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A Replacement for Lita?

It was confirmed yesterday by Birmingham City that on-loan forward Leroy Lita has returned to Swansea City due to a thigh injury sustained whilst on loan. The Congolese-born forward made ten appearances for Blues, scoring three times whilst on loan at St Andrews.

With Lita now returned to South Wales, Blues are once again a man down in the striker department with only three first-teamers on the books – Nikola Zigic, Peter Lovenkrands and top-scorer Marlon King. Lee Clark now has to make a decision on how he wishes to proceed with regards to the squad, ever mindful of the poor financial situation at Blues.

Blues have two strikers out on loan at present in Adam Rooney and Jake Jervis. Rooney, who is on a season-long loan at Swindon Town is out of the equation as he cannot be recalled until the season is over except in special circumstances and when all three parties agree – something I can’t see happening at this moment in time. Jervis however is only on loan until the end of this week and could easily return to Blues from Tranmere Rovers to take up the fourth striker slot.

The only other striker available in the Academy is Akwasi Asante; he too would be a viable option as a fourth choice striker and indeed was an unused sub in the game against Bolton Wanderers but unfortunately the Dutch-born teenager is out with injury sustained in the U21 game against Derby in the middle of October. That injury was expected to keep him out for six-eight weeks which would keep him out theoretically until the middle of December and the latest from the club doesn’t give any indication he will be back sooner. Blues also have young Marcel Henry-Francis playing for the u21 side but he is on non-contract terms and thus would be ineligible for the first team.

The other alternative is the loan market – but this too is time limited. The loan window ends on Thursday 22nd November which would give Blues nine days to bring someone else in from another club on a temporary transfer. Whilst loans aren’t always the most complex of deals to arrange if Lee Clark was to go down that route he’d need to sort it pretty quickly to ensure we have a player in before the deadline. Blues can sign free agents after that deadline on the proviso that the player became a free agent prior to the summer transfer window closing – however having seen how long it’s taken Papa Bouba Diop to get back to anything near fitness this would really be a last chance type of signing.

Of course, Clark could decide that three strikers is enough at the moment and stick with what he has – a decision that could be forced upon him if the finances are tight enough. It’s my opinion however though that three isn’t enough; particularly when you consider how many injuries Marlon King, Nikola Zigic and Peter Lovenkrands have already picked up and how likely they are to be injured again. I wouldn’t want Blues to be in the situation where they’re relying on either a lone striker in every game or an out of position player to get goals – especially as Blues have not had the most auspicious of starts.

I guess the next few days will tell us which way Lee Clark is likely to go; hopefully he’ll be able to bring in another player who can make the impact Lita did as a fourth striker to help continue the push up the division.

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39 Responses to “A Replacement for Lita?”

  • Grizzly says:

    Hey Almajir, I see Omari Sterling-James has been playing and scoring recently for Alvechurch. Do you know if he’s still connected with Blues and simply on trial with Alvechurch or if he’s been let go? If he’s been let go it’s a shame as he seemed to score a lot of goals at youth level.

  • darren astley says:

    I would like to see nathen Redmond given a go up front he has the pace quick feet and would scare the living day lights out of centre backs in the championship.. nearly every goal he’s scored has come from a central area ..

  • Berkshire Blue says:

    How about giving Jervis and (when he’s fit) Asante a chance and reassess in the January transfer window.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Forget Rooney, Jervis or Asante none of em are good enough.

    Maybe the last two in time but miles away at the minute.

    Loan it is.

  • Dave Sherlock says:

    The other options being playing Ambrose, Redmond or Burke off the front man I think he’s gonna stick with what we’ve got

  • Art Watson says:

    Knowing Clark he will probably go for another mid field player.

  • Ryan says:

    With the three senior strikers all being in their 30’s, and none really having the pace to strike fear into a defence, a sensible option would be to give jervis or asante a chance. At least they would offer something different even if its just coming off the bench.

  • murph says:

    if they had the funds cameron jermone would be the answer, maybe same wages as lita???

    • nicky wicky says:

      Jerome don’t make me laugh. i couldn’t believe it when stoke took him off blues hands. he needded four chances to get one on target. his strike ratre was really poor!

  • Doug says:

    Good shout from Darren Astley, Redmond would be a good option playing off one of the big men.
    He’s got pace to burn, can finish with either foot and would be a nightmare for central defenders.

  • bluesbot says:

    I agree with Murph, Cameron Jerome would be a great addition with his pace, he hasnt featured for a while at stoke, not evening getting splinters off the bench is he ?

    • nicky wicky says:

      he hasn’t featured cause hes he can’t finish!

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      I agree with Nicky, I hope I never see Jeromes sorry face at Blues again.

      Took the piss once, never again.

    • prewarblue says:

      We need someone who can score,,,,,not miss open goals,,,,,the corner flag was in more danger of being hit than the back of the net when he was at Blues,,,,1 fluke goal and he,s lived off it since,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as for where he is ?,,,,,,,cant even make the bench at Stoke as they have other choices unlike Blues at the time he was supposedly playing and scoring !

  • Pete says:

    I’ve seen Jervis play once for us and he did really well. Had pace and looked dangerous. I can’t imagine he could have a worse touch than Lita and he seems to be as quick.

    Jervis is playing well and scoring goals for a team that is currently 6 places below us in the football pyramid and teams at the top of league 1 have proven to be good enough to compete in the Championship! I’d certainly be looking at Jervis to fill the 4th striker roll…

  • chris says:

    how about getting Chris Wood back on loan?
    His deal at Millwall runs out on the 17th.

  • Country Blue says:

    I’d take Cameron Jerome on loan tomorrow. Always did a good job for us at Champonship level.

    • mighty_bluenose says:

      Great call but if you were him would you come back to the club where people boo’ed and generally moaned about you constantly? Always liked him always put a shift in and did well at champs level. One of those players who almost to good for champs level but not really prem level

  • Alex T says:

    When Redmond played in behind King (or was it Rooney?) against Reading last year, he was the stand out player by a country mile. I havent seen him play there since, but I would love to see him in that position again.

  • BobbyBlue says:

    Without really knowing who is available/viable, I’d be excited to see Redmond off the front man. He could easily switch with either burke or whoever is picked on the left. Could cause opposition teams a host of problems!

  • andy says:

    It was Redmond yes who had that outstanding game against Reading on the final day. In fact it was the best game iv seen the kid play and with Burke starting to hit form i would like to see Redmond fill the gap left by Lita.

  • CHRISC says:

    Could it be Romeo Castelen just scored for the U21’s at Coventry

    • Oby says:

      He’s no Mug, He actually played alongside Kuyt and Kalou at Feyernoord but his ankles went on him in his second year. Same at Hamburg who failed to renew his contract this summer.

  • MERRH says:

    Blues need a striker with responsible and to do the defensive role, Clark lacks the ability to have a game plan and prefers the older player to keep the game tight, hence robbo, wardrobe coming in, to just get in the way, under hughton the first half were always boring, but effectively slowing the game down, so Burke and Redmond/ beausejour, never seemed I tire, what about that Connor wickham under 21’s with butland? and king in “behind we’re he likes to be best!!?? “

  • Terry says:

    Which players have scored double figures for Blues in the PL? Forssell and Jerome. Jerome would eat up the Championship in this team. He is far better than given credit for. Redmond off the front? No thanks. Remember how bad he was in the play-off semi final? Don’t know what people think Clark is any different to Hughton. The team plays the same way only that the players this season have not been in form as often.

  • Paulo says:

    It’s this whole loan situation that is the problem in the first place. We have been suviving on loans since the last relegation, and I can’t see the long term advantage. We get players in, and before we know it, they’re gone. The only answer is to get this takeover bid done and dusted and show some real financial stability ..and keep loans to a minimum, so we can stop worrying when someone elses player is recalled.

    oh, and just to add ..’Cameron Jerome’??? ..I’d rather have that cut out of Parky from the Kenny Everett show up front. !!!???

  • bluenoseneil says:

    So, basically other than Jerome which is not an option, nobody has actually suggested options for Strikers outside the club?!!!!

    Come on people…. Thinking caps on!!


  • Dave says:

    It’s a shame Forssell has only just gone back to play for HJK Helsinki, would’ve been good short-term

  • MERRH says:

    What ever happen to soman Tchoyi ? Did blues not have him on trial ? Always looked good for the baggies ? Jarvis until Christmas his leggy and awkward, been to tranmare, Carlisle, seems to looked after himself alright, give him a chance. ?

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