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Tricky Trip to play the Tricky Trees: Forest Preview

The championship returns today with Blues heading up the M42 to play against Sean O’Driscoll’s unbeaten Nottingham Forest side. It’s promising to be a tough trip for Blues, who recorded their first league win against Peterborough United just before the international break.


Forest have started the season in the right manner, having won 2 and drawn the other 2 of their league games so far. They will be looking to maintain their 100% home league record against a side that came back to beat them 3-1 at the City Ground last season. O’Driscoll has made 11 signings this year, backed with money from new owners and with some real quality in the ranks this could be a tough game for Blues.

Ex-baggie striker Simon Cox is hopeful to play after damaging his foot on international duty with the Republic of Ireland whilst ex-Arsenal attacking midfielder Henri Lansbury will be hoping his ankle problem doesn’t keep him out of the side. Dexter Blackstock is another doubt whilst ex-Blues loanee Matt Derbyshire definitely won’t be playing as he has gone out on loan to Oldham in the last couple of days.


Blues have a mixed bag of news injury-wise; Curtis Davies and Nikola Zigic should be fit for this game and Keith Fahey is in contention for his first appearance of the season. However, Darren Ambrose is a doubt and Stephen Carr is definitely out for six months having had to have an operation on a troublesome knee injury. Loanee Leroy Lita is in the squad and will be pushing to make his first appearance since signing from Swansea.

I’m intrigued as to how Blues will line up in this game; I think Lita will have to be content with a place on the bench and I wonder if we’ll see Fahey thrown into midfield; I suspect we’ll see two from Spector/Gomis/Mullins in there with Redmond and Burke on the flanks. That being said I wouldn’t be massively surprised if Clark throws a curveball and plays a different setup to catch out Forest.

I’m not hopeful on this one; I think Blues are still gelling whilst Forest seem to have hit the ground running. I’ll take a draw at this moment in time and hope that Blues can come out of it without any silly mistakes and maybe with a bit more confidence in the side for the visit of Bolton to St Andrews on Tuesday.

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13 Responses to “Tricky Trip to play the Tricky Trees: Forest Preview”

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Unless the attitude amongst the players has improved greatly I can only see a defeat here.

    I’d like to see Lita start with Ziggy to give Marlon the kick up the arse I believe he needs at the minute.

  • Leigh says:

    Seem to have missed the Lita loan. However Paul I couldn’t agree more

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      They don’t call me The Voice Of Reason for nothing Leigh :)

      • Bluebird says:

        I don’t think that “they” call you anything do they – well not complimentary at least 8)
        Isn’t “The Voice of Reason” self proclaimed?

        However I agree with you about Marlon –
        The problem seems to be more psychological than anything else –
        He has replaced his ability to be continually ‘off side’ with the ability to fall over in search of a free kick everytime any of the opposition get near him –
        It’s what Roger Hunt – Liverpool & England 1966 – referred to in an article as “Passing The Buck” caused by a lack of confidence in their own ability –
        King has been selected for every game so far and has yet to score a goal in open play –
        If he isn’t scoring goals for us what is he doing?
        CJ had the same lack of confidence which seems to have now followed him to Stoke….

        • jay says:

          totally agree with the marlon comments, if hes not performing then we cant play him. To me it seems to be a lack of effort at the moment more than anything else with marlon. I cant agree with the CJ reference, i would say with him it was lack of ability. The main problem with blues this season is we have had too many players not turn up for matches. weve had marlon not play his part, ambrose has been passed by every time hes played, you hardly notice him in the game, curtis davis has been another one who just hasnt done enough. add this to silly goalkeeping mistakes and mullins trying his best to pass to the opposition every occasion and is it any wonder why we have had such a bad start?! saying all that, i think we will be ok, i dont see any of the players as being particularly bad and weve got some real talent, just need those on the pitch to stand up and be counted.

          • Bluebird says:

            The Season before he joined us jay, CJ playing for Cardiff City scored 19 goals at the same level with Koumas as his ‘feed’ –
            That’s why he cost Blues £4m –
            I don’t want to hi-jack this Thread but he has in the past proved his ability –
            It’s just that none of our Managers could get him to use it either!

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    I think we’d all be happy to scape a draw against Forest. They’re apparently a much better outfit than last year.

    Sorry, Voice of reason, I think We’d suffer without Marlon. Even when he’s not on song he can create space and opportunity nobody else can provide. Lovenkrantz hasn’t gelled and I’m happy we have Lita. A few years ago he looked like he had a big future and maybe he can turn things around with us. There’s no doubt that a fully fit Keith will give us the midfield stability we don’t have right now. It may be asking too much from him to do that for us today. Anyway, it’s always a pleasant trip to Forest and thule fans are a nice bunch generally.

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Please, no Mullins!

  • Art Watson says:

    At the risk of being shot down I think Blues are in for a thrashing today as I don’t have any confidence in LC or his back up team.

    I will gladly take the inevitable stick if I’m wrong and stand to lose £40 if I’m right as I’ve backed Blues to win.

  • Art Watson says:

    Having just seen the starting line up I think my bet has gone down the tubes and we in for a thrashing.

  • Alex T says:

    well, ye of little faith….

    Sounded like a good even game to me. A good point at the city ground, even if 2 points seem to have been thrown away.

    Would be good to hear how the team performed from someone who went?

  • Bluehobba says:

    At no point did Blues look like losing, we’d have took a draw before the game and that’s what we got. Mullins had his best game in a blues shirt. The defence was solid enough but we have to mark players throughout the game. “points lost but plenty of positives to be had, Well done Blues kro

  • Tamuffblue says:

    well back from Nottingham and well played Blues – encourouging but no matter what we do from the terraces and on the pitch the dark clouds are there and getting darker by the day – but still a decent day out

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