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Who’s Left For Leeds?

Blues face Leeds on Saturday with a squad that is decimated by injuries leading Lee Clark to remark that a minimum of ten of the travelling squad of 20 will be under the age of 20. With so many players out I thought it might be wise to look at precisely who is fit and who isn’t.


Injured: Marlon King, Peter Lovenkrands, Akwasi Asante

Suspended: Nikola Zigic

Cup-Tied: Jake Jervis

Blues are even more short-handed in the striker department with Jake Jervis being ineligble for this game having played in the FA Cup for Tranmere Rovers against Braintree. With the 21-year-old forward out it leaves just non-contract player Marcel Henry-Francis (18) and second year scholar Reece Hales (17) as the only out-and-out strikers who are fit and available.


Injured: Hayden Mullins, Darren Ambrose, Papa Bouba Diop

Doubtful: Jonathan Spector, Callum Reilly, Chris Burke

Compassionate Leave: Keith Fahey

Ineligble to Play: Robert Hall

With West Ham United denying Rob Hall permission to play this game and Hayden Mullins (and possibly Jonathan Spector and Callum Reilly) picking up knocks that will rule them out, Blues have some headaches in the middle of the park. Chris Burke was ill and missed training on Thursday so could also miss out, meaning Blues would be left with just Nathan Redmond, Morgaro Gomis, Wade Elliott, Ravel Morrison, Josh Hawker and 18-year-old Eddy Gnahoré who was handed a squad number yesterday who are definitely fit and can travel.


Injured: Stephen Carr, Paul Caddis, David Murphy, Emmitt Delfouneso

Doubtful: Will Packwood

Blues have less injuries in the backline – which is a good thing because it’s probably the part of the team that has the lowest number of players. Packwood picked up severe cramp against Cardiff City but should be okay to play and he will join Paul Robinson, Mitch Hancox, Curtis Davies, Pablo Ibanez, Steven Caldwell and possibly 19-year-old Jack Deaman and 17-year-old James Fry as being fit to travel.


All three of Blues keepers – Jack Butland, Colin Doyle and Nick Townsend should be fit to travel.

There is of course the question of players being “rested” so that they aren’t cup-tied and thus are more saleable in the transfer window which could rule out the likes of Davies and Butland from the team also.

Of the names listed above 16 (18 if you count Deaman and Fry) are definitely fit to travel with decisions to be made on another four. One could almost joke that the Blues side is so young it’s the MILFs you have to watch for rather than the WAGs…

Whilst there has been much criticism of Lee Clark I honestly believe if he can get any kind of performance out of a squad with that many injured, that many kids and that many rookies then he will have done well. It’s going to be an experience for a lot of our younger players and hopefully it will be one that will help to positively shape their careers.

Edit 11:40 January 4

18-year-old non contract player Ryan Higgins has been given squad number 40. Higgins is primarily a right-back but can also play right midfield.

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80 Responses to “Who’s Left For Leeds?”

  • ESONEULB says:

    I just hope weeds utd and walnut think they have already won this game… then we could spring a surprise..KRO

    • Leeds4alongtime says:

      Nothing like making excuses for losing then, before a ball is even kicked?

      If you did your homework you’d find there are a large number of Leeds players who have gone down with this virus, as well as Warnock who didn’t show up for training……

      • RichardM says:

        How many – is it as many as us with 15 of the 1st team squad missing?? Don’t come it, you’re injury list is nothing like as bad as ours, we’re not making excuses, just being realistic about a game we have no expectations of whatsoever. Mind you, pretty embarassing for your lot if you DON’T win tomorrow!

  • Ted says:

    The Irish press are speculating that Fahey is a target of Forest and Norwich? Surely this is false as he is in Ireland on compassionate leave? He’s out of contract this Summer too. I wish the lad well and hope all is ok with he and his family but I wonder if he’ll play for us again?

    • Letsby Avenue says:



      My own understanding is that Keith might not return to football.
      At this moment in time – as the cliche goes – I doubt that football is anywhere near the top of Keith’s priorities.
      Other things are more important.

      As regards the ‘transfer’ nonsense?

      A ‘player’ that has not trained nor had a competitive match for more than 2 months, and is on “compassionate leave”…is going to be considered a prospect by any chairman or club in England???
      Possibly as a gamble for 7/6 old money…but..serioulsy, which club are seriously going to come close to Keith’s wages (as a Pro) ?Which Board or Chairman is going to authorise a move for a player on ‘comp leave’ ?

      The transfer ‘gossip’ is just lazy journalism. imo.
      Some crackhead, feet on the desk, flipping through forums gets a hit…
      Mcleish knows Fahey
      Hughton knows Fahey

      Therefore they will be after Fahey because he’s ib leave from Blues.

      Don’t bother asking anybody because this is the Season of Speculation – where anything goes.

      Transfer Watch: Day 4 and Jack, Nathan and Curtis still here


      Do any other fans have our high blood-pressure????

  • @Robofleeds says:

    Yawn yawn yawn. Excuses excuses excuses. I’ll be following the match progress on Twitter like all proper fans do. It won’t be a close game as we are far superior much like I am far superior to all of you. Prediction 1 nil Leeds

    • Blue in Spain says:

      It won’t be a close game, then you predict 1.0. Are all yorkshiremen as thick as you?

    • RichardM says:

      Dear oh dear, our friends from Leeds are a little bit jumpy about the match aren’t they? Could it be becuase they’ve had their arses spanked the last three times???

      Never mind lads, we’re playing the kids tomorrow, to give you a sporting chance….

      • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

        Even the kids will spank them for a fourth time whilst we all piss ourselves laughing…

        • Ali Duncan says:

          Weeds were bordering on pathetic up at Elland Road earlier in the season. Other than us they’re the worst home team I’ve seen this season. Expect them to win but if they have another off day then I think the lads will be able to give a good account of themselves and you just never know………..

  • Matt says:

    Don’t expect much transfer movement until the end of the window, buyers will wait until we’re up against it time wise and a few more weeks wages have been paid, so our situation is worse financially and we’re more desperate to take any kind of deal.

    • blaneh says:

      With Butland I’m hoping this won’t be the case, if there are a few clubs after him I’m sure the best Pannu is hoping for is for them to all start an auction off with each other, If he is wanted that badly we may even find someone pays over the odds to get him. Optimistic i know…

  • swissjonny says:

    Yet again the Club under its hugely talented leader Peter Pannu have shown how not to handle the art of communication.They should have issued a short and concise statement regarding Keith Fahey.The statement should have cleared up all conjecture and put a line under any need for further speculation.The fans would have then been behind Keith and not left wondering what the hell is going on.What are Pannus talents? Everybody is good at something.Peter has such a skill at concealing his..

    • mighty_bluenose says:

      So what would you say if you had leave your job on compassionate leave and your company director decided to tell the whole work force and customer base your personal issues???

      Fahey was given compassionate leave end off, respect peoples privacy we don’t know what was discussed with Fahey or what he informed the club he was happy to be divulged. But, as he has always come across as a more private and reserved player i assume he didn’t and doesn’t want every man and his dog knowing his business.

      On tomorrow’s game, I work with Leeds fans so just hope we don’t get a drumming. On a positive note could be a game where we discover a rising star… KRO

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    What chance has Lee got?

    KRO Lee, do your best mate.

  • Masaccio says:

    Up the blues and the best of luck to whoever is lucky enough to wear the shirt against dirty Leeds tomorrow

  • Rusty B says:

    Dirty Leeds fan in peace. I don’t think that you have to worry about losing to us at the moment or in the foreseeable future. Your players are paid ten times what ours are. I assume they are ten times better. We have Luke Varney. What else can I say? Enjoy your trip to ER and may the most overpaid team win. :D we have Luke Varney. Oh Dear.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      You say in peace, then you slag us off… muppet! As for being paid ten times what you players get, as our youngstesr are on peanuts I assume your players work for nothing.

      • RichardM says:

        How is he slagging us off?

        • Blue in Spain says:

          So our players are paid 10 times what theirs are? I very much doubt it, except Zigic

          • Rusty B says:

            Hmm Zigic, it reminds me of many players that took us years to get off our books. Anyhow, turns out that you guys should have won about 8-0 (or maybe 8-1!, Eight bloody one, anyway…) Still with only a paltry 11,000 I hope that you still had a nice time. I assume you will walk the return as Mr (Moneybags) Zigic does love scoring against us… May young Mr Packwood have a speedy recovery and return as twice the player… that is not nice for anyone to see. All the best. R.

          • almajir says:

            Same to you Rusty, and I hope you get rid of Bates soon

      • Rusty B says:

        Slag you off? Why because you pay more? All youngsters are on peanuts aren’t they? That’s why Chelski and such like steal from clubs like us. Apologies if it sounded rough but no slagging meant. R

  • Keeprighton says:

    In the press recently there has been a lot of speculation about Keith Fahey but does anyone actually know what had happened over in Ireland and if his family are all ok..?

  • James says:

    The result is irrelavent for this match in my opinion.

    I’ve never been one to support resting players in favour of the league; however given the injuries and the amount of kids we’re taking, I’d be happy with just a good performance. Anything else is a huge bonus ( I wouldn’t moan at the draw either due to our financial woes)


  • skareggae72 says:

    Bit disappointing that Jervis was allowed to cup tie himself when somebody should have known the you know what was going to hit the fan in Jan/along with the inevitable winter injs/illness,giving us the most depleted fwd line i have ever seen.
    I notice West Ham have not made the same mistake.

  • kirkus says:

    no more leeds fans,on here please u should be out badger baiting with your whippets aye lad

    • Leeds4alongtime says:

      If you don’t want any more Leeds fans on here it’s simple – stop making comments about Leeds United…..

      [comment edited]

      • almajir says:


        I could just delete all your comments when you guys are being abusive.


        • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

          Just curl up with embarassment when folk from Leeds say ” Wee rrr Yorrkkshurrminn un Prooudd”.

          Who else ever states which region they are from with such regularity and pretend anyone actually cares??

          Leeds Utd – forever associated with being %!!!??/***

          • Leeds4alongtime says:

            Actually, I’ve supported Leeds for over 40 years and I don’t live anywhere near Yorkshire….

            …. in fact I live 50 miles south of Birmingham!

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            And I bet you still talk as if you’re from oop noorth!

        • Leeds4alongtime says:

          For Almajir:

          So it’s okay for you to approve abuse against Leeds supporters, but you chose to censor any ‘mild’ insult made the other way?

          How fair is that then – not that you’ll actually publish this now anyway?

          • Leeds4alongtime says:

            “Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:
            January 4, 2013 at 1:00 pm
            And I bet you still talk as if you’re from oop noorth!”

            Not me, mate, I was born down south (if you can call Buckinghamshire ‘south’) and raised down south, but there were never any decent football teams down south when I started supporting Leeds.

            We in Bucks, allegedly, have one of the clearest accents in the country…..

            You really shouldn’t generalise on Leeds united supporters, I think you’ll find our fanbase is worldwide, how about yours?

          • almajir says:

            I personally know a Birmingham City season ticket holder who lives in Australia and who comes over for 10-12 games per season.

            Worldwide enough for you pal?

          • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

            Yes. Worldwide fanbase.

            That’s why you normally get away fans reporting Nazi chants against large sections of your fans at your home games.

            Then again you probably get knuckleheads the world over.

            By the way, if you knew anything about BCFC, indeed even this site, you would get Bluenoses commenting from Asia, the USA, Middle East etc.. who also attend games. Would like to see foreign flags and foreigners at Hellend Road. I have the misfortune of my sister living in Leeds and frequently visited the place when I was well but always returned to Birmingham unwell. Something in the water methinks.

            You say you started supporting them 40 odd years ago when there was no other ‘decent’ teams.
            Hmm.. Leeds & decent in the same sentence??

            No doubt you are referring to a ‘Golden Age’ that only existed for those who wear rose-tinted spectacles..

        • Blue in Spain says:

          I think you’ll find the only fans that made comments about Leeds, were Leeds fans pal, all we did was respond to them…. then again reading theirs, and your comments, hardly surprising your confused, as the IQ levels displayed by the Leeds fans on here seems remarkably low. As for being born down south, and supporting Leeds, didn’t you choose the wrong team to be a glory hunter with!

          • Ali Duncan says:

            Supported Weeds for over 40 years and don’t live anywhere near Leeds? Sounds like a typical Revie era glory supporter to me. Clearly not got much better to do on a Friday night than come on here and stir, what a loser!

  • Bluenosesol says:

    A bit of good breaking news from Sky Sports. Steven Doris a “rated” striker from Arbroath is on trial at the Blues. This would suggest that assumptions that we can not bring in new players are not necessarily accurate!

    • Mikeyboy says:

      We cannot sign anyone for ‘proper’ money. has to be low cost, free or out of contract IF Clark is given any resources from sales. This has been made clear for ages in the Mail

      • Bluenosesol says:

        Wages??? Since when has the BM been a dependable fact source?

        • Rusty B says:

          Think yourself lucky you don’t have to read the ‘copy and paste’ Yorkshire Evening Post. :D I think they are all the same aren’t they….. useless! :D Maybe they have the same 8 journalists working for all of them under pen names. Great blag. Copy and paste from Vital Football. Fancy setting up a paper….?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    He could be the new Adsm Rooney

  • Art Watson says:

    I’m not a fan of Clark and probably never will be but he really does have my sympathy with what’s going on at STA.

    It’s a compete mess on and off the field.

    Watch out for a raid on our top players from AM following his Forest appointment.

    I think Davis and King will be prime targets.

    These are very tough times for everyone.

  • almajir says:

    Ryan Higgins has been given a number now so that suggests Will Packwood might not make it.

  • Why on earth does the voice of progress keep supporting this joke of a manager? hes clueless

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Who would you replace him with freddy, lets have your great insight, as to who would take the job in the current situation, and how you’d fund paying off the current management team. Like him or not, he has an impossible task at the moment, or haven’t you seen the current injury list?

    • Mikeyboy says:

      clueless post by a clueless fan

  • clubclassblue says:

    Lets be honest, we are not going to win the FA Cup. Lets use the Leeds game to see what some of the youngsters are capable of. At least it gives them a taste of the standard of opposition in this league.
    We do not need more games with our depleted squad. As far as players leaving it would be better to get the deals done asap so that we do not have a month of unsettled players not giving 100 per cent.

  • Danny Shooter says:

    I think we should write this game off. Throw the kids in, give them some experience, whats the worse that can happen?

  • lettuce says:

    I make that 18 players unable to play now.
    I wonder what the record is?
    (Taking out the UTD disaster of course)

    How many new squad numbers have we given out over the last month or so?
    It must be 6 or 7. We’ll have the biggest squad in the league soon.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Most of the comments on here make me a little ashamed to be a fan of Blues.

    Not sure everyone else who has posted has actually taken a step back and thought about the ramifications of insulting Leeds fans with outdated stereotypical rankings, calling Keith Fahey over the coals about his compassionate leave (when it’s none of anyone’s business but Keith’s), writing our chances in the FA Cup off completely despite having a squad of professionals who want to win every game (despite what’s said to the contrary) and berating a Manager in LC who came into this job knowing he was going to be losing players and working on peanuts.

    All in all, pretty disgusting.

    For those of you that make constructive criticisms, keep going. For those who just want to speculate, rant and generally act like teenagers with one brain cell between them, your place is elsewhere.

    I personally will bet on a Blues win tomorrow and a chance to see our young lads make names for themselves and Lee Clark vindicated for the selections he makes. If it doesn’t happen so what? At least we have effort and passion out there.


    • Blue in Spain says:

      Agree with everything you said, except most of the responses to the Leeds fans were nothing to do about their heritage, or stereotypical. Any fan having a go on here should be able to take it, especially if he gives it out in the first place. I mean we could have quoted the Monty Python Four Yorkshiremen sketch if we really wanted to stereotype them!……….. Lick Road clean wit tongue!

    • Oldbluenose says:

      Well said, Neil;, Some go to far without thinking, !!!!.

  • Carl Lewis says:

    i have to admit to liking this site and reading thro the posts periodically but i do think too many people have too much spare time on their hands. Up the Blues and all who sail in her KRO.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    Thats easy for a Multi Gold Medal Winning Olympic Athlete to say Carl…

    Are you available tomorrow ? We could do with a bit of extra pace at the back, & squad number 70 has got your name written all over it..

  • Casper says:

    This is slightly off topic (!), but has anyone else noticed that Lee Clark looks a bit like Barry Scott?

  • Bluehobba says:

    Alamjir, having looked at your list of injuries above, can you enlighten us as to how long they will all be out for ie I think LC stated that Lovenkrands may be back for Huddersfield, What about Murphy, King and co,

  • Thats the PROBLEM Neil if it doesnt happen so what, what a stance to take apathy is far worse than having a go at a manager who is out of his depth

    • Blue in Spain says:

      still whinging freddie, but incapable of offering a solution!

      • bluenoseneil says:

        Freddie it’s not apathy that drives me its realism. We have a squad full of kids and are riddled with injuries to senior players, therefore if we win it will be a good result. If we don’t it won’t be for the want of those pulling on the shirt putting in a shift, it may be down to collective inexperience and squad depth.

        I agree with Blue in Spain. Either offer some solutions yourself or don’t be so quick to criticise and be negative, as that kind of thinking gets nobody anywhere,

  • […] injury problems are well documented, and I made a full list of who could and who won’t play yesterday. Development Squad right back Ryan Higgins is the latest to be handed a number which suggests Will […]

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