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Hi From Hong Kong

With Carson’s trial starting on Monday, I have travelled the near-7000 miles to Hong Kong to report on that and to follow up on the stories released in the Birmingham Mail in the last two days.

I’m here with Matt from TiltonStrugglers and am working on behalf of Often Partisan and the Birmingham Mail to bring coverage of the trial and whatever else I can find out whilst I’m over here.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the magnificent help of OP reader swissjonny, whose work in the background in the last few weeks over here cannot go without credit and I am massively indebted to him.

As there is a bit of a time difference you may notice that posts are a little erratic in timing but there will continue to be something every day whilst I’m out here. I’m also writing for the Mail and will be hopefully shooting some pictures and video for them too.


59 Responses to “Hi From Hong Kong”

  • Sort them out Both time for them to come clean on all revelations that this trial exposes, Bring back the club for the Fans Both

  • grim reaper says:

    All the best and keep up the good work. Oh and thanks. KRO

  • Mickey07 says:

    How long you there for mayor?

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Well done, Almajir;, You kept that one quiet, — Chuckle, !!.

    Not knowing how, ?. but add my thanks to Swissjohnny also, He quite obviously has been of great assistance in this move, ?.

    I do not expect fireworks from the trial of C,Y. to begin with, — but the possibility of you being ” Johnny- on- the-spot “, over in Hong Kong, may well unearth some things of great interest for the Blues, ??.

    Good luck be with you, Mate, !!!!!!!.

  • […] a very long day of travelling, I finally landed in Hong Kong, alongside Dan from Often Partisan.  at 9.10pm (local time) via a connection flight from […]

  • Dave S says:

    Excellent, on behalf of everyone thank you!!!!!

  • Lenoir says:

    Watch out for PP he is not scared of threatening behaviour to auditors here in Brum, ALLLEGEDLY.
    Be careful of everyone you meet that is not known to you.
    Best of Luck to you all.

  • clubclassblue says:

    Well done guys, just hope it is worth the time and effort. I fear this could be a long drawn out affair.
    Good luck.

  • Keep Right On says:

    Thank you once again to you and all the dedicated bluenoses out there…at least we will get an honest insight as to whats happening with our beloved owner..! I think I speak on behalf of every Birmingham and Often Partisan fan but saying “thank you and keep right on”

  • pedantic pete says:

    Great Stuff OP. Looking forward to your posts with great interest.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Following events in HK will become more clearer and concise now that we have trustworthy people over there.

    I think I can safely say that we’re gonna be hoping almajir can really get stuck in with uncovering what has gone on and what might happen in the near future. It might be a long shot, but I hope you get to speak with folk from CY’s firm or those that matter within BIHL.

    Good luck and well done.

  • John from Oz says:

    I’ll join you Monday if you want in Wanchai.
    Let me know where you are meeting.
    My mobile is 001161439417310 (Australian)
    I’m staying for trial opening 2 days.
    KRO Jb

  • Bombay Blues says:

    Good luck and great job!! Many thanks. KRO

  • Letsby Avenue says:


    Well done to both of you & swissthingy.

    I hope you have the time to get around the media (ink) with translations of the BEM articles, and a copy of those BEMs to the prosecution may not go ammis !!

    Especially if it can be proven that Peter has been ‘blockade-running’, they would be in the ideal position to investigate.

    Good luck and Safe Return.


  • utbb says:

    Will u guys have time to work the brummie charm on the hong kong ladies?

  • Tony says:

    Dont suppose you can do anything about these central contracts Dan, they are robbing Warwicks of their two best batsmen.
    Seriuosly very well done and the very best of luck

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Wow, you kept that one quiet AJ! Heard you on Free Radio on Friday and you spoke with real conviction and echoed the thoughts of many Bluenoses. I would assume that there are many skeletons in the BIH cupboard, some may present themselves and some may not. The forthcoming trial will be very interesting.

  • tamuffblue says:

    Congrats and really well done !!!!!!!!!! – its a pity the rest of the so called midlands media arent as positive as your good selves !!!!!! I think it will take time to pick up a pace but then we will hopefully have abetter summer – KRO – SOTV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blue Steve says:

    I really have to admire your convictions to do something to help your club. Many moan and do nothing. It will be a very interesting week and while I hope you take BIH and Pannu to task, also try to take in the skyline and eat some great food!

  • oldburyblue says:

    Lets just hope the trial starts on time and when it does they don’t spend your week in legal argument as to what can and cannot be put before the Court. Do they have our “disclosure” rules over there?

  • Dodger says:

    You have spent ages making excuses for Pannu over and over so its good to see he’s giving you a holiday. K.R.O

  • alexjhurley says:

    Great news that youre out there. Real fans making a real difference is great to see.

  • thongs says:

    Just got back from Ipswich, proper fan me. I take my holidays in the close season.

  • sutton apex says:

    keep up the good work – they need to know blues fans are everywhere and they answer to us !! kro

  • Marky mark says:

    All I can say is they better watch out now your on the case.

    You really are a credit to our great fan base, good luck Dan

  • Jaffa says:

    SMOKE EM OUT MATE! Good on you.

  • SoulBlue says:

    Stay safe Dan, good luck hope it goes well for you both
    Look after my little lad!

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Thanks for the work and the updates, really appreciated.

    Keep up the good work guys and look after John (JB).

  • jeffrey says:

    my contact me at jeffreyauk@hotmail.com i have many information

  • mark says:

    just a contiuation from all the comments on here Dan I wish you luck and safe journey……kro

  • Ali Duncan says:

    Maximum respect. Looking forward to the updates.

  • Alex T says:

    Well done Dan, and best of luck to you

  • DoctorD says:

    Dan – to the wider world beyond those interested in Birmingham City, they will find your trip interesting as an example of how much a committed fan will do to shine a light on the murky workings of a club with foreign owners. So even if you are unable to dig up much dirt (though I hope you do) you will have proved – if proof were needed – just how hard it can be to get clear information about club with foreign owners and just how crazy foreign ownership can be. I wish you well — and stay safe.

    • AndyW says:

      Dan, your tireless work and commitment to your club is an example of exactly what football is missing in these days of foreign ownership. If directors, owners and players all showed the same amount of emotional investment in their club, British football would be in a much better place in my view. Thank you for what you are doing. You are a credit to BCFC and I wish you every success in your quest. Just take care of yourselves and come back safe.

  • Paul Carter - The Voice Of Reason he says:

    Make sure the local press know you are there and tell them how the fans are feeling back home about all this. Represent us well young Blue.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Best of luck out there lads. I hope it’s a fruitful journey for you.

    (love the new OP logo btw)

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Good luck in your endeavours Dan!

    Represent us well. KRO

  • Bluehobba says:

    Just got back from Ipswich match, Amazed OP are out there. Fantastic news and hopefully you can find the time to stay for the length of the trial. KRO

  • Mac says:

    Well Done to you Dan.

    Let the Chinese know you’re there and representing the thousands of Blues fans who are exasperated by the antics of CY and Pannu.
    Look after yourself and thanks for your efforts. OP is the only way to keep up with what’s going on with the club.
    Keep right on – it’s fantastic we’ve got fellow fans like you who are prepared to go the extra (thousands) of miles for the cause.

  • Pete says:

    Hope you are not charging the same expenses as Pannu….!

  • keith says:

    I am wondering where all the dissenting voices that were vehemently opposed to the London Mob who clearly were making such a mess of running our club,are these days.They applauded with glee when the owners were quite literally forced to sell to their Asian saviour.So called fans over the years have caused innumerable problems for managers and boards alike,remember Bowyer and Bruce saga when a few years later a player despised by vociferous fans at the thought of him coming to the club suddenly became their favourite.I fear for the club I have supported for 65 years as a season ticket holder,investor and lifelong fan.What the future holds I dread to think but no investor with serious money would touch us with the proverbial barge pole.

    • chas says:

      I applaud you, Keith.. what you say is so true.. A good many werent satisfied with our old board, moaned over every little thing and percieved insult but they still havent learnt to be careful what you wish for.

    • Paulo says:

      You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone ..(to quote a song by Joni Mitchell)

      • chas says:

        Did you see thevideo of Wolves ‘fans’ on Sky today ? The one cowardly sod kicked a Steward and then ran of, but made sure his head was covered by his hoodie.. This is the reason I would never put any of my money into a Football Cub should I ever be in a position to..

    • marc says:

      Well said Keith, my sentiments exactly.

    • Pete says:

      Keith. I did want the old board out and am still glad they did go. I do not think for one moment that they were forced out- they took the money and ran, and I tihnk if all the fans had been singing “Please Don’t Go” they would still have gone for the money.

      I dont like our current position, but I can truly say I dont wish them back and that I think they were the most two faced people I have known. I have personal experiences of them trying to rip off, and also experiences where they say one thing and did not care one bit. I dont like the situation by Yeung, but then again a dare say he does not either. That said I wish he would sell, but I cant say he has lied to me yet… Pannu is a different matter.

  • OzzyBlue says:

    Almajir – all the best there mate; there could be no one better to have as a Court Reporter in this case. Watch your back and don’t eat anything that is still moving around.

  • A big thankyou to you guys,while we were at ipswich in fancy dress (me as pammy) you were working behind the scenes jetting of for the court case to finally here just how corrupt yeung is,stay safe and please dont go for a haircut & shave as you never know how many friends carson has in the hairdressing buissness K.R.O

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