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Turning Point

Here’s a question for you – have we reached a turning point as blues fans? I’ve seen a few comments that yesterday’s defeat to Bolton didn’t upset people in the way it normally would, and that they’re wondering if their raison d’être for being a Blues fan doesn’t exist any more. Now we’ve achieved some of the success we’ve always craved, what’s next?

I have to admit that yesterday’s defeat didn’t upset me. Indeed, I was proud of the way a patched up side played, and I was more fearful for the effect a replay would have on our season compared to a defeat. I think it must have been on AM’s mind too, as it appeared his Derbyshire substitution had a bit of a “all or bust” ring to it – ie let’s go for it and if we lose, so be it. The whole game had a bit of a relaxed attitude – more of a “play to win” than “play to not lose” and because of that we opened up, and at times played some really good attacking football.

Whilst it was my proudest moment as a Bluenose to be at Wembley to see Stephen Carr lift the League Cup, the feeling of “what now” passed for me fairly quickly. Yes, this season I’m not too worried about the FA Cup – but that doesn’t mean it will be the same every season. Indeed; we’ve achieved European football for the first time in my lifetime – I want us to keep achieving that. I didn’t take my daughter to Wembley – I want us to do that. In short, fandom doesn’t end because we’ve achieved once – it’s just the first step to achieving again and again.

In fact, I hope this season is the one that kickstarts fan’s love affair with Blues once more. From speaking to someone at the club last night, he admitted that inside the club they are scratching their heads as to why there aren’t more fans at games now. Admittedly finance has a big impact on this – Birmingham has been hit hard by the recession, and the last couple of months full of home games topped off with a trip to Wembley have sapped many people’s pockets – I know it’s done me in. However, we don’t have a home game now until April, and people have some time to maybe pick an extra game to go to. It’s also important for many that club continue installment plans to buy Season Tickets – it’s the only way I can afford it – and advertise this as much as possible. Give people reasons to buy tickets.

The fact is, it has to be a turning point for some Blues fans. Times are better for blues; we’ve got some of the best players we’ve had for a while, a team that has won something, a team that plays with the spirit, desire and never-say-die attitude we demand. It’s true that times are hard, but if everybody who wanted a Wembley ticket went to one extra game next season than they normally would, we’d pack out the ground most weeks. I hope that we can take the League Cup win as a turning point, and become a happy fanbase again – because a happy fanbase will only help to breed more success

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