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Further BIH Announcement to the HKSE

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the Interim Results for the six months ending December 2012 will be delayed.

Whilst this announcement is pretty much pro forma considering that there are two years worth of accounts before these that need to be published, it is worth noting that there is a fairly precise date (March 22) given when these interim accounts should be ready for the BIH board. To me this is the strongest confirmation yet that we will see the long-delayed BIH accounts within the next fortnight as previously advised.


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40 Responses to “Further BIH Announcement to the HKSE”

  • SteveC1956 says:

    I for one, will not be holding my breath

  • dodger says:

    Do you think Carson is going too sell the club before his court case or sit it out and wait?

  • StevieW says:

    Not surprised really I will go and make another brew. It is going to be a long spring.

    Lets just hope all this waiting is worth it.

  • prewarblue says:

    Its one of them endless looped tapes,,,,,or the needles stuck in the record !!

  • Andrew Whalley's hat says:

    Is this what they mean by Chinese Water Torture?

  • prewarblue says:

    Anybody know who bought the old “BT Speaking Clock”,,,,,,”For the……….time we will publish the annual repots,,,,,,,,for the ………time we will publish the annual reports,,,,,,,,for the ……..time we will publish the annual reports

  • Art Watson says:

    Words fail me!

    I dare not go to print with what I really feel about the current owners as I might end up being sued for liable.

    • almajir says:

      I don’t get all the negativity – this isn’t bad news at all, it’s pro forma – they have to release them by today and it’s impossible to do so… but it does look like they will be fully caught up by April.


      • zxcv says:

        If you dont mind me saying, if your going to put headlines like you have then you need to explain that this is not a bad thing as you are bloging with people who dont have the first clue how all this works and it seems at face value that it is indeed a bad thing to once again delay things as your post seems to say.Not having a go at you Dan but this is a misleading thread mate.

        • almajir says:

          I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree with you there.

          I DELIBERATELY didn’t go with a title saying “accounts delay” or anything similar – “Further BIH announcement to the HKSE” is truthful and as un-sensationalist as I could make it. Are you reading something that isn’t there?

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          REALLY??? Or have you mis-read it???

        • Steve-0 says:

          There is nothing wrong with this article or the title. The second paragraph has everything you need to come to the conclusion that all of delayed reporting will be out in the open soon.

          If that eludes you please don’t have a pop.

      • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

        well said. it tells us when they will be published…. Meaning the other late ones come before it…. Some people just want to throw stones.

  • James Black says:

    As Al said
    “To me this is the strongest confirmation yet that we will see the long-delayed BIH accounts within the next fortnight as previously advised”.
    So im confused by the statements here. Nobody has done a wrong, have they?????

  • Masaccio says:

    Nothing wrong here, just a bit of a backlog in the reporting process.

  • Gary R says:

    Almajir – I think most people are getting their knickers in a twist because of the word DELAYED. But saying that, we weren’t expecting the publication of the accounts until “mid-March” – so, really, has anything changed from the previous announcement? Not that I can see, or am I mistaken?

  • marky mark says:

    Just get on with it !

    It’s so annoying, the laws should be stricter on this and enforced more, seems to me and most fans that they are continually taking the piss submitting whenever the feel like it.

    If I don’t do my tax return in time its the end of the world and I’m in trouble.

    I’m sure its all above aboard and typical of big business, but we really are getting pissed off with the whole pantomime

    Thanks for the update though

  • Art Watson says:

    Spot on and mirrors my views!

    The current owners are professional fob off experts with very little thought for the genuine fans!

    • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

      and you expect anything else? Do you think a major company gives a fig about what small investors say? Of course they don’t and that is what we fans are to these guys. Unless a rich local business man who supports Blues comes along the fans won’t ever ever get a say. Do you think Sullivan and Gold gave the fans a thought? I bet you a few quid they didn’t and all the rubbish about how much they put into the club came out when some mug paid £50 mill over the top….. If anybody else buys us and its a big if given where we are and what money CY wants will be the same, fleece the small investors i.e. the fans…. As Rafa would say “fact”

      • James Black says:

        Art and Staff, exactly what is it your complaining about. I dont think you have understood this somehow but your in attack mode already, More sighs.

        • Art Watson says:

          Hi James,

          I’m very pleased to hear that the accounts will be published soon but like so many supporters I’m totally frustrated with the constant delays and mismanagement of our great club by the current owners.

          It’s not so much a complaint it’s just sheer frustration and new ownership can’t quick enough for me.

          Others have commented on the Sullivan -Brady regime.

          I wish they were still with us as they did invest Hugh amounts of money and transformed a dump of a stadium.In addition they also delivered prem football and ran a good set of accounts.

          Just my views again.

        • Staffordshire Blue Nose says:

          James, I’m not complaining about anything apart from the perception that owners actually care what we think. Chelsea are a prime example as well as us. If you read my previous replies you will see that I agreed this is good……

  • Paulo says:

    It isn’t ‘bad’ news, it’s just more frustrating news …but the set date may be a positive sign?

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Almajir;, As one who is not used to ” reading ” Legalise statements, !!.

    Does one assume that that the 2, intermediate, [ or missing ] statements have to be published first, before this ” final ” statement of accounts on march, 22nd, ???.

      • Oldbluenose says:

        Yippie, !!. — I hope, !!.

        Possible strong signs of ” clearing-the-decks ” for a quick sale, IF Carson is looking to get out, ???.

      • zxcv says:

        That is my exact point Dan, Why have you waited for someone to ask you this question, all you needed to say was “the latest accounts cant be released on time as the previous one`s are not due out untill March and cant be released untill the older one have been. end of.

        • almajir says:


          Did you not read the second paragraph? Where I said that this statement was pro forma because earlier accounts needed to be published and that the date given for these gave the strongest confirmation yet that we will see the overdue accounts in the next fortnight?

          • zxcv says:

            Dan am i imagining all the cofustion on here aswell as the thread on the bcfc oficial forum , why do you think that is? I just think you could have made it clearer that these accounts are NOT the one`s we are waiting for to allow us to sell the club. Just my opinion mate, but love your site and the work you put into making it a really good site.

  • James Black says:

    I have a girlfriend here a bit like some of you guys. If i say im shopping today i should have shopped yesterday. If i get cheese i should of got flour, if i catch the bus i should of got a cab. It just gets funnier and i don’t take this girlfriend seriously either.So in other words things are going along as expected and ignore the attack dogs frenzy. My girlfriend isnt an attack dog though she can be nice hahaha.

  • gerry says:

    Almajir by “pro forma” I assume you mean that BIH are consistently late with the submission of their accounts to the HKSE. This follows on from the 2 previous years which haven’t yet been published. Whilst this may be true to form for BIH, let’s not give the impression that this is normal business practice and delude ourselves that all is well. The fact is that there are underlying reasons why accounts are not available on time, and in the past we have seem significant issues raised by our auditors who subsequently decided to discontinue their contract. It is this that people are rightly worried about.

    The date of 22/3 does not relate to the submission to the HKSE, it is for internal review, so I’m afraid it is meaningless.

  • poppa999 says:

    If they have a need to produce up-to-date figures for a sale surely they will publish those anyway, Would sound like financials are being picked over by a potential new suitor.

  • The Purple Cow says:

    What Gerry said.

    If a company doesn’t publish accounts for two years, it’s for a reason. It’s not like their auditors have been too busy with the VAT returns and haven’t got round to it yet.

    There’s something they are covering up.

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