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Clark v Zigic – Watford Preview

Birmingham City take on Watford today in the Championship hoping to extend their unbeaten run from five games as they continue to try to pull away from the relegation zone.


Watford come into the match fourth in the Championship, having taken fifty-three points from thirty-one games. They have a good away record, having won eight times on their travels – in comparison Blues have only won nine times in all their Championship games. Their form of late is good, with thirteen points from their last eighteen although they have only won one of their last three.

Nyron Nosworthy could return after injury but Joel Ekstrand, Tommie Hoban, Ikechi Anya and Connor Smith will all miss out.


Blues come into the game on the back of a five match run which has seen them draw three times and win twice. However, leaking goals remains a problem with it now being sixteen matches (the longest current run by any team in the division) without a clean sheet and only four all season.

Blues will be without Nikola Zigic after yesterday’s much-publicised news along with Marlon King who picked up a knock in the draw with Charlton, meaning potential recalls to the starting eleven for Peter Lovenkrands and Wes Thomas. Hayden Mullins and Jonathan Spector could come in for Morgaro Gomis and Callum Reilly.

After yesterday’s shenanigans I fear the worst in this game; I think we’ll miss Nikola massively and I suspect that if we go a goal down quickly the Tilton will let Clark know just how much they miss Nikola too. Blues need to be on their guard against a team that plays good pacy football and will need to make the most of any chance they can get to score.

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69 Responses to “Clark v Zigic – Watford Preview”

  • Macc lad says:

    Big Zig will always be a legend. No sure if Clark will ever be that to us.

  • Ed says:

    Well I think Clark has put his balls on the block today, if we win then he will get away with his bashing of Zigic (which I think he is right to do, but not so public) but if we loose I think he will have completely lost any support from the faithful that he had.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Battling draw with a solid defensive rearguard weathering a constant Watford storm.

  • Singing Face says:

    Back the manager ! Here’s a guy trying to get results with his hands tied behind his back. He needs total commitment from the players to have any sucess. If we could win today it would be a great result at the right time.

    • ChrisG says:

      Couldn’t agree more, no player, even at 6’8 is bigger than the club, he’s our highest earner so he should be pulling out all the stops in training to be first name on the squad sheet. Well done LC.

      • Jamie says:

        he’s one of our best players and should be played especially as we are paying so much for his services, Lee Clark has put the final nail in his own coffin for me now! I was trying very hard to give him as much time as possible but i don’t like managers who act as he has done on more than one occasion and this latest outburst was nothing short of pathetic! I am generally a pretty moderate fan but I want clark out asap after this joke of a scenario has played out! and in front of an audience to boot!? what a class a knob!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Surprised at you Dan pitching this game as Clark v Zigic when it’s clearly not.

    What are we a one man club?

    Id much rather have a leader who takes the big decisions rather then shirks them.

    This will be a tough game whoever plays for us and the result will be nothing to do with Zigic who I notice has not put a statement out rubbishing Lees claims.

    KRO Blues and all you non-goers waiting, hoping, poised for us to lose you are a disgrace.

    • almajir says:

      It’s not but that’s the way it will be seen by many. 200 odd comments on here points to a very divided fanbase and it seems that way online – I worry what it will do for the atmosphere.

    • Brumboi says:

      In answer to Al’s comment about the Tilton letting LC know just how much they miss NZ.

      Anyone at the match (I assume you were Paul Carter LOL) would have witnessed the support for LC’s decision, when after just conceding the 3rd goal, the section (block 11?) at the back of the Tilton started singing the Zigic song, only to be very quickly drowned out with a chorus of boos from the rest of the Tilton. This was then swiftly followed by a ‘There’s only one greedy b–stard’.

      Al, I think your fear of fans turning on LC were conclusively answered right there and then – They’re right behind LC on this, even those who aren’t a great lover of him.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Serious question Dan, when you set up this fantastic blog did you realise how many antis would use it and are you happy about it?

    • carlos says:

      Why are you so concerned about people who have different views to you? Are you insecure?

      • Jamie says:

        I agree, Paul seems to like to complain about a lot of things but can’t stand it when others voice opinions! this is a great outlet for ALL blues fans and we are all entitled to our opinions and most of us can make observations or have a little moan about what we think is wrong without having to try and belittle other posters in such a disrespectful way!
        sometimes you talk sense Paul but too often you insult when others have a different opinion and that is not on really.

    • Art Watson says:


      People just have different views to you and object to your repetitive insults and sometimes bully type comments.

      It doesn’t mean they are anti supporters -that’s in your mind.

  • Dave mann says:

    clarks right to do what hes done with zigic. i like the guy and hes scored major goals for us bot
    if hes not pulling is weight and getting stroppey then he should remember what the young lads
    who bust a gut for blues are earning which is just a fraction off his 50,000. kro.

  • Macc lad says:

    Paul Carter – everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Things aren’t going well, some supporters aren’t happy.
    Like it or not, any abuse that Clark takes today will be all of his own making.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:


    Surely it will be of Zigics making

    • Macc lad says:

      It’s Clark’s fault because he’s handled an alleged incident poorly.

      How happy would you be if your boss went on social media sites to criticise your performance publicly. I’d be straight off to claim constructive dismissal.

      • Bluenosesol says:

        Folks, can we put aside our disparate views for today and make a pledge to be there for our team in their hour of need.There are 20,000 seats unsold to date. We can then have a grand debate later on the team’s performance based on our own personal observations and not what we see and hear in the media?

    • Jamie says:

      the main problem a lot of people are having, including myself is the way Clark handled this! e.g. with no grace and with what is probably going to be moral damaging effect! added to the fact that he is doing a pretty (rhymes with kite) job on the whole! this is the proverbial straw for me! I want the bloke gone ASAP now and I really was trying to give him til the end of the season even tho I’ve suspected for some time that he is not up to the job!

  • ed77 says:

    zigic played in the game at watford and he was awful,lets get it right zigic is only in love with the wage packet not the club if he,d been on 10k a week he,d av been long gone when we came down,apart from the cup run what as he brought 2 the table,he shud dominate this poor league but dont,if we lose 2day its nothing 2 do with him not playing more like watford are a good side,lets forget the zigic v clark crap,and get behind the 11 he plays for god sake!

  • Dave mann says:

    if we lose today then it will be a combination off both dont you think.
    1. because clarks got his tactics wrong.
    2. zigic new he was starting today so why didnt he try?

  • Dave mann says:

    if we lose today then it will be a combination off both dont you think.
    1. because clarks got his tactics wrong.
    2. zigic new he was starting today so why didnt he try?

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    What time you going down Dave?

  • ed77 says:

    has any1 thought it might not only b clark thats angry with zigic i mean if say elliott gives 100% every day in training and zigic is sulking and not trying,if i were him id b thinking this blokes on 5x what i am and he aint putting anything in,perhaps and i dont knw perhaps clark has brought it up b4 other squad members do

  • Dave mann says:

    leaving work at one misses picking me up be in the garrisson about half past one. kro.

  • DhillonBlue says:

    Imagine the impression he makes on the rest of the squad by not training properly. Clarke had no choice airing it in public due to the internet rumour mill. lack of effort has been persistent and not a one off. I am with the manager on this one, he should also be docked pay.

  • Dave mann says:

    it will be interesting to see iff zigic plays anypart in tuesdays game against wendsday?

  • Dave says:

    I’d suggest that any fans chanting Zigic’s name today should support whatever club he eventually moves to. No player is bigger than the club, never have been and never will be. Clarke is clearly not the best manager, but has had to work with a team that has been sold off from the start. Support the team rather than adding to the problems and singing merrily for a player that makes little effort on the pitch and off it. KRO

  • Dave mann says:

    sorry i meant wednesday!

  • Dave mann says:

    spot on dave totally agree.

  • danny in devon says:

    Clarke is growing on me, this was a decision he had to make and I believe the right one .
    What sort of example was Zigic showing to our up and coming Young players.

  • Roy Smith says:

    Perhaps Ziggy gets sick of putting in a stint in training only to be left on the bench and only played for 5 minutes per match. Maybe he thinks that he does not need to be fit as he’s only on the pitch for such a short time.
    Zigic and King played regularly together could have been the best forward pairing in this division but Mr negativity Clarke rarely gives them a chance to prove it. He may be on a big salary but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get sick of being ignored by the manager.
    Most importantly, the team are now limited to 2 forwards today in a game where we are going to need all the attacking options we have. Another occasion where LC has shot himself in the foot. Fining him but making him available would surely be the sensible approach.

  • Dave mann says:

    to be fair i think king and zigic could have been a potent attacking threat and some off clarks selections have been baffling beyond belleif but ime with him tottaly on this one.
    if he shoots himself in the foot for not picking someone who cant be botherd then i think he
    can live with himself dont you.
    off to the game now here ffrom you all later. kro.

  • Northern exile says:

    Admittedly I don’t get to see many games ‘live’ as it were, with my own eyes at the ground, but I’m surprised with all the people piping up now about Zigić being lazy on the pitch. How many times has he grabbed flagging performances by the balls and made all the difference this season? Was he a lazy arse on the pitch then?

  • Wingman Blue says:

    Clark shouldn’t have gone public, it looks a cheap shot. What avenue of reply does zigic have. Don’t seem to remember Ferguson ever going on about one of his players not pulling their weight….

    • Blue in Spain says:

      Why is it a cheap shot,, he’s already said it’s not the first time Zigic has been slacking, so obviously a private word didn’t have the desired effect! As for Zigic’s right to reply, perhaps he could knuckle down in training, and give his response on the pitch. Or just get his agent to make ridiculous statements about how he’s not interested in moving as he’s on such a good salary!

      • chas says:

        So you believe everything that Clark says then ? You were there and saw it all ? After some of Clark’s comments this Season, I find it very hard to believe the Boke..

  • Art Watson says:


    Not everyone, including me ,share your opinion and your repitive remarks are becoming tedious.

    Express your view by all means but please don’t drum it down people throats.

    I really do hope we win today but Clarks tantrums could cost us dearly.

  • Art Watson says:


    Are you having problems with receiving comments?

  • chas says:

    I would love to know how much Terry McDermot is earning a week down at The Blues..

  • tony says:

    Well there we have it 0-4 at home is there anyone left who will support this useless pratt of a manager?

  • Cornish Bluenose says:

    I didn’t go to the game today, but those of you that did..we’re you happy with the performance..? Do you think LC made the correct decision to leave Ziggy out of the team..?

  • Art Watson says:

    This type of result was pedictable and is the after math of Clarks comments on Thursday.

  • tony says:

    Clark is a man without honour, integrity, sence of shame, a man devoid of all decency, because if he had a shred he would walk away from this club and from Birmingham. Get down Pitt Clark there you can grovel on your belly your quite good at that, oh and can you please take the other two talentless clowns with you.
    You are an utter disaster, be a man you know in your own mind you are not up to it you never were, never will be, if I did my job like you do yours I wouldnt wait to be asked to leave i would sneak out of the backdoor and forsake any pay due to me, you are disgusting.

  • Jamie says:

    where are all you people who were telling us what a great decision this was? after a nice little run of good results this shows exactly what this type of missmanagement can do to a team! Lee Clark, what a clueless (rhymes with cat!)

  • tony says:

    Dan do you have anything on this Shanghai daily thing about Birmingham sale?.

  • iang says:

    So Lee Clark according to one vocal regular poster is a great manager doing the right things to turn the club around
    Well today put that myth to bed once and for all, following on from a whole host of shocking displays this season with a team that is playing far less games that last season and in theory was strengthened in the summer!
    On Zigic no wonder the guy in struggling in training when the manager put a Bournemouth reserve in ahead of him after he had scored four goals over Dec/Jan!
    This manager in 30 odd games has turned us from a top four club to one heading towards league one, truly he is one of the worst manager we have seen down St Andrews and boy have we had some bad ones
    Blind faith regardless of facts whilst being loyal in one way is the road to disaster. The chorus for Clark to go with the useless team behind following him out the door should be made loud and clear to him for the sake of our club. Richard Beale as caretaker to seasons end surely can not be any worse

  • Bromsgrove Blue says:

    TIs the Gypsy’s Curse is back ? No left side of the team – the first 3 goals all came from the left and Robbo got booked early on and no protection from Hall – it was like watching the Titanic take on water. Front line pairing only league 1 standard – huff and puff but can’t finish or hold the ball. Caddis not overlapping Burke.

    Going public on Zigic decision was a 50/50 gamble that LC lost. 100% fan agreement on taking action but split on dropping him from the bench. My view – King and Ziggy are our only natural goal scorers – supported by Burke and Elliot – you’ve got to play your strongest team at all times barring injuries – we are not yet out of trouble. Remember the club is sinking whilst LC and the team try to keep us afloat – league one loan players to will pull us towards league 1. KRO

  • john51 says:

    regardless of who did what; if Lee the cown had any idea on management he’d have find Zigic; and still included him in his squad; why cut off your nose to spite your face; further proof that Lee the Clown qualifies as the worst manager at BCFC in the last 55 years [i cant speak of those before then]

  • 16yrsWFA says:

    There have been too many inept performances this season and games where we simply have not turned up Watford away now home Coventry away cup Barnsley disgrace at home etc, blues been much worst though in the late 80s early 90s kumars era where it all began for me!! however that team was full of youth with no stand out individuals or internationals where as this team now on paper and in my opinion has some very good players England international keeper in butland, premiership centre half in Davies, internationals in Burke and fahey, strikers who would get in nearly all championship teams king and zigic so why arnt we doing better? We all know Clark has tough job but with the players he has at his disposal why have we been so poor most of the season? Most of us have seen worst but that’s when there was no quality and the quality in this team is there. Zigic may not be doing it in training but he is doing it on the pitch when he plays and that’s the most important to me anyhow.

    • chas says:

      !6years, can I just correct you ..They decline set in well before the Kumar years .It started under Coombes and reached its zenith under Wheldon(we never found out what happened to the money he got for Elmdon, did we).The resurgence, slowley admitedly, started under Kumars..Just bad luck on them that they were using a dodgy bank for their money and lost the lot when it went down.

  • Cornish Bluenose says:

    How does LC begin to re-motivate Ziggy as well as the team after his outspoken comments before the match. Man-management skills are non existent. He may have a valid point to make about general commitment of players, but I think the club has been let down more by his lack of professionalism as a manager making his comments in public. The club must cringe in embarrassment every time LC faces an interview.

    • Bromsgrove Blue says:

      Cornish – I agree – going public isn’t the way to do it. But when you say the club must be embarrassed – that’s another one of our problems – there’s no one there to be embarrassed. No club management – no club leadership – so who takes LC to oneside and says ‘Look son – you’ve got to keep him on the bench’. Ziggy’s always looked lumbering – but he scores or makes important goals. KRO Cornish.

  • skareggae72 says:

    Its all moved on a lot since the Kumar era,i think a lot of those guys/kids were on YTS terms(pre minimum wage)they tried their best back then,but maybe now-some people are more focused on 30k diamond encrusted watches,now who needs that?

  • Blue in Spain says:

    Wow, shame some of you weren’t this vocal when we were 5 games undefeated, as always you only come out of the woodwork when it’s negative!

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Blue they just can’t wait for us to lose.

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