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Teenage Rampage? – Leeds Preview

Today sees Birmingham City travel north to take on Leeds United in the FA Cup third round. With both teams struggling for players due to injury and illness and ticket sales being slow it could end up being a very low key game indeed.

Leeds United

There has been a virus making the rounds of the Thorp Arch training ground, with two un-named players falling victim to it yesterday along with manager Neil Warnock who will likely miss this game.

Rodolph Austin is expected to start whilst Aidy White returns from suspension and Tom Lees and Adam Drury are expected to be fit again for this fixture. Winger Jerome Thomas has returned to West Bromwich Albion so Ryan Hall should start on the left and Alan Tate has been given permission by his parent club Swansea to play. There could be a choice between Jamie Ashdown and Paul Rachubka in goal for the whites.


Birmingham City’s injury problems are well documented, and I made a full list of who could and who won’t play yesterday. Development Squad right back Ryan Higgins is the latest to be handed a number which suggests Will Packwood hasn’t made it and I think there is a very good chance that teenager Marcel Henry-Francis will also get some action.

With so many players out I don’t think we can expect much but I suspect that like previous performances with the kids, they will put in a shift and do their best. Whilst some might think that the Cup is a low priority I disagree – a win at Leeds would be morale boosting and a cup run will bring in more money for the team – something which is greatly needed. Even so, I don’t envy Lee Clark tomorrow picking a team from what is available – it could be very difficult.

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18 Responses to “Teenage Rampage? – Leeds Preview”

  • TSS says:

    Rodolph Austin is a defensive midfielder mate, if he starts up front we must be in serious trouble!

  • TSS says:

    PS – and Paul Rachubka is out on loan. It’ll be Jamie Ashdown in goal

    • Auyorkie says:

      Rachubka is back from loan, but unless Ashdown is a virus victim he will play!
      It would not surprise me if we then have no goalkeeper on the bench, you saw it here first!

  • Blue in Spain says:

    Jeez Dan, when do you sleep??

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Going up today lads and can’t wait cos when it comes right down to it THIS is what supporting your club is all about. Forget the good times it’s when yer backs against the wall that you really become a supporter. Course you always get those who think moaning/whinging is how to support which is irony itself.

    Best of luck to our manager Lee Clark who leads us into battle and to whoever pulls on the shirt you are priveleged and in a special place. It will be interesting to see who’s playing and who makes the step up but the most interesting thing to me is whether Butland gets a game and thus gets cup-tied (which is the most stupid rule in football) with his impending transfer on the cards.

    KRO all.

    • mark says:

      I am in total agreement with you on this one INCLARKWETRUST. Come bluenoses get your backsides down the blues and support our kids against the leeds in the replay. These kids want to wear the shirt..
      Hope wpackwood a speedy recovery….KRO

  • The lovely pie says:

    I am an lufc season ticket holder and have been for years, the football Leeds play is shocking under Warnock, the price for this unattractive game is unacceptable being close to Christmas and for that reason I am not going. I am saving my brass in preference of staying at home and watching international grass growing on sky sports 5 which will be more exciting.


  • bluenoseneil says:

    Paul: I think it’s reasonable to expect no Butland today. As our most saleable asset we will surely want to maintain highest possible market value for him by keeping him injury free and not cup-tied. Colin Doyle is a more than adequate replacement and arguably should’ve been made first choice Keeper at the start of the season anyway.

    Ironically if he HAD been then Butland may have not been in the spotlight enough to garner the likely £6-7million we will get for him, thus keeping us out of the financial kak.

    I agree today is a day for the true supporter and I am gutted I can’t make it to Elland Road personally. However I wish the team all the luck in the world and think that Lee Clark deserves any praise going at the moment for taking this job on, because many would’ve walked by now due to the lacks of tools and funds at their disposal.

    Cynical comments are not welcome today…..

    Let’s get a win and some FA Cup cash in the bank for Blues!!!!


  • Quokkasskip says:

    What’s your view on Henry-Francis? Have never seen him so interested in your thoughts.

    • almajir says:

      My first impression is that he has talent but is raw. Against Continental Star he got into good positions, scored one but horribly messed up others. He’s 18 and hasn’t played a pro game before so pretty much what you’d expect.

  • blue nose says:

    I can see the kids pulling off a shock 2day,2-0 blues kro

  • Ali Duncan says:

    I think Leeds should have taken a long hard look at the pricing for today. £28 doesn’t encourage people to go and by lowering the prices significantly I would have expected more Bluenoses to travel. £36 for second tier league football is a total rip off, £28 for a cup game against a team in the same division is simply insulting.

  • Paulo says:

    Pretty simple why I’m not going …cost. Leeds charge far too much and think it’s ok. League prices are a joke and £28 for me and £15 for my daughter (plus travel) is a p**s take for a 3rd round FA cup match and dont get me started on league match prices. I wonder how much Brighton are charging for today against Newcastle? I understand the few who are going will have gone anyway, but given that the Leeds board simply want profit, it’s hard to justify.
    Make it more accessable and more fans might go. Make the football better, then more fans definately will go …..!

  • Pughy the blue says:

    Any news on Steven Doris is he defo on trail

  • Mark says:

    I think Birmingham cc
    Should play the teenager.
    Why not give them a chance if you don’t play them
    You will never know how good there are no good
    Keeping the bench warm .
    I know many None leuge player who are just as good but not been
    Given the chance.

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