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New Director at BIH

Birmingham International Holdings have today announced the appointment of a new executive director.

The announcement made to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange states that Sing Pao Media’s Ma Shui Cheong has been appointed to the board of BIH as an executive director. Mr Ma is MD at Sing Pao, which is part-owned by Carson Yeung and he has experience in the PR China as a company director.

It’s worth noting that Mr Ma is Carson’s brother in law (I understand Mr Ma is married to Carson’s sister) and that he offered to put up a large amount of money as bail for Carson’s attempt to go to his father’s funeral.

Whether this affects the takeover remains to be seen but it could be seen as a buildup to new investment from the mainland.

edit: BIH have also announced that Chow Hiu Tung is to take over from Ip Wing Lun, Alan as company secretary.

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51 Responses to “New Director at BIH”

  • duchess says:

    what would people do if Carson is let off and turns out to be wealthy and innocent?? would you all allow him to run the club? something is just burning at me that this is a case of better the devil you know!!

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      The devil we know has been an unmitigated disaster. In any case we actually do not know him, and it would appear nobody else does either. All we seem to know is that he used to be a barber, and somehow got really rich. Isn’t this a bit strange?
      We need him out. He’s not even a football man. Nor is he surrounding himself with football people, only relatives and cronies. He is slowly killing the club. Drip, drip Chinese (no pun intended) torture.

    • chris says:

      I believe this is what Yeung is aiming to do, be found innocent and continue as largest shareholder and that he has no intention of selling the club and is only looking for short term investors till he is found innocent.
      If he is found innocent he suddenly has his assets of £60 million returned to his control and he may not invest in BCFC but the loans we owe may drop down the pecking order of the bills to be paid.
      trouble is we are in turmoil and stagnation and selling our best assets while he gambles with his own and our future.

      • KeepRightcroydOn says:

        That’s just it. The guy’s a gambler. Gamblers are desperate people and lose all sight of reality. So he may win his court case (I hope he loses), but if so the gambler in him will lurch into the next crisis, and we’ll be in for more turmoil. See my earlier post about not wanting the devil we know. A guy with a hidden,unaccountable past, is not something we need or want. No more CY apologists. The sooner he goes the better.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Interesting….so BCFC could end up with the same owners but by a different name…?

    • Gary R says:

      Nah, I don’t think this HK Consortium has anything to do with CY or BIHL. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned in the HKSE statement that the HK party they’re in advanced talks with have nothing to do with BIHL.

  • Gary R says:

    Almajir – I hope this doesn’t mean the HK Consortium isn’t just a few people who are going to have a whip-round and put a few loans in, rather than a fresh sweep of the brush and completely new owners – not caring whether they’re Chinese or not – but new owners that are completed unconnected to who we have now? We need a takeover, not investment – I see ‘takeover’ and ‘investment’ as two separate things. And I’d rather we experience the former!!

  • Jason says:

    Gary you / we anyone can wish for what you like but at the end of the day the money sums required to run a football club are only available to the select few, to this end how can you pick who owns us?
    We can’t.
    I’m not fussed who owns the club, I don’t go along with this racist rubbish against the chinese, most major product from iphones to clothes is now made there, they have the money
    I hope Carson can clear his name I do not wish Ill on him fighting for his liberty, if he does a deal that safeguards Birmingham City’s financial future no matter if it’s an investment or takeover I do not care.

    • Gary R says:

      Jason – that is what I’m saying. I don’t care if the takeover is from the Chinese, as long as it means it’s a completely fresh sweep of the brush. If a takeover is connected to CY, then 1. this wouldn’t make any sense, and 2. how can it be class as a takeover…it can’t be classed as a takeover.

    • chris says:

      stop your PC bias, you’ve been reading too much on the BBC, it’s not racist, it’s based on an experience of poor business management that doesn’t inspire confidence and the fear rational or not that you don’t want to go through the same again, as well as the distances involved and the lack of communication between board and fans.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Whether this affects the takeover remains to be seen but it could be seen as a buildup to new investment from the mainland.

    Could be seen as not wanting to sell also

  • Biggun says:

    Carson has not really dont anything wrong at or with the blues, just personal circumstancies have had an effect… in an obvious way… but when it was good it was god, dont forget the money he has spent personal loans and that we wont a cup under him…

    lets just wait to see what happens with trial – if innocent then he should be able to run us if he still has his wealth –

    however agree with above comment that if take over needs to be fresh and not a load of hangers on

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    You get the feeling that CY still may feel he has unfinished business at Blues.

    If there is a good prospect of him being cleared of the charges or simply paying a fine of sorts,
    he may just be looking for some kind of stop-gap until he can resume full control. £3 – 4m should be enough to keep us ticking over until the end of the season.

    Whatever happens from now until next summer, we need to have an overhaul of the team with restructuring and proper financing put into place then. But as Almajir said yesterday, it’s very dangerous to try and second-guess what CY and PP might do.

    Just hope we get to a stage where all the off-field palaver becomes a distant memory and the only discussions that take place are about the football.

  • Keith Purdom says:

    I wonder what if any relevance to a sale of the club or an investement this appoitment might indicate. Would you appoint an new Executive Director if you were going to sell in the next few days/weeks? Does the appointment indicate a new source of investment and the first step is to make the appontmen?
    Or maybe neither of the above and with Carlson maybe very busy with his coyrt case he needs someone to step in to take some workload away–but does that person then need to be an Executive Director or would just a senior manager be suitable. So much we dont really know /

  • BND says:

    Sometimes its difficult to keep track of just what is going on.
    All gone quite on the Paladini front.
    I don’t think he ever had the money on the table to buy the club.
    Next season is the worry for me.
    Many players out of contract and with no investment coming in we could be in dire straits.
    Wheres a billionaire when you need one?

    • chris says:

      what tosh, just because it’s gone quiet doesn’t mean he hasn’t got the money.
      he can’t make Yeung sell the club, unless he finds out who the other shareholders are and buys their shares instead of Yeung’s.

      • almajir says:

        Chris, you’ve kinda got that backwards. He’s not buying Carson’s “shares” – Paladini has made an offer to buy the club from BIH. It’s the sale of an asset, not transfer of share ownership.

        Thus it doesn’t matter if he contacts one, two, five or five million other shareholders, he has to firstly get agreement of the board of BIH and then he has to get BIH shareholder approval.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Guys, to be sure, if Carson comes out on the right side of the law, this will restore his credibility. It will then ne his intention to pick up the reins once more. That is what he has wanted all along. It looks very much as thugfh he is preparing for a rebirth come his acquital!!

    • Gary R says:

      Sorry, but I don’t agree. I think even if he’s acquitted he’s go no money to run us. The bills from his trial and his house will be enough to bankrupt him, let alone have the ability/finance for a football club. Let’s be straight on this, even before this all came out…CY never had the money to fund us. The money he put in was either borrowed or shifted from here and there, it was never hard cash in my opinion.

      • Paulo says:

        ..which is exactly the reason for him being the one facing trial. Albeit, only for tax reasons now.

      • chris says:

        So true, a guy who can only buy a third of the club is making a statement that he isn’t rich enough to buy the whole club, which in the modern day is proof he doesn’t have the financial clout to run a prem club (at the time he bought).
        Further proof is that he had to hock his home to finance Blues further, which owner in the top flight has done that in modern times? That was before he was charged and so had access to this £60 million pot, but still needed a loan, probably meaning most of his assets were not cash, in turn meaning he just couldn’t run a top division club financially then, nevermind now.

  • Dan H says:

    Both Pannu and the new guy are most likely owed money by CY and offering them positions and shares of a company about to be sold is most likely the only form of payment Carson can offer.

    This seems a sign that his money has probably ran out.

    Pannu is probably doing the bulk of the legal work on Carson’s case

  • Paulo says:

    For F***s Sake. All this says to me is that CY is not intending on a sale and is going to drag his feet on the immediate problem. This only points to him not letting go, and probably sending BCFC down in the process. God I hope I’m wrong.

  • Oby says:

    Paulo. It may also mean that CY is trying to force the sale through. As it is him who will benefit more, although at a loss, for the other shareholders though they stand to probably lose everything ?

    • Paulo says:

      ..it’s a possibility, but my money is on the ‘investment’ theory rather than a sale, as I’m sure the HK press would have picked something up on a sale by now. They were all over CY when he last appeared in court and he did attract a bit of newspaper space. There’s probably a combination of theories that could come close to the truth, but I’m assuming PP is there to keep it all legal and watertight, and to fend off the unwelcome visitors at his door.

  • nicko says:

    c/y trial in april if that goes ahead the judge that is taking the trial can only give him 5 years max which is intresting because this has been going on now for nearly 2 years and c/y is under house
    arrest has been since day one so he could get sent down and do no time inside taking the house arrest away he could come straight back to the club lets hope the club is sold soon kro

  • tamuffblue says:

    Gary R – Paulo – and VOR – are the only ones who can smell the coffee !!!! this is just another twist to keep control – they are only after INVESTMENT !!!!!!as scripted by Pannu in May – The Barber has never had hard cash to the ready – everything was done on HP – He has thanx to his dealings ( albeit pre BCFC ) taken this club to the brink FACT !!!!!! and when we are right in the shite come April and the anti Clark personel have had their day We will have the remmanats of a major car crash on our hands !!!!!! – we are no nearer to any sort of sale and Pannu is doing what he does best – ZIPPING IT !!!!!

  • Art Watson says:

    Spot on-The train is heading off the rails -fast.

  • nicko says:

    carson i believe has 2 coppers both ends of the road and 2 outside his home if you remember the chinese were worried he was going to leave the country

  • tim says:

    Jason, get off your high horse and stop with calling people racist for having having an opinion about the chinese owners.. the are a bunch of clowns sho are taking our club down! if you cant see that then i will send you some carrots, your blind… hope that diddn’t offend you, or am i being sightist??! have a go at the society of black lawers, they are the racist ones!!

  • chris says:

    According to Tom Ross Pannu is on his way back to UK and you could make loads of rumours out of that scenario (coming back to sell players, for one).
    I just hope he gives us more info than we have at the moment, but i won’t hold my breath.

  • tamuffblue says:

    well if rom tos knows that for a fact – then why dont we have a whip round for him and tatum to start doing something worhtwhile and pinning the elusive Mr Pannu down to some sort of scenario which could miraculously be constued as an informative interview which could at least put some thing to bed and others out to bloom !!!!!!!

    • almajir says:


      What exactly would you ask PP?

      Bear in mind there is a lot he can’t answer due to confidentiality agreements. And that you may not believe the answer you’d get.

  • tamuffblue says:

    as seasoned journalists you would expect them to ask the right questions to alleviate at least an inch of the uncertainty around stans – also give reassurances about the state of the club in its entirity – the situ concerning players sales – all in all the the-before mentioned proffesionals doing what they are paid to do and and then conveying the results to a very worried supporters base with there take on the man – situation – and future !!!!!! I am not asking for bank statements – cheque book numbers etc just asking for some honesty from people in the know

    • almajir says:

      So if Rossy and Tatts asked Pannu those questions, and he responded “Nuffink to worry about gov, club’s fine, no one is getting sold and Carson’s loving life at home” you’d believe him?

      Do you Pannu would honestly answer “the clubs in the crapper, we’re gonna sell everything that moves and I’m going to run off to a Wan Chai hooker bar with the proceeds?”

  • tamuffblue says:

    Pretty childish and crappy scenario that Al but maybe thats just how it would pann out with Rossy and Tatts ?????? doing the interview but then again as there has never ever been any cutting edge journalism from either of them they most probably would report it that way lol Nuffink – gov – sounds Vile mail journalism to a tee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Priceless, having a go at someone for being childish, with your rantings! Then you use the term FACT after one of your inane rants!, Who’s childish. As for interviewing Pannu, like Dan says, the bloke can say anything he thinks we want to hear, so without any real news, what is the point?

    • almajir says:

      It might be, but IMO your demands for “investigative journalism” are just as childish.

      “Investigative Journalism” is more than just thrusting a dictaphone into someone’s mush and asking questions. Don’t you think people are already chasing Pannu for answers? And do you think Pannu is likely to answer with the truth?

  • swissjonny says:

    I am in HK and am having lunch with someone close to the trial today.I am amazed at the change in mood here since my last visit.i think CY is going to walk.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Interesting Johnny, most seem to have assumed his gulit from day one (without knowing the facts surrounding the case of course). If he’s innocent I hope he gets off and in the exclusive world of the mega rich who knows what the next step might be.

    Who else on here is off to Wolves later? Will the banner boys be there? It wont go up by me thats for sure.

  • Art Watson says:

    And you “the voice of reason”-never!!!

  • swissjonny says:

    Big lunch.I paid .Earlier theory is now apparently nonsense .Sorry.Who is Eugene Tsui?

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