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Interview with Blues Trust

With all that has gone on the last week or so and bearing in mind some of the questions in the comments section I thought it would be an idea to ask the Blues Trust what they were doing at the moment with respect to the takeover. I met with a representative earlier this week and here’s what I asked them.

What are the Trust doing with regards to the takeover?

The problem that the Trust faces is that there are confidentiality agreements in place and as such we are restricted to what we can do. We only have finite resources so we have to be careful as to the questions we ask and we have to approach it in a calm manner. We have laid down lines of communication with various parties in this country with regards the takeover and are pleased to confirm that we have made headway in that sense; we are in the process of contacting Peter Pannu urging him to keep not just the Trust but all Blues fans in the picture as much as he can and we have offered our help in whatever way we can to do this.

With Peter Pannu returning to the UK this week, what would your advice to him be with respect to the fans?

With all that is going on surrounding the club at present with regards to the ongoing takeover saga, it is important that fans are kept informed of any future developments. On the whole, the majority of fans understand that Peter Pannu’s task of keeping the club afloat and operating as a going concern has been difficult and have remained incredibly calm in spite of all the turmoil.

Are you investigating the parties involved?

As much as information is hungered for by Blues fans, confidentiality has to be respected and the Trust doesn’t want to be the ones who potentially scupper any deal by bringing information into the public domain earlier than it should be. However, once anything becomes public we will be doing what we can to ascertain the motives of any potential new owners.

In the light of the revealing of the Hong Kong Consortium headed by Charles Chan in the Birmingham Mail is the Trust going to try to initiate contact with him?

The Trust has already laid down lines of communication with various parties with regards to the takeover and we will continue to actively source clarity for our members while respecting privacy and any confidentiality agreements currently in place. Again, due to the sensitivity of the situation such a task needs to be undertaken professionally and with the utmost care; the Trust does not wish to jeopardise any potential sale of Birmingham City Football Club.

What would the Trust aim to get across to any new owners?

At the moment the Trust has a simple aim – to improve communication between the upper echelons of the club and the fans. So far we have had moderate success – we have been recognized by BCFC as an official supporters group and have been invited to the upcoming supporters forum on December 18. However, we will continue to do what we can to help build communication with the club and we will endeavour to ensure our members views are accurately conveyed to the board.

Why should people support the Trust?

The Trust offers people a chance to come together to become part of their football club. The club has gone through some difficult times of late and the Trust is a chance for fans to try to do something positive to help and to support the club. The Trust is a democratic body that is a member of Supporters Direct and is financially regulated by the FSA which means it has to be transparent and honest.

Will the Trust protest against the board?

The Trust isn’t a protest group – however that does not mean it will not protest if it’s members demand it. Any protest would have to be something that has a chance of causing a succesful outcome and would have to be in the best interests of the membership and the club and ideally should be a matter of last resort.

How can fans join the Trust?

Fans can join the trust by either visiting www.bluestrust.org and clicking the “join us” tab or by writing to the Trust c/o The Royal George… If fans have any questions of the Trust, we can be contacted by email – info@bluestrust.org Facebook www.facebook/bluestrust and Twitter @bluestrust or via letter to the above address.


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56 Responses to “Interview with Blues Trust”

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    What a load of rubbish.

    ‘The problem that the Trust faces is that there are confidentiality agreements in place and as such we are restricted to what we can do’ Do me a favour.

    How can you be the voice of the fans if you can’t say anything and don’t do anything.

    • pete says:

      I was going to comment on that exact sentence. Brilliant isn’t it – it’s like listening to 2 kids in a playground!

      I bet you don’t know what that word means.

      Yes I do!

      What does it mean then?

      I’m not telling otherwise you will know as well!


  • Bluenosesol says:

    The trust will only become relevant when it proves its worth, until then it is just more noise.

  • Tony says:

    A Simple response would have been “Nothing”.

  • daddybluenose says:

    yeah what a completely pointless interview no offence to you al but that was a very long winded way of saying we know f’all and can tell you f’all cus were in the same boat as the rest of the clubs fans. ive had more info on this forum and the newsnow website than ever fron the blues trust. bunch of supporters sitting in an office talking about whats happening at the club only difference between them and the fans talking at home and the pub is they write it all down on official headed paper. effortless interview.

  • Garyblues says:

    thanks for the effort but those are the most eveasive answers you could get, the some of the information being given is “we can’t tell you”.

  • Art Watson says:

    Very disappointed with their response.

    They appear to be toothless.

  • chris says:

    So easy to critisise, so why not get of your backsides and start your own trust or join this one and get on the committee and change it.
    That takes effort not cheap shots.
    Instead you should be critising your MP and the law that allows the fans no info or say in their own club.
    In Germany the fans own 51% of their club so have a dierect say in how it is run, we need that here.

    • skareggae72 says:

      Yes,and lets also copy the German system & bring back some terracing and get a bit of atmosphere back into the place.
      Not sure who runs the trust,but maybe they should get someone with a bit more bite,more outspoken,and not toe the party line,our situation could be critical by Feb 1st.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Why should we?

      We’ve got a trust aint we?.

      More to the point why set up some kind of organisation which does nothing, says nothing but just likes to be quoted in the press.

      Why don’t you change it?

    • John says:

      So Chris says, start your own trust or join this one. IIs he saying, that if 15,000 join the trust we’ll get more information ? I don’t think so, there is already 15,000 bluenoses( or more) asking for information via the Birmingham Mail,but that has got us nowhere !

  • DoctorD says:

    So “confidentiality has to be respected and the Trust doesn’t want to be the ones who potentially scupper any deal by bringing information into the public domain earlier than it should be.”

    Which is precisely what Paladini was NOT doing with his outbursts to the media recently.

  • Art Watson says:

    For once I’m with the voice of reason on this.

    He’s perfectly captured my views.

    He’s back on my Xmas card list!

    Happy Xmas to TVOR.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      Cheers Art but don’t get me wrong here, I think a supporters trust that does or says something is a good idea.

      For instance if they came out and said ‘Like all other Blues fans we’re totally sick of the way the club is being run’ that would be a start.

      All I ever hear em say is they wanna improve communications with the club. I believe this is why they have such a low memebership.

  • Bluenosed says:

    Hopeless people fighting a hopeless cause. Give up now and don’t waste anymore of your time.

  • bluenose 11 says:

    i realize the trust is trying to build a relationship with the club but if you dont tell the fans what you know (and its you thats implying that you know something ) all it makes you is a part of the problem not the cure as you are trying to be (i assume )
    i apologise al for using the word you this is aimed at the trust not yourself

  • Gary R says:

    They’re making an effort to communicate with Peter Pannu – whether they’re successful with that or not, I don’t know – but at least they’re attempting to make headway. And it seems that in a way they have made some. I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter Pannu makes some kind of statement to the fans in the Crystal Palace match programme with regards to why he’s returning to the UK and also with regards to the takeover. If/when that happens, then there’ll be fans that won’t believe him anyway. And that’s the thing that really irritates me…people want Pannu to come out and tell us what’s happening with regards to the Club/Takeover, but when that happens the fans are like, “We don’t believe a word he’s saying, he’s talking a load of bullshine etc etc”, so, really, whatever Pannu does, keeping silent or releasing a 10 page statement, it’ll never appease the fans, will it??

  • tamuffblue says:

    well the trust are only joining the likes of Rom Toss – Tattum – by quoting this clause and that clause when WE ALL KNOW that Pannu is just on a mission to get as much money as poss for Sweeny Todd – and NO ONE matters other than scissorhands – Paladini in my opinion is the only interested possible purchaser and he is playing a waiting game – meanwhile the club slides further into problems – NERO FIDDLED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lee says:

    All seems a bit toothless really. What’s the point in having a ‘SUPPORTERS’ trust if you can’t give the ‘SUPPORTERS’ any information?

  • krotom says:

    It appears that the lines of communication being laid down exclude the supporters, is this a group feeding their egos, sound like the committee of a local working mens club.

  • James says:

    I’m doing very little in the way of helping the club, apart from attending matches. Therefore anyone that’s trying to do something gets my vote.

    There is always a negative attitude towards people who are part of groups/committee’s; granted from my experience of this in two w/m clubs in brum ( newmount social – now sadly gone) and the shard end legion ( I think this has also been sold off), there are jobsworths, people who are on the take, but by and large it’s people trying to make it a better place for it’s members. I fail to understand the malice aimed at the Blues Trust; they’re doing SOMETHING, whilst the rest just moan – if people feel that strongly about it, do something yourself. Simples


  • pete says:

    I don’t really understand the point in the trust trying to find out loads of info that is confidential. If they can’t tell us what they know, why waste time finding it out?

  • Art Watson says:

    I just can’t believe how light weight Tom Ross/Colin Tattum /the local radio stations and the Mail are.They must be aware of whats going on but for some reason have decided not to broadcast the facts.

    Men or mice comes to mind.!

    Bring back Tony Butler.

    • almajir says:

      What facts?

    • bluenoseb says:

      I think also after making the statments that Ross/Tattum did a few weeks ago saying the offer had been accepted, then only hours later to get shot down by Peter Pannu denying what they had said and even when on to say dont believe what you read in UK press, and been as the nationals dont give a crap about whats goin on with us think it was obvious who that was aimed at, (Ross/Tattum). And after that day think they are very very cautious as to what they will announce now to the public,cus having an exclusive story blown out of the water hours after its release cant be good journalism even if they did believe what paladini told them in good faith, and to have that happen to them twice really would look unproffesional, so cant see them releasing any think other than their opinions cus to be honest they dont know the facts jus like the rest of us!

  • Art Watson says:

    If they are doing their jobs right they will know the facts.

    Surely that’s what they are paid to do and if they don’t know what’s going on they should find out.

    Isn’t this what journalism is all about.?

  • Art Watson says:

    Ok let’s start with these questions.

    Is the club still up for sale?

    Who is currently interested in buying the club-name those interested.
    What stage are negotiations at.?

    What is the current state of the clubs finances .

    Will the club have to sell key players during the transfer window…yes or no.

    If yes-who?

    What are you planning to do about the current results and our league position.

    Do you still have confidence in Lee Clark ?

    Answers to most of these questions will prevent further speculation and frustrations.

    A good journalist should be on the case!


    • almajir says:


      One word for you mate – CONFIDENTIALITY.

      I know it sucks, I know people hate it but it’s there for a reason. There is only so much that can be said because business negotiations are conducted in private. We might not like it, but it’s tough. Would you want a journalist to break a story on a potential owner only to kill what could be the sale that saves the club, just to give us plebs information? I wouldn’t. We have to be patient.

      The majority of your questions have been answered by people like Tatts – ie the finances are crap, yes they will be selling players in the window without investment… who depends on what clubs bid for what players – need a crystal ball for that one… and as for league position/Clark – I think a lot of that is down to whether the club is sold…

      In short, believe it or not there is a lot of work going on in the background. However, takeovers are delicate things and because of that journalists have to be careful. Once again, I’ll repeat – would you want a takeover to be killed just so you know who would have bought us?

  • kirkus says:

    apathy rules man

  • Paulo says:

    As much as most will disagree with the Trust, or perhaps see them as irrelevant, there are a few who recognise their potential value. It is very, very easy to have a go at our Trust, and expect them to answer everyone’s questions and be the scapegoat for not getting any information from BCFC or BIHL and not waving banners and signs at the gates and yelling down a loudspeaker.
    From what I have read, these guys set up the Trust themselves, and did it in a way that is legally bound and regulated, and is recognised by the club as a result. If they didnt have a function, they wouldnt exist.
    Please respect the fact that this is a group of fans, who are just as passionate about the club, and do this ‘for’ the fans. Trusts have proved to be very usefull and important in the past for other clubs, and do depend on a large membership for bargaining purposes. This one is in it’s early stages yet, and if anyone thinks CY or PP is going to talk to anyone directly currently (Trust, media, etc) ..then I like your optimism.
    The club is in the s**t, and things could get worse. That is the fault of the ones who own the club, we all know this, so if anyone has a better idea of making one persons voice heard, then please …speak up, or go and speak to the trust.

  • Art Watson says:


    I fully understand what you are saying but PP trots out the confidentiality card when it suites him to do so , then disregards it when it also suites him.I think he is playing the press and local media beautifully and it’s about time the boxing gloves were taken off .The local media are the supporters “eyes and ears “.At the moment for what ever reason they prefer not to rock the boat.In the meantime the Titanic is going under but rest assured Captain PP will survive and know doubt will walk away with a fat pay off.I bet he keeps that confidential.

  • Art Watson says:

    Shame them into answering the questions by telling the supporters they are are refusing to respond.

    I look forward to hearing this from TR /CT and Local Radio.

    Somehow I don’t think this will happen!

    PP is controlling the press/because he’s allowed to do so.

    • almajir says:


      The thing is, it’s not that simple. It really, really isn’t.

      You cannot force someone to answer questions. You can badger them, you can pester them and you can give them a ton of stick but you cannot force them to answer.

      If you think it’s that easy, email Pannu for yourself. I can give you his email address (I won’t publish it here) via the email addy you use to post on here.

  • philanza says:

    Ok excepting the confidentiality thing that you cannot disclose who is in talks,

    These are a few things he maybe could say

    could he not say if we are in talks with 1 or 2 or that we are not persuing any bids
    He is not going to say he doesn’t have faith in lee clark is he.
    He could say we are not going to sell any players in january. If he can’t say that then we will be.
    He just needs to keep us in the picture without naming names.

    • almajir says:

      Phil – he has. He told the stock exchange he was talking to two firms a fortnight back. These things take time – in the absense of further information we must assume that he still is.

      EXPECT players to be sold without investment.

  • philanza says:

    Thanks al
    With all the speculation of maybe carson doesn’t want to sell or is waiting for the court outcome it is easy to get sidetracked if you miss something.
    So as it stands we are still in talks with 2 about an actual takeover bid.
    Thank you
    I know it takes time but we really need to be re- assured that talks are on going.in the mean time.

  • philanza says:

    ASSUME is the word al
    Well all we can do is keep going down, had a great day at wolves bar the result and looking forward to saturday hope there;s a descent turn out for the lads

  • philanza says:

    It’a just a shame we could not have been taken over before jan, as support will wain and players sold, but we have an ageing team and support will come back if a good investor is bought in willing to invest in good young talent or talent in their prime.

  • tamuffblue says:

    I am fully in agreement with Art on Rom Toss and Tatum ( or tatts to friends ) !!!!!!!! lets be open here both their employers are staunch Vile linked and have always been so back to the Dennis Shaw days lol – they will sit and watch and hide behind the confidentiality word believe me if this scenario was being played out over the A38 expressway they would be active – its ok Al saying what questions – how – the fact of the matter is they are the supposedly professional journalists and therefor kbnow how to handle the likes of Pannu !!!!!!!! the main gripe of the fans is we are not being told anything !!!!!!!!!! and that is the problem

  • philanza says:

    Hey Tamuff I’m a tammy too…If we don’t get took over soon we’ll be playing tamworth then who we gonna support? lol

  • philanza says:

    Well with PP in town now he’s gonna have more pressure on him to enlighten us on the way he;s thinking, let’s hope it;s soon and positive and honest.

  • tamuffblue says:

    al – Is that what then two do – just end emails meanwhile sit on their arses getting paid stating the obvious and hours behind the cockney press !!!!!!!!

  • Art Watson says:


    Please send me PPs email address and I will write to him and I suggest others do the same if they wish.

    I will also send you a copy on receipt of your email address as well.


  • Rave on says:

    If this shite was going on over at villa park the mail would have reporters over in the USA harassing Lerner.

    I totally agree the local press are giving Pannu an easy ride.

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