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A Tentative Approach

Birmingham International Holdings yesterday made an announcement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to confirm that it had received an approach from a sports management company with respect to Birmingham City.

Naturally, as any news over a potential takeover does, this announcement spawned reams of comment from Blues fans about who it could potentially be, if the timing was coincidental to the transfer window, etc. With this is mind I have taken some time to speak to people and to digest the information fully to try to analyse what this means for BCFC.

Not a bid

I think the first thing that needs to be clarified is that this isn’t a bid for the club – it’s an approach where a party has told BIH officially that they may be interested in purchasing the club. Essentially, this could be as little as a solicitor’s letter to Peter Pannu stating that there may be interest and to set up the meetings necessary to see if it will go further – an analogy would be going up to a shop assistant in Currys saying “I like that TV, could you tell me more about it?” It doesn’t mean that this company will buy the club – it doesn’t even mean that they will definitely make an offer. All it means is that they might.

Who are they?

Good question. As of the moment, we have no idea. Again, it’s important to read the statement properly – it states that a Sports Management Company have been in contact who have indicated that it could lead a consortium to buy the club. My opinion on this is that it sounds like a fixer or agent type has been in touch saying that they know someone who might want it and want to set up a deal. This is analogous to Paladini; Paladini was never anything more than an agent fronting a consortium’s bid that would get a job out of it if the deal was concluded. It’s entirely possible that this could refer to Paladini but I think there it is implied that it’s a new bid from a fresh source and thus I’d be willing to discount it being the Solihull-based Italian.

I’ve seen mention online (particularly from James Nursey on twitter) that it’s a HK/Chinese based consortium and that it’s further ahead than stated. I’m not sure if he’s been fed information from Peter Pannu or if he is making guesses based on previously known information so I’m not going to discount what he is saying out of hand – however I don’t personally believe that anyone bar the bidders and Mr Pannu/BIH know for sure who these people are and thus I believe that it’s only speculation until it becomes public knowledge and should be treated as such.

Is there anything in the timing of this announcement?

I’ve seen quite a few people pick up on the second affirmed date of contact between this party and BIH being the 31st of January and speculating if this is what stopped sales of players on the transfer window deadline day. I don’t think this is the case and that the timing is purely coincidental – I can’t believe Peter Pannu would risk administration (and probable redundancy) on the possibility of a deal being done – and as discussed before this is nothing more than a possibility. From the information I have gleaned there were no further sales after Jack Butland as no further money was required to keep the club afloat and valuations weren’t met; it’s as simple as that.

Why say anything if it’s only a tentative approach?

I’ve looked into why this announcement was made – reference is made within the statement to Part XIVA of the Securities and Future Ordinance – as I thought this might give some indication as to what is happening. The specifics of the SFO it refers to discusses inside information and puts the onus on companies to make the public aware of this information as soon as practicable. However what makes it interesting is under the rules it’s illegal to put out information that is “false or misleading to material fact” – eg a statement that isn’t true in order to smoke out real bidders. It’s also interesting that information doesn’t have to be made public if it involves “an incomplete proposal or negotiation”. As it’s known that BIH are working under the direction of a compliance advisor and as such are being very very careful to follow rules to the letter it thus makes sense to take this statement at face value and not look for underhand reasons for its publication.

So what now?

Realistically, the announcement doesn’t change anything. We already knew that the club was for sale and that Mr Pannu is in Hong Kong looking for buyers/investors. It confirms that there are potential bidders out there but it doesn’t mean anything is going to happen any time soon; indeed, as discussed last week, the sale of the club cannot be conducted without the BIH accounts anyway so it’s not going to happen any time soon. As more information comes out we will have more of an understanding but as of yet there is nothing in the press in HK or China that I can find that gives a hint as to who the interested party could be.

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81 Responses to “A Tentative Approach”

  • Kaje says:

    I was all excited about this until you mentioned that it’s thought to be another HK/China based consortium (according to Nursey).

    It’s destroyed all hope I had about us getting away from ‘businessmen’ (or men playing at business) from that part of the world for a while.


    Very interesting and completely adds up: http://bcfc.freeforums.org/new-interest-t7621-20.html

  • bluenoseneil says:


    A Blues fan amongst them?

    Google all other Asian based sports management teams and tell me if there’s anyone there with any association like that.

    Good speculation I think!!!!

  • glyn rees says:

    I think you are playing this down far to much OP. I beliieve this is much further along than you are making out. In my opion that is but hay who am I but I aint saying it go all the way either Kro4ever

  • Texas Pete says:

    Hey guys, let’s wallow in the good feelingz that come from the prospect of the the club being bought. On top of the two wins behind us and the lifted mood we have going on. I for one am looking for a great run in to the end of the season Yep two wins and a rumor make me like I’m Lance Armstrong.

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Thanks AJ. Great research plus cautious and considered speculation.
    Excellent stuff.

    Going sideways slightly, think about the mire of fog and the incomprehensible non-information, that was BIHL before Pannu’s promotion onto the Board.
    Before that, he was an employee of their main asset, nothing more.

    Remember how the BIHL board used to behave?

    Like geriatrics with collective alzheimers.
    It took drastic action by the HKSE to shake Carson out of his ennui and with the promotions of Pannu the realities of the living dead at BIHL were revealed.along with Xtep.

    Before that Pannu was only be an employee, no real power over the Vico’s of this world, who as a shareholder, director etc –outranked Pannu, in fact employed Pannu.

    Once upstairs though BIHL has changed sharpish under Pannu’s direction.
    Deadwood and the dead have been removed.
    Meeting the Compliance mentor’s advice has furthered the required steps for a sale of BCFC. Which is what Pannu has always said was his remit.

    “My top priority now – and if I do offend anyone, I care not – is to make sure this club stays afloat.”

    I did waver for a bit, about Peter Pannu – – mea culpa — but he is on his delivery line.

    He delegates fantastic power to Julia, Andy etc at St Andrews, and our backroom staff are as pinchable as Jack Butland was, if other clubs had a brain.That’s his trust and confidence being shown.

    Since Pannu moved upto Board level at BIHL, he has been on-point, ahead of the game and single-handedly been responsible for Blues’ continued solvency —without financial investment nor support since June 2011 – he has made us a saleable and viable proposition.

    The HKSE statement had to be made for Compliance reasons I’d imagine, but I’m personally not bothered who or where we get sold onto. I just want Capital Invested to keep a few of the 19 out of contracts, keep our management team and have enough to mutually agree a Zigg’s pay-off.

    That I can hope that is because of Pannu’s management.

    This may not be popular, but, there you go–



    I Love Ziggy and wish he’d start rather than be an impact, but if his wages are so high, then solvency must come before respect.


    • motozulu says:

      Letsby – great stuff, I agree entirely. Also – if this does turn out to be the Shanghai media group – I’ll take that.

    • chas says:

      Letsby, imo , a Top Post.. Too many have a knock at PP instead of realising the good he has done.Whoever takes over would be wise to keep that man in the fold.

    • Brumboi says:

      Amen to that!

      I’ve been stating this over the last month or so on here.

      It seems most fans can’t, or don’t want to see the reality of the mammoth task PP is facing. And moaned about the fact he was taking over 250K salary.

      • bkkblue says:

        How easily the gullible are fooled. Keep Pannu on, FFS, Are you his stooge?! 250k salary – LEARN TO READ – it’s three times as much, or do you believe the pocket expenses line?

        Why did we only get 3.5 million for Butland? Who came out and advertised that we were really desperate? Who turned down 6 million 6 months ago? Who thought we had enough money for the season but was wrong? I’ll tell you what he is good at – manipulating the feeble minded: he makes you think everyone is being sold, and then when he only sells our prize asset at a bargain price you think he’s some sort of wizard! FFS.

        I am never this critical of fellow posters normally, if I think you’re an idiot, I just won’t reply; but all that evil requires to flourish, is for good men to stand idly by, so please, if you really are a Blues fan – WAKE Up. Pannu is an arrogant ****.and he can go to hell.

        • Alex T says:

          I think it is you who is deluded and has been swept away with the Anti CY & PP hysteria… lets look at all your points…
          The Salary – I dont particularly want to defend it, but its not out of line with what all execs lavish themselves with in companies all over the world. Remember how Karen Brady fleeced the club before she left?? There is probably some truth that some of that £680k went to expenses, but I doubt it was £430k
          Butland – I bet you were glad we kept him before the season started? And I bet you thought (just like me and just like Pannu) that we would be sold before the end of the transfer window, which if we had, would have meant we would have been able to keep him. You cant have a go just because you have the benefit of hindsight
          Thought we had enough money for the season – Remember the accounts said that Blues would have to sell players to be a going concern. So, we all knew if there was no buyer, then this would happen.
          Pannu’s message before the transfer window – If you look at his comments, he didnt say we would sell anyone on the cheap. It was only following rumour and gossip that lead us to believe there would be a firesale (Marlon to be let go for free?!?!)
          what he is good at – manipulating the feeble minded – WRONG! This is by far his weakest area. Diplomacy and bringing fans on board….. not quite there with that one is he??

          So, perhaps you need to re-think after all your points have been proved wrong??

          • almajir says:


            The Birmingham City group accounts make it plain that the majority of the 430k above his salary was “expenses” – and not business ones.

            for the record.

          • bkkblue says:

            I live in Bangkok. I’m hardly likely to be swept along in the hysteria on the other side of the world. Furthermore, I have waivered in the past, and thought Pannu wasn’t the villain he had been painted out to be. Turns out I was wrong. This is my opinion on your points….

            Re. Salary: I would gladly pay Brady twice what Pannu gets, at least she was competent and we were financially well managed.

            Re. Butland: At the start of the season I thought we should sell him if we were that desperate for the cash. 6 million was a good price for a player who could be fairly easily replaced.

            Re. Sale of the club: I never thought we’d be sold before the end of the transfer window. That’s not hindsight, it’s common sense – there were no serious buyers other than Paladini’s consortium. Pannu doesn’t want to sell to him. Turns out though, he might sell to Carson Yeung!!!!

            Re. Enough money for the season: If the accounts state we need to sell players to continue for the season, then all the more reason to cash in on Butland at the start of the season when he was the hottest property around after his Team GB exploits. He was never going to increase in value after half a season in a struggling championship team was he?

            Re. Pannu’s message: It doesn’t matter what he actually said, what matters is how everyone interprets it. Clearly all clubs interpreted it as “Birmingham are desperate, make us an offer as low as you like, on anyone you want”.

            Re. Manipulating the fans: Based on the messages of support for Pannu, I would suggest he is getting better at it. Look at the way he got into a public slanging match with McLeish recently to curry favour with the Blues fans.

            So, we can disagree, but I don’t think you have proven any of my points wrong. You can think they’re insignificant, but i would disagree. PP and CY have dragged us down to our lowest point since the Kumar brothers. Now that IS an achievement!


        • Brumboi says:


          Hmmm, you suggest I learn to read with a statement that clearly shows you didn’t read my comments.

          My comment states OVER 250K.

          I guess you didn’t go to specsavers!

          • bkkblue says:

            I know you said over 250k. My concern is that it is nearly THREE times that amount.

            If I earned 3,000 p/m I wouldn’t describe it as over 1,000; I would describe it as 3,000. I don’t think I am being pedantic here, your figure is miles off the correct amount.

    • nicky wicky says:

      Well letsby he gets those wages if it’s true because when he comes on he changes games. How often this season has he come up with a last minute equaliser or winner? without those goals and assists we’d be down in the relegation zone! He is a penalty box finisher a Darren Bent type and if Lee Clark used him properly instead of just getting hthe players to hit long balls up to him then maybe he would have made a bigger impact abnd scored more goals, like the four in one game he scored aginst Leeds last year. Chris Hughton knew how to use him and when they got good balls in to him and he wasn’t injured he was free scoring.

    • James Black says:

      Letsby, Totally agree mate. The guy has straightened out the house and chopped the dead wood. His done a deal with Butland which will benefit us in years to come as well as keep us out of trouble for rest of the season. He has made us virtually self financing and when you consider the whingers all stayed at home and reduced income, then i think his done a great job. Far too much was made of the salary and i still don’t accept the vague accusations saying it wasn’t business expenses. It has to be set out and i think that some amateur accountants are making too much of it, and anyway as far as im concerned, he could get a high salary elsewhere and i also believe that as his salary has not put us into danger, then its nobodies damned business what he earns. I don’t think you get someone of his caliber on the cheap. Just the usual rabble rousing and i disregard it. All the good he has achieved and suddenly he is being rubbished over salary. If he hasn’t communicated then i don’t blame him as all the wannabe journos and accountants sentenced and found him guilty before he was able to speak. I wouldn’t talk to any of them as the wannabe journos are just looking to gain brownie points with the negos at the time. I expect my computer to melt with the replies, but i believe he has done us no wrong. Bandwagons just keep rolling.

  • thongs says:

    Can I just add that even after two wins I want Clark gone.

  • StevieW says:

    Well OP here we go again and what was it you were saying about a calming of the waters and time to think and then measure your broadcasts. The demand for information is now going to gather pace again and you will be the one to help unravel all the plot and counter plot to provide easy reading for us lesser informed mortals.

    I love the word “Practicable” it allows you to get round rules and regs to suit your requirements, I have used it many times. From that I assume this announcement is a move of a negotiation that is a little way down the path however as you say it is not a formal bid at present.

    I love this roller coaster.

  • ChrisG says:

    It amazes me that there are so many people saying that if it’s more Chinese they won’t get excited by the prospect of them taking over, Why? do you think all Chinese are like CY?, I think it’s been mentioned about the dodgyness of a certain Brum based Italian & an English manager who was up for the England managers vacancy last year & left a so called top london club last summer. Don’t tar everyone with the same brush is all i’m saying, they could be decent people who are put off by such talk.

  • Blueboy88 says:

    My pound is on the Shanghai Media & Entertainment group , with this sports management company being their (BIH) purchasing structure.

    They were seemingly very interested but couldn’t complete a purchase because of the BIH
    accounts fiasco.
    PP then had to shuffle back pronto to HK to right that wrong.

    The BIH accounts must now be close to completion , for PP to be confident enough make this announcement to the HK stock exchange . He can not afford another bungled cock-up , so I think he trusts this suitor.

    It could all become very fast moving then , as a lot of the due diligence would have been completed already.

  • andy says:

    Obviously a bid has to be put in, anyone can show an interest as Al stated. But any bid would have to be considerably higher than the one Paladini made, which still remains the only offer on the table. With the club financially above water, thanks to Jack Butland, im guessing the asking price is still £40 million?

  • Marky mark says:

    Hopefully now the doom and gloom is lifting LC can concentrate on picking up points and securing
    Championship survival.

    I think given the circumstances and the restraints he has done a good job and deserves some respect

    Its certain to be an interesting summer, I am confident Pannu will see the deal through to conclusion,
    he also deserves some respect, I admit his communication with the fans is shocking but he is leading the ship to calmer waters.

    Predication for Charlton 1-2

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    We need to lock out the ground for the Watford game. All the hardcore Blues internet crew need to get offline and actually go to a few games rather than constantly posting on a website about how loyal you were 100 years ago. Blues need us now so potential investors can see our, well, potential. £18 a ticket in the Tilton for the Watford game so start applying for the bank loan now lads to finance it. Imagine if those who reckon theyre Blues but never go to a game were included in the attendance figures, God we’d be sold out twice over every week.

  • Bazzathebluenose says:

    The second paragraph of this article says it all. No bid has been lodged and until it is and ink is dry on the agreement there is nothing new. We have to do what we had had to do all along; wait!

  • prewarblue says:

    If I had The money to buy a season ticket I would, I would also be present at youth games , school try outs and any other games if only to shut you up about how loyal and upright a follower of Blues you are,,,,,,,some of us are not able to go to games , do you think your constant harping on about those of us who cant go helps ?,,,,,those who do not go to games when they are able to most likely dont go to avoid people like you pontificating about how good you are and other how bad for not attending.
    Its people with views like your fixation that is stopping this site being read by more people for all your alter ego,s no matter how big they may be

  • prewarblue says:

    My remarks are aimed at your favourite poster AJ,,,, in which ever guise he uses

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    I am intrigued by this consortium who may be behind the sports management company.

    Do not believe it could possibly be anyone who has previously been linked as this one was kept under the wraps until the announcement by BIH. They may not have any involvement with sport previously and might have approached this management company due to its experience and knowledge in such matters.

    As they have merely expressed an interest and the respective legal teams will be getting together to discuss possible details, it bodes well in the sense that unlike Paladini, it is not fronted by anyone who is an attention seeking or headline-making individual. Professionalism is always the key in such matters.

    Early days, but so far so good.

    Oh, and anyone who thinks that CY is the yardstick to measure a nation of 1.3 billion people needs to get out and gain more experiences in this big wide world of ours.

  • marky mark says:

    Don’t take it to heart prewar, not everyone can afford to go
    But the fact remains there are 10k missing who clearly can afford to go
    but are choosing not to.

    • prewarblue says:

      I thank you for your comment,,,,,,,but the constant harping on about those who cant / wont go only discourages those who are undecided about going not encourages in case they meet up with those who boast of perfect attendance and continually drone on about it

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Bull, absolute bull

    Another reason for not going?

    You’re no fan in my book.

    • carlos says:

      Sorry Almajir this issue needs to be addressed, this is nothing more than bullying and intimidation. This adds nothing to the topic being discussed, and like just about every topic before it is being dragged towards another Paul Carter debate. The guy adds absolutely nothing of interest or relevance to any topic, and from a personal point of view he greatly diminishes the impact of the stories that you obviously take great time and diligence to put together.

      • almajir says:

        It’s a difficult one – I don’t want to censor people but Mr Carter does sound like a broken record.

        So Mr C – the onus is on you. Can you make some comments without referring to “internet warriors”, the attendance, Wembley or anything else?

        • Oldbluenose says:

          About time mate;, This broken record, seems to like the sound of it’s own voice to much, — methinks,

          As with prewar, There are some of us who love the Blues, but are unable to travel to see them because of either age, or most likely, Lack of available finance, !!.

          This does not stop our love of the club, Nor diminish our fervant wish to see it restored to something approaching normality, instead of teetering on the edge of a deep decline, !!.

          I do understand that attendances are an essential part of helping the clubs finances, but with the current economic climate , plus despair at the seemingly endless mismanagement, It is hardly surprising crowds are low, !!.

    • chas says:

      (comment edited)

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Sadly, I have many friends who have been loyal supporters in the past and most of them have now lapsed. When we were school kids on the Tilton and then big kids on the Kop, there were dozens of us. The strange thing is, that at the time they took a conscious decision to stop going to St Andrews, there was always a determining factor. eg “I’ll never go down again until Bruce, Francis, Kumar, Wheldon, Sullivan etc has gone. Problem is, once the offending person has gone, they did not make good on their promises and most never returned, however they did find time to make the League Cup Finals and the Europa Cup. These arent people particularly with huge commitments or financial difficulties. They just dont love us any more.

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Exactly Sol and if people walk away I have no problem with it.

    Problem I have is those who just wanna post on the net, who can clearly afford to go but have no intention of going. They see loyalty in terms of how many posts on the net they can make and revel in the bad times as we’ve seen.

    They expect us who put the money in to keep ‘their’ club going so they can turn up for the next Wembley.

    • motozulu says:

      Paul, now that we are saved with new owners and therefore on our way back to the prem I’ll get a ST again. I’m even going to the Watford game (2nd game this season) because the good times are coming back and I want to ensure that if/when we have a good run next year in the FA cup, with an ST I’ll have a better chance of a Wembley ticket.
      See? us loyal fans are still out there so don’t despair. I’m off to post on SHA now about my decision – see you all at Wembley!

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Brilliant mate.

    We need to fill our ground, 2nd city come on Blue Boys support your club.

    Like you did at Wembley

  • Dave mann says:

    (comment edited)

    • jdpps says:

      (comment edited – sorry, you make a good point but I’m ending this debate here and now. I’m deleting Mr Mann’s comment also in the spirit of fairness- almajir)

      • jdpps says:

        No problem, I actually didn’t see your post at 1:22 before I pressed send on mine.
        Agree this isn’t the place nor time for debate on what constitutes a fan.
        Thanks, as always, for keeping us up to date with all things BCFC – this is always my ‘go-to’ place for updates on any progress. KRO

  • DoctorD says:

    Al – you should write a post on why people love this club, any club in fact. Is it because they have invested so much time and money in going to games? Is it because they identify with the players? Is it because it’s the club nearest their home. Is it because it’s “not Villa”. Is it because the club is part of the city and their background? Is it coz they love their fellow fans? Don’t wanna get all philosophical about this, but sometimes I do wonder how people in, say, the far East support a team like Man United. In what sense is it “their” club? I suppose the only reason is they watch games with that club on telly.

    • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

      It is ‘their’ club in the same way as our internet crew have Blues as ‘their’ club.

      • almajir says:

        And Mr C fails the test.

        So here it is – a temporary moratorium on all comments about people attending/not attending. I will summarily delete anything that is purely about that and not on topic of the article.

    • Blueboy88 says:

      I support the Blues because my Grandparents took my Dad to St Andrews, who then took me to St Andrews. So I stand like many others on the shoulders of my family as a Blues supporter.

      My Grandparents did not set foot in St Andrews in the last 15-20 years of their life , but that didn’t stop them supporting the club & the team. They were still sponges for anything Birmingham City FC .Always keen to read the Mail, Listen to Tom Ross, read the matchday programmes I took around from cover to cover etc

      (comment edited)

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, Now that one thing is hopefully put -to bed, ?.

    As Carson Yueng, owns approximately 26%, of the club, !!. Where and who are the other 74%, of the ownership,?.

    My point being, C,Y, is the leading figure, almost all news, comments, etc;, eminate about him,!!. — YET, these others who have majority holdings are never mentioned, ?.

    So any potential sale of our club, surely does NOT rest entirely upon him,!!.

    What I find confusing is that apparntly, B,I,H,L. has been decimated in terms of ” bodies ” recently, so who/what are the other 74%, and how do they come into the reckoning, ????.

    • almajir says:


      This has been done countless times before – if you look at the BIH factfile linked here, it tells you where the rest of the shares are.

      The others don’t have a “majority shareholding” – they have a majority between them but none of them will own a significant (ie above 1 or 2 per cent) percentage and thus can only act in concert. Most probably have no clue what is going on… hence the trust contacting them.

      • Oldbluenose says:


        Appologies mate, I was guilty of ” ill phrasing “. I was indeed aware that C,Y, was/is the largest ” single ” shareholder, and that the other 74%, were indeed spread out amongst the multitude, !!.

        I just was unable to see how contacting them was ever going to be easy, !!.

  • stu11 says:

    I hold great hope in the news of this new take over consortium. In my opinion pp has done a brilliant settling the ship.I for one was very worried leading up to january that our squad would be desamated to fund Carson Yeungs legal fees and then be sold immediately afterwards.Thankfully pp has proved me wrong and is working for the good of the club and its fans.i will be there on saturday. We need to now show any future investors what a great club we are and also what a great fan base we have.Feeling positive for the first time in two years.Good times are round the corner i can feel it.kro…

  • Dave mann says:

    im not sorry about my earlier rant almajir but i will keep to the subject as you wish.
    any backer who wants to buy our club no matter where their from is alright by me aslong as they put their money and effort into it and domt sell us false promises. surely anything is better than the current situation. if a concorteum backs us then we has supporters should back them on and off the pitch in our numbers.kro.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    If we do get new owners, first job will be to arrange some sort of service agreement with the fanbase. Rule number 1 – Keep the Fans Informed !!

  • Dave mann says:

    to right sol because this regime certanly dont keep us informed.

  • roskoe says:

    Thanks for the article Almajir, it doesn’t really change anything though does it? Every week i come on OP looking for that bit of news we’ve all been waiting for, and a lot of times there is an article with a title sounds like it may have that answer, only for it to be another piece of speculation. Pleae don’t think i am aiming any animosity towards yourself Almajir, I understand you are only trying to keep us informed but it is very frustrating when yet another almost story breaks. Lets hope there is something concrete soon. Thoughts on the Charlton game?


  • Dave mann says:

    im about to leave work now and looking forward to going to charlton tomorrow. 2-1 to the blue boys

  • marky mark says:

    You should apologize Mr Mann, as your comments where completely without any credence or

    Back on topic, are you suggesting Mr Pannu has made false promises

  • Oby says:

    Pure conjecture of course re- Rush group, but the chappie below is a Blues fan who is the Chairman-

    Darryl Eales, Chairman
    Darryl is the Chief Executive of Lloyds Capital Development, the UK’s leading mid-market private equity house and part of the Lloyds Banking Group. With more than 25 years’ private equity experience, and having served on more than 50 company boards, he has overseen LDC’s significant growth during the past decade.

    A passionate believer that sustainable commercial success is built on a relationship-based approach, Darryl has an enviable reputation for being trusted, fair minded and commercial. He is also a strong advocate of the role private equity should play in supporting local communities.

    Beyond business, Darryl’s varied outside interests and hobbies include wine collecting, running marathons and supporting Birmingham City FC.


  • chas says:

    Damn.. Sorry Al, I didnt see your ‘Summary Warning ‘ post befofre I posted.. I am looking forward to the excitement of seing wether we get new Owners ir not, I dont care where they come from, they can be no worse than the Coombes(later years) or Wheldon..THEY are the ones who cocked us up in the beginning.

  • tamuffblue says:

    some great posts on here as usual – but I still feel that FOOTBALL as an entirety is at fault !!!!!! – Since the day the likes of Murdoch sullivan – abramovich walked through the door in the early 90’s it ceased to be a sport and was hijacked and turned into a sordid business with only one concern and that certainly was not the loyal fans who followed their respective teams – I along with thousands of Noses am in despair of the antics of the people who bought our club with such ideas of grandeur and not an ounce of thought or respect for the fans BUT it is certainly a problem caused and festered and encouraged by the inept coffin dodgers at the FA and the coniving money mad bastard Scudamore at the Premier League – Rant Over !!!!!!!!! Cmon You Blueboyyyyyze

  • Eric says:

    People like carter need to know that Blues international fans like me need information and that this place is my first call. Yes I was a fan who went to all home games and many away games but not from Canada. In fact when I come over to see Blues once a year I pay way more than for a season ticket. I am so tired of carter’s diatribes I now skip his useless comments.

    PS I remain worried about Chinese ownership…mainly because I find their communication skills almost non-existant. I still pine for UK ownership…

    • Art Watson says:

      Here here!

      I live abroad and this season I have probably paid more money into the club than Paul.

      Season tickets for my Grandchildren -Xmas presses from the Club Shop and dare I mention my on line subscriptions.I have done this since leaving the UK in 2007 but I won’t pay out again until PP disappears.


  • Julian Glass says:

    Another analogy could be they’ve gone Comet and asked about any closing-down deals.

  • […] saying that it could happen is very different to it actually happening. As I said on Friday, the approach was nothing more than a tentative look at maybe, possibly, buying the club and the […]

  • […] in an offer for Birmingham City.  Apparently, according to Joys and Sorrows’ good mate at Often Partisan a “Sports Management Company” has expressed an interest in buying our club.  This has […]

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