inevitably have our own opinions of the best Team –
      I could not agree more with your summing up of the tactics, the strategy, the reasons for our failures and the next steps forward in providing a solution!
      Well done pal (I want a smilie now with a thumbs up-lol)

      • RichardW says:

        Agreed. Two of the best central defenders in the league don’t suddenly become bad players overnight. The defensive high line is the problem and not enough cover from midfield. Mullins just looks past it; Ambrose a poor man’s McFadden and Burke must never play in the centre. His chief trick to beat an opponent assumes a touchline on his right – he was constantly having the ball nicked from him on this side last night.

    • nicky wicky says:

      redmond can’t play on the left. he has played thee many times and always tries to cut onto his right foot. we need a left winger!

    • Steve W says:

      Qas, totally agree with everything you say. I don’t understand why Clark is tinkering with the formation when we played effectively with 4-4-2 last season. When things are going wrong you have got to go back to basics, so 4-4-2 with players playing in their natural positions is a must. Ben Gordon is totally out of his depth at this level, he lacks all the basic defensive skills to be trusted to play there again, so there’s nothing to lose by putting hancox in. And dropping Marlon King, absolutely spot on. Completely overrated. Yes he scores goals, but he has very little influence in games, he has an appalling first touch, he spends most of the games offside and he is lazy.

  • paul says:

    Clark is clearly in way over his head!we have now been behind in 3 game’s and he has’nt had a clue what to do!like you say playing Mullin’s and Ambrose who have been awful,he played Burke out of position tonight,we look like a shamble’s of a team…the same team(pretty much!)that did so well in Europe and play off’s!
    I’ve seen us playing this bad before tho….20 yrs ago!

  • sam says:

    as soon as we stop playing hoofball and start playing football things will change

  • skareggae72 says:

    Get big mick in.

  • Ashley says:

    Qas – completely agree with everything you have said! how he ever thought the answers to our problems was moving our best player (burke) out of position so we could keep ambrose and mullins (who is probably the worst player to ever put on a blues top) who have been terrible in every game so far, i dont know, really thought tonight was going to be the turn around!. Roll on saturday

  • Harborneblue says:

    We’re so missing Le Midfield God Fahey! Bet you never thought you’d read that 18 months ago!
    Mullins has got to be dropped and dropped now, Gomis Morrison even Lee clark now would be more effective. That player will cost him his job if he continues with him.
    One thing I can’t understand is the coaching staff you don’t see them fist pumping, signalling or even shouting at the players Clark is left standing by himself. Very supportive not!
    Do you remember Calderwood and Trollope on the sideline?
    They would go mental if instructions weren’t followed.
    Also why isn’t the goalkeeping coach practicing on the pitch with Butland or Doyle at half time?
    Hopefully Clark can turn it round starting Saturday against a Team we couldn’t beat last season.
    Only way he will is with support of the fans even if we’re not convinced. If we don’t we’ll end up like the vile fans with they’re bedsheets, and the thought of that is even more depressing…

  • Dave Sherlock says:

    In the main I have to agree with this blog but we need to get some prospective here… We’re we going to win the league cup? (Doubtful)
    Have we got time to get this season going? (absolutely)

    I can’t get on board with the notion that a manager who has got the second best undefeated streak since Brian Clough can be clueless.

    The season starts and we are all pumped up and excited about getting started again and it hasn’t happened.

    We can’t get to down about this I think we get down there on Saturday sing like we mean it get behind the team and the manager and cheer them on to victory we’re better then this.

    No bed sheets please we’re bluenoses

    • Raters says:

      Sadly Dave, you know full well that will not happen.

      The crowd will be on edge and the slightest miss pass or lack of effort will be greeted by boos.

      Blues fans are happy to take the mick out of ville for that, yet we’re exactly the same.

      I really do fear for us this season, I simply can not see a light at the end of the tunnel

  • Bongo says:

    Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.

    Not sure what the coaching staff has been doing with the centre halves because they look as if they have never seen a football before let alone played the game at any professional level. Davies looks like he playing in lead boots, Caldwell is getting wrong side every time and letting the ball bounce and Ibanez gets bullied far too easily. I am willing to give them the benfit of the doubt and say that we haven’t had the first choice unit available yet, and a young keeper in a side with no confidence.

    The centre of midfield is not giving them any protection at all. Can’ t see for the life of me why Gomis doesn’t start every game as he is the only one who can actually anticipate and dictate play. Mullins has been playing terribly, miles off the pace in every game. Can’t pass, tackle, or run. Ambrose much the same but at least he can take a set-piece. Still not enough to justify a start. Burke has not been at it this season yet either, he looks willing as ever but his final ball/choice has been poor. Redmond isn’t a left winger and is wasted there.

    Up front, King looks unfit and overweight. Zigic can only be used as an impact sub, we will see what Lovenkrands can bring, and Rooney isn’t good enough.

    I generally think that after a decent pre-season with a relatively settled formation/selection Clark panicked after the first half of the Charlton game and has undone all of the good work that they did in the subsequent games by constant tinkering.

    I would like to see what happens when we get the fullbacks back in, and a more dynamic centre midfield. ie any two of Morrison, Gomis or even Spector (Christ, who’d have thunk it).

    Worry for Saturday if we go one down early on. White hankies might be waving already. I don’t think it’s right but we were spoilt last year with Hughton.

    Oh well, KRO.

  • andy says:

    Iv just read what Lee Clark had to say on the official site and im backing the guy to sort things out.

  • John says:

    McArthy in or 100 mill cheque book and Redknapp in.
    Herriott back in goal with Ray Martin at Right Back.
    Clark out…not a clue

  • Tom says:

    I think Clark will be ok and at the end of the season all this will be forgotten, once Fahey comes back from injury and Carr we should be looking alot better, hopefully we can keep Carr fit for the rest of the season, definatly think Asante should be given a chance against Peterbourgh, not sure about Mullins out of all the players that left Pompey we had to get Mullins, think we need another defender atleast, we cant rely on Gordan all season, i like the comment about Mick Mcarthy think he would of been good for the blues job, dont know why we didnt invest in Ramage espacially beens he was a free agent

  • Stan Moye says:

    What did you honestly expect Lee Clark to say? I’m personally fed up with the so called waffle, for whatever reason he appears to have lost the majority of the dressing room. Of course he’s going to persist with the likes of Mullins and Ambrose, if he drops them it’s as good as saying “l messed up” but he’s also potentially affecting the value of Redmond and Butland. Clarke’s comments sound absolutely desperate, we can all accept an honest defeat, but not to turn up and give 100% to the shirt we won’t accept that. Already we are in a crisis situation l’d be interested to hear the thoughts of PP regarding LC’s performance, just wish we’d have gone for Ian Holloway, a much more motivational manager, and far more enjoyable to listen to even in defeat.

  • Jack says:

    I don’t think getting rid of the manager five games in would benefit anybody! The guys only just walked in and secured his coaching staff! However, I have noticed a few problems. The main problem being the players. It seems that all the players have an attitude right now, I haven’t seen any player work back or run their socks off to amend an error, I just see them throw their arms in the air and moan at the others (king, Burke, Redmond especially). I don’t know what has caused this issue because last year we seemed like such a strong team, all working for one another (Europa league). I think Clarks team selection/formation has been over complicated and the players are clearly struggling with it. Our midfield is overrun for long periods of the game causing extra strain on the defence leading to mistakes. I can’t believe N’Daw was not signed, exactly what we are missing. Mullins has been v.poor, I’m not sure what his role is. Ambrose is a goal scoring mf however he is a luxury player and had been restricted due to the fact our midfield are being overrun for long periods of the game. I think Clark needs to give the players a kick up the ar*e and sort out the attitude problems. I personally think Blues should play a 4-5-1. (Hang on you boo boys) just because there’s 1 up top this doesn’t mean it will be defensive. When attacking we would essentially have 3 up top and Ambrose making the runs from mf. This would be my team.
    Carr/Spector. Davies. Caldwell Murphy

    Ravel. Gomis/fahey

    Burke. Ambrose. Redmond


    This team would offer protection for the back four. The midfield would be strong and would be able to control the possession alot more. This would also mean when attacking Burke/Redmond would push higher up and be able to cross and cut in without having to worry about being caught on the counter. I think this would alpo get the best out of Ambrose who can be v. Dangerous in this league (15 goals). He would be the spear head of the middle three, this would make him the playmaker allowing him to get between the oppositions defence and midfield giving him space to shoot and make late runs into the box. This team could easily adapt to fit in lovenkrands and would suit him as he would have space and we could utilise his pace. Zigic a impact sub after 60mins to really stir it up and cause defences problems.


    • RichardM says:

      Not a bad shout Jack, and allows Ambrose his preferred position and where he can make a real impact.

      However, Redmond is not a left winger and doesn’t address the Caudwell / Davies problems at the back either. Pesonally I would drop Burke right now and play Redmond right wing (his preference) and Lovenkrands on the left. I think Caudwell should also be dropped in favour of Ibanez, he’s been awful this season so far.

      • nicky wicky says:

        So richard would you then have packwood in for davies? davies has been poor too and packwood naturally is a centre-half,and has played well when he has been picked!

  • Bongo says:

    I disagree. I think the problem is that we did give 100% tonight. We just made too many stupid mistakes, and are simply not good enough to recitfy them.


  • Rathater says:

    I did call this after the 1st game!

    None of us are that 1 eyed to expect a win every game, but it’s the manner of how we play.
    Hoof football is back, players playing out of position and then there is changing tactics 10 times in a match!

    Totally clueless and out of his depth!

    Tic toc, lose on sat and it’s game over!!

  • David says:

    New rules say he had to play a strong side, so maybe he wasn’t allowed to make too many changes from Saturday,

  • Blue Steve says:

    Can we afford to pay off Clarkes one year rolling contract and all his back room staff? Probably not so we’re stuck with him. unfortunately, His buys all seem awful to me with the possible exception of Ravel Morrison. They certainly don’t fit well into a system. As Almajr rightfully says we’ve been crying out for a proper left winger but instead he gets Ambrose who seems to disappear then make fleeting re apperances. KRO.

  • ChrisG says:

    One word describes last nites performance & that is PATHETIC. I was so looking forward to this season but after only a few games in, Clark as a manager looks well out of his depth, i’m sorry but he doesn’t seem to have a clue. Terry Mac spent most of the game looking at the floor, not sure what that brings to the tactical side, Burke has developed a nasty habit of letting the ball roll across his body & everytime he gets tackled, Someone needs to sit him down & tell him to get his head out of his arse, he may have been the best player last season but that’s gone & to be the best you have to be consistant. I don’t think King has even had a shot in the last 3 or 4 games, Redmond has forgot he’s playing in a “team” & when he does actually pass the ball it goes to the opposition. On a plus note I thought Gomis was by far our best player. KRO

  • Bluenose_68 says:

    Clark at the moment sounds like Kevin Keegan. No idea with tactics, has bought a ageing group of players together and is hoping that effort overcomes skill in Saturday.

    His tactical decisions are baffling. Gomis left midfield was never going to work and how many game do you have to watch to know Mullins and Ambrose aren’t going to make things happen.

    I do think the players don’t look like they want to be playing for the guy and that is a concern, but then they probably have lost faith in the 100th different tactic he has asked them to play in the space of the last fortnight.

    I never thought I’d say this but right now I’d take Eck back this morning over this current manager

  • stuart dale says:

    get joey barton the blues fans would make him welcome

  • Tonytiler says:

    After coming on as a sub against Watford gomis put energy in the centre of the park , he was rewarded last night playing on the left wing. Burke was pushed into the centre. And ambrose who as been used on the left wing in pre season was on the right wing. Burke scored double figures and had one of the most assists last season playing on the right wing. The young left back looks well out of his depth and well out of position , Mullins is too slow and can’t pass , I didn’t know ambrose was on 2nd half as he went missing again. And loverkrands is hear to go through the motions , pre season was the time to tinker with the system. Lee needs to go back to basics and play players who gelled so well last season and add his additions gradual. 3 pts is amust now on Saturday and I hope he gets them as I think he could lose the support of the fans

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      Gomis on the left, Burke in midfield. That says it all for me. There was absolutely no justification for this tactical blunder. The man is a clown and if on Saturday we see another display like that he will be left in doubt what the fans think.

  • Macc lad says:


  • SteCoy says:

    Why is Clark continuing to tinker with formations and personal? Did we not have a pre season? For me… we need to save our season and Clark has to go! Question is can we afford to sack him? Get Di Canio in and move on!!!

  • DoctorD says:

    I liked this quote from LC on the official site: “We’re not shooting ourselves in the foot; we’re blowing our legs off. It’s soul-destroying.”

    I think we’ll be ok in the end once LC stumbles on a formation that works, but what is it about managers that plays players in the wrong positions? Doesn’t Terry Mac say “Look, son, that’s an option but why don’t you…”

    I am reminded of the Billy Bragg quote: “Virtue never tested is no virtue at all.” It’s time for the players to show who they are.

  • Carl says:

    Playing good players out of position to accommodate poor players: football can be a simple game!

    Gomis should be in the middle of a four, Burke should be out wide (he kept turning into trouble, not being used to being in the middle); if any players were going to play in the ‘hole’ behind the front two then it should be Elliot or Ambrose (although how he kept his starting place is beyond me!); maybe the back four will play better without useless Mullins in the middle, he has been awful in every game.

    When we got Gordon in I thought we had someone better than our youngsters, but he’s not, he really was clueless last night. He was a liability.

    I can’t remember being so baffled by where players were meant to be playing last night, it made little sense. No wonder the players looked confused themselves.

    When Lee Clarke arrived he said that he didn’t need to change much because he was adopting a good team: he is unraveling a good team by continuing to play the likes of Mullins and Ambrose – and playing over complicated systems like last night.

    Last night didn’t feel like a one off, I feel we’re going to get thumped this season unless he sorts this mess.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Send Davies King and Burke to see the sports Psychologist. Play Asante. Start Morrison and Gomis.Drop Mullins. Play everyone in their best positions.When the game is going down the pan – Do something about it! If all else fails, Get Mick!!.

  • Art Watson says:

    It’s interesting to note that those previously critical of Clark (I was one of them)are not being told to get a reality check now.

    Most supporters are not stupid and realise what a mistake it was appointing LC and his ageing coaching team.

    PP needs to bite the bullet now and admit it was a great mistake before its too late.

    Storm clouds are gathering.

  • Leigh says:

    John, how about 2 wingers as well, say Thwaites, and Summerhill !! On a more sensible note, what a great piece of writing by Qas, I am not able to comment on the actual content, though I am sure that there must be a great deal of good sence there. Unfortunately these days managers can often have very short tenures, but, if the problem is ‘within the squad’ can we assume they will playfor someone else?, and, can we afford a clique of ‘player power?

  • bham terrier says:

    Problem is, he sounds beleivable.Until his teams start playing,then you realise hes just guessing. Luckily Dean Hoyle worked him outjust in time for larry to get us up. We now have a defence and midfield, whereas under LC it was awful. This despite 48 signings in 3 seasons. Ask every Town fan, ‘would he have got us up. Answer? No chance. It was Div 3 as well.Next after taking some stick, he’ll start sulking and fall out with the local press. And Terry Mac? forget it, he makes the tea and puts the cones out. I was amazed when a big club like Blues looked to him, they shouldve taken a closer look at his record. I’ll say one thing though, if flannel and cliches couldve won us points, HTFC would be in the prem now…. Get rid soon as, its not too late.

  • DinoTiltoni says:

    Clarke is struggling. God knows what Morison did wrong. He was the best player on the pitch against Charlton and hasnt started since.

    LasT night’s mystifying line up with Burke having a libero role confused the team, the fans and himself.

  • Ed says:

    When the camera’s turned to Clark during extra time he can be clearly seen shouting get it forward, in other words hoof it, and the two assistants were sitting looking at the floor. May be they were thinking “it’s not my fault”
    The bunch of them are a joke, I get the impression that they are just topping up their pension while Clark sinks into the mire.

  • Suthy says:

    I really dont see why Clark is playing people out of positions, it baffles me. Ambrose and mullins have been terrible. it’s not hard to point out the problem in the team, and there is an easy fix, take them both out and play morrison and gomis in CM, play burke in his natural position and as they say ‘ The jobs a gooden’, also i dont see why elliot hasnt had much involvement, dont see why we dont play one striker with either king or lovenkrands and then fit elliot in the hole (Away from home anyway)…and what is with this hoofball, it barely works when zigic is on the pitch but to do it when hes not on the pitch was a terrible decision!, weve got the talent to play passing football yet we dont do it? having said that, I think the team will play alot better when Fahey, Murphy and Carr are all in the starting 11. KRO

  • BobbyBlue says:

    JESUS!! Get some perpesctive. We are only a few games in. Yes we have played badly but we are not where we are after 15 games. I think the transfer window is a distraction for some our players and i’ll be glad when it closes on Friday.

    Those saying they doubt Clark – give him a chance! You sound as impatient and clueless as Abramovich. I dont know whether he is any good but i am gonna give him a chance to prove himself. More than 6 hours of football!

    However, i would be with you in terms of the criticism of the formation / players. Gomis should start. Morrision should start. Mullins and Ambrose are passengers at the moment. If there is time and funds, our squad screams our for a left winger.

    So far, we have drawn and lost to a couple of promoted teams. Lost to Watford and Cov who both have a new/caretaker manager. Ok… its not just the poor results (the performances too) but take your finger off the trigger and give it another 10 games.


  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Said all along Clark was not the man much to the annoyance of all the experts out there who said he was quality. However I wont stop supporting him and there’s still plenty of time. He’s got to stop all the histrionics in the technical area though as he’s looking a right berk.

    The worst aspect of all this is the football we are playing is dire compared to last seasons refreshing performances. This is nothing to concern us YET but we need a couple of wins and some calm to break out both within the team and amongst the fans, many of whom just can’t wait to take part in their favourite pastime of moaning.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      NOTHING TO CONCERN US YET ???????????????????????

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        You can read, well done.

        Been to a game yet?

        • Bluenosesol says:

          20 plus years season ticket holder and Silver away member – how about you?
          PS if you have seen NOTHING to concern you yet, I’d go and watch netball!

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            20 years lol, nothing just starting out and it seems you’ve learnt nothing in that time either.

            Go and have your crisises somewhere else, we’ve played 3 league and 2 cup games, plenty of time to sort it. I can’t stand these fans who just can’t wait to moan.

            I take it you’ll be booing the team off Saturday if we get beat same as you did last night (if you went). Wonder who the next scapegoat to boo when his name gets mentioned will be.

          • Bluenosesol says:

            Voice of Treason – Cant even be bothered to respond to that anti Bluenose diatribe. Not too worry you wont be board for much longer mummy will be packing you off to school next week…….zzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Mark R says:

    Whilst clearly its been a terrible start to the season, I do think we need to all calm down a bit. Remember Reading lost their opening 3 games of the season last year and won the league…

    I do think Clark will get it right and he needs some time. It would be ridiculous to sack him now after 5 matches, that’s less than 10% of the season.

    We have the players to be successful. I do think LC needs to stop tinkering quite so much (3 changes a game for the last 3 or 4 games is too much) and the main problem is the key players just aren’t performing as they should – Burke, Davis, King etc. The new players need 10 or so games to settle in.

    Also we must remember that we have 3 key players missing who would defo make any Blues starting 11 at the moment – Carr, Murphy and Fahey so let’s see what happens when they are back..

    Keep the faith and KRO – don’t become bitter whingers like them lot down the road.

  • Chris Wood says:

    I was going to tweet you this morning to say, ‘is it now time to panic?’ Reading this, Yes it is!!!! I watched the Watford game on Saturday and oh what a difference a season makes. CH came in and we had 37 odd players in and out the door. He built a team that looked good and put in a performance, always looked like they could score and solid at the back. Clark comes in with pretty much the same team and we look like a Sunday kids team. I don’t like seeing Blues loose, but when we lost in Europe last season I was proud because we played, not now! Although I don’t think it’s fair to sack a manager who hasn’t had time, if things stay the same when do we call it a day!

  • nicky wicky says:

    basically the team looks unbalanced. the defending is inept. Blues have suddenly gone from a preier league team to a non-league team. they don’t pass the ball well and something is not right. players who played so well last season are looking like they’ve got lead in their boots. Mullins is awful. It’s no wonder Butland is making so many mistakes when he has no defence in front of him. Doyle has some experience and he couldn’t stop coventry scoring 3 times that says it all! Blues definitely need a left winger or someone who is naturally left sided or comfortable on the left. Lovenkrads has played there, gomis can play ther, hancox maybe.Mullins needs to be dropped, and davies doesn’t look like the player of last season. the transfer window shuts on saturday so maybe we’ll see an improvement. If not i would do what al suggested and try packwood iat centre half.at least we know hes committed,and has played well when hes been asked to. I was surprised LC dropped lovenkrands for redmond,,and kept king on. king has done nothing so far this season,and was playing awful.lovenkrands scored one of the goals, it seemed to me a move that just cancelled itself out!

  • Dug says:

    I predict we will finish in the top 20.

  • theurbaneguerilla says:

    I’ve refrained from comment on Clark so far, as the guy does deserve some bedding in time. He’s now had 11 matches and we’ve beaten Barnet, Bury, Plymouth and Shrewsbury. We’ve lost to Cheltenham, Watford, Royal Antwerp, Sheffield Wednesday and now the mighty Coventry.
    It’s not the losing, although that hurts, but the manner of losing that really saddens me. One has to ask ‘what has changed from last season?’
    In my opinion several things have changed:
    1) Expectations have risen.
    2) Hughton left and Clark came in.
    3) Hughton’s entire backroom staff went with him.
    4) Players have lost form, self belief.
    5) New arrivals have not adequately replaced defectors and last season’s loanees.
    6) The spirit has evaporated.
    7) Tactically inept.
    Point one is not Clark’s fault, It’s just a by-product of Hughton’s great work.
    Point two is not his fault either, although he wanted the job. He probably did underestimate how much work Hughton did. It was not just “a great bunch of players” who over achieved last season.
    Point three was not his fault, although having known Andy Watson “for years” Watson chose to get out with Hughton.
    Point four he can’t legislate for a player’s loss of form, although so many at one time does raise question’s about him and his coaching staff. Also the lack of belief is up to him and the rest of his staff to rectify. Looking at his body language and Sulky after match comments, I have little confidence he can do this.
    His signings, with the exception of Morrison, have been pisspoor. Yet he still persists with them. Mullins-worst passer and laziest player I can remember in a blue shirt. Ambrose not as good as he thinks he is. Gordon out of his depth. Lovenkrands two years too late. Lucas a good third choice keeper, although at the moment he looks better than Butland.
    Point six, the spirit. You only had to see how the supposedly injured Davies leapt up and sprinted straight down the tunnel without looking at the manager to see there is a problem. It’s difficult to knohow he can fix that. I don’t think he can. All is not pleasant at Wast Hills methinks.
    I think part of the reason for the lack of spirit is that he is tactically inept. If he wasn’t, Mullins would be cutting the oranges ready for half time, not getting one himself. We have good young players. Much more sensible to blood them than get the same old nonsense from tired journeymen. We’ve seen it all before Lee.
    With a heavy heart, because I had high hopes for him, my conclusion is Clark’s a dead man walking, unless he makes an absolutely astounding turnaround, starting on Saturday.

  • big frank says:

    if we carry on like this we’re going down, simples.
    clark needs to sort it out sharpish or he’s got to go. another 10 games to get his act together? another 10 games of this shite and we’ll be rooted to the bottom with a mountain to climb. if we lose on saturday get rid of him before its to late in my opinion.

  • nicky wicky says:

    urban guerilla we’ve only lost Mutch. the rest were loanees. Lovenkrands and Ambrose are not as bad as you think,but Mullins is awfull and this kid gordon is probably not as good as hancox. something is defintiely not right and a lot of work needs to be done and if after satursday players continue to play with lead in their boots then changes have to made like clarke talks about,and i hope he does it. At the moment Packwood would be better than davies,and i would play Lovenkrands on the left wing to balance the team out, with zigic or rooney alongside king or asante. I have not beeen impressed with king this year he just isn’t the same player! Butland is making mistakes because the defence is not right,and the midfield are giving the ball away too!

    • theurbaneguerilla says:

      With respect Nicky Wicky Lovenkrands and Ambrose are as bad as I think.
      As for Butland, he ain’t ready. He’s making the back line nervous and I assume Davies and Caldwell are struggling because they’re continually covering fullbacks instead of other way around and getting no protection from the abysmal Mullins.
      My point is we can see all this and Clark can’t. That is worrying.
      Perhaps Lovenkrands might be worth a shot out left but his crossing and distribution haven’t impressed so far.
      One player who keeps getting shipped out and I can’t understand why is Jervis. I watched him make his debut at Everton in the FA cup and he made Dustin look like a youth making his debut, badly.I agree I’d rather watch our kids trying than journeymen huffing and puffing. At least it would get the crowd on side a bit.

      • nicky wicky says:

        guerrilla I think your wrong. the problemis obviously with the befence. If it was just a problem with butlands naivity then we woiuld have beaten coventry,but the defence was caught out again. Doyle is an experienced competent goalie yet he wss beaten 3 times and had to claw one cross off the line, so obviously the defence are not doing their jobs. Davies supposedly went off injured so maybe Packwood will play there saturday? In all our competiive games the goalies have looked nervous this is due to the team giving the ball away and the defence not cutting out the through balls!

  • AR says:

    Most of what has been said I agree with (with the notable exception of criticising King), but I would like to make one or two points. With Fahey injured, & for that matter Spector and Mutch sold, who else did the manager have available to play in central midfield – Mullins, Ambrose, Gomis & Morrison. After 3 League & 2 Cup games Mullins & Ambrose have been very poor, so let us hope the other two players can do a better job. Unfortunately we don’t have a strong enforcer in the team (I guess Clark thought Mullins would do this job). As for only having 1 point, I would mention that in the Charlton game we could have had all 3 if the goalie had come for crosses (even if we didn’t deserve all 3), & in the Wednesday game we could have had a point if the goalie hadn’t made another howler. In other words we might have had 4 points & things wouldn’t have seemed so desperate. I have to admit that when we had signed Lovenkrands, Mullins & particularly Ambrose I was very pleased. As far as Morrison is concerned, I have seen him have one excellent first half against Antwerp and very little else. I’m sure he has talent but he also needs consistency. The latest signing of Gordon, after his display last night, begins to look as if Clark is not good at picking up the sort of player we can afford. But let’s remember, when everyone is fit we have the same players as last season except Myhill & Mutch. One last thing, does anyone in their right mind believe that Holloway would ever have left Blackpool, who appear to have no financial worries & a team that almost reached The Premiership?

    • nicky wicky says:

      agree that mullins is just not good enough he keeps giving the ball away,and as we have no left winger LC has to play gomis or ambrose out there. ambrose can’t play that role,and gomis would be better in the middle.lovenkradns can play wide left,but then you lose one of your strinking options! so he could try hancox there. hancox is a defender by trade, but he is naturally left sided,and inexperienced at left back, and first taeem level,but playing him onb the wing might balnce the team and give him experience. He played well in pre-season? blues have other youngsters in the reserves who would probabbly do a better job than mullins in midfield like ntambwe.

  • skareggae72 says:

    I was wondering how old Clark was,i mistakenly googled Lee Clarke & was directed to a website on disasters,failures,worst cases and fantasy documents!.

    He is actually 39,which is inexperienced,working as a number two alongside a more experienced manager would be more suitable,at this moment in time.
    I remember Kevin Keegan telling people he was out of his depth,very honest,although 99% of managers are not going to tell you this.
    Get Mick in,Clark number two.

    • theurbaneguerilla says:

      Although big Mick is not the answer, you make a good point. Clark doesn’t seem to have any presence. Hughton did and it made the players respect him. Although he might be a good number two to someone with some gravitas, it would be too humiliating for him now. He would have to go in my opinion.
      How would you feel if someone demoted you? If you had the chance of a event payoff you’d Bugger off instead wouldn’t you?

  • KRO21 says:

    I think it’s a horrible combination of the players not wanting to play for the manager and LC being out of his depth. Call me a pessimist but I’ll be shocked if he’s still the manager at Christmas.

    I’m looking past the results/manager at the moment and will be more interested in what will come out of the Court Case in the coming months!

  • Chill Winstons says:

    There are always going to be issues when a successful manager, and in the circumstances Hughton was, leaves a club. Clark needs time to gain the trust of his players and to draw the team together. He may or may not prove to be up to the job, but the fact is we need to show what we, the fans, are made of. At times we’re brilliant, we can be proud of being Blues fans. Those of us who were at the Blackpool play-off game should be fully aware of what a great crowd can achieve in driving a team on to compete. Hell, after the crowd told him to King even stopped being off-side for the last 20 minutes: miracles CAN happen. We can sit here belly-aching all day and not make a jot of difference, or we can all make sure we actually get down to St Andrews on Saturday and show the players what working hard for the club is all about: from start to finish lets make a torrent of noise and if the side come up short when we have given everything roaring them on, well, then people can come on and have a justifiable moan. Until then though lets try to make the focus doing what we can do to support them rather than basking in misery and despondency. When the club is losing it is a test of the fans’ character as well as the team.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Look chill most people from outside can see whats going wrong. LC is panicking cause his team selections iare not working he is getting more and more frustrated and making more and more mistkaes. at the moment he can’t see the wood for the trees. he probably has enough players to make a team but he needs to find the right combination,but at the moment he is tinkering and playing the same players in different positions and just confusing them. he needs to calm down look at the squad and find a combination that works and work on the traing ground and the rest will come!

  • frederico says:

    I’ve been against Clark from the start, and my worst fears are coming home to roost. Last night was the worst performance I have seen for 25 yrs. I’m afraid this is no one-off, the man hasn’t got a clue. He has to expect that we pay good money to watch this sh*te and if we continue to play like that there will be plenty more booing from me.

  • Oxfordblue says:

    The writings on the wall already, after losing to the best team in the play offs last year and whom were the better team in the final, look where Blackpool are now, I bet they go one better and go up as champions. There was only one improvement on last season we could have made and that was to get Holloway after Hughton left. For me Hughton had the resect of the dressing room due to the character and nature of the man. A pure man manager able to get his point and tactics across and don’t forget he did his homework on the opposition. Clarke spears to me as one of the long line of thuggish ex players whom bully players and are tactically inept. Read the post by the Terriers supporter, it says it all, and he should no. Once you lose the dressing room, you never get it back. It seems to me some of the players want out, why would that be, the only things that changed is the manager. Me fears the dark days of the early 90’s are just around the corner.

  • Tom says:

    4 games isn’t a crisis; unless of course you are a villa fan.
    Lee Clarke will turn it around, but he’ll need support from the fans. Booing players off the field at the end of a game doesn’t help anyone. I think his reaction to the games proves his determination to get things right. I disagree that Hayden Mullins is th worst player to wear a Blues shirt,. He had a bad game last night, but then so did a lot of other players. A lot of fans seem to think Ravel is the answer; dont get me wrong he is a fantastic player with a lot of potential, But, he like Ambrose has gone missing in all the games thus far. I completely agree with the several comments regarding the high defensive line, we have been caught out too many times already this season to continue to utilise it, especially if we dont play to the whistle but instead stop and stare at the linesman whenever a player gets through. Please lose the long ball though, it never works; even when we have our basketballer on the field. I think everyone can learn a lesson from Swansea and the way they have been playing recently. Maybe its time to sit up and take notice before we get left behind.

  • Tamuffblue says:

    whoa !!!!! no good slating clarke and his staff – when he was and is the only realistic choice – who else would want to come to such a badly managed club when not knowing if the ships about to sink – unfortunetley its hold your breath – fingers crossed for November – spending 250 grand on one player SPEAKS VOLUMES !!!!!

  • Ryan says:

    I thought we started the 1st and 2nd halves decent but seemed to disappear in both. Couldn’t understand why Burke was playing cm, and once more the midfield just needlessly concede possession when most of the time there is little or no pressure on them. For two of their goals it was two simple passes which evaded the defence completely. Spector was immense all over the pitch and the only one who looked like he wanted to play compared to Gordon who doesnt look like he can play at a level we need him to. Redmond i thought played well when he came on too just never had any support coming from behind him. Davies going off looked worrying. But overall we never showed any authority, didnt look like the team from the league above and not once did we ever look like winning.

  • Oxfordblue says:

    Still say the same thing, players want out and why, I bet Davis’s agent is looking to see who will bid for him in the window. You don’t become crap overnight and what’s the best way to force a move, look at Modric, just don’t show up at the races. Davis along with Burke were easily our best players last year and are now a shadow of themselves. In the press we keep hearing the next game will be better but it hasn’t been, it’s the same garbage. Now this Saturday will be deemed a must win and I feel we’ll be served up the same dross.

  • Chill Winstons says:

    I don’t think it is any secret that Holloway would have been no.1 choice for most of us, particularly after the comments he made about our club and the fact that he hates Villa, but it was impossible for us to land him at the time and so speculation in that regard is pointless (like Villa).

    I suppose what it comes down to really is how people want the club to be perceived nationally. I want us to be a club with a reputation for fans that back their own. When you have that reputation you get the right characters in. But at the moment we’re living in a bit of a blame culture. It’s understandable, but completely destructive to wallow in misery. It makes sense that we’re hurting, we’re losing, so what can you control? We can set the tone in the stadium. The impact of the fans should never be underestimated so whilst we’re miserable, negative and moaning the players are going to find it hard to find that spring in their steps. Clark will be doing all he can to rectify things, it may or may not be enough, but we should try to help and not hinder. We’ve been through worse times, and at the moment have a manager who seems genuinely proud to be here, so lets assume a little responsibility and try to make a difference in the only viable way available to us: get down there and support the team. If you’re not willing to do that your opinion is irrelevant: we don’t need arm-chair fans rattling on inanely, we need fans who care to show it right now. Besides, we’ll still go up. We’re Blues fans, groundless optimism used to be all we were about, we should get back to that.

    • nicky wicky says:

      chill the way things are going it looks like a false economy not going for holloway LC could end up costingus more if we have to sack him and get someone new in!

      • Chill Winstons says:

        It would not be in the interests of the club to sack him. We would be viewed as a club that do not give managers a chance and it will make it even more difficult to attract someone who may be able to do a better job. Besides, we don’t really know what Clark can do yet. The start has been poor, but I’m not that fussed we’re out of the cup, it could end up being a blessing in disguise, and the league will only really start to take shape in October / November. If we’ve not shown improvement by then I’ll be more understanding of the negativity, but until we’ve done our bit by supporting the team chewing the fat in this way will only help our rivals.

        • nicky wicky says:

          chill thats silly talk you should always try to win every match. losing in the cup doesn’t guarantee league success. I don’t think the club should sack him but maybe they could bring in someone like mick McCarthy to steady the ship and get us going in the right direction!

  • BND says:

    I don’t think Clarke has the gravitas as a manager at this level of football to take the club forward.
    There is only so many cliches you can roll out to explain away a defeat or poor performance.
    On the other hand he has no real money to spend and has to rely on free transfers etc.
    Of course it was the same for Hughton last year but he knew how to handle the situation where Clarke doesn’t know where to turn for the best.
    If we are still in the bottom three after ten games he will be gone.
    We know CY overpaid when he bought Blues.
    Any chance of Blues becoming less of an asset by being relegated will ring the alarm bells with him.

  • Oxfordblue says:

    Who knows CY could be a Ron Noades in disguise,destroying the club till its bankrupt and then selling the land for property building. Although he never quite did it!

  • The Flying Pig says:

    We’ve got to stop conceding goals – if that means resting Butland for now, then that’s a tough call the manager get’s paid [well] to make. It is not just about Butland, who is going to be great; but both cetral defenders are poor just now and it’s hard to say if one problem is the cause of the other, but it’s perhaps a vicious downward spiral just now. It’s easier to rest Jack than the other two who were, after all, part of a decent defence once they’d got past the early-season jitters. Davies is probably the best CH in this division, but he’s playing more like Freddie ‘Parrot Face’ than Curtis just now.

    Secondly, as many have said Mullins has been poor and we’ve not got the best out of King so far. Mullins best performance for me so far was when he moved to RB in the second half.

    Taking all of the above into account, that’s the whole spine of our team that’s not performing at the same time – it needs rectifying quickly.

    Thirdly, we need a bit of luck. Kevin Davies pushes the Forest player out of the way and gets away with it and Bolton score – Caldwell doesn’t get away with it and Watford score. We have injuries to key players.

    For me, King has not been any different to last year, the only difference so far has been the lack of chances created. Redmond did OK on the left last year, but as a young lad he’s going to find it harder when the team are not performing [as indeed will Butland, Gordon, Packwood and Asanti].

    I can only repeat what many have said: LC must stop tinkering with tactics; footballers are simple beings and do not need too many things to become confused. Sure, LC has to have a ‘Plan B’ but anything more than that and players struggle.

    Keep it simple and get back to basics with as much experience as possible for now, although I have to agree that he probably needs to rest Ambrose.

    More than anything else, let’s get behind the team on Saturday.

  • Downpour says:

    Does anyone know what Terry Mack actually does as Blues number 2?

  • Tom says:

    Does anyone know if Clarks idea of not bringing players in untill someone moves on has changed??

  • yecal says:

    we were warned TERRY MAC DOES NOT GET OFF HIS A*** not mutch fuss when he left huddersfield

  • Paulo says:

    Ok, I went to the game last night and my final whistle reaction was simply …what the f*ck was that! I could not believe that we took over the entire away stand, it was rammed with bluenoses and the amosphere was rocking …for the first half …well, the first half of the first half anyway.
    Anyone I spoke to, could be in earshot of, or simply exchange lipread …knew it was crap. I can not believe we witnessed a team that was was basically 75% the same as last year ..the same team that went into europe and kicked arse, the same team that took us to the 5th round of the FA cup and brought Chelsea to St Andrews. The same team that held a defensive record at St Andrews and was admired by others. We have lost Mutch, and a couple of loans, but basically we have gained some good players.
    So what the hell is going on??? How can Caldwell be so reckless and Curtis Davies be on par to league 2 defenders? How the hell can our midfield fall apart and our defense practically dissapear? We gave Coventry those 2 goals …simple.
    In fact, most of the goals we have conceded since the kick off with Charlton, we have given the goals to them. We are a joke. I have seen better football at Birmingham City Ladies.
    I dont care right now who gets dropped from the first team list, but we need to win and we need a run of wins, or we are going to find ourdelves stuck in the drop zone fighting for our lives. Never mind the distractions (or blame) of CY or his BIHL cronies, blame needs to lie at the door of those players that are not pulling a shift. LC can only do so much, and I’m aware his tactics may be different to CH, but come on …posession, attack and get that ball into the box.
    We are now playing teams who have read us like a book and they are taking no prisoners. It is almost soul destroying.
    A relegated league one team that has just had 3 draws then sacked their manager …not only beat us, but made us look stupid. That I cannot forgive.

    • Paulo says:

      ps …I also noticed a nice little handshake and a nod from the ref to a Coventry player, just as the ref turned to walk away from NOT awarding a blatantly obvious penalty to us in the last 2 mins of extra time. Therefor I basically read that he wanted this game over and handed it to them, thus saving a penalty shootout.
      Needless to say …I stood up and left before the whistle.

  • Blooflame says:

    He has to go, really, even this early in the season because we will go down at this rate, forget promotion. He is incompetent as a manager. In my PERSONAL view (note)I believe he’s cutting his teeth and bringing his oppos along for the ride – and the wage. The mistakes he makes here will cost us but he’ll be all the wiser after he’s sacked ( I believe that is the order of play right now). Who the hell would we get now?

  • Mickey07 says:

    Somebody out there must have some info and hope for me/us that this nightmare is too end regarding a takeover so a new regime can completely clear all the decks including our manager and have some new fresh investment,so we can at least fork out for a new manager…I’ll take anything at moment even “bullshit” anything that just gets me through the day basically…hadenough.com….Clark and Carson out….

  • Huddersfield Town fan says:

    A couple of observations if I may. Firstly, Clark`s interview after the Watford match was cringeworthy, embarrassing to watch and reminded me of many an interview we have had to endure (all be it he was particularly surly for this one). Has he ever read a book on Team spirit and motivation?.

    The best chance you have got to succeed is DO NOT let Clark loose in the transfer market, I repeat, DO NOT. This was his main downfall with us. His legacy here is Players on our books tied in to contracts and they are not even getting in the squad never mind a game. Pure deadwood and enough of them (a particular favourite being why by one Player who plays exactly the same way for a position when you can buy three?). If he has to work with the Players he has, he stands a better chance of getting it right, provided he can find his best 11 which he never managed in three seasons with us so good luck with that one.

    I believe there is a coach (realistically a number two) in there somewhere as his first season with us we played some good stuff, the next two seasons though………dire to watch, you ended up going because `that`s what you do`, not because you enjoyed the footy. Week after week of those boring games where nothing is happening apart from sideways and backward balls (to the same Players if you were lucky) and you end up speaking to those sat near you or leaving early (my preference).

    The starting line-up also became a lottery from match to match and if a Player made a mistake………………..that was that, dropped, banished out on loan, publicly slated etc (this then creates a lack of confidence as Players are scared of taking chances and opt for the easy sideways ball). You could see confidence drain from the better Players, reduced to mere also-rans.

    As a Bloke, I so wanted him to succeed here and want him to do well with the Blues. If he has learned from his mistakes at Huddersfield, then there is every chance he will, given time so at least give him that (we gave him three seasons and he has only been at the Blues for two minutes!).

    That Watford interview and the posts on here though unfortunately lead me to think that you have inherited the same Lee Clark from here, complete with `no lessons learned` making the same mistakes. This leads me to think that he just hasn`t got what it takes right now and I say this with the benefit of him having spent three years at our Club.

    May I also point out, Peterborough were also an achilles heal for us and Clark, they murdered us (play wise) every time they played us and footballing wise, we could not compete. I will be having a few quid on the away Team this weekend and I recommend the shrewd ones amongst you do the same as I imagine it will be a decent price.

    I hope I can come back on here if Clark turns it round and say I was wrong about him. Having said that, I can never be wrong about the failings he had as Manager at our Club.

    He is though, a passionate Bloke and you could never fault him for his genuine desire to do well. He really does give his all, if only he just listened a little?.

  • andy says:

    Lets forget Lee Clark at the moment and look at the players. Its our money that pays the wages of those players and its those players who are serving up the dross and are a joke to the shirt. Clark may turn it around but the players have got to take a long hard look at themselves and start to give us a performance that we pay good money to watch.

  • almajir says:

    This is a comment not directed at anyone personally, but I do hope all read it.

    I think some fans do need a massive reality check right now.

    Let’s discard sentimentality and look at things with cool hard logic.

    Binning Clark and his coaching staff would cost money – money the club does not have – in sorting settlements and severance pay. Then Blues would have to spend even more bringing in new staff – staff that might well be turned off the idea of coming to a club where the fickle fans turned on a manager in less than ten weeks.

    It’s less than 54 hours until the end of the transfer window. Even if Blues had money to spend – did I mention we’re skint – there is very little chance Blues could bring in new staff in time to bring in new players, if they had the money (which they don’t) to change the squad.

    In short, Blues have neither the time nor the money to change the coaching structure.

    Furthermore, to demand that they do so is, in my opinion absolutely and utterly fickle and smacks of the attitude of those across the expressway. We’re better than that aren’t we?

    And as for the “worst performance/start to a season/manager/etc in the last x many years”, have you actually been to many Blues games? I can name games last year under the sainted Hughton that were worse than last night.

    In short – man up, grow a pair, support the team and hope for better. It’s too early to change things just yet.

    • John says:

      Sorry you’re so wrong….The club are after a “PURCHASE LEDGER ADMINISTRATOR” paying an undisclosed salary which proves that we are very sound financially.
      The person in this position will oversee the Purchase of any new players and report to the board in HK Prison once a fortnight.
      Our club is in a bigger mess than anyone even realises.
      Promotion last season was essential for survival.
      If I win Lotto I promise I will wipe out the 81 million debt for CARSON.

    • NooBloo says:

      i AGREE the histerics are far too much so early but please dont link CH with similar performances. we never got 2 bad ones in a row under CH because he dealt with the problems and sorted it out. We have had 5 in a row now and people are entitled to have their say, otherwise there is no point to this forum

  • andy says:

    Well said almajir and i like i said earlier, its the players that have to look at themselves and smell the coffee.

  • Dan says:

    Ok after reading all the comments it boils down to HOW LONG DO WE GIVE Lee CLARK & HIS COACHING STAFF.
    I agree with the lets’ give him a chance things might work out’ but if it goes t*** up in the next 5 games he has to go.
    Problem is who is out there to replace him.
    Very concerned Blues Fan.

  • dan lazaridis says:

    started reading the endless reams of comments and just gave up, the lack of support before August has even ended is soul destroying. the man has managed us for 5 competitive games. that’s 450 minutes and some ‘fans’ are calling for his head? what have we become?

  • […] seems to have changed the general thinking of a lot of fans, just by viewing the comment thread on Often Partisan’s post match thoughts this can be […]

  • Covstan says:

    Paulo, you muppet nod and handshake from ref? I don’t think so seems you’re just looking for excuses, mate. Well, don’t you were well beaten last night by a team who wanted the game a lot more than your boys did, maybe thats the main reason you lost after we equalised you just lost it as a “team” whereas we suddenly realised you weren’t as good as people thought. As far as “taking over the whole of the away end” NOT TRUE the away end at the Ricoh holds just over 6,000 and you brought 3,028 with you (good support though, I must admit)so thats only half of what it takes to fill it, something only Leeds Utd have done. Never mind though I’m sure everything will be ok for you this year – don’t think you’ll get relegated but don’t think you’ll go up either, just hope we get back up with you next season. take care and just enjoy the footie as best you can.

  • devonbluenose says:

    I haven’t had time to read all the comments on here, however out of pure frustration, I thought I’d write something I hope is controversial.
    Lee Clark has taken a group of players who performed well last season, added some good signings, IMO, lost a couple of loanees and Mutch, and is now showing us his true colours. Ask most Huddersfield fans; the guy is tactically inept, not a man manager at all, and there is a reason he was sacked as a League 1 manager last year. I was hoping to read news today that the Board had been brave and sacked him, but I was disappointed.
    If you play well and lose, fans will still pay money to watch you; if you’re shite and cannot play the manager’s system, look uninterested and not play for each other, like last year, fans will not bother. This is the fault of the manager, so get rid ASAP, because he was the wrong choice. Thanks, rant over!

  • Paulo says:

    I am not asking for LC and his staff to be sacked, I know that’s not the answer right now, it’s unrealistic financially. What I would hope for is that LC simply looks at how to lift the spirits of the team and and give them each a push in the right direction, and create a relaxed and positive atmosphere in the dressing rooms and at Wast Hills.
    From the outside, I have to admit the body language of the team doesn’t look positive, and there’s so much frustration on the pitch.
    …keeping the faith! (just)

    • Sirharry1875 says:

      I agree Paulo, there were a lot of frustrated players out there last night. If he hasn’t lost the dressing room yet then it’s only a matter of time. It’s worrying.

  • Sirharry1875 says:

    We have the best wide player in the division, with the most assists and a bag full of goals last season. We have a busy midfielder , Gomis who will never be world beater but does his job and will run, snap and chase his opponents all day. So please tell me the logic behind putting Burke in the middle and Gomis on the left!! I just don’t get it. You don’t tinker with Burke. As a proven success on the right you let him get on with his job and tinker elsewhere. Still gobsmacked nearly 24 hours later! With tactics like that it’s only going to end in tears. Get rid ASAP.

  • Tom says:

    Give the man a chance he hasn’t been at blues for long yet, see what the situtation is like at Xmas with CY and were we are in the league it’s to early to be booooin the players off the pitch they need a good crowd behind them, glad we have no more Capital cup games to play concentrate on the main priority getting promoted, you never know we might do well in the FA cup yet, KRO

  • Howard Kendall says:

    I read this site all the time and have never commented but just had to this time. Inspired by Qas, best post I’ve read.
    I have read the posts about Reading last season, that is a one off, you will not find many examples of teams losing their first six games and getting promotion. Look at teams who have spent wisely and the most and you will find more promoted teams (any division). We will not do a Reading, lightening striking twice and all that, and we are financially in the proverbial and can’t compete..
    Some have compared us to our start last season which wasn’t great, but if you were at Derby, Watford and even Southampton where we got tanked 4-1 we had chances to draw and win those games. That is a world of difference to this season. Even the 5-1 against Barnet was flattering, the first half we were lucky to go in ahead. As for the other games, if you were a Charlton fan you would have been disappoited. Wasn’t at Sheff Wed or Watford, watched Watford on the box, dreadful. Yes we had some bad games last season, Middlesborough!
    The problem at the moment is that it is difficult to talk about players when every one from 1 to 11 is playing below themselves. Is that the system, the training, LC’s instructions.? We’ve all played to different standards we’ve all had crap games, but usually 7 or 8 are playing well enough to get the off form lads through it, not with our team at present. Something is drastically wrong down there.
    Playing the youngsters, interesting interview with Will Packwood found on the newsnow site. He says how much more quicker and physical the first team games are, it is a massive step. There will be exceptions, Rooney (Wayne that is) and our own Trevor. But these are exceptions. I think Asante on the bench and hancox, but as for starting not sure.
    Of course we will be a better team with Murphy, Fahy and Carr in the side, but we should be playing better withe current players available. Look at last season, if you name your first eleven it wouldn’t include a Hughton signing. Can we really say then we would have got the same performances with McLeish with the same payers? NO. So why will it improve when the players are back and playing uner LC’s instructions?
    It brings me to LC. I am not and never have been one to call for the managers head and I am not going to do that now, mostly though, not because I think he’ll turn us around, but because as many say it’s just not practical. The most damming comments come from the Huddersfield fans and that to me is the biggest worry. If we had taken a manager they worshipped it could be sour grapes and it is not, if it were villa fans having a go, but it ain’t. For me that is the biggest reason for me to doubt LC can turn it aroud, I only hope to Trevor that I am wrong.
    Finally we have to stick with LC, he ain’t going so let’s see what he can do over the next couple of months. All the best Bluenoses.

  • bluenose08 says:

    If the manager cant get the players to raise their game then it is up to the fans to try and lift them
    booing them will not achieve anything. i agree with Qas and his observations.

  • bluesfreak says:

    Huddersfield Town fan makes alot of sense here

  • bluesfreak says:

    Huddersfield Town fan just hit the nail on the head and a very much a very interesting read, to say Ive lost all optimism is an understatement… it was always going to be a an imposible act to follow aka hughton where do we go from heree….????
    Wolves are ripping us to shreds in the transfer marget getting all kinds of top quality internations in and what I was originaly the one team I was itching to play, am dreading now

  • Tamuffblue says:

    To all those in lala land – WHO THE FECK WOULD WANT TO COME ???? and as far as the Tyke is concerned I bet he wasnt howling his opinions when they were unbeaten and Rhodes was scoring for fun ??? I am of the opinion Lee Clarke was the best of the bunch AVAILABLE !!!! and that situ is still the same so lets get real !!!!!!!!

    • Huddersfield Town fan says:

      Please let me correct you here. I got dog`s abuse from fellow supporters when after we lost (submitted) to Millwall in the play-off games after Clark`s season in charge. I said he should have gone then as I could not believe our showing in what were at the time, massive, massive games for us. He was exposed tactically and did not seem to be able to get the Players up for matches of this size (yes, I accept that the Players have a responsibility in this). I feared this was a sign of things to come. Don` get me started in relation to how we set-up for Peterborough in the play-off final last season.

      The unbeaten run did not make any difference to my opinion and let me quantify the `success` of this run. Firstly, boat loads of draws which yes means you are unbeaten but the quality of football was dire and the run became a millstone as it was clear our attitude was `we shall not lose`. Trust me, this is one way to ensure you never see any good attacking football.

      And more importantly, we had a Championship budget, Playing squad and wage structure, an unfair advantage over other Teams Playing in league 1 (with the exception of a few). So forgive me for thinking that we should have been winning against Teams like Rochdale, Exeter, Leyton Orient etc and not drawing with many of them, regularly!.

      That aside, it was a superb feat and fair play to Clark and the Players but it still never got us automatic promotion (or promotion via the play-offs).

      With the budget he had, we should have had a 100 point season in what is a very poor division (for the record our annual spend on wages when Clark departed was reported in reputable media as being bigger than that of Cardiiff City).

      My final point being, if you dropped Man City in to the Championship, would their fans expect to draw games against Peterborough, Bristol City etc, not get automatic promotion and instead get play-offs (then lose) at best every season? (unbeaten run or no unbeaten run), exactly!.

  • stigweed says:

    so the double edged sword.

    – give LC time for all the reasons given.

    – actually look at the guy in the technical area, and the players body language and go with your gut.

    – realise you dont get to choose either way.

    sorry triple edged sword.

  • JayDee says:

    Lee Clark deserves to be given a chance because to take a team 46 games unbeaten is a very good achievement at any level in the football league if you are playing teams at the same level, and those who mention all the draws and dire football seem to forget he also had Huddersfield in the top 3 scoring teams in league 1 for 3 seasons while he was there, evidence that his teams do score goals.

    The problem lies within the playing staff, Caldwell has been diabolical so far this season and that hasn’t helped Jack Butland’s development who at 19 needs the support of 2 experienced and solid centre backs in front of him, how is he supposed to be confident with the defence making sloppy errors and leaving him exposed. Will Packwood who although played out of position against Charlton looked like a decent centre-back and should be given a chance.

    Both central midfielders have been awful this season and don’t seem to be able to play a successful pass more than 10 times in a game. people have mentioned Gomis, Fahey and even Mutch but what about the player who basically kept Gomis out of the team for pretty much all of last season Guiranne N’Daw who is also available for loan having been offered to other Championship clubs in the past couple of weeks. N’Daw gives us some strength in the middle of the park and also holds a considerable aerial threat from set pieces.

    Why LC didn’t immediately resign Townsend on loan is a baffling mystery, a player who is left footed and showed some skill and trickery down the left where as much as I hate to say it Redmond can’t play, Redmond is better off playing behind a striker if Chris Burke (who should be dropped on performances this season) is going to continually hold the right wing spot.

    Also one player I waited to see all of last season was Akwasi Asante and with King looking like a poor man’s Cameron Jerome at the moment why not give him a chance as Ziggy cant play from the start. My line up against Peterborough would be:


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