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Can Blues Return To Winning Ways? – Peterborough Preview

Blues face Darren Ferguson’s Peterborough United knowing that a win is desperately needed before the club head into the international break. The Posh however have a worse record than Blues, having lost all three of their previous league games and will be looking to put their first points on the board.

Peterborough United

It’s been a rough start to the season for the Posh, who like Blues have one solitary win in their first five games, a 4-0 drubbing of Southend United in the Capital One Cup. Darren Ferguson’s men have lost their three league games so far this season, going down 2-0 away to Leicester before consecutive 2-1 defeats at home to Millwall and Leeds United.

Their squad has been further weakened with the departure of striker Paul Taylor to Ipswich, although George Boyd’s proposed move to the Tractor Boys fell through. They have strengthened with the signing of Kane Ferdinand (cousin of Rio and Anton) from Southend but as that deal went through after midday he isn’t eligible for this game.

Injury-wise the Posh will welcome back Tyrone Bennett to the squad but Daniel Kearns, Nathaniel Mendez-Laing, Tommy Rowe and David Hibbert all miss out. Lee Frecklington, Craig Alcock and captain Gabriel Zakuani are all recalled to the squad having missed out the midweek defeat to Reading in the League Cup.


Blues have a few injury concerns, with Stephen Carr definitely out and Curtis Davies subject to a late fitness test although left-back David Murphy is set to be recalled to the team. Paul Caddis was signed prior to the midday deadline and thus goes into the squad but he is short of match-fitness having not played this season having fallen out with Swindon boss Paolo di Canio prior to his move and thus it may be touch and go as if he starts.

With Adam Rooney also having moved on Blues are a little light up front although Lee Clark will be able to call on Nikola Zigic, his move to Mallorca having not materialised prior to the 11pm deadline. There could be changes in the middle after the defeat in the League Cup with Ravel Morrison looking for a recall and talk of Jonathan Spector in the middle.

As I’ve talked about before, this isn’t a must-win game, but the performance has to improve on what we have seen recently. Clark has been criticised in some quarters for his tweaks to his tactics and I hope he goes back to basics in this game and concentrates on getting the players to perform for him. That being said, I’m wary of being positive at all and I’ve done my bit for the cause by sticking a tenner on Peterborough knowing that my bets rarely come off. I can honestly say it’s not a bet I want to win.

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47 Responses to “Can Blues Return To Winning Ways? – Peterborough Preview”

  • Duncan says:

    Surely we can turn these over?!!

  • alanteel says:

    you placed a bet on Peterborugh to win?, lets see the slip I don’t believe you! lol

  • Ted says:

    Thank heavens the transfer window has now closed. Hopefully the squad will gel as they did (post-window) last season.

    I fear that Barry Fry’s Posh will come away with a plucky draw today, but I’m confident that better times are just around the corner.


  • markg says:

    well we didn’t turn these over last season although we battered them in both games

  • B9 4RL says:

    Dan – First time post but been a follower of the website for some time. Really rate your work and commitment to the cause so thank you and keep up the good work!

    In light of the Watford and Coventry games, I believe that a solid back four under Hughton last season (Murphy, Caldwell, Davies, Spector) are underperforming because of Lee Clark’s tactics rather than individual errors as referred to by him in recent remarks on BBC text. By tinkering with the midfield, in particular with the introduction of Darren Ambrose (Where has he been in the last two matches?), is this exposing what was a solid defence? What are everyone’s thoughts on Ambrose so far…? Supposedly bought in to provide goals but when he “disappears”, leaves a hole that is being exploited by the opposition.

  • big frank says:

    According to sky carr and murphy are both fit.

  • ChrisG says:

    LC said yesterday that Carr wouldn’t make todays game, mind you he also said that if a player went out of the club he would bring someone in like for like……..a striker went out ……a defender came in. I’m not sure who’s more confused, me or LC!!!!!.
    Can we assume that as we are now even lighter than air up front LC plans to use some of the younger lads this season?. KRO

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Can’t wait for this afternoons match. Anyone booing whatever the result can you please stay away from the club FOREVER

    Especially those who come on the net saying it’s OK to boo.


  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Also LC has played a blinder this transfer season, just think outside the box, yeah.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I am not too concerned about offloading Rooney, but the fact that QPR bought in a whole new team, I would have thought that this was an ideal opportunity to get DJ Campbell at a reasonable consideration. Also other championship sides were successful, eg Maynard and Boothroyd, so there were deals to be done. Hopefully, LC will have noticed the recent form of Asante and we will at least see him on the bench – it’s turnaround time!

  • Cornish Bluenose says:

    I listened to LC talking on Sky Sports about Jack Butland just before the transfer deadline, and I could hardly understand what he was trying to say. He came across as very poorly and I just wonder how well he is communicating to the players..? It’ not just the accent, he just does not seem very bright at all. CH was such a composed guy in front of the cameras and whenever interviewed. I have found LC an embaressment too often this season. I can imagine the team are finding it difficult adjusting to him after having such a great manager last season. We need someone who can represent the club in a better light, someone who can install confidence in the players and fans. The Sky Sports presenter could not get LC off air quickly enough last night as he was so poor. As for his other post match presentations, they are just as bad.
    I just hope he gets his act together ASAP and the players will then start responding and play as a team with a common aim.

    • DoctorD says:

      Yeah it always worries when you hear an iliterate manager blathering away. Like you say, if you can’t understand him, do you think the players do? I’m sure part of the reason England were terrible under Capello was that you just didn’t know what he was on about, or at least what he said was open to interpretation. Pannu should send LC on a communications skills course, seriously.

    • bluenosed says:

      I worked for a Manager once who mumbled and had “love and hate” tattooed on his hands. Needless to say there was no respect and he disappeared without a trace (he must have been cheap?).

  • nicky wicky says:

    I reckon the fans should get behind the team today and if they start underperforming then we should try and gee them up. get them to press the oppossition when they lose the ball instead of standing around like scared chickens! pass the ball to feet instead of all this hoof ball.

  • nicky wicky says:

    Last year raeding took Jason Roberts on loan and he fired them to promotion!

  • GoodyBlueShoes says:

    Blues to win 1 – 3 today

  • ForevertheOptimist says:

    Agree totally with Cornish Bluenose.
    As the voice and face of the club LC really needs some development in the communications area.
    If last nights interview was one of relief and happiness that Butland hadn’t been approached well God help us for the future.
    This guy repeatedly sounds like his Gonads are being put through a mince meat grinder and he has’nt had chance to wake up yet.
    FFS show a bit of positivity and influence those around you to aspire to be better and achieve their maximum potential.
    I’d rather listen to my missus telling me what the best selling knitting pattern is as he doesn’t seem to have grasped the mechanics of thinking and talking yet.
    Act like a leader…Our Leader ….guiding us onwards and upwards to a better season and finish than last year.
    Come on Lee make us Bluenoses proud to support you and the team

    • DoctorD says:

      As I mentioned above, LC needs to go on some communications training, pronto. Check this out from the official site .. and mark my word, this was presumably his ramblings tidied up for print. It is just cliches and fatuous statements of the obvious.

      “If we dissect it down we’ve just got to fine tune one or two things and obviously it’s plain for everyone to see we’ve got to cut out the errors, because unfortunately for us at this moment in time we seem to be getting punished for every little error we’re making. We cannot affect the past now we can only affect the future and I’ve not any belief or faith in the squad and the group of players and we’ll turn it round.”

  • alexjhurley says:

    Paul carter and a few others have it nailed on here – no booing, 110% support.

    I sense us moving towards a 4-2-3-1, with gomis and spector holding, then any 3 of Redmond, Burke, morison, Ambrose or Elliot supporting king or zigic. This’ll give us more solidity in midfield to protect the back four and more threat going forward across the width of the pitch.

    Of course, if I’m right a few hundred morons will start shouting 4-4-2. Dicks.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Thanks Al and you’re right the morons will be there skulking like vultures in the background.

      One guy on here has already said it’s OK to boo.

      3 games gone.

      How very Villa

      • Bluenosesol says:

        Nah Treas, your just not getting it! – All true Bluenoses will support the team throughout the game. Large numbers of supporters believe it is a human and natural reaction to voice displeasure after a very poor show. Its better than banging on about what a shyte board, team, manager and supporters like some prominent anti- Bluenoses on this forum – Enjoy the match today ( You will be there wont you?????)

    • bluenosed says:

      It works. Stick with a 4-4-2. LC does not have the brains or know how to be a tactical genius. He’s an English Manager and a poor one at that.

  • bluesfreak says:

    I too also listened to the interview and he did sound very unconvincing and did you noses get the feeling he was more disapointed that we didnt get any solid bids for Butland, when he was questioned by the SKY rep??

    On the loan market re-opening in 2 weeks…nearly all the decent players have gone to Championship clubs..Hammil of Wolves would of been a good addition on the left and DJ..Goodwillie…Sharp were all up for grabs and it just seemed we stood there and did nothing while , you looked at other clubs around the country and fans were there in their droves…what has ever happenned is beyond me

  • Blueboy88 says:

    If the policy is one in one out there will seemingly be little opportunity for any loans.

    Paralysis on the transfer front…so we are now totally reliant on LC’s motivational skills to drive us into the top six….

  • james says:

    People mocking LC’s accent? Seriously?

    The guy has played top level football and is the manager of our club and people are questioning his IQ – I didn’t realise I was in such learned company.

    Agree about the boo boys today – stay away.


  • ChrisG says:

    I get the feelin LC is more upset that his own pride has been hurt rather than the fact the players are under performing. In his interviews it seems as though he’s just expecting the players to go out & play without needing instruction. Instead of standing on the touchline flapping his arms like a chicken laying an ostrich egg, he should be barking out orders, also as someone said on an earlier post he’s got no touchline support from his backroom staff. I hear Terry Mac tells good jokes though, that should see us right to the top of the table!!!! KRO

    • DoctorD says:

      Yeah agree there mate. Anywas no-one is questioning his IQ just his communications skills. It is one thing playing at the top level, quite another having the wit to explain to others how to play. Also look at the managers LC has played under — Keegan, Peter Reid, Jean Tigana, Chris Coleman and then Graeme Souness. Apart from Tigana, they were all pretty crap and tactically inept. Hmmm…

  • Tom says:

    Any booing today and there will be a few people put in hospital come 5oclock, they need 110% support I’m going to sing my heart out I hope the rest join in let’s get behind the blues!!

    • bluenosed says:

      I’m sure, most of you will have left before the end.

    • Bluenosesol says:

      Tom for legal and forum reasons, can you please clarify. Are you saying that should today’s events meet a certain set of your prescribed criteria that you intend to inflict serious physical harm on your fellow bluenoses? Alajir please note Tom’s response.

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        ‘Alajir please note Tom’s response’

        What are you pal? Some kind of prefect trying to get folk banned whilst puishing your booing agenda,

        Well done Tom for getting behind the team. This board is infested with Villa filth.

  • bluesfreak says:

    Its his whole body launguage that concerns me…he has this pannicy ora about him and that rubs off on the players… Hughton was the complete opposite IMHO

    Agree on the boo boys staying away!!..lets get behind the lads today and get our season kickstarted again, at least we know where we stand bow!!


  • Paulo says:

    Come on guys, let’s not have a go at LC because he’s a geordie!!! It’s not his accent that has anything to do with it, it’smore like his confidence has been knocked and he doesn’t know how to stop panicking. His body language is probably rubbing off on the players and it’s not helping us. I’m not going all pro-LC, I’m just saying it doesn’t matter if he’s a geordie, scouser, manc, jock, mackem, cockney or from Norfolk …for gods sake, we’re brummies and you think our accent isn’t open to criticism???? There is no course for him, it’s just called confidence and experience.

    Paul Carter’s got it right – NO booing. It’s harmfull to ‘our’ future.

    And before I get ripped top shreds, we need to be creating a positive atmosphere at St Andrews, no matter how frustrating it is, but I do believe we will turn a corner …but because we have had a poor start, our chances of finishing high in the table are quite slim ..unless lady luck gives us a wave sometime ..especially when those slim chances are there for the taking.

  • Blue in Spain says:

    I think credit has to go to Pannu and the rest of the Blues management team, they said people would only go for silly money, and if you believed some of the posters on the Birmingham Mail, it was nailed on that we would sell anyone and his grandmother for peanuts. Well the window is closed and we still have Butland, Redmond, Davies, Zigic and Burke. I know a few people will be gutted, as they won’t be able to say ‘I told you so’!

    I would have liked a replacement for Rooney, but hey, the fact that we have a strong squad, is good enough for me.

    Now we need to kick start our season, with a win today, and get behind Lee Clark, as he is going nowhere.

  • AR says:

    Someone whose judgement I respect told me he had never felt so depressed than when he listened to our manager after the Watford game. As has been said earlier, it was not his strong Geordie accent but the bewilderment & lack of anything said that was intelligent. If he can’t communicate, it’s not surprising the players don’t know what they’re supposed to do. Apart from Myhill & Mutch, he has the same players as Hughton plus those he has brought in; if he can’t get them to play, he should ask himself the question – is it me? I don’t suppose he’ll get the right answer.

  • Tamuffblue says:

    bluenosed – bluenosol oe whatever sound like Vilers to me

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