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Pannu Response

Birmingham City have published a response to the stories regarding a Paladini-led takeover of the club. The brief statement which was made by Peter Pannu refutes any active discussions between BIHL and Paladini are taking place.

To quote Pannu verbatim:

“There are no active negotiations with the group involving Gianni Paladini or any of his associates.
“Should there be any agreement reached, there shall be formal announcements made in Hong Kong and also in the UK. I would urge that only official information should be relied upon and not rumours or speculation.”

In my personal opinion, as statements go the first paragraph is pretty incredible. I honestly cannot believe that Mr Pannu is denying that he has been in active discussions with Mr Paladini and his consortium, based on the information available to me.

Furthermore, I cannot understand what Pannu has to gain from denying they are taking place; surely in doing so he is in danger of annoying the Italian consortium and risks them binning their offer?

It’s unfortunate as the second paragraph is absolutely solid and rings true – BIH have to make announcements to the Stock Exchange when an offer has been accepted and to call an EGM and until that happens we don’t know for sure how close that is to happening – anything else is speculation and rumour, however well founded the source of information is.

The danger is that statements like this make the takeover more of a circus than it already has been. There is already an inordinate amount of speculation about what is happening and despite warning against it the first paragraph will only exacerbate the problem.

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110 Responses to “Pannu Response”

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I did try and urge caution

    If Pannu says there has been no active negotiations then we have to believe him

    • almajir says:

      That’s up to you.

      Unfortunately, I don’t believe him.

      • Kaje says:

        I’m with Almajir on this one, it’s almost as if Pannu is trying to play down the communication with Paladini’s consortium in an attempt to lure other bidders in or – at the very least – not put them off.

        If he says they’ve accepted an offer, then any other bidders may either lose interest or refuse to raise their bid beyond the value of the one accepted.

        For all we know, Paladini’s consortium could have been given the go ahead to look over the books without the bid having been formally accepted.

        This would ensure Paladini is placated and able to move onto the next step without BIH having to declare anything to the HK Stock Exchange and ensures they can continue to negotiate with any other interested parties.

        Shrewd, one might say. If true, of course. It’s all just speculation at the moment.

        • bluenoseneil says:

          Surely the better response to make is GOOD. Don’t want those guys anywhere near Stans, and I would rather struggle along the way we are than potentially drop ourselves further into the mire with that joker and his clan on board. I need convincing in one sentence why Paladini is worth considering cos at the moment I could write an essay on why we should steer well clear…


  • KentishBlue says:

    I think the clue might be in the use of the word “active”. Thus it is not a denial that negotiations have not taken place. It simply asserts that they are not “active”. However, how you define “active” is a moot point. Possibly the motive is to try to horse-trade over the price.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    He is there, you are not

  • Quokkasskip says:

    What u probably can draw from this is that Pannu etc dont really want to sell to the Italians…. I also don’t believe Pannu. Maybe at this precise second they are not in negotiations but u cannot tell me they haven’t been negotiating since the second bid.
    It’s a circus

  • uttb says:

    So Paladini has just been telling a load of lies has he – yeah right. We have heard nothing since the latest bid so it must be of interest to pannu/yeung….last bid they flat rejected it immediately and put a statement up on the website straight away. Paladini has said they have already spent a fair bit of money during this process, why would he lie about that? Something is happening. The fans are getting excited about change and i think Pannu is trying to show who is still in charge…for now. They have got to accept.

  • lee says:

    Pannu is always careful about his wording in any statement he chooses to issue. He states “There are no active negotiations with the GROUP involving Gianni Paladini or any of his associates” There is no denial of talks between Pannu himself and Paladini and his consortium.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    We know that Paladini has paid up front to finance his consortium’s due dilligence. At some stage they will need to go away to consider the data and if appropriate they will come back with a firm offer. It may well be that Paladini has progressed in his intent to the extent that he will be in a position to make a firm offer in about 10 days time, but the club have no way of knowing that at this stage. In the interim, negotiations between the parties will naturally become inactive. Pannu may wish meanwhile that the media frenzy could be cooled off somewhat by an announcement which re-iterates that active post offer negotiations are yet to commence. This would appear to concur with the recent media output AND Pannu’s latest statement?

  • Graham Woodward says:

    I think Pannu should go back to Masterchef, John Tarode is missing him

  • “Tick-Tock Tick Tock” goes the selling price PP/CY just sell the club to Mr Paladini and for once do the correct thing for us Blue – Noses “Thank you”.

  • welfordblue says:

    I think from the lack of comm’s since the 2nd ‘Bid’ went in, Paladini is is trying to force the issue and get the ball rolling. In my opinion if the comms we have had as fans over the last 18 months are anything to go by then I suspect PP isn’t to concerned with updating Paladini on what is going on.

    Play the waiting game and the offer may be increased to seal the deal. On a negative, releasing statements like the one he has may mean they pull the plug and decide not to bother!

    I hope this is resolved quickly!!!

  • John King says:

    I’m 50 years old have been here before: Coombs, Wheldon, Kumars, Sullivan etc The only FACT is what will be will be and then we will still sit in the freezing cold to watch our beloved Blues no matter who owns the club, no matter what players pull the shirt on and no matter which division we are playing in. I accepted a long time ago that there is a long queue of clubs ahead of us who are more lucrative to take over in the eyes of the major money men in the market for a new club. Sullivan and Gold were our dream ticket, they were as good as it gets for Blues, we will NEVER get investors on this scale again. Wether you like it or not is time to settle down into a few seasons of mediocrity and a lucky cup run or two.but as always….KRO.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Hear hear John however I would say Sully and Gold made far more than they put in unlike Carson.

      Not sure I’d wanna become the next super rich mans plaything anyhow.

      Blues through and through.

    • SirHarry1875 says:

      Well said John King. There isn’t and there never will be an individual/consortium that will invest on the scale that we all dream about. A billionaire looking for a toy will try and buy 20 clubs before he gets to us. And i agree with PC, Carson put a lot of money into the Club. Sullivan/Gold sold for us £80 mill but did they put any in? Nothing significant to my knowledge. I seem to remember an instance that Sullivan made very public when he moaned that he had to put £500k of his own money in!!

      • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

        They made a transfer profit every year as I recall, built the ground with grants from the Taylor report, paid theirselves a wage, bought us for a pound and sold us for £85 mill.

        Oh and charged us £1.50 for every away match ticket we bought.

  • Mark Y says:

    Lee’s comments are perceptive. I think that Paladini right from the outset has run a pretty effective PR campaign in order to get Blues fans behind his bid and evidence of this is shown by the level of increasingly positive sentiment towards his consortiums bid that most of us are feeling on blogsites. I am sure he would want to try to use the fans support for his bid in some way as possible additonal leverage or pressure on Pannu to do business. It seems Pannu is not taking the bait.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Neither am I Mark

    One thing Paladinis PR got wrong is not telling us whos behind the bid.

    Why all the secrets?

    • Kaje says:

      The BIH bid never truly divulged all involved parties until some time after they had taken over, and even then information is sporadic and hard to find.

      We initially saw Carson Yeung as the figurehead and then mere speculation about who else held shares until BIH reports started being published – which happened after the takeover.

  • Paul says:

    Is there any chance this statement could be to stop the HKSE getting jittery? Maybe there’s truth in Paladini’s words but concern from Pannu that his statement goes beyond the discretion required, so he wants to kill off any speculation and subsequent sanctions (if that’s a risk) from the HKSE ?

  • zenzero says:

    What the hell is going on?

  • Gary R says:

    Looks like this won’t be agreed within the 10 days stipulated. I wonder whether we’ll hear something more from Paladini?

  • motozulu says:

    I also read it as ‘no current negotiations taking place right now’…. ie offer made, not accepted yet. I don’t see any denial that negotiations have taken place though.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Question that I ask,!!. Is just why is Paladini, pushing the boat out so publically, ?.

    Sounds obvious enough, — They wish to buy us, So are using publicity to earn Bluenose ” Brownie points “, and to make out that they are the only game in town, !!!!.

    Then why, ?. Break any confidenltly undertakings, ?. Not exactly business like, — IS It, !!!.

    • Gary R says:

      I think Paladini is just being very genuine with his excitement. Like I said to someone on Twitter, maybe Blues is more of a passion to him than a business. I’m not saying he’s got no business sense, of course he has, but the club is nearer to his heart than QPR (which he did treat 100%) like a business. Blues are different for him, in my opinion. Yes, it’s not the wisest thing to do…but I don’t see anyone can fault how enthusiastic he is to take us over.

  • crotcher88 says:

    perhaps the mystery bidder came in with a better price after talkin with the italians

  • Cypriotblue says:

    I think, as usual, Pannu has done the right thing. He is stirring it up to move things along. Its a kind of put up or shut up statement to me, if they want to keep any credibility they have to make formal a decent offer. I rate Pannu very highly!! Factually it is more than likely true anyway. Discussions arent going on, and Pannu is trying to hurry them along.

  • Gary R says:

    Cypriotblue – have to disagree – all PP has done is anger Blues ST holders and fans in general, has bemused and made respected journalists etc etc look like idiots and to be honest the statement is so short, so defensive (in my opinion) and so hashed/rushed/desperate that it appears an exact replica of the one he sent out 2 months. Strange that it was the last statement he released, hasn’t said naff’ all since or between that time. To be fair it makes PP look like a clown and he could end up with egg on his sorry face.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Couldn’t agree more cypriot

    Why people call him a liar I don’t know

  • Cypriotblue says:

    Makes him look like a clown?? Are you serious? Saying that no ongoing discussions does that to him?

    I am not convinced about Paladini. CYs intentions were good, just got into trouble elsewhere, but Paladinis intentions, along with who ever (and we dont know!!) is backing him are purely money motivated. Not a bad thing, but football clubs are not a good investment generally, and we could suffer more as a result. I stand by Pannu, anyone that can take 2 million quid off the vilers for a crap manager is worthy.

    • Gary R says:

      If the club remains with PP then we’ll end up in Administration…end of. If we’re bought by Paladini, we won’t end up in Admin. Which would you rather have?

    • chris says:

      we’ll probably end up selling Redmond, Butland, Davies and Burke come January if the club isn’t sold soon, will you be happy and still love pannu then?
      if two or three of those are sold then the crowds will plummet further and we’ll end up like cov with no assets left to sell and in league one.

  • DoctorD says:

    The only conclusion I can reach from PP, on the one hand, denying any “active negotiations”, while on the other talking about the possibility of an agreement being reached, is that there have been some negotiations but that these have stalled for some reason.

    Presumably either BIHL are currently considering Paladini’s latest offer or vice-versa. I would imagine the negotiations could at any point become “active” at short notice.

  • Cypriotblue says:

    It is PPs job to get the best price for the club, he has a duty to the shareholders of BIHL. I do not for one minute believe his negotiation ability can be questioned. Im sure he wouldnt risk administration if, and we dont know, that would be the result.

    • Gary R says:

      No, but we’d end up selling more players and not being able to compete for anything. We’re not going forward with this lot only back so they’re losing more money as the time goes on. So by messing around with Paladini the way he is, he’s losing money for his precious shareholders.

  • Cypriotblue says:

    Thats if you believe everything Paladini says, when he wont even tell us who is behind him!

  • Benno says:

    sorry… but you are not reading what he is saying.

    he is saying there are no active discussions.

    He is NOT saying there has not been, just that they are not active right now.

    which would fit with a period of due diligence.

    If you take the tense of the statement, he is in the present tense, no mention of past tense.

    the statement may be perfectly accurate, and has been put out to stop the silliness with the rumours and comments online and in the press.

  • Cypriotblue says:

    Totally agree Benno

  • Gary R says:

    Benno – so you’re suggesting that Paladini ARE going through the books and based on the books and what they find then, and only then, will they make their final offer? Basically PP is waiting for Paladini and Co to get back to him with regard to their final offer on the basis of what they find during this due-diligence period you’ve mentioned?

  • Swedish Bluenose says:

    First, I must say that I am always impressed of the high standard of many of the comments to what Almajir writes on the Often Partisan site. They show that Blues fans are intellectual, smart, analytical and very much supporting.
    I am sure that Pannu consciously used the word “active”. But his remarks could also mean that the BCFC actually are using the fact that Paladini likes to talk to media and then getting all the attention while the club can negotiate with another bidder without disturbances.
    Remember that some of the signings this year have come out of the blue, no one in the club has leaked before it happened.
    There could be another mysterious bidder in there who has been given the exclusivity to do the due diligence.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      First, I must say that I am always impressed of the high standard of many of the comments to what Almajir writes on the Often Partisan site. They show that Blues fans are intellectual, smart, analytical and very much supporting


  • Benno says:

    no Gary R
    what I am saying is that there have been negotiations, Paladini has coughed up the “lot of money” to view the books.
    Now, while they are doing so, nothing is active (which could be right now).
    If they are happy, then the talk starts again.
    only summising.
    Seems one bidder is doing his business through the press, others (if there are others) are doing things under the radar (which is how businessmen tend to do things usually).
    Remember Paladini is not exactly slow in giving the press what they want (the QPR thing is prime example of that).
    It could be that Pannu has had to say nothing is active, as the other bidders might be getting upset by all the paper talk. (which might be Paladinis idea anyway, to force things)
    only guessing obviously

  • blueboy88 says:

    Now the Conspiracy Theory..

    Pannu & Paladini could be working this good kop, bad kop routine between themselves ,
    to try & raise the bid from a third party ?

  • pete says:

    It seems fairly simple to me… Paladini has offered a certain amount which has been refused by BIH. Paladini will know that in time, that bid will have to be accepted if no-one else turns up to buy the club so as it stands, there aren’t any active negotiations – both sides are unwilling to move.

    Paladini saying that he wants to build a new stadium etc is only to put pressure on BIH to sell by getting the fans on his side but as BIH have shown regularly in the past, they couldn’t care less what we think.

  • lee says:

    Well Paladini has just pulled out of the deal! That blew my theory out the window!!

  • Kaje says:

    Yep, Paladini’s bid is all over.

    Absolutely gutted, to be honest. Really worrying about where we’re going to be in six months now, either owned by another faceless Asian based consortium (they never really seem to work) or still owned by BIH and languishing in mid-table obscurity after having to sell our assets in January.

    Or worse?

    • Oldbluenose says:

      I have listened to the interview, but NOT convinced really, !!.

      If it were ME, in his shoes, — It would be Peter Pannu, that I would be talking to, — asking him direct exactly what he, [ P,P. ] mean by his statement, ????????.

  • John says:

    As it was Colin Tatum that made the announcement, maybe he could ask Paladini,who is telling the truth ?

  • Blue in Spain says:

    I’m sorry but this guy has been conducting his business through the media, if he’s pulled out because of hurt feelings then, was he and his mysterious backers really the people we want?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I imagine its nothing more sinister than the bid wasn’t high enough.

    I suspected this might happen.

    Losing £55m doesn’t get accepted easily.

    KRO brothers and sisters and remember you are blessed to be Blues.

    • Dan H says:

      I think they seem some reality on the price.

      Yeung may have paid £80m however somec then BCFC have lost £25m of players and £40m in lost revenue streams

      £25m would be generous

  • Kaje says:

    And now, Colin Tattum has said that he has spoken to Mr Paladini who’s stance has softened. He’s willing to do a deal still but the ball is in Pannu’s court.

    The result of a potentially failed attempt at forcing Yeung et al into accepting his bid?

  • chris says:

    Paladini just on Radio WM and no mention of pulling out of the deal

  • Paulo says:

    It sounds to me that PP is stating the truth. Problem is, which truth and why? It could well be that he doesn’t like not knowing who the cosortium is consisted of, and therefor is genuinly concerned for the future of BCFC. It could also be a bluff, and is intended to be nothing more than a ‘please move to the next stage’ statement. It could also be ‘shut the hell up’ and thanks but no thanks.
    Either way, it’s not good news for us right now, but it is all doing one thing ..putting BCFC in the news.
    I just want want whats best for the club, and now Paladini has gone and stirred things up again, right before a home match. Well, I await the next stage with as much enthusiasm, cos basically, I would rather eat a bag of nails right now, as I can guess what’s going to happen to our club in January either way.

  • RichardM says:

    Don’t believe a word of Paladini pulling out of the deal – this is high level brinkmanship and an attempt to force the deal thorugh with Pannu. I still think this will happen given time – the only unknown is whether Panu has an alternative interested party he is waiting to hear from – which may be the game he is playing and why he issued the statement (in other words – “It’s not your’s yet Paladini!) – in an attempt to up the price.

    Personally I wouldn’t be too worried about this – I think Paladini’s bid is the only game in town, and Pannu is trying to stretch negotiations out in the hope of getting a higher price. Time to call his bluff??

  • bluenosed says:

    Paladini and Pannu are quite honestly a pathetic pair of individuals who believe in their own hype. I think we’ve been there before.

  • Art Watson says:

    You just couldn’t make this up.

    Yet another shambles and once again the fans have to take all this crap.

    My heart bleeds for them.

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Is Paladini a bit like a certain Mr Sullivan, i.e. prone to making over-emotional utterances and sometimes liable to “shoot from the hip”?

    This megaphone diplomacy suggests a pretty serious lack of professionalism from the Paladini camp and the conflicting statements surely insult Blues and their supporters.

    If his “backers” are happy with how Paladini conducts himself in public, then that doesn’t bode very well.

    Colin Tattum stated a couple of months ago than there were no less than FOUR parties interested in Blues. Would he go into print with such a claim if there were no truth in it? At least one of these parties seems to have gone cold but is it possible the others are simply keping themselves firmly in the shadows and playing the waiting game to see if Blues do go into administration and then the club could be snapped up for rather less than £30 million?

    • almajir says:

      At least one of these parties seems to have gone cold but is it possible the others are simply keping themselves firmly in the shadows and playing the waiting game to see if Blues do go into administration and then the club could be snapped up for rather less than £30 million?

      I believe this to be the case

      • Kaje says:

        Well, it’s nice to know that the potential buyers have the best interests of the club at heart if that’s the case.


        I REALLY hope someone buys us before we hit administration. Otherwise, whoever buys us will inherit half a playing squad, a depressed fanbase and will have to fork out twice as much in transfer funds than they would have otherwise.

      • Oldbluenose says:

        ALMAJIR;, At one time many years ago, [ it seems that long ] I speculated that the possible Indian suitor may possibly be connected to Mittal, ?.

        You ” shot me down ” at the time, Whatever made you certain then, may indicate you can possibly guess on who it was, ?.

        Are they still interested, I wonder. !!.

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Within one hour of withdrawing the offer, and Colin Tattum making a big online ‘splash’ about it,
    Paladini withdraws his withdrawal.

    It is farcical, but only because Colin Tattum has willingly let slip all the guff he’s been fed.
    No other interested parties
    Only bid on the table
    Butland to be sold if no take-over
    4/5 new players for Clark if Paladini wins

    Paladini withdrew his withdrawal within one hour. Makes you wonder which of his “unknown” backers read him the riot act.

    A dangerous loose cannon I’m afraid, and one that a respected journo like Tatts should not allow himself to be manipulated by – – how about finding out the REAL power behind Paladini, Colin?

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Letsby, old mate. Paladini scares me silly, !!. What businessman conducts his [ possible ] takeover in full public glare, ?. and to add irony to his withdrawal, In less time than it takes to sink a pint, !!. he declares that it still could be on, ????????????.

      The latest is ,— Daily mail, [ Moxley ], is quoting his [ Paladini ] wrath over said snub by P,P. even declaring thet P,P. stands to make £2, mill, as commision on the sale, !!!!.

      Think what you will upon that last sentence, but can you imagine P,P’s fury on hearing THAT, made public, !!!!!!!!. It is a farce, from start to finish, — God help us if the Italians do suceed in buying us, .

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Surely the better response to make is GOOD. Don’t want those guys anywhere near Stans, and I would rather struggle along the way we are than potentially drop ourselves further into the mire with that joker and his clan on board. I need convincing in one sentence why Paladini is worth considering cos at the moment I could write an essay on why we should steer well clear…

  • Asif ashiq says:

    I dont think pannu wants to sell full stop til afta selling redmond and butland and siphoning the money to mr yeung.

  • blueboy88 says:

    There is something very wrong with all this on , off , on again..

    However there is no such thing as bad publicity..

    Stalking Horse ?

    Daily Mail claiming Pannu was going to trouser 2million + –

    Paladini maintained that he had proof that the deal was some way down the line and even said agreement had been reached over Pannu’s cut – understood to be in excess of £2m – as evidence that the two sides had been in negotiations.

    In the words of Victor Meldrew…..

    • Letsby Avenue says:


      ……and you believe Paladini?

      The man reported to the FA for mis-represnting himself as the new owner of Forest, when he tried to acquire Peterborough’s manager ?

      In any deal, percentages will be placed for certain facillitators, i.e. Pannu.
      In a transfer of a player, his agent. And so on.

      In Paldini’s bid, there may be such a fee for facillitating, rather than an agreement between Peter and Gianni as the inference make out.
      What’s that work out as—6% — seems a bit high– still it isn’t Palidini’s money is it?


  • Evesham Blue says:

    Paladini is just trying to speed up a deal. Depends who is most desperate really. Does CY have to sell before his trial? I seriously doubt he has any more suitors. It’s Paladini or nobody.

    I just want to get shot of current owners. I am fed up with PP’s lawyer statements which dont tell us anything and are very ambiguous. Think he is playing a very risky game if there is only one serious party prepared to up the ante.

    How many times do they put us through this uncertainty to save their face?

    One thing is for sure – CY will cling on like a drowning man. This is turning into a divorce settlement at this rate.I’ll believe it when it happens. Paladini will be pulling out if this is not sorted soon.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    A different consideration might be that BIHL are in breach of the HK stock exchange rules – again!

    Assuming the take over offer has been made for BIHL’s only notable asset, why hasn’t BIHL made a statement to the exchange. Trading of their shares has been suspended but this doesn’t exempt them from complying with the listing rules.

    If I’m correct the only way Pannu can prevent further HK Stock Exchange sanctions is by denying the bid, then making a Stock Exchange announcement.

  • Art Watson says:

    What incentive will the supporters have now to turn up on Saturday and how will all this affect the players?

  • bluenose 11 says:

    go on then and at the same time perhaps you would enlighten us as to who else is willing to drag us out of the mire

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Who says we need to jump at the first sign of a suitor who would very clearly be worse for us long term than staying where we are?

    Sorry but you won’t sell me on Paladini coming in.

  • james says:

    comment edited

  • Jay Sidney says:

    I’m starting to think there’s more than enough evidence here to believe the way Gianni Paladini goes about his business is the sort of clownish and embarrassing stuff Blues fans need like a hole in the head.

    Is the Paladini bid the only game in town? Maybe – but only at the moment. I repeat what I said earlier: Colin Tattum reported no less than FOUR interested parties were looking at Blues as recently as a two or three months ago. One of ’em seems to have gone cold but what of the others? Going into administration would be a kick in the teeth – not least as Blues can ill afford to lose 10 points.

    However, does anybody care to go back to 1992-93? Blues went into administration then and, although I was no fan of those who took over (Sullivan and the Gold brothers), that period in the club’s history did herald some sort of upturn in the club’s fortunes. It was just a pity those owners didn’t invest in the club to try and get Blues to the higher level Steve Bruce talked about wanting to get to when he managed BCFC.

  • Cypriotblue says:

    Im amazed at some of the comments. All has been done correctly. Pannu announced to the HKSE that they are in talks and now paladini says he is pulling out…..vindicating the comment that talks are not active, and no announcement to the HKSE as their has not been any agreement. I dont want paladini, this way of doing business is a joke, and doesnt bode well

    • Agent McLeish says:

      Agree totally. I’m sick of the crap that Paladini keeps peddling. Wish he’d stop talking rubbish and just clear off. Journo’s shouldn’t provide him with a mouthpiece either.

  • LJ says:

    All this takeover talk nonsense is just annoying now, The club is truly a mess its just depressing lets hope someone with some brains buys blues.


  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Tatts ought to suss out that he’s being played on this

    One minute he knows stuff he can’t divulge, next minute he divulges stuff which in less than an hour turns out to be untrue. Now he wouldn’t have said Paladini pulls out unless someone close if not the man himself a/ told him and b/ told him it was OK to print.

    • Merseypete says:

      You can hardly blame Tattum for reporting things that he is told on the record. He’s a reporter. On the whole, although there is a lot of interesting, intelligent speculation here, I have to say that ever has so much been written with so little knowledge. We only know what’s been said and that’s hardly anything. It reminds me a bit of Kremlinologists in Soviet Union days trying to make sense of what was going on behind the scenes on the basis of a few hints here and there. All I can say is that PP is trying to do the best for himself and BIH. Which is different to doing the best for Blues.

  • Cypriotblue says:

    If we could get 10 to 12 mil for redmond, which has been muted, lets sell him and carry on. I assume that would be enough, especially as man city could pay it all up front. Hope we do not sell Butland, he has saved us so many times this season. Paladini saying it is up to Pannu to approach him now is out and out ridiculous, just trying to pass on the blame for what I assume is an underfunded bid by who knows who

  • Cypriotblue says:

    It says inthe daily mail that pannu was getting a 2m quid “commission” from this deal according to paladini. I cannot see that this is legal, given Pannus position in BIHL, and I assume it is being said to discredit pannu. It is getting to be a real cat and mouse game, and no one wins

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Nice work if you can get it

    Dan on a different note I have been tasked with setting up a blog and would value a chat with you cos I aint got a clue at the minute.

    Any chance?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Cheers Mate

    Will do

  • Jay Sidney says:

    Just wondering about my previous remark re administration. Would it mean selling top young players like Jack Butland and Nathan Redmond (maybe a couple more)? The signs are not good here and Blues have surely sold more than enough of their better players in recent times so I ain’t sure about admin now, although nobody could really turn down a combined total of something like £20 million for JB and NR.

    This said, Gianni Paladini’s frankly clownish and unprofessional public behaviour concerning Blues is surely an unwelcome embarrassment. If it is an indication of how a Paladini-led consortium would actually RUN the club in the event of it taking charge, it tends to make the mind boggle…

    I just wonder if the outcome of Carson Yeung’s impending trial in Hong Kong might unearth hitherto unknown options. Does anybody have any thoughts on this last point?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Can someone explain to me how Blues are worth about £20m when we could IMO get that for Butland and Redmond.

    I also don’t buy into Paladini who comes across as an obnoxious loud mouth.

  • Ronnie Bluenopse says:

    Why is Pannu sticking with Clark? He is reducing the saleability of the blues week after week, We are hanging on a cliff to league one and will fall at this rate.
    Surely if Pannu wanted to play for the highest return he would concentrate on changing the manager as we are lacklustre rubbish at present.

    PANNU, Sort it out else you won t get £!5mil.

    Royal blue forever!

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