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The Hokey-Cokey

After months of quiet amidst other speculation, it was reported this morning in the Birmingham Mail that the Italian Consortium behind Gianni Paladini had pulled out from bidding to buy Blues. Naturally, things are never simple at Blues and within four and a half hours of that story being published Gianni Paladini has essentially denied it.

This afternoon Mr Paladini affirmed in a telephone interview with Tom Ross on Free Radio that he has not spoken to the Birmingham Mail and that he is still interested in buying the club. He made it clear that he has just kept quiet for the sake of the team but he still wants to do a deal. For onlooking Blues fans, it’s become a confusion of who or what to believe.

I think the important thing to remember in all this is that Gianni Paladini isn’t the money man in this deal. Essentially, he is a fixer/broker who is looking to make the deal in order to get a job out of the end of it. As such his motivations are that it is best for him for the deal to go ahead and of course because of that he is still very interested in doing it and of course this is what he is going to tell the media.

However, the indications appear to be that the money men behind Paladini are tired of waiting and are now prepared to look elsewhere. With the sale of the club being dependent on a number of factors such as the long overdue BIH accounts being published as well as shareholder approval out in Hong Kong it’s not a simple purchase and it might be that the time still needed to do a deal (let alone the cost) has made it an unattractive proposition. The idea of a quick purchase and a stab at getting promoted this season must have appealed but the longer this drags on, the more time will be required to get the team and the squad back up to snuff to try to do this and I think that must have weighed heavily on the consortium’s mind.

I will admit that I have strong reservations over the idea of Gianni Paladini being Chairman of BCFC (which is what I understand would have happened if the Italian consortium had bought the club) and I must confess that I’m quite pleased that it looks extremely unlikely that will happen. For me, it’s imperative that our next owners are in it for the long haul and I’d prefer to see someone who is more interested in a long-term profit-making strategy which involves building a proper infrastructure both salary- and transfer-wise than someone who is looking for a quick fix – which I believe the Italians were.

No doubt we will hear more over the next few days about Gianni Paladini but whether he’s in, out or shaking it all about the simple fact of the matter is that it’s not advanced the sale of the club any further forwards and it’s just another sideshow in the circus that this takeover is slowly becoming.

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52 Responses to “The Hokey-Cokey”

  • eddie says:

    As you go through life,
    It’s a long long road,
    There’ll be joys and sorrows too.

    As we journey on,
    We will sing this song,
    For the boys in royal blue,
    We’re often partizan,
    We will journey on,
    Keep right on to the end of the road,

    Keep right on to the end.

    Though the way be long,
    Let your heart beat strong,
    Keep right on to the end,
    Though you’re tired and weary,
    Still journey on, ’til you come to your happy abode,
    Where all the love, you’ve been dreaming of will be there,
    At the end of the road, Birmingham! Birmingham!

  • DoctorD says:

    To paraphrase the little-known “Your Song” by Labi Siffre:

    This is my club
    and no one can take it away
    It’s been so long, but now you’re here,
    here to stay
    And I wonder if you know what it means
    to find your dreams come true

    This is my club
    and no one can make it a lie
    It’s been so long since someone
    could make me cry
    And I wonder if you know what it means
    to laugh as tears go by

    I may not always sing in tune
    and sometimes you don’t hear me
    but you don’t have to be near me
    to know that I’m singing

    This is my club
    and nothing can make it die
    It’s been so long and it’s stronger
    I know why
    And I wonder if you really, really know
    That as long as I live I will sing my song for you

  • Tilton10 says:

    Shit on the villa! shit on the villa tonight !
    Shit on the villa!shit on the villa tonight!
    Shit on the villa! shit on the villa tonight !
    Everybody shit on the villa they’re a load of shite!

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, I must go to ” Spec-Savers “, as I failed to see a reference to songs in your above, lol,!!.

    Pleases me though, That you and I, share the same views about new prospective owners, [ If we could be so lucky,? ] .

    I had a shudder when Paladini, resurfaced, I hope that either the Italians are fed-up — or obtain another ” mouthpiece, “. !!!.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Time of posts 10:45 to 11:20 at night – the clue is in the timing hic!

    • James Black says:

      Hahahahaha Bluenoseol, you just gave me the biggest laugh and where i am its very very early in the morning, so thanx for that mate. Al, i share your concerns about this consortium from Italy and would rather we wait till someone with a long term vision comes in, and not venture capitalists like the Paladini crew. But no doubt this news will bring another hostile wave and we should sell to anyone even though later it will be said they shoulda been more careful who they sell it too. Its a never can win situation sometimes.

  • RUPERT says:

    Why wouldnt Palladini be good for us ? The rubbish we have now are killing us!

    Sale / I keep telling everyone THIS CLUB IS NOT FOR SALE AT ANY PRICE! It belongs to Carson and will remain so

    • Chris Smith says:

      We don’t know who the new owner will be and how they will behave. We could also end up with trigger happy owners such as those at Forrest. Do you really want that? They could blow a load of money, get us into the prem, get relegated and then have the club in a worse position than now. Want that?

      Like it or not blues have stability till the end of the season. Leave any sales till then.

    • James Black says:

      Killing us Chris??? We was 9th in premiership, we won a cup, they invested heavily, from their point of view probably too much. But memories are short. Then the arrest of carson, asset freeze but still they keeping us afloat without being able to fund anything at the moment. If carson guilty then its out of his hands but as i said memories are short. Im nearly 54, id only seen us win a Micky mouse cup or 2 previously. We was 9th in premier, won league cup. Like i said im 54 and ive never seen that level of success never not ever.. Yes thats sad in itself but you seem to think we was a Liverpool or something. We never had sucess ever apart from under Sulivan where we also finished 9th but he was ran out by people that think he harmed us when he took us from near admin to premiership. Yeung topped that and then relegation, then arrest then the inevitable problems. They never killed us chris, we was never successful. But briefly we was but as i said, memories are short.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Round and round and round every feckin day in circles…farce.

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Which of this bit of the circus is in anyway the clubs fault. Paladini is like side show Bob, always needs a bit of limelight. I surprised he didn’t deny the story on his sons facebook page!

      • chris says:

        Blue, Paladini DID NOT SPEAK to the mail, so didn’t ask for the limelight.
        Blame Colin Tattum and the Mail and ask where they got their info from.
        Whether we want or don’t want Paladini, at least look at the facts.

        • Blue in Spain says:

          Of course he didn’t Tatts is well known for making up stories… I know who I believe!

        • almajir says:

          You’re right Chris, Paladini didn’t speak to the Mail.

          Somebody else might have done though… somebody else who knows just as much if not more than Paladini. Paladini is only the front man, only the broker. He has everything to lose if they walk away.

  • andy says:

    It comes across that Carson has no intention of selling to any consortium that will only pay for the club by installments and i cant say i blame the bloke. If £40 million was put straight on the table then i assume Carson would sell tomorrow but its not forthcoming, hence all the hokey cokey going on. The longer this drags on the more convinced i am that the club will remain in chinese hands with Carson involved in some capacity.

  • chris says:

    just on
    Birmingham City FC ‏@BcfcDotCom

    LC confirms that Nikola Zigic will be dropped from the matchday squad after unsatisfactory training sessions over the past week

  • krotom says:

    Forget his salary, which i dont blame the bloke for taking, this is another example of poor man management.
    if the man isnt performing ,ok drop him but dont go public with it. Certain things should be kept within the four walls and i fear this is LC s way of justifying playing a totally unproven player over Nik.

    Does this also set a precedent for his backroom staff. Will we see them receive the same treatment ?

    • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

      Why should it be kept within 4 walls? You’ll be all slagging Lee off for not playing him then with no apparent reason

      Great man management letting the fans know.

  • Cock Eyed Optimist says:

    We finished 9th in the early days of CY while there was still a feel good factor about having new owners. Then we beat Rochdale, MK Dons, Brentford and VIlla all at home. No great achievement. We beat West in the semis and did well to beat Arsenal against the odds on the final. None of the credit is due to CY or PP. Most Premiership teams could have managed that. CY has been a total disaster at Blues. The sooner he goes the better.

  • Mac67 says:

    Fair play to LC, most of us on here would die just to be in a position to play on the St Andrews hallowed turf! Obviously the big man doesnt have the same passion as us.


  • Gianni says:

    nice piece again, just a couple of comments….

    1) what are the indicators that show that Paladini’s consortium are tired of waiting? Paladini’s comment to Free Radio says to me that he is waiting til next season to see what happens to the club.

    2) I don’t think that the accounts not being publicly declared will stop a take-over, as the books that generate the reports will have to be made available as part of a prospective buyer’s due-dilligence.

    3) I have a hunch that Hong Kong shareholders are involved for the money, and if selling the club is the right option they will let it go.


  • blaneh says:

    Ridiculous, every time I see Zigic on the pitch for us he puts in 100% more than some players at this club, yes he needs to put the effort in in training too, but if he has been warned several times before then fine him, that will save some cash. I just smell BS here and agree with krotom.

  • Paul Carter want's shooting he says:

    Big crowd needed tomorrow lads to help the boys continue their unbeaten run.

    I would urge everybody to get down St Andrews and back your club.

  • Art Watson says:

    Publicly flogging Zigic is an act of insanity.

    His resale value has probably halved.

    Yet another example of bad management..

    • almajir says:

      Art, Zigic has no resale value. You can’t halve zero.

      • Art Watson says:


        I trust your information is accurate so I therfore withdraw my resale vale comment but would be interested to hear about the details of his contract.

        I will however reafirm my other comments -staffing issues or disputes in any business should not be for public consumption.Going public is just bad management practice and any disputes should be kept behind closed doors.

        • almajir says:


          The contract is between Nikola Zigic and Blues, what makes you think I’ve read it and/or can divulge it’s contents? All we can ever give is an approximation based on what we know.

          • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

            knock knock knock

            moan moan moan

            negative negative negative

            every single post anti

          • Art Watson says:


            How do you know he doesn’t have a resale value then.

            Does his contract expirew at the end of the season.?

          • almajir says:

            To have a resale value Art, someone has to pay it for him. in the last four transfer windows, ziggy has been available for nothing and people STILL won’t take him. He’s not worth a bean because we cannot sell him – nowt to do with contracts, pure economics mate.

    • Brumboi says:

      We’ve been trying to GIVE HIM AWAY FOR FREE for the last 3 transfer windows, but no club will take him.

      That seems a fair indication he has no value!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    Pathetic people clutching at straws to have a go at Clark

    Resale value lololol

  • tony says:

    The voice of reason continues to defend, the totally inept , stupid, out of his depth Clark. this should have been kept in house. After all by all accounts Clark, Terry Macs training regime is a joke anyhow, who can blame Big ZIG for throwing the towel in.
    Get rid of the buffoon do it now.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason says:

    So every day we see people moaning at the lack of infromation coming out of the club. We get some and it’s ‘insanity’


    Clark has done exactly the right thing and continues to lead this club in an honest, direct way.

    All these people who can’t have a go at the results or the football we’ve playing have found a new story to use. They are pathetic and want to try going to a game and suppirting the club.

    ‘by all accounts’ lol

  • tony says:

    Terry Mac runs around West hills with a cone on his head great laff, yea sure, he and Clark are the joke The voice of reasons sycophantic support is curious, makes you wonder mmm

  • roskoe says:

    Of course Paul, the voice of reason, has another go at those not supporting the club by attending matches. Good attendance does not necessarily equate to good performances. Wolves have an average attendance of 5000 more supporters than us, Bolton have 1000 more and Wednesday have 7000 more than us, thay are all struggling and below us in the table. As much as i pains me to say all three are bigger clubs than us so I am not suprised to see this. It is disappointing that our attendance is 3000 down than last season, but this isn’t the reason for our league position. Our squad getting torn apart without subsequent investment (we all know the reasons for this) to make us more competitive is more of a reason. Do you really think a few more heads down stans is the answer? Some people cannot afford to attend, or have other commitments on match days.I do like the passion you have for the blues however I find your constant attacks on non attending fans both boring and single minded. Live and let live Paul.


    • Stevie Blue says:

      Well said Roskoe. Although I don’t agree with people staying away I fully understand it. The board and staff at the club need to work far harder at bolstering attendances. We have a half full stadium every week and what exactly are those in charge of the club doing about it? Instead of attacking the fans that don’t go,why doesn’t The Voice of Reason just accept that not everybody share’s his view and move on. To be honest given Blues history (oxymoron anyone?) and all the current happenings I think crowds of 16/17k are not to be sneezed at!

      • roskoe says:

        Thanks Steve. If you look at average attendances through the leagues I think you’ll find that most teams attendances have dropped in the last 3 years, not just blues. I think that Paul could do with looking at the bigger picture and not putting everyone in the enviable situation he finds himself in of having the time and money to attend every week. I know this helps keep the club going but making people feel bad because they can’t do the same is not karmically good.I agree the board could do more to boost attendance figures. I may be wrong but aren’t we paying near enough the same to watch championship games as we did for the majority of the Prem games 3 seasons ago? Almajir?

  • Eric says:

    Why are you anti Paladini and crew Almajir, especially given the current ownership and the obvious lack of interest from other potential buyers? I do not want any more made in China buyers. As for those who think Ziggy is one of our best players – the fact noone wants to buy him should settle that argument.

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