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Directorial Changes At BIH

with thanks to Tarquin, Sheriff et al at smallheathalliance.com for making me aware of this

Birmingham International Holdings have today announced that non-executive director Chan Wai-Keung has resigned from the board of the company with effect from today.

The announcement confirms that Mr Chan is owed HK$530,000 – about £42,000 by Birmingham International Holdings but has no other claim against the company.

Unfortunately there is no confirmation from the company what the owed money is in relation to and whilst one could infer that there is a correlation between the owed cash and the resignation, particularly in the light of BIH’s continual non-publication of accounts it would be no more than speculation to state that was the case.

In the long-term I don’t believe that this will affect either the running of the company or the sale of BCFC but I will be keeping an eye on the news to see if there is anything printed in relation to the resignation.

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