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The Brick Wall: Hull City Match Reflections

Here are my reflections on the match between Blues and Hull City

1) That corner we had turned
Well, if Blues had turned the corner they slammed straight into a brick wall. 3-0 down after a half-hour so and once again, it looked ugly. I really did think the crowd were going to turn against Clark but weirdly everyone bar the manager got the brickbats. First it was the players – “What the f*cking hell is this?” and “You’re not fit to wear the shirt”; then it was the owner “We don’t care about Carson” but not one chant (that I could hear anyway) of Clark Out.

What makes it really galling is if we’d have played with the urgency shown at 0-3 from the start we’d have won at a canter. Blues didn’t look that poor from a technical sense, they were just slow and ponderous whilst Hull hit with lightning quick counterpunches. I said before the game it would all be about tempo and so it transpired.

2) Ravel Morrison
Absolute credit to the young lad today, he was brilliant. Whoever gave the MOTM award to Burke needed their eyes testing because Ravel was in a league of his own. Great technique for his goal, good passing and most pleasing of all a really high work rate going backwards as well as forwards – Morrison gave his all today. He’s gone from a sulky teenager to the maestro in the middle of the park – if he keeps playing like this he’ll truly fulfil what is a prodigious talent.

3) Nikola Zigic
I heard two kids on the bus slagging off Zigic on the way home – were they watching the same game? Both goals for us came via knockdowns from the Serb as he continually won the ball in the air – all in the face of some terrible pushes and whatnot in front of a ref who had an absolute shocker. He never stopped working, trying to make something happen and you can see how desperately he wants a goal. I hope he gets one soon because he’s been immense in his last three games.

4) Mitch Hancox
Another great little cameo from the full back; two superb crosses, lots of running, desire and commitment. You can see why Clarky loves him – he’s got heart and a great attitude and I sincerely think he’s well on the way to making it fully in a Blues shirt. It was interesting too (in the light of criticism of Clark not playing the kids) that when Murphy got injured Clark opted for the youngster instead of Ibanez and shifting across Robinson. Hancox’ pace and attacking ability probably had a lot to do with that but it shows that Clark rates the lad.

5) The ref
I don’t want people to think I’m blaming the team’s misgivings on the ref… but my God he was awful. Missed at least two blatant pens, continually missed pushes in the back, fouls, and then blew up for Blues doing the same. Strictness or a laissez-faire attitude is fine in a ref if they apply it consistently to both teams and this guy didn’t. He was abetted by two fairly inept linos which didn’t help the situation much either.

Is the revival over? I honestly don’t know. I don’t even know if Blues had any options in defence as Ibanez isn’t any quicker than Caldwell or Robbo and it would have been a massive call to throw in Packwood. There is hope that Blues can do something – the way they came back was good BUT they have to start playing with urgency from the start. If they can’t do that they’re doomed to failure.

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75 Responses to “The Brick Wall: Hull City Match Reflections”

  • Stuart Roberts says:

    I must agree eith everything you have posted. I actually thought we played well.
    We are too slow and with King continually offside, the lads have stopped playing through to him to enable the lazy sod to get back onside.
    I thought robbo is also worthy of a mention. Yes he is slow, but his commitment, especially second half was immense. If only Burke had a quarter of his commitment!!

    • mortonsblue says:

      Sorry Stuart can’t agree on King I thought he worked really hard and didn’t get caught offside until midway through the first half. Zigic as well has a great game, the problem is that we have no pazce in the team the defence is so old and slow teams dance through us. We have no energy or pace in midfield and fail constanly to close down or pressure teams. Clarke must take the blame for continually picking Mullins and Elliot and not playing Diop. Oh and by the way the ref was shocking they surely must be accountable for missing 2 blatant handballs in the box and he missed numerous pushes on our players.

    • fingles says:

      I thought King worked his socks off. There are two problems Clark can deal with,1)Playing a high line with the slowest defence in the division 2)Players in midfield who can neither defend nor create (Mullins and Elliot)

      Other than that, if the club can be sorted out to give a chance for some quicker defenders to be brought in, but that is out of Clark’s hands.

  • RUPERT says:

    So you didnt hear the Tilton singing “Youre not fit to manage Blues” ?IT was after we went 0-3 down. The clown that is clark got away with it a bit by two goals, If the club could afford it this comedian would have been sacked by now,

    • Alex T says:

      I didn’t hear that… I heard, ‘your not fit to wear the shirt’ at that moment’ and the carson song and then a cracking rendition of KRO…. which considering the circumstances was amazing and is why I love this club!

    • James Black says:

      Rupert. I think your comment is about as helpful and useful as a comedian at a funeral. Why not drag us down further and encourage mutiny, attack confidence levels and just generally carry bad vibes to the game. Were getting there. No realistic minded person believes this is going to be our year. This is a season where we hold on till the ownership issue is sorted out, and building for the future. Clarke does not have a wad of money at his disposal and is slowly improving things and learning from mistakes (which we all make sometimes) and although some of his signings haven’t gelled, they have had to be loans and past sell by date players. Yet Morrison is coming good and his giving youth a chance. I cant wait for the day that it turns round so that the likes of you are forced to shut up and please stop going to the match, your negativity is not helpful. Please if your so unhappy, don’t go because your attitude does more harm than good.

  • andy says:

    Zigic and Morrison were our best players with Zigic creating both Blues goals. As for any anti-clark brigade, im afraid he cannot be judged until the mess, and im fed up of saying it, yes the mess at the club is sorted out. Its this and this alone which has filtered down and has ultimately affected our season. There is enough within the squad to keep our heads above water in this League but any player sales in January to keep the club afloat could end in disaster come May. Fingers crossed the ownership is sorted very soon.

    • bluenose 11 says:

      im afraid your right whilst i am not convinced about clark i do feel its a little harsh to judge the bloke when there has been so much uncertainty around the club. lets not forget when he took the job there where hardly a string of hungry successful managers (or many other kinds for that matter) banging the door down for an interview. he took on a very hard job and if he can keep us up this season with all this going on then he will have done ok. yes we all want more but if this paladini consortium dont get in then players will be sold which will be a disaster imo

  • Art Watson says:

    Just take a look at Clarks record and our current league position and then tell me he’s fit to manage the Blues.He has to be one of the worst managers Blues have had in the history of the club.

    I’ve said before on this blog he’s a fake and the results are exposing him for what he is.

  • Terry says:

    The sooner the dumbos realise the blame is down to the appalling way this club has been run by owners who don’t give a stuff the better. Why do you think Hughton bolted? It will not get any better until Yeung and Pannu have gone.

  • Art Watson says:

    I agree but do you think Blues would be in a similar position under Houghton.?

    Our home record and total goals conceaded is attrocious and has little to do with ownership.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      I reckon we’d be worse off.

      The traitorous little get would never have played the young lads who are fast becoming integral to our team.

      When we need him most he walked


      • Kaje says:

        Come on Paul, your knowledge is better than that.

        You say he wouldn’t play ‘the kids’, but who started playing Mutch more last season, making him into a fairly integral part of our midfield?

        Not to mention bringing Redmond through, straight into the first team in some big games – in which we were rewarded with assists, goals and a fantastic prospect.

        Hughton would most definitely have played youngsters, he’s known for it.

      • NooBloo says:

        Thats the most negative thing I have ever heard levelled towards Chris Hughton in his time at Blues.

        The man got offered the chance to manage in the premiership. We paid him less than half a million pounds for his years work and we got £2million compensation for him from Norwich.

        We got a great years worth of football and £1.5 profit on him. I think you owe Mr Hughton an apology Paul

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Houghton? Who’s he, as for Hughton the messiah according to some of you…, how poor were we in the playoffs.

    • John says:

      Hughton didn’t have the problem of injuries. His back four was the same for the the first 5 months of last season, Clark hasn’t had that luxury. I’m quite sure Clark dose not tell them to play as slow as the are doing, with Caldwell really struggling for pace. The whole team needs to liven themselves up,they don’t appear to be able to get their football brains,into gear !

  • Tonytiler says:

    Again a spot on account and honest opinion on yesterday’s game. My only critisium with 10 mins to go. And murphy injured , if ch had still been in charge he would have played 3 at the back and tried to force the equaliser , saying that I like hancox and as lc is manager he probably thought we may have pulled it back. ,

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I totally enjoyed the game. We created more chances in the first half then I’ve seen for some time and I thought Hull were fortunate to get the first. Didn’t see the 2nd but heard Caldwell got done for speed, well it happens. Bit of a mare to go down to 0-3 and of course then the boo boys seized their chance only to look bloody stupid in the 2nd half when we were excellent but still there were boos at the end. I hope all those who walked out at 3-0 keep walking into town round the ring road and down to Aston.

    Do these people have any concept of the meaning of the word support? When you’re team are 3-0 down that’s when you get behind them most. We were legendary for it at one time and I was bought up never to boo and I’ve told my lad if I ever hear him boo it will be his last game.

    Instead of looking for the negatives I saw the positives out there of which there were many. Zigic in particular made my day with a real old fashioned centre forwards display unhelped by the ref. He can play like that every week and he must. Morrisons and Kings finishes were quality and I think that’s Marlon on double figures now and it aint even December yet. The desire at times in the 2nd half was absolutely excellent as we kept the ball, took it to Hull time and time again and won it back when we lost it. Mitch Hancox was a little dynamo, comfortable on the ball, great distribution and a desire to get on with it as Brucey found out.

    As I say I really loved the game yesterday. So we lost? That happens in football but playing like that we’re mid table all day long. We’re only 3 points away from it now and also for those who haven’t realised 7 points from the drop zone. Roll on the next 2 away games against teams who are only 3 points ahead of us.

    • Bluehobba says:

      Well said Paul, If the game had finished when they scored their 3rd, we would have said no way were they 3 goals better than us.Two mistakes and a free header cost us and as said, how the lino and ref missed the hand ball when jumping with Zigic god only knows. I thought both Mullins and Elliott had good games and Robbo wore his shirt with pride. We ain’t doing a lot wrong but getting punished for every mistake we make. The marking for the third goal was abysmal (free header). Conceding three goals just left us far too much to do. Still, it was an enjoyable game and getting points between now and over the festive season will be crucial as to how the season pans out. KRO .

      • Tana says:

        Elliott had a good game !!!!!!!!!!!!! Christ Bluebubba where do you stand ?

        • Bluehobba says:

          You have your opinion I have mine..I watched from the Main Stand how about you!?. Yes he gave the ball away for the second goal but what else did he do wrong? He didn’t score no but neither did Nathan when he came on. Like most they did okay and some did better. Mullins did nothing wrong either and broke up play well but didn’t have a bad game. Too many people criticise the same old players week in week out and probably listen to people around them. Remember Keith Fahey last season. Booing Mullins in the team announcements is wrong but you pay your money and you are entitled to your opinion. Butland didn’t have a great game, did nothing wrong but more so, didn’t have much to do.

    • Paulo says:

      Hear Hear Paul ..and Bluehobba!

  • jeffwealands says:

    Well said Paul Carter, I’ve always been amazed with the abuse handed down to the team at times. I mean what is the point in paying money to support a team and then hand out counter productive behaviour. I know it is not exclusive to the blues but I do feel we are one oif the worst offenders in this respect.

    I’m glad you saw the positives and enjoyed the game

  • tony says:

    Yesterdays game is a pefect example of our season so far.The defence is set to high up concidering they are too slow and if you get goal side of cauldwell then its a free shot at goal which has happened far to often this season.Morrison was the best player for us by a countrymile and i thought king ran his whatsits off.Zigic put himself about as he does andmost of his flick ons just went to hull players.He put in more effort than he usually does and i could see him getting sent off again with a few of his usual late challenges and a totally useless ref.All in all we played well for 5 minutes either side of half time.the first 40 was on a par with barnsley and the 2nd half was a non event until the last 10 minutes and even then we rarely troubled their keeper.
    The alarming thing for me is that bristol city apart then we could have easily lost every other home game and people still blame the behind the scenes on dreadful tactics, poor defending and lack of effort …

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      No chance

      • tony says:

        lol voice of spurting out the same drivel more like

        we were out played by peterborough at home,bolton at home,charlton at home,leicester at home,humiliated by a poor barnsley team.Lets face it we probably should have been 2-0 against the mighty barnet.
        As for yesterdays game everytime hull broke we looked like we were struggling especially in the first 40 minutes.Mullins sits in midfield but how much protection has he been to the defence this season..rabbit in headlights (slow rabbit)and as awful as hes been this season you can only blame lc for continually picking him..I’ve read on here people think we played well and it was a good game,compared to some of the dross we’ve had to sit through then maybe yes.If as the home team you expect the team to be up for it,put in 90 minutes of effort,have an organised back for and a gritty midfield that at the very least will put in a shift for the shirt then if you think that happened yesterday your delluding yourself.
        20 minutes of effort doesn’t equate to 35 minutes of poor football and 25 minutes of huff and puff where we rarely troubled their keeper.This of course is my opinion and as i’ve been to every game home and away this season i’m giving,i don’t boo the team and i don’t right condascending comments on others posts calling myself some half arsed name to try and justify that my comments are more correct than anyone elses..

  • Paulo says:

    I saw loads of positives in the match. Robinson was a life saver at times, Burkey did well, but was just unable to be fed and continually hounded. Zigic was not at his best, but was delivering well, and again, continually marked. King was going for it, and I will even say that I saw some good passes from Mullins. I know a lot of players always get unmentioned in responses, but there was some good play ..the moment the urgency set in, which strangely was ‘before’ half time! (Thus eliminating LC and his dads army from any credit). Morrison was first class and should have been MOTM, his passion and his wild card nature just make him fit right in at blues. Now, as for young Mitch ..quality. Again, he is always going to see a red mist during a game (just like Ravel), and his attitude to Steve Bruce to get the ball off him was quality, it put Brucey well in his place.
    To be honest, we rattled Hull, and we put up a fight. At times I thought we could have been 4-0 or 5-0 down. Then, as the game went on, I thought we could have drawn 3-3, but then I also thought we could win this. Maybe a moment of madness, with LC in charge, but it was a shame they set the pace initially and we just played like it was a kick about in the park.
    Here’s an observation for you …Steve Bruce keeping well quiet when his guys were getting away with murder, and he knew it ..then clapping when the ref’s decisions went his way. THEN, coming up to the ref, in front of blues fans just by the tunnel, and shaking the ref’s hand and being very nice. Read into that what you will.
    I didn’t come away from that match as dissapointed as I thought.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Went to the game and enjoyed it despite the result. It’s pretty obvious what is wrong with the team. It has no pace, LC continues playing his favourites and senior players out of position.

    Robinson CB when you have Ibanez on the bench who is a recognized CB?
    Caldwell no pace and LC has made him his captain?
    Why is Mullins in the team?
    Why is Elliot playing out on the left?

    Finally. If you have CB who are slow you dont try to play a high offline trap when the opposition has pace. You drop deep so they dont get in behind you.

    Sorry but LC picks this team and the tactics they play. It doesnt look like they know what they are doing.

    Having said that – King was immense again. Looks like he is one of the few who give a damn.

    I like the look the Morrison as well. I think tho – he needs a midfield enforcer in beside him.

    • surreybluenose says:

      Thank you for pointing out that everything yesterday was Clark’s fault. He obviously told the team to let Hull have a 3 goal start and for Elliott to pass the ball straight to a Hull player for the second goal. He obviously told them not to have a single shot on target once we got back to 3-2. He obviously asked the Football League to appoint a referee who was incompetent, out of his depth and worst of all biased against Blues in general and Zigic in particular. He must have seen the 2 penalty incidents and ignored them or he was the only person in the stadium who missed them.

    • Alex T says:

      Hi EB,
      I have to disagree with you on a few counts there…

      Re. Robinson at CB…. Yes, he is slow, but he was immense yesterday, and Ibanez aint exactly the Roadrunner either
      Re. Caldwell being captian… Not sure pace has anything to do with it. He is the most experienced player in the team, so that probably accounts for it
      Re. Elliot on the left…. Unfortunately, Redmond is going through a pretty awfull spell at the moment, so until he regains form, that spot will belong to Elliot.

      Everything else, I pretty much agree


      • Evesham Blue says:

        Fair enough. I think Hughton played the defence deep. You have to play to the strengths of the players. Legging it after Aluko is not one of them.

        Robinson is a left back not a CB. Played out of position. Plus I think Caldwell is playing on the wrong CB side as a result. Did Blues catch Hull offside yesterday playing up the park? LC plays this defence and its not working.

        Mullins. Not good enough. Elliot like him and has skill but winger he is not. Agree re Redmund. Perhaps Hancox down the flank is a better option?

        Point being to all of you. LC is picking this team. He has had 17 games to get it right. He is failing.

        I dont think I am being unreasonable in thinking we should be doing rather better with what we have. Forget lack of money.

        You can set up a team so you are not shooting yourself in the foot every week. Does LC learn?
        It aint the players mate – it’s the coaching. We pay the manager to do just that.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Robinson CB when you have Ibanez on the bench who is a recognized CB?
      Caldwell no pace and LC has made him his captain?
      Why is Mullins in the team?
      Why is Elliot playing out on the left?

      These 4 all played in the draw against Blackburn and the victories over Bristol at home and Leeds away.

      Some you win, some you lose.

  • DoctorD says:

    Interesting comments. Don’t feel too despondent — and quite nice also that the Viler lost 5-0….

  • Art Watson says:

    You make some reasonable points but how about the other 16 games / the number of goals conceaded/our appalling home record and only 20 points gained from 17 games -this can’t always be the fault of the players/the referee or the owners.LC and his staff are earning big bucks and are not delivering the results and may I also point out that loyal office staff are losing their jobs as a subsequence and yet he continues to keep his.

    Something wrong somewhere!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    What office staff? Proof please?

    We are 3 points off mid table. What were you expecting this season?

    A fair wind and we’d be in the top half by now.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    lol. Paraphrase a quote from Sir Alex yesterday but you always have a chance if you keep it tight at the back. What chance do we have? I think we are more likely to flirt with relegation than the playoffs with our defensive qualities at the moment

  • Art Watson says:

    And a quote from LC a few weeks ago.

    “I never check their birth certificates before picking the team ”

    I wonder why we are being done for pace every week?

    And how about the numerous goals conceaded to set pieces by a static defence-just like the third goal yesterday.


  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I wonder why we are being done for pace every week?

    No need to wonder -we’re not

    And how about the numerous goals conceaded to set pieces by a static defence

    Remind me how many that is?

    Were you there yesterday?

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Paul, unfortunately there are people on here, and so called supporters in general, that appear to want us to fail, so they can say I told you so… As you say some people have a funny way of showing support!

  • Blueboy88 says:

    As a rule of thumb to judge the overall strength of a squad you would look to see how many of the players would get into one of the top 4 or 5 teams within the league.

    So over the expressway the answer would be Nil.

    However at Blues I would suggest the following would be coveted by the leading teams in the Championship
    Butland , Davies , Murphy, Morrison, Burke, King, Zigic, Redmond …..

    Everybody can therefore accept that the squad is good enough to compete comfortably in this league , so why have Blues only got

    9pts from the last 9 games – Relegation form ?

    Lost 4 of the 9 games played at home ?

    Simply the players are good enough , but under performing , so who’s fault is that ?

  • Art Watson says:

    Lack of defensive pace and failing to defend from set pieces is not only my view but is also shared by Micheal Johnson during yesterday’s radio commentary.As I live in Cyprus it’s not possible to attend the games but Im not blindly passionate and only express my concerns about the current management team.


    Under new ownership would you keep Clark sor would you replace him.?

  • Louise says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t agree that we’re a mid table team. We should have built on the finish last season and looked to improve it. Unfortunately, our results and points tally tell you we’re on relegation form. The only major change from last season is the manager and the buck stops with him.

    Get him out now before we’re joining Coventry next season!

  • givenupblue says:

    Has is gone yet? Pathetic and even more pathetic if you stick up for this clown. (Clark)

    What a circus this club has finally become.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Our results and points tally tell you we’re on relegation form

    No they don’t

  • Richard Granfield says:

    What really was gutting was another Blues old boy Aluko scored against us,following DJ Campbell efforts earlier.
    I am old enough to remember Bob Latchford,who always seemed to score against us and more recently AJ Johnson when with Crystal Palace.

    • RichardM says:

      And to rub salt into the wind Richard – who said he wasn’t good enough and let him go……..

      Step forward Mr Potato Head himself – Steve Bruce!!!!

      • almajir says:

        Two things.

        It wasn’t Bruce who let Aluko go, it was McLeish.

        Also, anyone who saw Aluko at the time (like I did) wouldn’t have argued. He was a lightweight winger who needed the time he had in Scotland to blossom. He’d never have got that at Blues.

        • Bluenosejohn says:

          Both Bruce and Aluko in interviews have said his release by Blues was not a surprise. Sometimes players kick on after going- there is a much longer list of those who don’t. Good luck to the lad, he is positive about the time spent here and in fairness so has Bruce been about his.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    When we were 0-3 down yesterday. I commented that we werent losing because the players had not turned up and predicted that we would pull it back, I was nearly right and if it wasnt for an appalling referee we could have won. I thought that Spector had a blinder and wandered who this new right winger was! Ravel Morrison – what a gem he is becoming. The atmosphere has definitiely improved the last three home games. I am personally bored s***less by the off field shannanigans. My aspirations for the season are to end up 10 points clear of the bottom 3 to offset any impact from potential administration and to see a few enjoyable perfomances along the way. To that extent, we are 7 points clear of the bottom and I really enjoyed yesterday’s game. Keep the Faith and Keep Right On!

  • nicko says:

    we should of got something out of the game i thought jack should have come for the 3rd goal also nobody has mentioned what has happened to murphy is he carrying a knock he is not the player of last year elliot should not start at home away yes but we need an inform redmond on that wing with burke on the other king needs to get in the box more for the knock downs from zidic 3 times yesterday he headed the balls in the box nobody there the 2 times there was morrison and king in there we scored and got to agree how did the referee not give that hand ball in the first half

  • Art Watson says:


    I agree and that’s exactly what LC promised to do at the start of the season.

    As for relegation,

    Do you think that under LC this team will have the bottle to fight relegation?

    I don’t

    • Louise says:

      Art, no!- not under this manager anyway!

    • Chris Smith says:

      I don’t think we’ll be in a relegation scrap. LCs tactics haven’t really changed in all the games and away form has been better than home, but the boys have been playing better at home. of recent. From what I saw yesterday the team did pretty well, though mullins going missing for most of the game didn’t help. In fact that cause untold problems for murphy and elliot, also robinson trying to get the ball away. It was ten men against 11 for most of the game, Mullins playing half of the second half. The reason Elliot gave away that ball was because the man in LCM wasn’t there to get the ball to. That was Mullins. Robinson and Murph got caught with the ball for the first goal because Mullins wasn’t there to get the ball forward. I lost count of the amount of times that he was off hovering around the wrong side of the pitch, gazing at space he should have been moving into and observing murphy, robinson and elliot try to do the job of four men. As for the mentions of why not play Ibanez yesterday, if he isn’t fully fit and gets injured we’re back to square one. What good is that?

      It was a 50/50 game, and to be honest we could do with having Elliot or Diop in centre midfield and Lovenkrands on the left wing, but then we have to replace strikers of which we have three and few options if there are any midfield injuries. Redmond has been patchy, so I can see why he comes on as a sub. The kids can’t play full games, good as some of them could come, they haven’t got it in to play 70 or 80 minutes week in week out, and are prone to making mistakes on accounts of experience, as they get more game time that will help. Thing is LC hasn’t done that badly, if he’s kept us in the league at the end of the year he’s done his job. Lets face it, the club in it’s current situation is relegation material. We won’t be in the playoffs this year as the squad is stuffed; lack of cover, injuries and no money.

      The ref was awful, a lot of offsides given that didn’t appear to be. Also the centrebacks on Ziggy and MK didn’t help. I do get the feeling that we’re going to have to get some sort of enforcer situation going on to deal with that, someone like robinson to muscle up with the opposition and give ziggy a bit more freedom from set pieces.

  • Art Watson says:

    Almajir ,

    The point I’m making about staff losing their jobs is a very valid point because their jobs depend on the success of the club and the clubs financial performance against this years operating budget.Staffing levels are geared to gate and commercial revenue which v last year must be declining because LC is failing to achieve the results.

    I wish this was not the case but sadly under the continued managment of LC it is and his contract no doubt will protect him from any personal financial loss.

    Wish it was the case for the poor sods losing their jobs through his incompetnce.

  • steve evans says:

    Art, your comment sounds like backtracking in the face of questioning.

    What started off as a statement of fact – “loyal office staff are losing their jobs” to a more generalised case of what will happen if finaces don’t improve. Two completely different things.

    Simple question. Do you know that people have lost their jobs – not if’s buts and maybes – people sacked?

  • john says:

    with regards to the ref; who was at least poor; and in light of the FA’s comments on raceism; has any ‘number cruncher’ ever looked at the ratio of free kicks awarded to white as oppose to black forwards. For me; and I may be biased; but King gets very little awarded for him, by refs; whereas when watching other games; white players seem to get a greater number of decisions in their favour.

    • Paulo says:

      john ..I think that is a subject that irrelevant and irrespective to what is going on. We have fair referees and we have useless referees. The game has evolved with regards to colour, and as many subjective blogs on here report ..we at Birmingham City often fall into the hands of piss poor refereeing decisions, both home and away.
      I could name many refs who blues fans are not fond of, but one I await is none other than Mr Brendan Malone. The clown who sent Murphy off with a red card for genuinly nothing last season.
      We suffered yesterday and we will suffer again, thats all. Race and colour have nothing to do with it …honestly. To be honest, there will always be a reflection of this, if statistics are to be delved into, as football is so intergrated nowadays. Facts could probably be found on how many Irish or Scottish players have had not had free kicks or penalties awarded.
      Keep calm mate..

      • Bluenosejohn says:

        Can’t see this ref could be accused of anything to do with colour when he proved totally incapable of seeing a bright yellow arm trying to play basketball half the time. If we never get this guy again it will be too soon.

  • givenupblue says:

    Have you gone yet? Come on Clark your days are numbered. JUST GO, NOW.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    In the end that’s another home game we’ve lost. The goals we conceded were poor and despite the huffing and puffing we didn’t look like we would win the game. The person who said we need a midfield enforcer has got it spot on. Until we control possession we will always struggle. I’d play Packwood in the Mullins role and Hancox at left wing. Why aren’t we using Zigics height properly. Most of the crosses were put in too low. cross higher and only one man is going to win it.

    • Chris Smith says:

      A “midfield enforcer” isn’t what I’m talking about. Google Ice Hockey and Enforcer you’ll see an extreme version of what I mean. I was talking about someone to help get the backs from constantly fouling ziggy and getting away with it, not just a tough tackler who can hold a ball up. Say scott robinson ‘missing’ one of the flying headers he’s so keen on and dropping one of the offending CBs to the deck, a few over the cinder track body checks. Stuff like that, but no full on punch ups.

  • macca salop blue says:

    I thought King was out of order bawling Elliott out after he’d lost the ball. First of all Elliott had no where to go, no one was showing, we were static, yes he still shouldn’t have lost it but, look where he lost it…just inside their half, they still had a lot to do from that position, so where was the rest of the team? Our defence got turned too easy. Caldwell & Robinson great at the back in an aerial battle but get someone to turn them and they’re chasing shadows. There was no need for King to humiliate Elliott the way he did. Also apart from the one tackle that earned Zigic a yellow card I can’t honestly work out what other infringements Zigic was guilty of? He was immense in the air yesterday, but seems nearly every opponent and referee have it in for him, I just can’t see what he’s doing that is so bad. Maybe it’s what he says…in bad English that’s the problem?

  • […] my beloved Blues let themselves down again this weekend and the result against Hull belied what is a serious problem at the club that will not be solved […]

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