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Robinson signs

It’s been announced today that Blues have signed veteran left-back Paul Robinson on a one month deal expiring October 26. Robinson wasn’t previously expected to sign for Blues but a hamstring injury to David Murphy ruling him out for a month has necessitated Lee Clark bringing in experienced cover.

I have to confess it’s not a signing I’m that particularly impressed with. Whilst I understand the reasoning for signing Robinson, I thought that the former Bolton left-back looked shot last year and I wonder if he’s going to be fit enough to be able to do a good job for us. Whilst there has been some anger because of Robinson breaking Damien Johnson’s jaw a few years back I will say that that hasn’t overly concerned me; however his poor disciplinary record isn’t a bonus.

I also wonder where it leaves Ben Gordon and Mitch Hancox. Having taken a few weeks over the summer to sign the young Chelsea left-back on loan it now looks as if he’s been bombed out of the side. Having seen him play in his last game away to Coventry in the cup I can say hand on heart that he didn’t look good enough and if he’s not going to get a game you’d wonder what the sense in keeping him is. I can only imagine that he’s on relatively little wages and because of that it’s seen as not much of a hassle to have him around as cover.

I’d like to have seen Hancox given a chance but I don’t think away to the division leaders would have been the right choice. As I’ve seen opined elsewhere a really rough game first up can destroy a young player’s career (remember Tresor Luntala in the 6-0 defeat to Man City in the League Cup?) and it might be better for Mitch if he’s given a slightly easier game to come in to if we need him. That being said I wonder how any kid is expected to make it if they’re continually wrapped in cotton wool and told that the game might be too hard for them to come into.

Robinson’s contract will cover four games at present (Brighton and Cardiff away, Huddersfield at home, Millwall away) which when you look at is some run of games. My one hope for Robinson is that he is a very aggressive, full-blooded player and maybe that passion is something we’ve been lacking. One thing that I thought about the Barnsley game was how powder-puff we looked at times and it might be that the addition of a “hardman” might give the defence a bit of much needed steel.

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41 Responses to “Robinson signs”

  • dino tiltoni says:

    Robinson is certaiinly a hardman, the kind of player who makes you wince and wonder if Rugby would have been a better game for him. He makes up for hi shortcomings with naked agression and anger. I’m not happy about him being on loan with us and can’t belive there aren’t better options. It may be too much too young for Hancox but throwing Gordon into the mix at the Amex won’t hurt him, he’s a Chelsea loanee and has been around long enough to sink or swim.

    • Quite. A terrible signing.
      Leaving aside the fact that he is a violent thug who we should be shunning as a matter of principle, he is also rubbish. Slow and rubbish. We have other players who can play LB, what is the point of having them here if they aren’t going to play?

      Another nail in Lee Clark’s coffin?

      • grim says:

        Whilst I’m not impressed with the signing, it is funny that so many people are taking the “violent thug” angle, but we sing songs every week for a certain striker of ours who, amongst other convictions, has convictions for at least THREE violent crimes.

        I feel like if we aren’t shunning this certain top scoring striker, then we’ll be hard pushed to make a case to shun the likes of Paul Robinson.

        • Kaje says:

          That angle doesn’t wash with me. There are clear differences.

          What Marlon King did was wrong, and he has not only paid his time according to the law of this country, but he has also shown remorse and regret.

          Paul Robinson shattered the jaw of another player, and looking at the challenge (I was there with a clear view) it looked intended. He showed no remorse or regret following the incident, no apology, nothing.

          They are two different people with two different responses to the ‘crimes’ they have committed.

          • Grim says:

            I’m all for the “he’s served his time angle” and I agree, it’s just the “shunning” part I disagree on.

            Robinson dealt with the punishment he was given, (cards, etc.), plus, I’d say TWO sexual assaults is a bit worse than breaking another player’s jaw in the middle of a match in a contact sport.

  • JohnR says:

    I think it’s a case of needs must, we only had two fit defenders and at least he has been training with the team. I’m sure he’ll bring some spirit and determination to the side attributes that were sorely missing on Saturday. He is experienced and should do OK at this level, imo it’s not the time to throw the youngsters in. He has only signed for a month so my thoughts are let’s welcome him (forget the Damien Johnson incident) and hope he can do a job for us.

  • Taz says:

    I can see nothing good in this signing and my already sinking support for Clark has now sunk even lower. Robinson is nothing more than a piece of thuggish trash that should never be allowed anywhere near St Andrews never mind be part of the team.

    As for him beiing a “hardman” and bringing a bit of aggression to the side, those are not descriptions I would have used for this man. It is always easy to find excuses (not reasons) and justifications for unsavoury actions – that doesn’t mean those actions are right. Will we still try to excuse or justify this decision if this man uses the chance we give have given him to injure or maim his next victim? Will we all hold our heads high and proudly proclaim, “these things happen in football”?

    I have never wished harm or injury to any player and I am not going to start with this bit of sh*t but…………

  • Suthy A says:

    Robbo joined Bolton whilst we were under the dark tenure of Gary ‘Ginger Mourinho’ Megson, and from what us fans saw – it clearly proved Robinson was better off playing Sunday League football due to his ‘quality’ perfroamances on the pitch.

    Only if Robinson had joined the Brums before we played them at St Andrews last week, we could’ve actually exploited that region of the pitch as we know he is rather hopeless when being attacked.

    All in all – it was a blessing when Robbo left the Reebok. Now he’s Birmingham’s problem.

    Doesnt sound good does it, I got this from the ‘Voice of Bolton’ Website.

  • alexjhurley says:

    only read the headline on this one, but i’m delighted. we need a left back and we need commitment and we need a leader. He’s also played prem for a good few years so he can’t be massively short on quality. JOhnson incident is ancient history, stuff like that happens, it’s all part and parcel.

  • Daddybluenose says:

    A 33yr old with all the presence of a brick through your window… seriously LC might as well get his kit on and have a run out against Brighton. Give the youngsters a chance at least theyll give more energy than last weeks performance.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    The other issue here is match fitness.

    Both Fahey & Ambrose played Saturday after long lay offs , & both looked off the pace.
    Robinson will surely have the same problem.

    As for Ben Gordon …..It just asks more searching questions about LC’s judgement.

  • pierre says:

    anybody noticing how well Huddersfield are doing,check out the league table!

    • Blueboy 88 says:

      Add to that Norwich, Southampton, Brighton & Swansea ….

      All coming past us , playing pleasing passing football, with not a household prima donna name between them..

      It can be done with the right owners & management team.

  • Glynn says:

    I Personally think this is the perfect time to give the youngsters a run in the side. We are not playing well and certainly not with any enthusiasm. Playing the youngsters will add this and also they will WANT to prove a point. If it doesn’t work the manager has lost nothing but he will gain the respect of the fans for playing them (or not) and let’s be honest who is going to boo our own…..(well i know a few people who would)

  • Terry says:

    Yes play the youngsters who are good enough then blame the manager. We are resorting to signing the likes of Robinson because the way the club is being run. Until people get it and realise we will never progress until Yeung goes then carry on blaming the wrong people eh?

  • skareggae72 says:

    Not sure about the hardman tag,certainly not on the video evidence in which he snapped D.Johnsons(who also liked a tackle) jaw in 2 places,as Robinson actually pulled out & went through with his elbow…..a cowards challenge.

  • DoctorD says:

    So Al which left-back would you have signed on an emergency basis?

  • Ted says:

    The board is cr*p… the finances are cr*p… the management is cr*p… the players are cr*p.. the stadium is cr*p… the gates are cr*p… the atmosphere is cr*p and the league position is cr*p… So…

    Can anyone explain why I LOVE Birmingham City Football Club?


    • Kev jones says:

      Because there crap?

    • Bluenosejohn says:

      Because those people who support designer clubs very rarely get any satisfaction out of the game. Just listen to the ‘supporters’ of the Big Sky 4 moan every time something goes wrong however minor ( or the supporters of the 2 who know they are really part of the top 4 and why isn’t the Champions League for 6 Premier League clubs ). On the whole the people who have any passion about the game are outside the Premier League and even the Football League itself. Whatever failings Blues have we have always been a proper club.

  • AL-LAD says:

    Can’t keep blaming CY for the LC crap signings, Mullins and Ambrose i expected better from but have proven to be poor, Jury is still out on Lita, Gordan and Morrison, honestly what was the point if not going to give them chance to show what they can do, Caddis is the exception, Robinson to be fair doesn’t need to do a great deal, hold he’s position and use he’s experience, with Caldwell, Davis and Spector as a back four at least it looks solid on paper.

  • Mortonsblue says:

    If we were still in the Premiership we would still have the same batch of youth and younger players who we would be letting go on loan to Championship sides to gain valuable experience. Why can’t we loan some of our own youth and get them blooded in the up coming games, Packwood certainly didn’t look out of his depth when called upon. I’m not suggesting we give several an extended run together but managed wisely I am sure we could get by.

    Having let my anger subside since Saturday the fundamental problem is that we don’t press and close teams down when we don’t have the ball, allowing them the freedom of the park, a team of thirtysomethings is unlikely to have the energy, pace and desire to do this for 90 mins so that surely adds to my argument for Hancox, Packwood etc.

    Anyway can’t disagree with any of the above comments regarding Robinson.

  • macca salop blue says:

    Give him a chance, judge him after 4 games, not before.
    People were always quick to criticise and pre-judge the likes of Robbie Savage . Hate him when he’s playing against you, but love him when he’s on your side, let’s wait and see. At least he doesn’t lack passion something that was desparately missing on Saturday.

  • Asif ashiq says:

    It shows the way blues r headed. Down!! As a blues fan i would love ti see the youngsters given a chance. They have something to prove. Whereas journeymen only looking for final paydays. And why is it that we cant take youngsters from premier league teams who have released them???? How i would wish to see mellis and davies at blues rather than barnsley. N they didnt cost a penny.

  • ritchiebluerich says:

    well this signing seems to confirm that Lee Clark will be staying !!
    If you were going to get rid of him you would not let him sign anybody else would you

  • ritchiebluerich says:

    The silence is deafening again from the board. No reaction, No plans No hope

  • andy says:

    I dont know what to say anymore other than Birmingham City Football Club is in a complete mess, from top to bottom, its a mess.

  • oldburyblue says:

    Is that the sound of last dice being rolled I can hear? Just hope LC’s luck is in with this 1.

  • Kev jones says:

    Rabbit out the hat :)

  • Tom says:

    I still think Kevin Phillips would of been a better option than loaning Lita, the defence is doomed, just hope LC knows what he’s doing

  • Texas Pete says:

    The team that was so successful last season it still almost intact. It seems to have been broken up in situ. Two games with good performances and we were all excited for the Barnsley game. The players let us down and maybe the manager didn’t have the choices right. WIth so many changes week to week no wonder the players are not workIng as a team and lIable to fall apart as they dId. So wIth the defence as messed up addIng thIs new fullback Is ok BUT we must have a team that starts to look settled even If they lose. Balance the experIence wIth enthusIasm and above all the players have to decide if they want to languish in the lower pa.rt of the table or win the championship. This means they have to commit to LC which they haven’t done and by the sound of it neither have the fans. From the mood of LCD in his after game interview he. Is alone and Is lacking support in the dressing room.

  • quokkasskip says:

    Having watched Gordon for 2 games he won’t ever feature again for me this season. Far too lightweight and cannot defend. just not good enough.
    As for Hancox, not seen him but by all reports is he is committed, but if he was any good we surely would of given him more than a 6 month deal?
    Robinson at least will be a round peg in a round hole. He will also be committed and actual put a tackle in.
    Still doesnt solve the main problem that is centre midfield……. (oh and Lee Clark)

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    Paul Robinson is now a Blues player and should be backed. At least we know he is unlikely to go AWOL albeit a referee may find some reason for absenting him! Let’s back our own. KRO

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