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The Downward Spiral – Huddersfield Reflections

Here are my reflections on the game against Huddersfield Town at St Andrews.

1) The Downward Spiral

I really fear for Blues at the moment. It’s not a great club to support right now – the team look clueless, the manager is struggling with the job he’s got, the club is potless and the fans aren’t backing anyone. It really does feel that Blues as a club are in a flat spin towards oblivion and it’s going to take a miracle to pull us out of this descent. It wasn’t a great performance at all – I think it’s pretty damning we looked better at the end desperately hunting for an equaliser with 10 men than we did at the start with eleven – but it’s not just Lee Clark’s fault. Curtis Davies had made three defensive errors – one of them nearly leading to us conceding – in the first 180 seconds; the whole team struggled to find one another with the ball throughout the first half and there was no energy or drive; it was a listless performance.

What worries me though is that there is a poisonous atmosphere at the club; when you can hear the players yelling at each other because there is no crowd noise it’s a bad sign and even Block Eleven took seventy minutes to start singing. I’ve seen the opinion proffered that the players aren’t happy playing at home because the fans are constantly on their back and whilst I think that might be slightly hyperbolic I think there is a grain of truth in it. It took the ref making some bizarre decisions in the second half for any real noise to be generated and I think that in part has made St Andrews an easy play for away teams to come.

2) The Positives

However, there are a couple of positives. It’s never good for a player to make a debut in the manner that Mitch Hancox had to make his but I thought his short cameo showed that he’s got something to offer the team. He’s raw and by no means the finished article but he showed some assurance that belied his years; the cross from his first touch nearly resulted in a goal and he wasn’t too scared to try his luck with a shot or hitting a ball across the park. Likewise, Nathan Redmond in what was only his eighth league start showed some passion and commitment – it didn’t always come off and he was a bit powderpuff at times but he kept at it and his tenacity and perseverance almost worked as it was his cross that Elliott was so close to burying in the dying seconds. I felt for Nathan at the end; he seemed to take it hard and he was the only player I saw who applauded the Tilton. It’s important that he doesn’t let his head drop – he’s one of the few who can walk away knowing that they put a shift in.

3) Nikola Zigic

Oh Nikola Zigic indeed. The Tilton called for his introduction in the first half (just after shouting 4-4-2) and got their wish when the giant Serb came on for the second half. He did start off by winning a couple of headers but Huddersfield very quickly changed things to snuff out his threat and I’m afraid it went to Nikola’s head. I will admit I’ve seen the challenge that got him sent off once, at the time, and I was across the pitch from it. However, I think the ref got it right – as soon as the ref blew his whistle I remarked to my mate Jeff the Cloth who sits behind me that he was going to go. After a long time of not being involved he’s going to have another enforced spell on the sidelines. It’s not going to help us at all.

4) The Gaffer

The Huddersfield fans sang to Clark that he was getting sacked in the morning and I think it’s fair to say that there is a sizeable proportion of Blues fans who would be happy with that. I’m not sure that this defeat can be totally pegged on his shoulders – after all, the players have got to share a portion of the blame for me – but the fact remains his managerial career with Blues has been unconvincing at best. The problem is that the parlous state of finances coupled with the potential for a new owner who may want their own guy makes the Blues job fairly unpalatable. What worries me is if Clark is given the tin tack or he falls on his sword, who the hell will take the job – I’m not convinced it would be anyone who would be a massive amount better. It’s worrying times at St Andrews and I fear it may get worse before it gets better.

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114 Responses to “The Downward Spiral – Huddersfield Reflections”

  • Cliff says:

    Great post..
    Sadly LC looks totally at a loss on what to do. His tactics are poor and the players do not seem motivated by him. A sad drawn out process will now start until he gets sacked.
    We are only going one way with Clark and that’s down

    • Exactly right. He is taking us down and there is no point pretending otherwise.

      Delaying dismissing him is putting the long-term future of the club at risk. Clark ISN’T going to turn it around and there is not one shred of evidence that he will.

      Just thought I’d use this opportunity to flag up my post on the matter if any of you missed it (and many thanks again to Almajir for linking it on one of his pieces), that I wrote after the Barnsley game. As far as I can see nothing I said then needs altering:


      A couple of other things. Whilst I’m glad that so many people have now accepted the obvious, I do wonder why people like me were told a couple of weeks ago we were being far too premature in calling for Clark’s dismissal when now it appears to be the accepted wisdom. What has happened to all the arguments I was hearing about it being financially impossible? Has his contract situation changed…….? (I can understand why people want to give a manager time, it’s a noble sentiment, incidentally.)

      Also in terms of a replacement, I think we could go for Stuart McCall at Motherwell, who is doing a pretty good job and getting his team passing the ball, or if Hughton gets sacked I’d bring him back in a heartbeat.

      I think some people on here are being unduly pessimistic about our prospects of appointing someone decent. We could go abroad, or take a chance on someone lower down the pyramid who wants to play a progressive, attacking brand of football. There will be plenty of managers who would kill to manage a club like ours. These players have a top six finish in them (and there is still plenty of time to do that if the club act now). We don’t have to accept incompetent blusterers.

      • almajir says:

        I think you’re being unduly optimistic. I think if Clark went (and I have heard nothing to say that will happen any time soon unless he walks) then we’ll be lumbered with either a caretaker or some short term manager until any takeover is completed. However, the chief problems within the football club will remain – ie that they’re skint, they can’t afford to bring anyone in and they’ve got a ruckload of injuries meaning we’re really struggling in some areas of the pitch. I’m concerned Davies could be out for a while leaving us with one fit centre back to go with our one fit full back (Robinson, Spector isn’t a specialist full back) and no money to replace them.

        I’m not in the “Clark Out” camp – I don’t think he’s done as badly as some have said and I think that people will be deeply upset if he was canned with who would be brought in – it wouldn’t be anyone good.

        We’re in for a bumpy ride at the moment and there isn’t much we can do but grin and bear it.

        • David says:

          I disagree as the team is more or less the same as last year. but is not performing. That has to be down to Clark. A new manager may get the players playing as they did last season but if Clark stays the only direction we are going is down.

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            It is difficult to say that this is the same team as last year. New goalkeeper – young and inexperienced but with good potential, new full-backs and differing centre-back partnerships, a new centre midfield pairing until recently and now with one player returning from a long lay-off and the other who has been filling differing positions, and of course new strikers – Lita and sometimes Lovenkrands. How can we hope to secure stability and consistency?? Some of it is down to the manager but a large part is down to the players themselves.

            The status quo remains with regards to the club’s finances and we cannot afford to remove LC and his team. Nobody can honestly say “we will definitely go down/up” – how can they?? We talk about it being “there to see”; what I see is a manager who is deeply frustrated to try and get things right but is struggling. What I see is Blues being 6 points off a play-off berth. I did not have LC as my first choice – I had hoped for Curbishley, but LC is now our manager and must be given time to change things around. Talk of getting ‘this’ or ‘that’ manager is really not the way things are going to progress. Where oh where were these managers only some months back before LC secured the role?? How can we honestly say they would accept the position, we could afford them or even that they would do better?? The old chestnut of “anyone would do better” is a bit of a misnomer.

            It would now seem that the whole saga of CY/ BIHL is in its endgame, and the only true chance we stand of seeing positive change is with new and proper ownership. Let us not lose track of the long-term aims and objectives of trying to move forward in a sustainable way.

            What we need to do is try and secure the best possible return we can on the upcoming games and hope that there still is a possibility that we can salvage something from the season. I still believe that it is all to play for. Whether we can achieve anything is what is haunting us.

            What we need is fortitude – we have shown plenty, plenty in the past.

          • chris says:

            Atahualpa spot on, the team isn’t the same as last year especially due to injuries in defence.
            the players for me seem to be the problem, the manager doesn’t ask them to go out and not close down or tackle the opposition.
            LC doesn’t tell them to start slowly or not to concentrate or not make a ten yard pass.
            The fans need to have a go at the players as much as LC.
            It says something though not sure what (because it could mean he’s lost their goodwill or are they as inept as the rest of the squad) when his new signings don’t perform (Mullins, Ambrose & Lita etc).

  • Mickey07 says:

    “What worries me is if Clark is giving the tin tack or he falls on his sword, who the hell will take the job”??

    Mayor you have been sayin for ages they won’t sack him cos of the money situation,so what’s changed for you now to think they might give him the tin tac??anyway when the new owners land hes a goner,who in there right mind would give clark and his out of touch old school back room staff a big wad of cash…

  • Chris says:

    I still can’t understand how Mullins and Ambrose are preferred to Morrison and Gomis.

    • Lucy says:

      Totally agree, Mullins and Ambrose have done nothing to even deserve a spot on the bench! Clarke out, he’s way out of his depth and I don’t think he has the ability to pull it back, sack him before its too late!

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    The current owners have no money; do any of the fans who want the manager out seriously expect them to fork out when new owners can have that as a problem at their expense.

  • Gary B says:

    We need an experianced manager to sort this mess out, Mick Mcarthy!!!!

    • chris says:

      Maybe, McCarthy was one of my top choices, but can’t see current owners paying compo if they think they can sell the club on in the near future.
      The only trap for them is if they don’t sort the team / manager performances then the club will be worth less, especially if we go down.
      Maybe Carson should take the money now or he may be left with even more debt, overpaid league one players and offers nearer £10 mill.
      Have this board learn’t anything, do they have a relegation clause in current contracts?

  • Rathater says:

    Dodgy statement blaming our own fans for our demise! We the supporters haven’t made our team spineless, it’s our manager who has openly said (Watford) that he’s clueless.

    When times are bad that’s when the true Birmingham fans comes out, so until we get new owners were going to have to suffer some more!

  • Blue Steve says:

    Maybe this woeful form will accelerate the departure of our current owners but I doubt it. Hopefully we can pick the odd point between now and when the new owners take charge so that we are not relegated and then can start afresh next season with new owners and a new manager. LC is horribly out of his depth and when he is interviewed I just am not buying what he is selling. This is probably how the players feel. Even when results didn’t go our way under CH, I believed in how it was handled and could see a clear well communicated message which gave people hope. LC’s communication skills are poor and that is being kind, Desperate times with a desperate manager. KRO

  • Bluenosejohn says:

    One of the Huddersfield fans posted this comment on the local paper website last night in response to a review about the forthcoming game

    ‘At least we know their manager will probably settle for a draw, drop his best striker, be clueless with tactics and blame his players if they lose.’

    Read More http://www.examiner.co.uk/huddersfield-town-fc/huddersfield-town-news/2012/10/05/86081-31969163/?#ixzz28Xz2Apoj

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Give Steve Carr the job now , we are in desperate need of a real leader of men atm.

    One Seagull sadly does not make a summer Mr Clark………………!!!!

    • almajir says:

      a) he’s not got his coaching badges

      b) I’ve said this before… it’s my understanding he’s not interested in coaching. I asked the question again last week and had the same answer reaffirmed

      • Blueboy88 says:

        LC has his coaching badges , but you wouldn’t know it… 4-5-1 at home against a struggling team…?
        Its not a coach we require…its a leader…

        • almajir says:

          Christ almighty, people complain Clark is out of his depth… and you want someone who’s never coached before let alone managed, who has shown no interest in coaching and is probably on crutches to take on the job.

          You’ll have to understand why I’m slightly sceptical that it would work.

          • Blueboy88 says:

            He is out of his depth , we cant afford a replacement , so what are the options ?

            Carr is a Leader of Men , & currently employed by BCFC , so he would be an option.

            Don’t quite understand what the crutches have got to do with anything off the field ?

          • almajir says:

            Blueboy, do you not think a football coach needs to be able to walk and run around a training pitch?

            Look, don’t get me wrong – I can see why you’re saying Stevie Carr could help but it just wouldn’t work. If you were going to go down that route Richard Beale (reserve team manager) would be a much better option… but it’s not one I would entertain personally.

          • skareggae72 says:

            I think we are clutching at straws to be honest,which is understandable,as 3rd tier football looms(potentially)on the horizon,and that potential will be realized if this slide is not halted.
            Losing becomes a habit & a divide between Clark and some(maybe most)players seems to be increasing.

          • prewarblue says:

            At least Christ Almighty had some idea how to manage a team,,,,,with his disiples,,, omly one let the team down !
            And he performed miracles,,,,,feeding the crowd with loaves and fishes,,,,,,,LC cant even get a team to feed each other a pass properly

  • Dan B says:

    Granted we don’t have the finances in place to sack our current manager but Tom Ross made a fair point during his phone in tonight, the clubs only incoming money is ticket and merchandise sales. Given that its took a massive promotion and changing on club stance to get a few extra thousand people to the ground today how long do we expect people to keep forking out to watch the Blues when the performances simply aren’t there, We all know the issues arounds fans regarding finance and the recession ect ect so surely we remove Clark now in the hope that someone can at least bring back the passion and pride that typically acompanies a player wearing a Blues shirt because win, loose or draw I’ll always back the Blues as long as they’re looking to play the game fairly and in the right way – KRO

  • TrueBlueForever says:

    I am gobsmacked how poor the players have become this season. The manager must take the blame, it is his job to do so, that is his role. End.

  • bham terrier says:

    One thing you are forgetting. Not one mention on how well the opposition played. JV ran the defence ragged and Curtis Davies was in the prem not long ago ?( LC didnt sign him) Dont make me laugh. Our midfield was on top all game, and the two threats, Redmond and Burke were snuffed out. Sometimes you just get beat by a better side, like Leicester did to us Tuesday. Hands up, they spanked us, so when your keeper is MOM it says it all. By the way, he was excellent a star in the future no doubt. But the most glaring change for me was the crowd. I used to hate it their, crowd made a racket, got right behind the team, players fired up, and it was a real cauldron ( tasty outside too!). Today was easy, it was flat, no passion and Blues just did not believe in themselves. LC also didnt sign Zigic, an absolutely disgraceful tackle .60k a week for that ? he should be ashamed to pick it up. Oh and you played better when he was off. But unfortunately we have seen all this before, I dont care if its the 4th choice left back/right back/centre half etc they can show PASSION, which LC gradually erodes and will bomb out certain players. Hes a sound bite merchant, and .is well out of his depth. Hes been found out im afraid and as ive said before god knows why PP didnt ask Dean Hoyle the truth behind LC. I think Billy davies could save blues. Organised, passionate, can do it without a budget, and wont take any shit. Im sure itll turn for BCFC, but with LC in charge ? Im afarid not……………….

    • Alex T says:

      Terrier, of course you are right…. we were beaten by the better team.

      Problem is, Charlton were the better team, Barnsley were the better team… even Bolton, who we beat were the better team!! I went to see us play a full strength team at lowly bottom of the barrel Coventry after they had just lost their manager… and even THEY were the better team!!!

      This manager is the worst I have ever seen at Blues, bar none!!! Even when when we were relegated to the old Division 3 the first time around, as a club we were in a much worse state, so it wasn’t all the managers fault. Now….. well, the club has its issues, but at least we had a decent team!!?! LC has decimated it in a qtr of a season.

    • big frank says:

      absolutely disgraceful tackle? rubbish, it was definetley a booking but no way a sending off, if it was that bad how comes he got straight back up and took the free kick.

  • Downpour says:

    Nice of Terry Mac to do exactly the same again after another pathetic display, NOTHING. Why doesn’t he stand up and be counted. Show some guts, he is Birmingham City’s number Two. I don’t know how much he is being paid, but talk about a meal ticket.

  • Paulo says:

    It did feel at times like a game of two goalies, but really, fair play to Huddersfield. They came here to win and their fans were big in numbers and loud. They played us and at times we were so lucky not to conceed any more that it was scary. In the first half alone they belted the ball to our goal, that it was just nerve wracking ..and what a save their keeper made in the second half.
    Like it or not, they were better, just like Barnsley were.
    Now, look at us ..sh*t. In fact, the frustration is building up so much in the players that want results, that now the red cards are coming out. We are having TOO MANY injuries, that it begs the question ..what the hell is going on in training??? How in god’s name have we been able to lose players this fast and all at once? ….and playing one striker up front at home??? come on, this is all going to go in one certain direction and that is to join Coventry and Doncaster below us.
    This is not getting interesting anymore, its getting very worrying, and the atmosphere at the ground is getting ugly, and it’s not good for us.

  • David says:

    WellI’m not wasting my money anymore. I’m not going down to my beloved Blues anymore until Clark has gone. He is clueless and will only succeed in taking us down . I can’t believe he hasn’t walked out tonight after such a rubbish performance. I’m so annoyed that we have come to this.

  • The Hurc says:

    The first half today cost me 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. 4-5-1 at home with Fahay sitting in front of the defence ready to pass the ball backwards at every opportunity and hoof ball football expecting Lita to head the ball, control it and pass it to The Invisible Man to score. If this is LCs view of how to win a football game at home then I must be missing something.

    On a positive note at least he changed it at half time, horay! Hoof ball worked better but once Zigster saw red (a bit harsh in my opinion as there was little intent) then it was back to the pass and hope as players seemed to play in whatever position they thought best, unless of course this was a new LC tactic.

    Bad news in that I have a season ticket to what this dire tactical football through the sub-zero winter. What joy!

    Please get it sorted BCFC. Somehow.

  • Coldfield says:

    I don’t agree with the views on the manager.

    Negative – the team set up was wrong at the start of game
    Neutral – the players could not pass the ball to each other – that’s not the manager’s fault
    Positive – at half time he bought on Zigic, went 4-4-2 (as kindly suggested by the crowd) and we looked the better team for 20minutes
    Neutral – Zigic gets himself sent off and then Davis follows with an injury and we’re really up against it – that’s not the manager’s fault

    The bottom line is – we’ve got the same squad as last season (give or take), a new manager and have been beset with injuries. Also we’re not an attractive club for any new manager right now for the reason you state. Finally, Blues are not a hire and fire club – leave that kind of behaviour to the villa (lower case deliberate).

    Let’s see how we stand at Christmas, both in the league and as a business. We’re not going to get promotion and I’m certain we’re not going to go down. So let’s make it to the end of the season with a bit of dignity, hopefully with a new owner and decide how to move forward in the summer.

  • Tana says:

    Team selection wrong from the off..right back problem WHY? Spector did a good job last season and complemented Burke..Ratter Gomis takes his place in midfield..how on earth can you prefer Lita to King..King a better striker and runs his socks off..Lita hardly wanders five yards..and Zigik sent off because of his frustration at not getting games..the omission of Ravel Morrison just beggars belief ..Caldwell completes probly one pass in five..positional sense heading ability poor..AND HE’S OUR CAPTAIN..The manager get off your high horse stop blaming players and everyone else..we now have some idea why you got dismissed at Huddersfield..Lee keep your mouth shut and get things soughted……..

  • Frank's left foot says:

    As a Blues fan all I want is to see a little bit of passion. I don’t ask for much. I had the best day ofmy life supporting my club against Arsenal in League Cup Final (always be League Cup ,shows my age).McLeish gave us hope but understandably left albeitly to the wrong club. Houghton made us believe again and against all probability punched above expectancy. We’ve now been given a manager few of us would have chosen. Unfortunately,wh at we have is what we’ve got.I’d like to think the players are professional enough to put a performance in to satisfy a support which are finding it difficult enough in present economic climate to justify to familythat its money well spent.Come on lads even if you’re not believing in the manager give us a little hope…

    • Trevor Hockey's side burns says:

      Well said .!!!

    • chris says:

      “few of us chose”
      sorry most polls at the time had him about 2nd or 3rd in the running after Curbs.
      Many wanted LC before McCarthy even though Mac knows about this league and how to get out it.
      Not saying he’s god, but they at least would be putting the effort in under him.

  • boy from oz says:

    CH may be available soon.

  • steve stretton says:

    mullins ambrose lovenkrands morrison gordon all players this management have brought in not making the starting line up i think this is a big problem fahey not yet match fit being asked to play three games in a week robinson not played for six months the same i think we have big problems at blues.

  • Ad says:

    I totally understand LC’s BCFC managerial career hasn’t got off to the best of starts, but that’s remember he has also bought in an experienced or should I state nearly retired coaching staff whom should be helping him with his role. Since the start of the season every week we have a new injury, what’s going on at wast hills; players look disinterested, un fit, 2 yards behind pace , disorganised and not motivated.

    LC has done the same as mcgleish and signed names (probably the last pay day) not players who want to play for the club.

    We have team members whom are premiership money whom are not fit to wear the shirt, I think we need to start mixing it up with youth and experience and make players fight for places as no passion or desire is being shown on the pitch.

    I really hope CH becomes available tomorrow as I would welcome him back with open arms.

    Come on pannu have a word with LC and CY and tell them both what’s required to move this club forward and bring a smile back to the better half of birmingham!!!

  • andy says:

    I said on here the other week, Birmingham City is a mess from top to bottom, a complete mess.

  • tc says:

    I couldn’t believe after going to cardiff i was reading on boards that clarke thought we played well.The 2nd half there was like the first half today.We played 5 in midfield today but the thing i noticed was how many forward passes came from the defence.The 5 in the middle were awful and how can you hoof balls up knowing lita won’t win much in the air against much taller defenders.Playing 1 up front at home just permeates negativity to fans.I’ve only missed watford away and i can honestly say that the only game i’ve seen that we actually didn’t deserve to lose was forest away.

  • john says:

    look at he positives – LC and his staff have the potential to be the worst management team we’ve had in the past 50 years in my case. we can but get better, can’t we!

  • DoctorD says:

    What worried me was after our very first match when LC said he had listened to the dressing room and changed things at half time. That is what you do, very occasionally, if you are a very experienced manager with years under your belt as a very much a one-off. Not on your first match.

    I really do think you should give a new gaffer time to bed things in, but it’s just not working out. Ten matches played, five defeats.

  • Lou says:

    The blame has to lie at Clarkes and his teams door. The team is essentially the same as last year, a team that got us to 4th in the league, players don’t suddenly become awfull overnight. I don’t think the fact that some of our key players that were brilliant last year, Chris Burke, Curtis Davies and Marlon King have been crap so far has helped Lee Clarke and we have been plagued with injuries already, which hasn’t helped either. But LC is still totally clueless, the papers have said recently that the players don’t like him because he sends them out on a Saturday afternoon with no tactics or instructions and I have to say that is exactly what we look liked today, we couldn’t string simple passes together. He has to go but Steven Carr is not the answer no matter how much we love him!

  • Aussiebrum says:

    I’m not so critical of LC.

    He doesn’t really have a Chairman, a Board or the mechanics necessary at this level and we are demanding fans.

    And he doesn’t have the money to assemble the squad he really needs so I just feel it’s harsh to be too critical of him alone.

  • bluenosedownunder says:

    I have read through all of these comments, and having been a blues supporter since i can remember i fear for our club. The issue as i see it lies at the top; poor management & financial uncertainty run through the club from top to bottom as Almajir rightly said like a poison. Yes we have almost the same squad as last year, and yes the players arent performing as they did then but this is not necessarily their fault. Poor leadership leads to poor performances, losses, and the subsequent impact at the turnstiles, and so it is spiralling out of control. How can it be stopped? The club needs to make a decision asap and make changes, what they are who cares but they cant do any worse than the current set up but they must make a change. I would stand LC down or move him aside and bring in someone else from the playing/coaching staff to ‘assist’ the club. Most importantly this person/persons needs to have the players backs and vice versa, i see this as the key missing ingredient at the moment. If s.Carr is not the man, not qualified, interested whatever, someone will step up. This is a big club with a great history and huge potential, someone will want to take up the reigns… If changes arent made i fear the downward spiral will continue …. KRO

  • crotcher88 says:

    why does everyone love chris hughton we took him of the dole and at first chance he was of. bcfc is no steppin stone to a club like norwich he got us out the mess and then put us right back in it why should the players show loyalty when the manager they worked for so well for just left at the first chance. we was in trouble the day he left theres no loyalty anymore help those who help you them days have gone. i think our great club deserved better

    • chris says:

      part of me agrees nothing but a leech, but then maybe he knew this year would be impossible with more cutbacks and he’d had a year to suss out how the club ticks, or doesn’t and thought he was better of out of a sinking rudderless ship.
      only those involved really know.

  • Art Watson says:


    My concerns about Clark have been well documented on your blog ever since he and his ageing coaching staff were appointed.However it was with great sadness to read your excellent review of the current malaise of the club and its future as I think you are right.

    I think Clarks departure will be enevitable(sooner rather than later) but how do we move forward?

    Maybe we have to take on a out of work manager on a monthly contract to stop the rot until new owners are found.

    Clarks position is clearly untenable -he’s lost the fans support and its obvious the players are struggling with his managerial style and as for his coaching staff my thoughts are in unprintable.

    • chris says:

      why does our board think a guy (Fazackerley) who left the Terriers to join Erickson at Leics and failed miserably along with Erickson’s failed coaching, tactics and tens of millions lost in poor signings was ever going to be any different at Blues.

  • therealdeal says:

    Put Clarke and his OAP back room staff on gardening leave…then recruit Billy Davies…

    • chris says:

      Davies or McCarthy should have been before LC as they both know this division, have managed prem players and both have been promoted to the prem and were out of work at the time of appointing a manager who has never got a team promoted or managed in the champs never mind the prem.

  • Mark Y says:

    There is now clearly a difference in the level of home performances compared to away where have played hald decent in the last 3. At home we have been abysmal in most matches. The smaller crowds and apathy have an influence on this and which is now going to be even worse because of the inevitable negativity towards LC. On the pitch we clearly need a replacement for Beasejour/Townsend on the left and find a role for Redmond elsewhere. Roll on November and the court case

    • chris says:

      Can’t believe we sign Morrison and never play him yet didn’t go for Townsend instead (different positions i know), but we know he could perform and we needed and still do a left winger.

  • Art Watson says:

    You make an interesting point and one which was mentioned yesterday by the radio guest commentator.He believes its all about players not have the confidence to perform in front of their own supporters.

    Sadly only the manager and coaching staff can put this right through motivation and here lies the issue.

    Good managers are motivators who gain respect from the players.I don’t think the players respect Clark or have faith in his coaching team.

  • evesham blue says:

    I will be the first to admit that I thought at the time LC was the best option available. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt when we started poorly but he lost me after the Barnsley result.His team lacks any sort of passion, motivation, organisation,tactics, drive and teamworking. We have had injuries but that is no excuse for the lack of leadership. Team selection is baffling to say the least on a week by week basis.

    We are lacking leadership – from the top. PP must make the hard calls and sack LC. You cant continue as a business when you lose the fans which LC has and the punters vote with their feet. This is an untenable position and needs addressing now as we are already spiralling downwards unless this is arrested quickly.

    LC is not the man to do this. He is out of his depth at this level. I dont think he will fall on his sword either. Why would he? Sell up now PP or lead the club and make the hard decisions that your appointment has not worked out and needs changing to address our slide to league one. The manager has lost the players and the fans

    If they cant afford to sack him then they must sell up now as they cant provide leadership with the direction we are going in.

  • Bluehobba says:

    Why do we start so slow? Why is there no energy in the side until the 75th minute? What makes Caldwell think he can knock 50 yard passes to Burke or in the hole? We are definitely missing a Barry Ferguson type that just stays in the centre circle and passes to feet all day long. I do feel that the midfield have to do more as balls up to Lita are not sticking and Huddersfield were dealing with them comfortably and running at will at us. We have to keep the ball longer. What price for a ball player in the side?

    • evesham blue says:

      We have Fahey and we have Morrison. I think Morrison is being frozen out and Fahey is not match fit yet. Goodness knows why Spector is playing in the middle. I never knew why CH did this either. Midfield has been our problem for some time. A midfielder needs to come and collect the ball from the defence. The defenders are hoofing is as there is nothing on or any off the ball movement probably. Motivation and leadership is not there on the pitch.

      Think it is strange Caldwell is captain as well tbh as I think he is becoming a weak link. The captain is the player that should be implemnting LC’s tactics on the pitch. This clearly is not happening.

  • TrueBlueForever says:

    We will get relegated this season if the inevitable sacking does not take place soon. I believe it should happen this week and no later. As for replacements, lets see who applies.

    This division has history of relegating teams after a play off failure. So please Birmingham City do something positive for once, admit the appointment hasn’t worked, act quickly and relieve the clearly struggling Manager and his backroom team from their positions. We need someone who has experience of this division or premier pedigree.

  • andy says:

    Rumours about Clark after the game kept circulating and one rumour in particular, astounded me concerning an incident at the training ground prior to the Barnsley debacle. Im not going to put rumours up on here because i for one dont believe this latest one and its not fair on Lee Clark. But for me all i can see is poison being put about by various sources and supporters and it shows the majority of supporters want Clark out. Putting the rumours aside and looking at the team, its a shambles and for me the sooner we can get the ownership sorted and strip the squad bare and build a complete new one, the better.

  • Paulo says:

    If PP and both his boards want rid of LC then I’m sure they will find the money to do it. If they don’t want to sack him, then they wont bother dipping into the kitty.
    What bothers me ..is the connection between our embarassing ability to lose, captained by a man who last year was on fire and now unrecognisable, led by a man who just doesn’t know what to do anymore and lacks all confidence, and our board. It seems nothing is going to change until BIHL get an ‘eye popping’ offer.
    If we continue like this and get relegated, then this will be the season that really show how much the fans care about our club.
    I for one, hope PP can see sense and just make the toughest financial decision he has to make ..right now.

  • evesham blue says:

    PP has too much on. How do you run a football club and sort out the mess in another company if you dont have able deputies? LC is a comparitively young man starting out on his managerial career who doesnt appear to have surrounded himself wisely with his support staff.A more experienced manager would struggle with the off field stuff as well.

    We have reached an impasse. The current owners have not yet realised that bids like Paladini offer are the best you will get. Otherwise, the vultures will circle waiting for CY situation to become untenable. CY is clinging on like a dying man and Blues are going to the dogs because PP got his last appointment wrong.

    What worries me is PP has too much on his plate and is in HK too much too sort out the mess that is the Blues when he is also sorting out the mess in HK as well. The best we can hope for is that we stay above the drop zone with these guys in charge. It’s like a rudderless ship going down. I keep hearing that we cant sack LC as we cant afford it.

    Well why did we appoint an inexperienced man in the first place if we didnt have any contingency plans?

  • TonyB says:

    You are all barking up the wrong tree! What actually happened is that a couple of weeks back LC and the senior players woke up in the morning to find a horse’s head in their beds with a note explaining that if they played badly enough to get the buy price for Blues down to £12 million Paladini see would see them alright!

    Be sceptical if you like but this is as believable as any other theory as to why experienced professionals have so lost the plot!

  • nicky wicky says:

    I went to yesterdays game and i have to say that although the performance in general was not great it was another goalkeeping error by Bitland that led to the Huddersfield goal. Beckford should never have been able to have scored at the near post, Butland should have had that covered,and maybe it is time to give jack a rest and some extra sessions with the goalkeeping coch working on his weaknesses. Doyle has experience of the championship,and has an 80% success rate at saving penalties. last year he saved 3, two from juan mata and one in the the game against reading. The team needs to have confidence in the goalie,and if they think that he is going to make a mistake and give away a goal it makes them nervous! Butland obviously has talent,and is getting better,but Blues can’t afford to wait they need to get points on the board. nearly every game Butland seems to make a mistake but away from home blues are scoring more goals, and are feeling under less pressure to perform. I like Butland,but wonder if he is putting extra pressure on the team to scorebecause they are expecting him to make a mistake that leads to a goal?

    • almajir says:

      Sorry Nicky, but I reckon you’re dead wrong.

      • nicky wicky says:

        You think he should have been beaten at his near post? I thought he should have closed him down ,and dived to his left,but he dived to his right. It looked sloppy. I agree apart from the goal he was magnificent,but he keeps making these silly errors like dropping crosses,,,,,, and being slow to come off his line,etc. colin doyle was 19 when he made his debut. his kicking is not as good as butlands,but i don’t remember him making as many errors until blues were promoted to the premier league. Butland obviously has much more potential than doyle,but he is making silly errors. What do you put these goals down to, defensive lapses?

  • Colin Townsend says:

    Ok we’re not having the best of seasons but being a blues fan life has never be easy
    !!! my best days out following the blues has been when are backs are against the wall ,fighting the good fight on and off the pitch a true band of brothers
    If there is a time when OUR club needs us its now !!!

  • evesham blue says:

    Normally a board gives the manager the dreaded vote of confidence. Yet again – the deafening silence from HK is painfully evident with only the pathetic laments of LC to punctuate the silence…

    So when does the tipping point happen? The ‘other’ investors in the wings didnt suddenly spring out from the shadows when the Iti’s declared their hand.

    Reason being ? – CY court case is very soon.PP has other larger fish to fry at the mo than Blues?

    • almajir says:

      No, it’s because there are no shadowy figures in the background. People need to realise the minority shareholders are only members of the public and the only person – the ONLY person with any say is Carson.

      • evesham blue says:

        The point being is that we are stuck with him until he is forced to sell as nobody in their right mind would pay anything like he paid for it whilst he has a court case over him.

        The point I was trying to make is that BCFC needs leadership as lets face it we are in a crisis and nothing seems to be giving. By leadership I mean the managers future should be in extreme doubt at the moment if the board were to act in the interests of BCFC. I was suggesting that this may not be their priority at the moment.

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    The general consensus above is we are heading South as a football club, LC is out of his depth , seemingly unable to motivate or organise a football team at this level , & should be relieved of his duties as soon as possible…

    So if we can not afford a direct replacement , what are the options ?

  • Dave Sherlock says:

    Tactically yesterday was awful… Long balls up to Lita for there big centre back to smash straight up the field. Clarks blamed the players but the buck stops with him playing 1 up front at home shows such a lack of ambition it’s untrue…I’ve defended Clark until this weekend but my patience is wearing thin with this crap week in week out

  • swissjonny says:

    PP has to sack Clark now.Never mind lacking tactical vision or technical understanding he quite clearly is devoid of any charisma or motivational powers.We have made a mistake lets cut our losses and move on.Frankly even if we have to let a great young asset like JB or Redmond go to pay off Clark it would be the best decision in the medium term.We have to hold on to our championship status to at least be vaguely attractive to an inward investor.Act now-dont dither.

    • evesham blue says:

      I agree. The consequences of poor gates, disatisfied punters, unhappy players and low morale will escalate the longer this goes on and everyone has lost the faith now in LC turning this around. How can he? Evidence is that he has lost it and this could not be redeemable even if we won the next game. It’s bad management LC. It’s your job to get the best out of what players you have at your disposal.

      How can it get any better when we are shopping for players like Robinson? LC has enough players in that squad including the younger ones to fashion some sort of team to compete in this division. He is failing abjectly.

      How comes it is only the fans that can see it will get far worse still until the management is sent packing? Dont give me there is no one better either.

      To do well at Birmingham you have to get the fans on your side. That means you have to give them what they want. A team with spirit. We will forgive you even if we lose as long as you go down trying and try to play attractive football. Not negative football

  • Leigh says:

    So little comment on Zigic, I was surprised, however at least Tana has the right view, it can only have been frustration. When I saw the incident on TV I thought the drcision diabolical, sorry Almajir. But it was nice to see that exBlue Steve Claridge agree with me.
    Perhaps it is not a new manager that is needed, but a believable figurehead. I have thought since last season Carr cannot justify a place on the playing staff-but he could.I am sure motivate the team beyyer than the current management team.

    • evesham blue says:

      Zigic is a leach to this club. He wont take a pay cut to leave as he is on too much money already. Sorry but the man gets undiluted adulation for scoring a goal in the league cup final and one against the Vile on the way. He is a donkey and a poor footballer. His record of 1 goal in nearly every 4 games speaks for itself but my eyes tell me he is a crap footballer (the sweaty sock bought him on a stupid contract that has been haemorraging the club now for a few transfer windows as he couldnt get Pavlychenko)

      If he wanted to play football leave and take a cut.

      • TonyB says:

        I’m no fan of Zigic and his slice of an ever smaller cake is a real burden on the club and must be divisive in the camp. But he is on the contract he is on because that’s what the club gave him. To expect him or anyone else to sacrifice a substantial part of his income to please us is dreamland. If he did so he would win much admiration but if he doesn’t it’s not justifiable to hate him for not doing it. Anyone who says they would do so in his place can only say it because they’ll never be in that situation.

        When we suffered the mass exodus after relegation none of the players who left, including Bluenose Craig Gardner, offered to play for peanuts for the love of the club and you can’t blame them either. The only difference with Zig is that no one else wanted him.

  • evesham blue says:

    Does anyone think that PP has too much on his plate what with being appointed to BIHL as well to maybe focus on Blues current predicament? Surely he is spreading himself too thinly to make strategic decisions on what is best for Blues longer term? Maybe Blues are being left to fend for themselves whilst this court case is pending?

  • Ed says:

    I have read most of the comments on this site and on other Blues forums, there is hardly one comment supporting Clark, I just do not see how we are to improve with that being the case. Every game the supporters will be on his back before a ball is kicked, the atmosphere will be bad and the players will feel it, the rot is set. Clark can not stay even if we have to have a temporary manager until new owners arrive, if not we will definitely be relegated.

  • evesham blue says:

    The honeymoon is over. Europe is a distant memory. There is nothing to hide behind now but the cold hard reality that we aint coming back anytime soon. Please dear god – cut the rot out of this club so we can re-build.Give us entertainment and a team to be proud of. Oops I was dreaming there

  • Huddersfield Town fan says:

    I was unfortunate enough to be at our home game in 2001 when you relegated us and your fans were taking the p**s and singing `again, we`ll never play you again………etc etc`. Forgive me for loving it yesterday, apart from the scumbags assaulting Town fans after the game, many of them wearing Town shirts. Shame on you in what I accept is the minority and I have not seen this kind of behaviour for a long, long time.

    Perhaps we will not be playing you again for a few seasons after this one based on your `performance` yesterday?……

    • evesham blue says:

      This blog is for Blues fans. If you dont have anything constructive to say about Blues then do one. We are 10 games in and still along way to go. Who knows where we will both finish off at the end of the season

    • TonyB says:

      I agree you shouldn’t be posting here but I do apologise if you were attacked, there is never a trace of justification for such behaviour.

    • chris says:

      you haven’t been to millwall lately then or leeds or liverpool or sheffield or west ham or chelsea etc etc

    • Paulo says:

      Hudd fan.. fair play to you and your team for yesterday, and we all can tell every Hudd town fan had a blinder of a day. Shame it kicked off afterwards, and I agree that ‘colours’ have never been part of trouble, as a rule.
      I for one have read your input on here before and I do thank you for it, you have been very educational and you post a good read. You’ve given many of us a damn good insight into LC and how he was at yours.
      What goes around comes around I guess, and yesterday (from Hudd Town’s point of view) it was definately a sweet revenge and game you had been waiting for. Some blues fans have just had enough, and I guess the old ways just happen to come back. We played crap and might as well have the chuckle brothers in charge at the moment, and the atmosphere is getting ‘bad’ inside the ground on a home game lately.
      I would appreciate reading any of your posts, and I’m sure OP has some others that do to. But we are a very very passionate bunch (if you know what I mean).

      • evesham blue says:

        Stop pandering to them. They are taking the p1$$. They want you to go down because of past with LC and also that we sent them down apparently 10 years ago not that it matters to us. No point in crowing as Uddersfield wont be here for long either

      • Huddersfield Town fan says:

        Thanks for the post Paulo, appreciate that. I have posted in the past to give you an insight in to the `Lee Clark experience` from our perspective which i believe proved a useful insight which was my intention.

        Other Brum posts suggest my input is not welcome and therefore I will go back to my own board!.

        I do not rate Lee Clark but genuinely wish him well which will of course I hope reflect in your results.

  • Art Watson says:

    Huddersfield Fan,

    Genuine Blues fans do not condone any form of violence at St.Andrews and I’m really sorry to hear your story.

    You were far the better team so enjoy your success and hopefully yesterday’s celebrations wont be affected by these morons.

    As for the Blues we have serious problem to address as we spiral towards relegation.

    Best of luck!,

  • Rob78 says:

    we are 1-0 down at home and the away fans are singing “lee clarke give us a wave” and he waves…. He is an idiot and I want him out more now then ever…. hate the man hate his signings hate the backroom staff with their feet up in the dugout and hate the style of football and lack of tatical ideas…. learn to speak clearly and say “P45 please” have some pride and sod off

  • chris says:

    Only four shots on target, are the players not shooting on purpose to get him out.
    The daily star article seems nearer the truth today, these players disappeared off the face of the planet last week after Barnsley yet this week after better displays, they seemed to have beamed back down again.
    About five of them this week have gobbed off in the press about how they are going to do this or that.
    Well we have seen the fruit of their hype and it is rotten and sour.

  • Tonytiler says:

    It’s took bloody ages to get through all the comments on this topic . I read the argus today and it said the fans were booing the team off. I think they tabloid is way off the Mark. I really think the fans are booing the manager and his back room staff. To set up with a 4-5-1 at home against a team who had lost their last 2 games was an insult to the fans and his own squad. He can argue that it was a 4-3-3. But it looked to me that Burke and Redmond were both on the wings. Also to applaud the Huddersfield fans was a disgrace. , I saw him shake his head. When he bought Mullins on. As nobody cheered. I’m sure he was expecting the crowd to roar with appreciation. , it’s not much fun at the moment. And I feel the players don’t relish playing at home at the minute. On a plus note I noticed Terry McDermott got up out of the dugout. Once during the game.

  • Blooflame says:

    A real honest view, great article Almajir. You’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Will he resign?? Of corse not, Alan sugar talked of the selfish dishonerable lot that are in football, Clark is no different. He’ll hang on for his pay off, he has not got ability as a manager nor a coach. The club cannot pay him off. The only way would be for him to be literally chased out…hounded if you will. Clearly that is not going to be a legal or realistic option. So, it looks like relegation or Administration (due to his payoff). How did we ever get here?
    Many thanks to those fans that spat on the Golds and sullivan when we were relegated (prior to the McLeish era). They (the board) must have promised to regain promotion (which they did) and sell the club as a going concern (which they did) and then leave it in the state in which they found it (which they did). I think there are many fans who must bear responsibility for what we have now… the seeds were sown a while back.

    • evesham blue says:

      Mate. Gold and Sullivan promised to sell the club on to someone who could take the Blues forward. They didnt. They sold it to a mug who was prepared to pay way over the odds to line their own pockets. How many times did Sullivan complain about travelling to Lundon? Spare me the Cockney barrow boys had our best interests at heart bullsh1t.

      • Blueboy88 says:

        Your right it didn’t end well with Gold & Sullivan , we were all totally fed up with each other in the finish.

        However there are currently very strong parallels between BIHL , & Gold & Sullivan predecessors the Kumar Bros , who also did their very best to run this great club into the ground.
        Absence of promised investment , on-field decline , eventual receivership .
        What G&S inherited , & what they left behind do not bare comparison.

        We are all so very passionate about this club , but currently feel completely frustrated , disillusioned, & angry with the direction it is drifting in.
        What G&S gave us 20 years ago in similar circumstances was hope , a ray of sunshine in extremely dark days .

        I for one would welcome similar investors now .

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Lee Clark was never going to be up to the job, if he couldn’t make a fist of Huddersfield, he was never going to succeed at Blues. Morale (and atmosphere) at Stans has declined since the play-offs. The signs were there in pre-season, there was a nasty feeling that the wheels were about to come off, as they did.
    What has to happen before Lee Clark goes?

  • Roy Smith says:

    Remember how long Keene stuck it out at Blckburn with far worse abuse than LC is getting from us. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to go, I fear that things are going to get far worse before they get better again

  • […] Of course not everyone sees it that way. There are a couple of other arguments are used by Clark’s ‘defenders’, aside from the ‘can’t afford to sack him’ line: […]

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