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A Deserved Point – Blackburn Reflections

Here are my reflections on the match between Blackburn Rovers and Birmingham City at Ewood Park. Please note that I watched the game via an internet stream.

A Deserved Point

I would have taken a point before the game and I think a draw was a fair reflection on the match for both teams. It was a pleasing performance as well; things have been negative of late prior to the Bristol City game but once again Blues showed some purpose, some good passing football and looked like a proper team rather than the disjointed bunch of individuals we’ve seen at times at home.

Whilst the first ten minutes were a little ropey Blues got straight back into the game after conceding the penalty and for long periods in the first half looked more likely to score. However, it wasn’t just a case of breaking when a Blackburn attack broke down; there were good periods of possession which highlighted just how good players like Ravel Morrison for instance are on the ball. The second half was a bit more of a defensive job as Blackburn really tried to attack but Blues weathered the storm well and it was pleasing to see that they could keep a good tempo up for most of the game.

Marlon King

Marlon was excellent in midweek against Bristol City and once again he showed today why he is worth so much to the Blues team. I’ve seen some critics of Marlon describe him as lazy but I’ve never understood that; once again his workrate was excellent and he didn’t just score for Blues – he was a focal point for attacks, someone who could and would hold the ball up as others got forwards. His goal return for Blues is excellent; this was his ninth goal this season in seventeen appearances which is better than a goal every other game. If he Blues can keep him fit there is no reason why he can’t get 20 goals this season for us – and that will help push us up the table.

Paul Robinson

Whisper this one quietly but Robbo had an excellent game at centre back. Yes, he’s not got any pace any more but his tackling was superb, his positioning was decent and his goal-line clearance from Jordan Rhodes’ header typified his brilliance today. His short term contract will be up in a couple of weeks and judging by his last few performances and the positions he can cover I’d be favourable for Blues extending it further.

Chris Burke

On Tuesday we saw a return of the Chris Burke of old and once again he shone today. Whilst he has the attributes of a good winger – pace, crossing and the ability to beat a full-back – I think he also shows a real footballing brain in the way he broke forwards and linked with players like Marlon King and Wade Elliott. He offers Blues such a powerful out-ball, a true goal threat – the one long range effort he had was a difficult save for the Blackburn keeper due it to viciously bouncing just in front of him – and if Blues are to push on and up the table he is another player that Clark needs to keep fit and in form.

One other thing to be mentioned is the ref – I’ve given stick when it’s been deserved to some refs so I think it’s important to recognise when they’ve been good and I was impressed by Mr Naylor today. He played good advantages when needed, tried to allow the game to flow and had a good control of the game – which was backed up by having two linesmen who were making excellent offside calls also.

Blues need to continue this vein of decent form and build on it. If they can keep playing with this kind of tempo, this kind of possession and this kind of attacking threat this season could start getting much better.

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29 Responses to “A Deserved Point – Blackburn Reflections”

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Well done to Lee Clarke for starting to make things happen

    • bluenoseneil says:

      I agree Paul. This momentum is good and Clarke deserves praise for getting the team selection right and motivating the lads to play to their potential. KRO

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Yeah the reaction to a couple of bad games was way over the top and very un-Blues like.

    Still we all make mistakes and whilst everything in the garden is not rosy we have to back what we’ve got cos it aint changing anytime soon.

    We’ll win some, lose some in roughly equal measure this year I’d say.

    KRO Lee

    • Bromsgrove Blue says:

      Paul, you got it spot on over recent weeks. Staying cool under pressure and seeing the big picture ! Like I’ve also said before – we can’t really see what LC is capable of until we’ve got some stability and a clear vision as a club. We’re on a bit of a roller coaster until the club is in the hands of a new owner(s). Our league form this time last year was also erratic. KRO.

  • evesham blue says:

    I would of taken the point before the game but I think you must have been watching another game judging by the match reports. We ar now 7 points adrift from the playoffs after drawing which goes to show that you really need to go on a run to get into playoff contention as there are alot of teams in contention.

    Table starting to shape up and we are probably at round about our level. A bit better if we sort the home form out. We should not be losing to the teams we have done to at home.

    Paul Robinson at CB on a month by month contract. Says it all about our predicament.

    All we need now is Paladini to pull the plug and Butland to go in the window and the Doom wil soon be back….

    On the pitch tho – better lads. Keep it going.

  • bluenosed says:

    Marlon King will be the first to leave the club in January before the overpriced Redmond and Butland. Holloway had a cheeky inquiry last month before he left Blackpool. Whatever people think of the Bloke and his previous antics (personally not much) he can score goals at this level.

  • Art Watson says:

    I’m afraid I will never be a supporter of Clark but never the less this was a good result against a quality team.

    Well done and long may it continue before we get new ownership

    • John says:

      What a silly statement ” I will never be a supporter of Clarke”. What a loser you must be. Blues have had very bad season with injuries. In Chris Hughton’s first 5 months,we hardly had one. True supporters will stick with team and give them all chance. Odds on,should Blues climb the table,you will change your tune. KRO

  • Barry says:

    The improved team performance in the last couple of games is welcome but I still wonder why we cannot find the motivation from the starting whistle and find it difficult to settle. As for comments that fans have over-reacted to previous bad results, I tend to disagree. For me, it was not so much the poor results themselves as the manner in which they came about that gave me the biggest issue. Even the best teams go through bad runs of form but when the effort and passion is missing and the leadership is in short supply then the alarm bells start ringing big time.

  • Art Watson says:

    Interesting to see that some blues supporters still believe we can reach the play offs.

    Last season Cardiff finished in 6th position with 75 points.

    With 16 games played blues would need another 55 points to reach this target with 30 games to play-an average of 1.8 points per game.

    Not Imposble but most unlikely.

  • tony says:

    I went yesterday and i thought it was a good point concidering we we only really kept the ball for 20 minutes in the first half and still make life harder for ourselves by giving possession away to easily.King was good and so was morisson .From speaking to a few blackburn fans after the game they all said that was their best performance this season so a point isn’t a bad return.

  • Tonytiler says:

    I also went to Elwood park yesterday. I thought our 2 lads in the centre of the park did well. Blackburn are a tricky team. They had speed on either flank with their rb / lb overlapping at every opportunity. And while playing a patched up back 4. We played the offside trap well. I believe Blackburn will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season and yesterday was a great point. Well done. The players and staff. Kro

  • DoctorD says:

    Didn’t see the game, but the table is as tight as a proverbial gnat’s chuff — so a couple of wins and we’re eight or ninth. KRO

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Mini revival has occurred since the introduction of Morrison , so fair play to LC for getting the boys head right.

    Sadly , the harsh facts are , we have only returned 9pts in the last 8 games , relegation form , in a Non Vintage Championship season , which is quite simply there for the taking…there are no stand out teams..

    On the plus side , King quality , Greenshoots of recovery with Burke, Butland beginning to look the part, & Morrison has definetly got the ability to be a top Premiership player.

    On the minus side , whispers that the Paladini consortium is getting restless at the time being taken to complete any potential take-over…

    • Euston 9.18 says:

      Sunday People “Rumour”……….

      Paladini,will invite N.Warnock to be manager with K.Curle his assistant.

      BLUES also considering offer from a Chinese MILLIONAIRE who has been in talks with C.Y. for the past few weeks.
      Insider reveals the far east buyer is preferred IF HE COMES UP WITH THE CASH.


      • almajir says:


        From the scraps of info I have I’d consider the manager rumour as tripe… and whilst Pannu insists that there is a chinese consortium in the wings there has been absolutely no evidence of this.

      • Blueboy88 says:

        Euston , not the Sunday People but Colin Tattum , who I fancy might be slightly better informed…

        “But its understood the Italian offer is still the only one to have been put in writing.
        If no agreement looks like being struck soon, the Italian group might possibly withdraw from the running.

        And the longer the saga drags on, the more likely the impact on the Blues team itself.
        In the last set of Blues plc accounts, no secret was made of the fact that players might have to be sold in the transfer window to keep the club operating as a viable concern”

  • Paulo says:

    I listened to the match on the radio, and I was very surprised to how the match went, albeit remaining sceptical of the commentary at times, but am trying to understand how one simple refereeing decision decided the match anyway. Namely, the foul on Murphy that wasn’t, then Murphy decides to then tackle the said player from behind, and wallop, it’s in the area and a penalty is given ..goal scored. Another unfair moment against blues, but then on from that, the second half did seem to go a bit flat, yet all in all, I managed to pick through what was being said, and could tell that we had done well to not concede further. It seems our away form has been stronger, so let’s hope they can bring this defiance back to St Andrews, and come out with a fast momentum, as we need points now like we’ve never needed them before.
    What is happening off the field, I believe, is also more connected to what is happening on it, and it could well be that LC is here to stay, but I have no doubt the loyalty we see on the pitch and in the boardrooms ..will be tested to thte fullest.
    Let’s get some points, and change the way the off field mess is ruining our atmosphere, and at least all enjoy the football.

  • james says:

    I wasn’t at the game yesterday but from the reports it looks like we are starting to gel; the run up to Christmas is crucial. A few more wins and we’ll be mid-table, which given the problems off the field, will do for me.


  • jason says:

    Ok a few things i would like to point out, paul robinson was the star man yeasterday tremendous at the back i cant say more for the bloke on that performance. we got a draw away at a top team with many of there supporters stating its the best they have played all season. for me ravel and mr burke didnt have the greatest of games, marlon was exerlent all match and i thought elliot had some class touches. things are really starting to look up for blues. i think if we get players back and both burke and morrison can perform we will be there or there abouts at the end. Yesterdays result gave me a lot of hope and everyone in the club deserves praise. i cant wait to see caddis back.

  • tamuffblue says:

    I dont get it !!!!! people come on here slag Clarke – players off then quote the real reason why we are in this predictment !!!!! we will do well to establish mid table amid all the off field problems !!! lets just get behind all concerned – get new owners and kick on from there !!!! them across the way have bigger problems on the field than us

    • bluenosed says:

      People will come on here and slag Clark, the bloke deserves it. Don’t get excited by this mini revival. Although Bristol City was a good performance and win, they are a poor, poor side. Where is the evidence Blackburn are a good side either?, they are sliding and a point is the least we should expect from there if we want to make the play-offs (where we should at least be with our squad).

  • james says:

    “the bloke deserves it” – why?

    Evidence that Blackburn are a good team – league position.

    If we beat Hull next week I’ve no doubt you’ll find more negatives….


  • tamuffblue says:

    I suppose Bluenosed is one of the dellusional who really think there was an almighty long list of established – sucessful – brilliant – tactical aware – trophy ladened managers begging Pannu to give them the poisened chalice ( that is the managers seat at Stans ) and work with NO money N0 investment No boardroom support – OHH and by the way get promotion !!!!!! I Dont think so lol

  • andy says:

    Nobody should take it out on the manager whilst the club is still in a mess. I for one expected to hear news last week that the Paladini consortium bid was going to be accepted or rejected. Who said this was going to be the case anyway? The horses mouth belongs to Peter Pannu and im not sure it was he who said the answer would come last week.

  • Bromsgrove Blue says:

    New Manager Syndrome – teams often get an immediate (but temporary) lift with a new manager and play our of their skins (a la Ipswich) – Blackburn have a new manager so I’d say that away from home, team just relegated – new manager syndrome – 1-1 was an OK result. KRO.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Great result and performance. What has changed? We have a creative player in midfield in Ravel, we have a leader in defence and our keeper is playing better

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Agreed, I’d like to see Fahey start alongside Ravel. I think the balance of the side would benefit.

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