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BIH Announce Appointment of New Auditor

Birmingham International Holdings today announced the appointment of a new auditor to the company.

The announcement confirms JH CPA Alliance Ltd are to become the new auditors for the company with effect from today, replacing BDO who resigned a few weeks back.

The appointment of new auditors seemingly paves the way for the long overdue BIH accounts to move forwards towards publication although no notice has yet been made of when that will happen.

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16 Responses to “BIH Announce Appointment of New Auditor”

  • uttb says:

    Just sell the club FFS, taking AGES!

  • Gary R says:

    Almajir – is this also a significant step in terms of a takeover? Or does it help to that end?

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, If I recall correctly, ? I do belive you have stated that it has NO direct bearing on B,C,F,C., !!.

    In as much as we are treated as an seperate entity, ?.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    I disagree with Dan on this every time.

    BIH only exists to service BCFC, it produces no goods or services other than this for all I know.

    Everything BIH has a bearing on BCFC

  • thongs says:

    Will the auditor take Clarks role? If not then I’m not interested.

  • st andrew says:

    Peter pannu is working for jeung not the best interests of the club and its fan,s

  • daddybluenose says:

    so PP spends his time talking to possible hong kong takeover clients then announces it has fallen to the waysidethen announces he is comibg back to the uk and then announces that he has hired a new hong kong based auditor company.hmmm. now either the possible new owner has requested these auditors abd up to date accounts as a stipulation or PP is himself now trying to cover up stuff at blues. I hope its the first and one can only hope that there will be a light at the the end of this tunnel that is BIHL. kro

  • James says:

    I don’t believe any of it ddbn. “potential takeover” ” strong interest” – it’s flannel from Pannu,and not much better from Paladini ” I know the zulu’s”. Until someone comes out with something concrete I’ll be taking it with a pinch of salt!


    • daddybluenose says:

      i know what you mean james and i think most true blues feel the same seen and heard it all before. gossip, whispers, heresay, unreliable journalism and media spats by proffessional businessmen. I think we got more chance of things progressing when theres a nowt in the papers than when something arrises, except maybe for al’s pieces i know we dont say this enough but thanx al for the hard work and dedication that goes into keeping the rest of us fans in the marginal know. kro

      • clubclassblue says:

        I will go along with that. Always look forward to Almajirs comments and thoughts. Its also good to see what other supporters opinions are, whether I agree with them or not.
        As for the potential take over,I know its a long road but come on…………………………..

  • Paulo says:

    (apologies for being quite cynical on this) ..but if the previous auditors could not ‘fix’ the accounts for BIHL, then do these new ones come with a magic wand, so they can mend the apparently unmendable?

  • andy says:

    Im starting to wonder whether BIHL will remain the owners with new investors on the horizon?

  • DoctorD says:

    To the tune of “Worried About Ray” by the Hoosiers:

    The truth be told, the truth be told
    I’m worried about the future holds, the future holds
    I’m starting to worry about Blues.

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