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Carson Mortgage Case Drags On Into 2013

The Hong Kong courts yesterday have confirmed that the repossession case concerning Carson’s multi-million pound house on the Peak in Hong Kong is now due to be heard at the end of January 2013.

The new hearing which will be heard on January 31 2013 will confirm if Carson’s wife Wang Lifei (also known as Man Wang-Li) and mother (Yung Sui-ma) do indeed have the stake in the property that they claim and whether Carson was allowed to mortgage the property in question.

As such, the repossession order continues to be held in abeyance until after that court date meaning it’s will take Wing Hang Bank at least thirteen months to repossess the house after the original default and court case.

Wang Lifei and Yung Sui-ma have a seperate case outstanding to recover their costs from this action but no date has yet been set for that hearing.


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14 Responses to “Carson Mortgage Case Drags On Into 2013”

  • Gary says:

    My feeling is that Carson Yeung won’t be connected to BCFC by that time. What do you think, Almajir?

  • hotkich says:

    every oak tree starts from humble beginings
    this club will rise once again where it belongs,
    ex steward@styelman
    now retired,. 80 years.

  • Mickey07 says:

    What a life! court case after court case with this bunch don’t they ever get sick of it??the bloke is a mug.

  • prewarblue says:

    Even if the “Chinese Chancer Clown is found not guilty on all counts [ which I doubt ], he will be broke with the size of the bills for legal representation in all these actions

    • Gary says:

      Agreed. I don’t think the outcome of his trial has any bearing on the football club whatsoever. His time at the club has ran out, regardless of whether he’s acquitted or not. Come the summer I’m pretty sure we’ll have new owners, over 90% confident on that. I’m less confident – percentage-wise – that it’ll happen before January, but I sincerely hope it does. First, to avoid further sales, but also so we can add to the squad and also because, as a Season Ticket Holder, I want the atmosphere to return to St Andrews which, under new ownership, I’m pretty sure it will happen. It won’t be instant, but I think it’ll be a huge weight lifted off the shoulders of the football club. Most of us, and I think I speak for ALL the fans on this: We just all want this sorted…100% sorted, and 100% sorted soon…as in the next 2-3 months.

  • Oldbluenose says:


    When is Carson Yeungs Money laundering case due to commence, ?.

  • I.L.Roth says:

    separate. sorry.

    On and on it goes. Will it ever end. I am writing a soap opera called Chinese Blue whispers.

  • Quokkasskip says:

    So I reckon they have got what they are all after. You cannot tell me that Carson is not getting his mother etc to fill these proceeding so that the repossession is delayed as long as possible. It is all legal games

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