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Gone Wrong

One of the most perplexing things about the run of results this season is the sea change in the way Blues have played in comparison to last time out under Chris Hughton. A team that was a solid defensive unit seems to shipping goals with alarming regularity now and the attack looks seemingly devoid of pace and skill. How has it all gone wrong?

I think of the key things that has changed is the personnel within the team. I don’t ascribe to the notion that this is basically the same team as last year. For example, last year Blues had a proper left winger available for the majority of games in the season in either Jean Beausejour or Andros Townsend – whereas this season Blues have been more dependent on players “doing a job” like Wade Elliott and Nathan Redmond. The team has aged a year which has caused changes in defence, where Steven Caldwell looks a shadow of the player of last season, and players who have struggled to string consecutive good seasons in their career like Curtis Davies or Chris Burke have followed previous form and can’t replicate the wonders of the previous campaign.

What’s more worrying is that the spirit in the camp has changed and confidence seems to have evaporated. Blues last year were typified as a “band of brothers”, a tight-knit bunch who kept going and going and for a while last autumn were capable of bouncing back from behind to win games with remarkable ease. This year early goals seem to cause heads to drop – it’s as if they’ve been exhorted not to concede and thus when it happens the belief that the game has been lost coalesces in their collective conscience because they think they’ve failed once again. It’s bizarre – there have been so many second periods where Blues have come back strongly and looked capable of winning games it’s become maddening that they seemingly have to concede to play with the kind of style that sees them score.

This is one of the key problems I think within the club. Again, this is just my belief but it seems that Clark has them so wound up about not conceding early that the team is playing more defensively than they need to to keep a clean sheet which means they’re not attacking as much as they can – mistakes get made and we fall behind. I think we as a fanbase and Clark as a manager has to accept our defence isn’t good enough and that we will concede – and instead encourage the team to attack and to outscore the opposition, particularly at home. I’m of the belief that a team that bombards the opposition with attacks and gets beaten with a suckerpunch goal or two would be given more credit than a team that defends as hard as it can, concedes and then valiantly tries to get the game back.

I think it’s fair to say Clark has made some serious errors in the transfer market – not just in the players he has signed but the positions that they play in. To start the season without a proper left midfielder, with no cover for the centre-backs and to now be in a position where an injury to one or two key players will leave Blues truly up the creek without a paddle is outrageous. Arguing financial constraints just makes it worse – if you’re short of money you don’t waste it on players you don’t need – and Blues didn’t need to sign Ambrose and Ravel when one would have done; they didn’t need to offer Diop a contract when it meant Clark had to practically beg for a small amount of money to bring in pacy player afterwards. To pursue a left back that struggles to be first-choice for the reserves for two weeks just beggars belief especially when you consider that a promising left back within the club was available and has improved massively this season.

People look at a takeover as the panacea for Blues ills and whilst investment will certainly quieten the wolves at the door and lessen the chances of players leaving I fear that it will take a lot longer to fix what is a broken squad. Blues have just nine senior players who have a contract expiry after the end of this season (Jack Butland, David Murphy, Hayden Mullins, Marlon King, Darren Ambrose, Peter Lovenkrands, Nikola Zigic, Nathan Redmond, and Curtis Davies) which indicates that there could be well another maelstrom of player turnover come May. Blues will go into the second half of the season with a massive proportion of the squad not knowing what their futures could hold and whilst it will no doubt inspire some players to improve to win a new deal (or a move) it can go the wrong way and cause players to take their eye off the ball too.

I’ve spoken before about a malaise surrounding the club and I think it’s affecting us all. It’s not just the depression of the club having no money and the results not going our way; the lack of movement from Hong Kong on investment is starting to cause impatience from the fanbase and whilst I personally thought the bedsheets that came out against Middlesbrough were shocking I suspect we’ll see more of that sort of thing the longer this goes on. All we can do is Keep Right On to the end of the road, and hope for a few more joys than sorrows in the second half of the season.

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59 Responses to “Gone Wrong”

  • poppa999 says:

    Spot on Dan. I know no one will like me for saying this, but although a good shot stopper I don’t think Butland is as commanding in his area as he could be, plus I think the ineffectual Mullins puts extra pressure on the defence at times. Mullins tends to shepherd players instead of tackling them.

    • chris says:

      This is why i have suggested recently that Doyle gets a run in the team, not because Butland is useless, because he isn’t, but because he is young and still learning and just needs time out, or to relieve any pressure he maybe feeling, plus doyle deserves to show what he can add, just as other players have come in and out the team this year.

  • DoctorD says:

    I wouldn’t get too despondent — there is such a fine line in football that if we’d had two extra wins under our belt s and we’d be ninth and people would be saying LC wasn’t so bad after all. OK the manner of our performances probably is more worrying than the points tally but I’m fairly optimistic.

  • daddyblue says:

    Not one mention of bad luck. Every time it bounces around the area it goes to one of their players, offside goals miss kicks and injuries to key players. You dont stand much chance with that going on and as for the kid in goal just watch what happens if they do sell him cause Doyle is crap, cost us the play offs last year. Kro4ever

    • nicky wicky says:

      Thats rubbish. The pitch was soaking wet and it was tipping down with rainon that day! Doyle made his debut at the same age as Butland and got the club promoted including saving a penalty. By the way he saved 3 penalties last year 2 against jaun mata of Chelsea. Most of the games he played last year were tough games and blues did well! How many penalties has Butland saved this year?

  • Chris Smith says:

    OK, a few points.

    “Blues didn’t need to sign Ambrose and Ravel when one would have done”

    It’s easier to sign central attacking than a left winger. If you want a proper left winger, who can cover the back and play as a striker (mandatory in my opinion for any in that role) then you pay the money. Blues don’t have the money. It’s like you want a good solid second hand car, if you have the money then you pay even after haggling however much off or you get something else. Thing is Elliot and Fahey can play left wing, but Fahey finds it difficult changing back from CM to left wing and vice versa (he’s said so before), Ambrose was aquired upon last seasons antics and hasn’t lived up meaning fahey is really in to cover that role now for RM. Fahey is off on compassionate.

    Mullins has mostly played as a back, but has also done DM. Thing is I get the impression he’s a lot like RJ was when he played, it explains why he hasn’t been as effective as we would have liked. I will give credit to the man though, he’s worked hard the past few games and got in there, I hope he keeps that up at a minimum. Diop is his cover and also cover for the backs, the fitness seems to have been an issue though if his morale boosting antics around the camp are to be believed then that may be part of the reason he came in too. And I think it has a lot to do with the somewhat revival of spirits on the pitch more recently if it is true.

    As for a left back that struggles for the reserves, may I point out that you have the PDL, not reserves. You need players that can keep up with Academy, we have BG from Chelsea and though he makes mistakes he could become a good cheap player. If they can knock the kinks out then LC will be laughing because on displays to date so far [Insert Chelsea Manager’s Name Here] won’t want him.

  • Oby says:

    Hi Dan, I know this is off topic but Col. has just posted this on the free fotum site Re-takeover, Ive taken a snippet from his post–
    ” If you are genuinely seeking any additional information I may have garnered then I can only say that I am aware that discussions with a Hong Kong group are in progress, are genuine and are likely to be completed well before Christmas”. Col.

  • Ted says:

    This is the most honest appraisal of Blues fortunes and clarke’s poor decisions I have read. It seems to me a good team is within our grasp with the players we have but they seem poorly marshalled, and some just poor – Mullins. I don’t understand LC’s decision making and I don’t think most bluenoses do either. This creates the disquiet. KRO

  • CRAIG78 says:

    Do u think ambrose not playing is anything to do with add on payments,at the time it said 250k with add ons with games played etc,just a thought cuz its strange that he would av got into most sides in this league and has been top scorer at palace for a few years from midfield,were he played wide left most the time yet he dont get any game time here,is he really that bad in training??

  • Art Watson says:

    Brillient appraisal-the real test of Clarks ability will come if the club sell a couple of key players in the Jan transfer window.Its looks more than likely that this will be necessary.

  • Paul Carter - The Peoples Favourite says:

    I’m not as down as most cos I’ve seen far worse.

    At times we’ve played really well at others dire. I keep saying it and said it at the start of the season, we’ll win some lose some.

    This is what happens with the kinds of average footballers we are able to sign. Those consistently good go elsewhere.

    I’m stumped as to when Blues fans started getting this aspiration of good football every week. We’ve been shite most of my life with the occasional bit of excitement. KRO everyone and rejoice that you are Blue.

    • almajir says:

      You sound like Jeff who sits behind me at the ground, calmest person I know.

      • Paul Carter - The Peoples Favourite says:

        Perspective is a great attribute Dan

        In football as in life there’s normally a good reason for where you find yourself.

        As I have a life long commitment to Blues these present shenanigans are just another page in a very long book (hopefully). If we were losing 6-0 every week I’d still be going. They’re in my heart and soul see and I love every minute of it. The peaks and troughs of following Blues are huge as recent years have shown, it’s important that your support never waivers. KRO

        • Ali Duncan says:

          I have to agree and I’m sure everybody on here will agree that in that last 20 odd years things have been pretty decent and at times very exciting. I don’t normally go in for comparisons but if you compare us to “you know who” we’ve had far more entertainment and club action. Since 1991 we’ve had 3 cup finals the excitement of multiple promotion and relegation battles, new owners, loads of different ground in three division to visit and a European campaign. All have given us many highs and lows in that time and if it’s time for a few more lows than highs for a little while (hopefully) then so be it. Purple patches have a way of balancing themselves out and like most people on here I’ll still continue to go even if at present we’re not seeing a glorious period in our clubs history.


        • Bluenosesol says:

          That’s strange but true! I recall when we went down to the third division there was initial despair that the Bluenose world had ended. In fact our path to promotion was quite an adventure. We got to see clubs we had only read about and every match was a great occasion for our opponents. If we can keep this squad together, we will be safe for another season. If we have a fire sale come January, then we can offload some of the deadwood, call on a few of the kids to step up and even sign a couple more gems like Caddis. If all that fails and releagtion comes calling, through admin or lack of capability, then we will renew our acquaintances with the likes of Coventry, have another adventure and in a year or two be prepared for another PL promotion push. The club that bears the name of the second city will noit be allowed to fail in the longer term. KRO.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Funny all this despondency at a time when it looks like we are turning the corner. The team needs gutting. How do you do that with no money?

    Next season will be the true test with all these players out of contract. Young players are the future. Are the academy players ready yet to step up?

  • daddybluenose says:

    i would like to know how packwood is doing in reserve games and training cus the kid looks very promising and surely could inject a little more energy and pace into our back line. the leaving out of hancox to me is mystifying with a left foot like that. seriously i think clark needs his head examibed with the choices he makes. kro

    • almajir says:

      Try reading my reserve reports ;)

      Packwood didn’t have the best of games on Tuesday but then again he was played out of position at right back. Whilst he is quicker than Pablo and Caldwell he’s not that quick by any means – it’s worth pointing out that “pacy” he isn’t.

      • Kaje says:

        I would actually like to see Packwood given a shot in his natural position of defensive central midfield, if Clark doesn’t rate Diop or Gomis for some reason then Packwood simply can’t be any worse than Hayden ‘Iron Man’ Mullins.

        Iron Man? No, not after the comic book character but after the iron statue in Brum that moves about as much as he does.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    There couldn’t be two more different characters than Hughton and Clark. Hughton understated,thoughtful,experienced coach (14 years at Spurs).
    Clark wears his heart on his sleeve,impulsive,lacks experience (14 years younger than Hughton).
    It must have come as a culture shock to the players,which,as yet,they haven’t come to terms with.
    When Clark is Hughton’s age he will be a first class manager,unfortunately he is learning his trade,and making mistakes,with Blues.

    • Kaje says:

      I’m not sure it’s as simple as saying that when Clark is older he’ll be as good a manager as Hughton. It certainly doesn’t work for players, or all managers for that matter, and Clark has made enough glaringly simple mistakes (even to those who have never managed before like you or I) to suggest he’s not going to be a good manager for a long, long, long time – if at all.

      I feel he’d have been better working his way through the ranks like Hughton had. Coach, Assistant Manager, Manager. It’s clear he hasn’t done that for any real length of time (first-team coach and reserve manager for one year, assistant manager for one year – neither are long enough) as, if he had, he’d have learnt from the mistakes of others.

      • Richard Granfield says:

        I understand your points Kaje,however there is no substitute for experience.The longer you do a job the more you learn….from your mistakes and life experiences.Then you get to a point where you are very experienced,but your motivation and enthusiasm wanes.The trick is to appoint a manager that has experience and motivation!

    • NooBloo says:

      Then I wish he would learn his trade at cheltenham or Aldershot or Hartlepool and make his mistakes there.

      if his mistakes send us down to league 1 then where is the money going to come from to get us back up.

      We are paying high wages to some players and to drop another division could be fatal.

      Look at Coventry, they are struggling to pay the rents on their ground in just one league lower.

      Im fed up with the give Clark a chance and we cant afford to sack him. We cant afford not to sack him because if we go down to league1, we could be there a long time because we would have to pay to sack him anyhow because he is on a rolling contract

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:


    Are you still of the opinion that CY and PP want to sell-up lock, stock and barrel??
    What would you say if they ‘only’ brought some investment into the club or retained a sizeable stake?? Could you still see us moving forward??

    It would seem that anyone who does come into the club will probably want to try and look short-term and get some players in, in the hope that we might still get promoted this season – as hard as it looks at the moment. There needs to be some long-term structures and planning taking place. I still get a suspicion that interested parties may still not view us as a project that will take time and are only after a fast buck.

    I know we’ve discussed this before, but I still believe that as fans if we could ever buy a stake in the club and move it all forward that way, we would help safeguard our future.

    • almajir says:

      The assumption would be that they will sell the club as a whole but it’s dangerous to second-guess anything that the current board do.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      But our fans couldnt wait to sell their shares to Yeung so this safeguard you allude to isn’t there,

      I’ve still got my shares. I didn’t sell.

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        Mr People / Voice of Reason

        How much of a percentage did we as fans own?? There is still just under 4% owned by fans.

        The only players in town at the time were the Gold and Sullivan duo and they sold out to CY for a healthy profit. The point I’m making is that if a viable option could be found whereas the fans owned, say for arguments sake, 25%, could we not then be in position to have a say as to the goings-on at the club and the strategic decisions made which would affect all of us?? Would not any potential buyer have to factor in that they would need to ‘deal’ with us as part of any future deal?? Not just put money into the club but have an investment as a stakeholder which would given more reason to ensure nothing untoward happened?? Imagine having a rep on the Board who would report back to us??

        A self-sufficient club that does not need a benefactor to keeping it liquidated and supporters as substantial shareholders to guard its future.

        • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

          Our shareholders apart from Sully and Gold were mainly fans. The offer of a £1 a share made em sell to a hairdresser with no traceable wealth. Lots of these moaning forget about that. They were happy to take Carsons dough but now call him for everything. To be honest they would have sold to anybody. A few of us didn’t

          This fans collective you’re on about? You’re kidding yourself mate. Our fans cant even be bothered to come to the games. If you really think the model you put forward could ever happen – you’re wrong.

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            I am afraid that is why I have not put any proposal forward and accept that it – the fans having part-ownership – will more than likely never happen at BCFC. Doesn’t mean they do not exist. Now that Pompey are deep in the mire, their fans are attempting to take the reins, it also happens on a partial basis in the Bundesliga.

            The ones who took Carson’s and BIHL money are probably the ones who are crying the loudest now but hypocrisy comes alot easier to some than it does to others. In any event Sullivan and the Golds had such a large stake, it was irrelevant whether the ‘fans’ wanted to sell or not, CY could have just enforced a compulsory purchase order.

            I am well aware that we have some that actively look for excuses not to go down to St Andrew’s but are all to ready to turn out for the ‘biggies’. Sad fact of life.

            As such, we cannot complain then if we get lumbered with another questionable set of owners.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            Agreed mate and we all know plenty of them. They all have one thing in common though in that they still consider themselves loyal Blues, Blues through and through, diehards. Chances of em ever going to a game – zero.

            The internet is full of em (I am not referring to ex pats, unemployed or those on low income here. I am referring to the wont goes not the cant goes. Wembley season ticket holders)

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            The one thing that never fails to amaze me about some, is that they say ‘family’, ‘bills’, ‘work’ etc., somehow implying that the rest of us have no such responsibilities. It comes down to how much the Royal Blue and BCFC mean to you and whether being there still matters. Hearing KRO by the faithful and watching the ball hit the net by someone in blue should remain as exciting as it was when you first went.

            One negative impact I’ve seen recently near where I sit – Spion Kop Corner – is some in Block 39 who have taken it upon themselves to start abusing those in the Tilton and the Forza lads, not nice.

  • Kaje says:

    I wonder whether our defence wasn’t particularly amazing last season on an individual basis, but our playing style meant they were less prone to being pressured by the oppositions attack.

    Hughton’s style was very much “we will score one more than you” and it worked. From the off, we’d attack, push, pressure, scare and we’d nick a goal or two whilst the opposition were on the back foot. They’d rarely get the opportunity to actually trouble us and our back line were confident that even if they let one in, the likelihood was that we’d score two more.

    This season, with the awful way Clark is having us play, the threat of an easy comeback just isn’t there and the defence feel under more pressure to ensure a solid line. Once we concede, they’re unsure as to whether we have it in us to score and so the pressure is piled on even further.

    Players like Caldwell, Ibanez and Davies don’t become bad players overnight. Something must have changed and the above is my rationale other than they’re simply a year older and thus suddenly poor.

    I genuinely still believe that whilst the takeover issue is our biggest cancer off the pitch, Lee Clark is our biggest cancer on the pitch. If both of these issues could be resolved, I’d have enough confidence in us nicking a play-off place than struggling to steal a mid-table spot.

    • Can't be worse then Mullins says:

      Spot on, one thing for sure the back four were better when the ball was in play and not just smashed out, and myhill was a better footballer then a goalkeeper, Clark should look to use the corner flags a little better open up the pitch, and previous comment about fitness, they don’t look in great shape, to last 90 mins .

  • chris says:

    I just don’t see when he still has a sub left and when we are losing he doesn’t throw on Diop (for Mullins or one other), who could also create or score a goal with his height especially if Zigic was still on the pitch as well.
    It’s a tactic he hasn’t used when we’ve been losing in the last quarter.

  • Macc lad says:

    Don’t forget he signed a third choice keeper as well.
    I agree that Clark needs to be judged by the choices he’s made in the transfer market as well as the performance of the team on the pitch, and by inference on the training ground.
    Granted we can’t afford to pay fees for players, so we don’t get the best, but surely it would be better to spend 250k on a lower league or non league player with real potential than waste it on someone who won’t get selected.
    Think Charlie Austin, Morison at Norwich, or any one of multitudes at Peterborough who were all picked up for less than that from non league in the not too distant past. We can’t afford the wages? So don’t pay them. Don’t sign old players on short term contracts like Robinson and Diop. Get players on loan that will play for the club, if that means we send back Ben Gordon and annoy Chelsea, then so be it. We’re not likely to get any more players from them anyway. Play the promising kids, and accept that they will have ups as well as downs. Perservere with Redmond, pick Hancox and Packwood. Above all give the impression that you’re trying to win, and not just going through the motions (Players there. No one can accuse Clark of not wanting to win).

    I’m down next weekend for a rare visit and a Saturday off playing to meet up with an old Crystal Palace supporting friend. My hope is that we can at least make things hard for them.
    Thinking about it, and as I’m meeting him at 10.00am, I’m not sure it matters how we play next week. I won’t remember any of it!

  • Mark Y says:

    One constant theme this year is that we are generally absolute rubbish in the first half in the majority of games. I feel this is due to the general lack of athleticism and pace in the team and we are always overrun by the opposition in the early stages. In the 2nd half the athleticism of the opposition is less of a factor and as we have got half decent players skill wise for this league we are able to impose ourselves a lot more. The lack of pace at the back means that our defenders cannot push up enabling the team to put pressure on the opposition in their own half when we don’t have the ball or push forward in sufficient numbers when we do have the ball. Under McLeish we could defend deep and hit teams on the counter with the pace of Jerome and Benitez but we have no pace up front. Zigic needs to be in a team that pushes forward a lot more. Moreover, Hughton has proved what a shrewd manager he is again and we undoubtedly are suffering from his loss big time.

  • Paulo says:

    pound for pound, it could be said we have the same squad as last season ..’give or take a few’. I admit, I have said this and to be hoinest it’s not far from the truth. Those who left weren’t ours anyway, but they were nevertheless crucial to that season. It is obvious LC has come bounding in and brought with him uncertainty. I would like to think that the the team, CH and the backroom staff all gelled and were in it together last year. CH was the one holding the media at arms length, so the team and the club could get on with the work they had to do. There was confidence all around, and it didn’t matter what came, as long as we could prove we were not to be messed with. That play off night was a credit to all who got us there. Then, CH took the premiership job and our lads stayed in the championship and got LC and ‘those two …a no mark manager from the league below who couldn’t get his team promoted in 3 years (and having cash at his disposal in such a supply, that HTFC was on a mission upwards)’. How the hell would anyone of those guys respond to that? PP got it wrong. He shopped around the bargain basement and sold LC like a 2nd hand car salesman would sell an Austin Allegro. Then PP did his bit, made a press statement, went quiet (again), got promoted and buggered off to HK. Now LC is on his own, and his skills at facing the media and man management have been brought into question. The ‘other two’ contribute what exactly?
    Confidence comes in waves, and LC seems not be such an inspirational and calm leader in these hard times. I doubt many would be, but that put aside, common sense, networking and sound advice would surely solve a few tactical problems we have on the pitch?
    We are better than this, and although I don’t agree to the bedsheets, secretly I know it speaks an unwelcome truth. My burning question is ..who is going to be accountable for this dire performance? Is it really LC? Or is it bigger than that?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Our passing is shocking and our midfield is too weak. Replace Mullins with Packwood, Play Hancox at LB and Hall/Burke/Redmond on the wings and we should be much more creative and have loads more pace in the side. Without a decent DMC we will struggle to boss games as is happening.

  • Eric says:

    Last years team spirit was critical. The manager was publically supportive of players. This year I listen to our manager and he blames players for their performance and takes little credit for poor performances. Things like “players cant hide behind me” – this is not the Hughton style. I have been a Blues fan since 1955 and this is the only season that I dont get upset when we lose. WHY? Because then we may get a new manager. I have never been down on previous managers but this guy does not inspire me at all.

  • Grizzly says:

    If you set up to draw every game then it stands to reason the team will only attack when they go behind.

  • Art Watson says:

    Spot on and there lies the problem which everyone can see apart from LC and his coaching staff.

  • James Black says:

    Without going into detail, i will just say that for the first time ever, i’ve been appalled at your post Al. Its like you missed out too much and haven’t said things you have previously stated and are now pandering to the negatives. maybe you been threatened i don’t know but this is a shocking post and you gone back on yourself big time. Oh well, as long as it keeps you popular i guess. Clarke had not bought ideally no. He wasn’t in a position too which you have said before but now gone back on. He bought in bodies as at that time he hardly knew the players. I think if he was in a position too, which his not, he would bring in what we need in January. He hadn’t been here 5 minutes when he bought in a group of bodies on the cheap and choices and his own knowledge of the team wasn’t there at that time. His been there longer now and i think this post conveniently misses out many facts. But im sure your all the more popular with the bedsheet squad now.

  • crotcher88 says:

    why does everone compare last season to this live in the now for fecks sake

  • Jay says:

    Chris Hughton is the best manager we have had since Stan Cullis in the 60’s. Is Lee Clark that bad? probably not the worst manager we have had, but I really believe that CH is the best manager BCFC have had in 40 years, his record, his coaching, transfers, media management, fan relationship, squad rotation. True gent and a great manager.

    • NooBloo says:

      I totally agree Jay. I think some people hoped he would raid the club of our better players from last year but he didnt even do that, which just goes to show that these players are not Premier quality so getting us to the play offs last year was a miracle in itself

  • Art Watson says:

    James Black,

    It could be that you have got it wrong and Ali’s assessment is correct!

    Results together with our league position,falling gates and a dissatisfied fan base would suggest that Ali could be right.

  • big frank says:

    it doesn’t matter what we say or how much we moan it won’t change the situation,just get down the ground and sing your hearts for the lads.

  • big frank says:

    sing your hearts out for the lads.

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