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Paul Robinson – The Gamble That Paid Off

Having only initially signed on a month-long contract in September 2012, Paul Robinson has become a mainstay in the Blues defence, clocking up thirty league appearances and displacing club vice-captain Steven Caldwell from the centre of defence.

I will admit my scepticism when Blues signed Robinson. A lot was made of Robbo breaking Damien Johnson’s jaw in October 2006 when playing for West Bromwich Albion but that was immaterial for me; of deeper concern was his age – nearing his 34th birthday – and his lack of pace that came with that. Coupled with a reputation for a lusty tackle I honestly thought he wouldn’t play that many games and that Robbo’s spell would go the same way as that of Papa Bouba Diop.

However, Robbo started his Blues career fairly solidly and has become one of the more understated and unsung members of the team. Admittedly, at full back he struggled – especially against pacy attackers and with a lack of protection at times from midfield it didn’t help the team at all. Played out of position at right-back, Robinson gave his all but his one-footedness didn’t help him and it was felt in some quarters that Clark had hung him out to dry somewhat by slotting him in there.

However, I think I can see why Clark opted for Robinson over a young player now Robbo has been in central defence for a while. Whilst he’s not a right back in a million years, what he is is a workhorse; a defender who will do whatever he can to try to win the ball and whilst he might not be as fast as he once was he gives his all in every game. Furthermore, Robinson is an old head; an experienced player – Wolves was his 550th league game and he has now made 620 appearances in all competitions – and that experience is vital when you have a team full of young pros in their first or second season in the first team.

I’m not going to say that Robinson is the answer to all our defensive woes because clearly he has limitations – but what I would say is that without Robbo in the centre of defence I think we’d have suffered more defensive lapses than we have in recent weeks and I believe we’d have conceded more goals. He looks a leader type on the pitch – and we are missing plenty of those at the moment – and I wonder how much of his experience has rubbed off on the young pups in and around the team on the training pitch.

As the season draws to a close Robinson is out of contract – like most of the squad it seems – and I guess there will be questions if he will be retained next season. Whilst part of me thinks that this summer is a good time to move on the older players and bring in younger fresher blood I have to admit Robbo is one of those players I’d consider offering a one year deal to on the basis that he would offer a lot of cover and experience at the back. Whether Clark agrees with me (or has the finances to do so) is another story, but I think we can honestly be thankful that Clark took a gamble on the old warhorse back in September – it was a gamble that seems to have paid off fairly well.


55 Responses to “Paul Robinson – The Gamble That Paid Off”

  • andy says:

    He gives his all for the shirt, that’s Paul Robinson for u.

  • Always a Blue says:

    Deserves another year,totally committed , hard as nails and 100 percent focused.

    Distribution is streets ahead of poor old Caldwell.

    We could do with a midfielder of the same battling qualities to go with the kids.

    Also he wants to play for us.

  • Bcfc1955 says:

    I also would like to see him given a contract for the coming year

    I doubt if it has ever been said that he has given less than 100 per cent during a game a fine example for our crop of youngsters

  • mark says:

    totally agree with you summary of Paul Robinson, we may lose carr,pablo,caldwell in the summer imo if paul got another year left in him why not offer him extension of 12 months………this gamble paid off….he’s….. .fully commited to the blues course…..

  • Tom says:

    Agree 100% think we should get clapham and Cunningham back next season aswell….. I hope Redmond or Davies aren’t out of contract at the end of this season, koby Author looks like the next 5 million pound kid, Hughton will probs buy Redmond for 2 million even thou he’s worth 7-10 Owell new owners soon, any news on Cov sharing St. Andrews I hope they don’t let them

  • Tom says:

    Nicky Butt.. Jarosik and Dugarry would do damager in the championship still, maybe Martin Grangier aswell remember seeing him score a fantastic free kick against united

  • Tom says:

    Brian Hughes scoring a goal against the old Wimbeldon, and Seb Larsson running the whole length of the pitch to score against Sheffield Wednesday.. Julian grey and pennant scoring to beat Liverpool 2-0.. And then you can’t forget the beautiful throw in villa gifted us good old Peter Ecksles-cake what a man

    • Pele says:

      aw bless for all the drivel your writing at least make it accurate!! was pandiani and gray that scored in that win…. pennant set up grays goal but didnt score. maybe get ure facts correct before taking the piss?!!

  • Chris Smith says:

    I’m a part time necromancer, let’s resurrect Hall.

  • sutton apex says:

    robinson is great alongside man of the season curtis davies – but if curtis goes as i suspect he will ??

  • Evesham Blue says:

    For me it could be one season too many next year for Robbo as is the case with Caldwell this year. I would clear them out this summer and start anew personally. Certainly wouldnt give him a whole year with our limited funds

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Agree with all you state Dan

    If only Zigic led the line with the same commitment as Robbo

    • ed77 says:

      Thats true paul,he led the line sat like an extra from the walking dead

      • blaneh says:

        Yeh… not sure if you noticed but Zigic had 2 players on him every time we lumped it up field (which was our only tactic) and was getting fouled none stop by Shittu, the Ref was an absolute waste of space. There is only so much someone like Zigic can do when hes getting fouled none stop all game, but sure, hes obviously just not commited enough.

        I’d pay good money to have Paul C standing up front with long balls pumped up to him by Butland (if those kicks actually reach him or get near him), and then watch as st ledger and Shittu destroys him.

        Agree with all said about Robbo, if we can afford too I would keep him on another year as a backup, his experiance will be excellent for the youngsters.

    • mr_crosby says:

      Do you complain about Zigic during the game mate?

      • ed77 says:

        Are you asking me mate?if you are then yes i was he showed nothing all game the likes of hancox,redmond,morrison,reilly,arthur need the older guys to lead by example,did the ex international in the team who has played in world cups do that,in my eyes no,its no secret how danny shittu plays football if he wasnt up for it he should av played lovenkrands,was it the same danny shittu marlon king murdered 2nd half back in october?as a supporter i wont have less than 100% from any player,i boxed since the age of 8 so when i played football i was always quite aggressive so maybe its just me,cuz some people round me thought we played well,ah well footballs all about opinions KRO

        • mr_crosby says:

          No Ed it was meant to go under Paul’s post.
          It would explain why people stop going to the game they are sick and tired of people moaning and slagging off their own players during the game.

          • ed77 says:

            oh right mate,i get ur point but i think people are stopping going because of carsen yeung and co bud,for me tho i aint even got a prob with a player whos not good enough as long as hes trying 2 give his all out their,i say 2 my boy before he plays on a sunday dont come off the pitch with any regrets mate give it everything for the hour because you cant change your own performance after the game,it works for an 11 yr old,sometimes on sat 7 or 8 of the blues players looked like they wanted to b somewhere other than playing football so can u blame some fans saving their hard earned cash

  • ed77 says:

    On sat he was pulling his hair out at all the poor play and no passion around him at 1 point i thought, davies give robbo the armband hes playing like the leader,i knw some say morrison as man of the match but id av given it to robinson for sure

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I saw Robbo march up to Morrison and give him a royal bollocking and Ravel was our best player. Great to see, give him the armband next season!

  • Marky mark says:

    If I was Lee Clark

    Not only would I give Paul Robinson another contract I’d make him defensive coach along side Stephen Carr, because whoever’s coached the defense this season has failed miserably and should be sacked.

    There’s nothing them two don’t know about defending and they are both Managers in the waiting for me.

    LC, PR,SC. What great leadership team that would be.

  • Always a Blue says:

    Fancy comparing a player (robbo)who has just played 30 odd games in the Championship to people who retired years ago is surely idiotic and an insult to the man.

    If you think he’s past it fine but put up a better argument than that,it would not just be him on the pitch
    It would be his influence on the kids.

    What do you suggest a team a team with no experience?

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Going back to the “Was it a goal”? incident last Saturday. How controversial was it that the 4th official gave the decision? The Football League are against video technology,but the 4th official must have viewed the monitor and advised the referee that Chaplow had touched the ball!
    I am all for video technology to be a part of football as it is in Rugby,Cricket,Tennis etc.
    Who can remember the finishing line of a 100m track sprint, where there were 8 officials trying to determine who won and who came 2nd and 3rd. The person who invented the Photo Finish would have been dismissed out of hand by the football hierachy as too modern and futuristic.
    It’s time football entered the 21st centuary.

  • Retired&Weary says:

    He was exactly the type of character we needed in our team of lightweights. All this stuff about him hurting poor little Damien a few years ago was typical Blues message board nonsense. As others have said, pity we couldn’t get a similar midfielder. Good job he was there on Saturday, Davies had a shocker.
    Regarding Saturday, I know Ferguson was missing, but we were off balance again. 4 4 2 just does not work for us. We were better at the start of the 2nd half when we went 4 3 3, until most of our players went in to the ball is a hot potato mould, when Millwall raised the stakes physically.
    I know a lot won’t like it but Mullins needs to be the holding midfielder in the absence of Fahey. This will help Morrison & Elliott to go forward in support of Zigic.
    LC seems afraid to play Mullins, he needs to stop worrying about the boo boys & do the right thing for the team.

  • Ali Duncan says:

    No doubt that he has done a job but my personal belief is that come the end of this season he will have done well but that won’t warrant another season.

    He reads the game well but at times I believe his positioning has been poor and at nearly 34 his pace will, if it hasn’t already, deserted him. Younger, fitter and hungrier players are I feel required and although he has experience in abundance I think we’re gearing up for a new chapter in the clubs history regarding player recruitment and the blooding of youth. Also hopefully Will Packwood will make a full recovery and become the player I hope he was to become before his injury.

    In other news….very peasing that there is a daily OP article nowadays. Brightened up a very sh*tty Monday am at work for me.


  • Always a Blue says:


    My post was aimed at earlier posts suggesting we should bring back players out of retirement not yours,sorry

  • AR says:

    Am I alone in wondering why Papa Bouba Diop moved on or was moved on. The game he played at home against whom I cannot remember, he showed what we lack in muscle & height in midfield. Above all he scored.

  • Tony says:

    As poor as Mullins and Ambrose have been this season one at least has to be brought in we cant leave the young lads to carry the burden as we have been doing.
    Both have been good players in their time, what has happened to make them look so bad?, Davies is angling for a move How he was valued at 12 million I will never know, he is a decent central defender at championship level no more.
    Robinson has been what we knew he would be a trier he hates losing, pity a few around him dont feel the same, yes he has been caught out at times regarding speed and position but I would give him another season.

  • tamuffblue says:

    I am not a massive Zigic fan – and am not happy about his wages being a millstone around the clubs neck ( blame Peter Pan no one else !!!!!!! ) and also question his effort BUT he gets a raw deal from the officials – and one ploy that is regulary used is the two man challenge – one man bumps himthe second one makes the clean challenge its as old as the hills YET the officials turn a blind eye to it then when his patience wears thin he commits a blatant foul foul against him – if this were the big guns they would have made it public timt and time again !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Carter the visionary he says:

    Whilst I agree that he doesn’t get much from refs he doesn’t help himself by constantly appealing, moaning and going down like shot when touched. It gets refs backs up.

    I wanna see some fire in his belly, I want Shittu to be talking about Zigic bullying him not the other way round. Shithead was immobile and fat and Zigic should have had him most times. Watch Troy Deaney against the Cardiff centre halves. Gave as good as he got and all through the game. Zigic is a monster so lets see some drive. Would make all the difference.

    • mark says:

      and if we are going to make a fist of it next season we need two forwards who are on fire from the off. Two forwards that will hopefully be getting 25 goals apiece..with others chipping in as well….sadly we are not going to get from this player……imo

    • Ali Duncan says:

      Paul, agreed. Focusing only on his on field behaviour I have to agree that he is one of the biggest whinger to refs I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe he is aggressive towards them, he simply keeps chipping away and has this face that he pulls when he is back-chatting them or appealing. It does annoy me. I’d prefer to leave the ref alone and if I was the manager / captain of our club I would instil this in our players.

  • dave mann says:

    i agree with most people on the zigic situation.
    he fustrates me because he does get the rough end
    off refs decisions but he does self inflict on to many ocassions.
    lets see more agression from zigic and less moaning. KRO.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    I have said it before, Zigic may be basking in financial sunshine at the moment, but he is probably unwittingly, killing off his career. I cant see any British clubs froming a queue come summer and even when he is available on a free he will have reduced his appeal to zilch. There is only one way out – He has to restore his reputation – Fast!!

  • Marky mark says:

    Zigic knows he will never get a contract as lucrative as the one he’s on, that’s why he is still here.

    There will be a queue of clubs willing to talk terms when Hes a free agent, unfortunately for Zigic they will hold all the cards and it will be take it or retire my son

    Mind you the money received from BCFC should keep him happy for a while.

    Thank you for a few memorial goals Nic but to be honest you’re a complete waste of money, a lazy sod and a bit of a donkey.

  • ed77 says:

    u21s lost 3-0

  • ed77 says:

    Looked on website looked a strong leicester team tho 2 or 3 quality players,wellens,gallagher,waghorn all played

    • BhamCityJulian says:

      Leicester are like TF’s play off squads. To many ordinary players and no one with that extra ability and motivation to bring them up a notch. Of the Prem pedigree players TF brought on Bruce was a success and to a point Ablett. Just them

    • oldburyblue says:

      Literally men against boys today I’m afraid. Leicester were very big and strong and brushed us aside most of the time. Not the end of the World though. These kids have got to learn….and they will. The trialist, Dell, had a decent game showing some very good touches. Worth another look I would say.

  • Paulo says:

    Robbo was one of the good things that LC did …there were some.

  • jazzzy786 says:

    I didn’t want Robbo but have to say he has impressed me with his attitude. We could do worse than giving PR a 1 year contract. Zigic gets no protection but we need to be less one dimensional in our play . How about trying to pass it to his feet instead. Maybe try 2 pacy strikers against the bruisers. There doesnt seem tp be a plan B and no inspiration from the bench.

    • Chris Smith says:

      The problem is we have next no muscle in the side, not like in previous years where you had Johnson, Carr and Fergie, or N’Daw and the like. You have PR and that is pretty much it. You need someone in midfield doing an enforcers role. Maybe Ambrose? I don’t know enough about the man as a player to say whether he’d be good enough to do that job or whether his play style would fit.

      PR has come in done the job in the back line and gone in forward when necessary and worked well.

  • RichardM says:

    Paul Robinson’s been a surprise package for me, I was surprised he didn’t make it into the short-list for player of the season. I’d keep him, especially if it helps the development of Will Packwood and a few others. Curtis definately on his way out, and never facied Ibanez much, so would make sense to keep Robbo on for another season me thinks.

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