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Three Scots

Birmingham City have been strongly linked to three players from north of the border as they look to go about strengthening their squad for the new season.

Burnley have admitted defeat in trying to sign 26-year-old Irish keeper Darren Randolph on a Bosman, instead picking up Tom Heaton from Bristol City. Randolph, who won his first senior cap for the Republic of Ireland last September in a friendly against Oman hasn’t signed a pre-contract yet with Birmingham City according to his current manager at Motherwell Stuart McCall but has been widely tipped to do so by many online.

Blues sent scouts up to Paisley this weekend to run the rule over St Mirren midfielder Paul McGowan but didn’t get to see the 25-year-old in action against Aberdeen as the Scot had suffered a hamstring injury. Buddies manager Danny Lennon has confirmed that there is an offer in place for McGowan but there has been no confirmation it has come from Birmingham City.

Whilst Blues have dropped their interest in Robbie Crawford from Ayr United there is still rumours that they may well sign teenage sensation Mark Shankland. The young Scot, who is the youngest ever player to appear for Ayr having made his debut two months before his sixteenth birthday is on the retained list at Somerset Park and Blues will have to agree a price for his services.

As the Scottish season will shortly come to a close it’ll be interesting to see who does get confirmed as coming to St Andrews. I think it’s intriguing that Blues are looking so closely at players from north of the border – whilst some might bemoan the standard of the Scottish leagues it makes more financial sense to be looking there as players are on lower wages and thus might be more likely to be within our current price range.

As reported on this site yesterday, Peter Pannu told the South China Morning Post that Blues were going to bring in seven young players this week – I wonder how many will actually have contacts signed when that period has elapsed.

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75 Responses to “Three Scots”

  • Keep Right On says:

    Does anyone believe anything that Pannu says..? I would love for us to be signing people now way before pre season because for me next season will look like a new squad but it does make sense to be looking in Scotland because of the financial restrictions we have…I urge all blues fans to keep the faith in each other and remain positive throughout the summer because at least we’re not in league 1 like wolves

      • Keep Right On says:

        Yeah but we are not and won’t be…one massive positive for any Birmingham manager is that we never sack them and let them build up their team, if next season we have a mixture of old and youthful players I can only see it as a positive thing

        • Wearynose says:

          Don’t be saft. Any club can be relegated and we are in dire straits with not a financial crisis (revenues are good) but an owner financial drainage problem, people who suck out all that they can. Man City, Sheff Wed, Sheff Utd, Villa amongst others have all plumbed the depths of the League. Most of them were not in the position which our Club is in. Don’t brag, think us lucky to have stayed up this and be humble because the odds are that we will get relegated before long unless the leeches depart.

      • Wearynose says:


  • P'taah says:

    It’s going to be an interesting season, hope we uncover some exciting talent.

  • mark says:

    If we sign darren I would assume that would finish Doyle staying????…. If clark thinks they are worth punt then I would trust in clark judgement……kro…

    • Mirkwood says:

      Doyle has been offered a new one-year contract. Doesn’t therefore suggest he’s finished at Blues, although he himself may decide it’s time to move on and reject the offer.

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Whilst I applaud new young talent possibly coming to the club this summer, We stiill need some experianced players to back-up our existing younger players, plus possible newcomers, as you describe, !!.

  • mark says:

    I must say with this possible additions coming our fans have got to get behind the club and manager…..

    • Wearynose says:

      “Getting behind the club” at the moment means sending your hard earned cash to HK, only the very minimum which you pay in will support the Club, ‘support’ meaning the equivalent of starvation rations. Don’t give then any more money, starve them out. We can then pick the club up from whatever level it has fallen to when our support will go entirely to that objective.

      • John says:

        Too right,while the manager looks for players who will cost nothing, so that the club will only have to pay low wages,Pannu will still be creaming off £700,000 a year . With the present financial climate,how many fans will fork out £300/£400 for a season ticket,knowing full well,that money will probably, line Pannu’s pocket. He will,of course,deny that ! The moral of the story is,be careful who you give your hard earned money to.

  • mark says:

    I remember good old Archie gemmill……….blues should not be afraid ,although we will retain our hordes of cynics like every other club, no doubt….

    • chris says:

      so if you disagree with you your a cynic.
      it’s not cynical when you try and compare young kids with a long term international whose played at a World Cup

      • Wearynose says:

        Mark, recognising the fact of the HK financial rape of the Club, it’s revenues and resources is not being cynical, it is the fact. Your statement is consistent with that of an admirer of the King’s suit of magic clothes. Wake up.

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    I await with interest news of central defence targets which surely is the area we need strengthening with the departures of Caldwell and Pablo, and probable loss of Davies.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    All makes total sense to me.

    Out with the drains on our (meagre) financial resources, in with a few bright young things who can supplement the successes of Hancox, Packwood, Reilly and Butland as well as replacing the contributions made by Ferguson and Morrison.

    It’s a gamble but its one that could pay off and pay dividends for the club in future. I am not saying they have the ideal business model but look at our retarded cousins across the expressway…their squad is mostly kids and whilsr theyre sailing close to the mark its clear Lambert has been taske with building from the ground up and it may take a few years to work (hopefully with a relegation thrown in for good measure) but its the only way to make clubs sustainable for their futures unless a Sheikh, Oligarch or Barber happen to be waiting in the wings (the latter of the 3 being the least desirable, of course…).


  • Art Watson says:

    It’s a great idea bringing in and developing the youngsters but this will only work if we don’t have to sell them to survive!!

  • Marky mark says:

    I’m sure whoever we sign won’t be upto the standard expected by some of our deluded fans.

    The great thing about young players is you just don’t know what potential stars you could have.

    Remember, every great player was a nobody once upon a time

  • RUPERT says:

    Rubbish a desperate act from a now desperate club, these signings from Scotland will be no better than Gomis or the rubbish Rooney.
    We are scraping the bottom of the barrel and its going to be painful. Mark my words we will be scratching around for a new ground soon just like Coventry the team we are following!

    • Marky mark says:

      I rest my case !!!

      To judge them as rubbish before they even sign let alone kick a ball

      • RUPERT says:

        Gomis and rooney were supposed to be good players! And as for Olly Lee yes I will condemn him as rubbish right now!

        • bluenoseneil says:

          Looking forward to some SEEEEERIOUS apologies from you come May 2014, Rupert my boy…

          It’s easy to be negative. Try a little harder and see what happens.

          • RUPERT says:

            I hope your right Neil and I will apologise if so! History tells me a free transfer from Scotland is just that !

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Now who was it who signed Gomis and Rooney? Erm…. not Mr Clark.

      I’m backing Lee’s judgement, until he gives me good reason not to. If he can unearth another Jordan Rhodes or Anthony Pilkington, I can’t see too many people moaning…. although, I’m sute there will be a few.

  • ChrisG says:

    Does anyone know what’s happening with Caddis?, the last I heard we couldn’t agree a fee with Swindon for him

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Negotiations are continuing according to the BM.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Birmingham Mail: “Boss Lee Clark is hopeful of securing right-back Paul Caddis on a permanent deal from Swindon Town and the good news is that he appears to making steady progress.”

        • Ali Duncan says:

          People are rightly stating we need experienced players to blend with the young pros. Last time I checked we already have that – Burke, Zig, Wade, King, Robbo and hopefully Caddis to follow. Granted we’re a tad short of experience in the middle of the park and if Curtis goes it’s only Robbo at the back but people are talking like it will be a whole starting 11 of kids and that just isn’t the case.

          • Mirkwood says:

            Wade and Robbo have been offered new contracts but have they actually signed them yet?

  • Agent McLeish says:

    And Caddis is a good example of players from other / lower leagues who have the talent to perform in the Championship. This was a fantastic loan signing from LC. I’d much rather a Caddis on loan than an expensive flop like Hleb.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I rarely watch Match of the Day, but I love the Football League Show… and I’ve seen a lot of quality in the lower leagues this season. Add that quality, to a burning ambition to play for a bigger club, it can make for a good combination. Look at what Grant Holt has achieved… from the bottom division with Rochdale, to the Premier with Norwich. He’s scored goals in every division too.

      • Blue Nose Daz says:

        Agreed. A lot of the negativity comes from people who fervently the club, but have no idea what else is going on outside of the Premiership or St.Andrews. We don’t have to look too far back in our own history to find a player who scored goals in every division before he ended up at Blues…..one Geoff Horsfield. Feed the Horse!!!

  • Blueboy 88 says:

    Morning Almajir , are you or any of the trust members going to be involved in the attached ?


    • almajir says:

      I would hope (and expect) the Trust to be involved in some capacity. I’m not sure if I will be in attendance myself but it’s a possible.

  • Big Al says:

    The best player on the pitch in the cup final on Saturday started out at Hamilton Accies. Worth a try.

  • sappy sad says:

    …from the games I have seen in the spl on the box …the scots have everything but strikers up front in great abundance………they certainly have true grit ….and where else would they go but to a ground called st Andrews and a anthem wrote by a famous scot ………..bring them on …………………

  • Richard Granfield says:

    Darren Randolph would be an excellent signing and would become a favourite of the Blues’ faithful. He beat England goalkeeper and Celtic custodian Fraser Forster to be the included in the SPL team of the year.And the man from Bray has a great presence and great character.

  • Richard Granfield says:

    I have reservations regarding McGowan and Shankland as McGowan may be too lightweight at 5’7″ to impose himself against Championship midfields and Shankland won’t be 18 until July.
    We need a presence in midfield similar to N’Daw last season.Mullins could do the job of a defensive midfield enforcer,but we need another one too.

  • Barry says:

    In the past I’ve not been too keen at Blues looking north of the border for players but as my expectations for this coming season are to avoid administration and relegation rather than a promotion chase then it makes sense

  • OzzyBlue says:

    I think going for Scots is fine. We’ve had some terrific ‘jocks’ in the team…remember Bertie Auld?
    The Scottish work ethic is terrific – they may not be as polished initially but LC will work on that.
    Give me hard-working Scots (and Irish) any day over flakey continentals – here one minute gone the next.

  • Agent McLeish says:

    Interesting read regarding PP’s recent press release. http://twohundredpercent.net/?p=23068

    • Blueboy 88 says:

      Just confirms PP is in his pomp & answerable to nobody…
      Except the Hong Kong Stock Exchange , who seemingly are impotent or holding a watching brief.

      The interesting analysis refers to PP’s rebuke to the media..

      “Seeking legal advice” is a term usually designed, as appears the case here, to imply some “illegality”. It is therefore meant as both a rebuttal and a warning not to report in such a manner again.

      So hats off to those within the media who have poked their heads above that parapet.

  • Tony says:

    Mark how can you compare Archie Gemmil with these three characters?.

  • Tony says:

    Cn anyone tell me of one decent black keeper anywhere in the World?

  • Paul Carter says:


  • Tony says:

    Being Scottish is the on ly similarity Gemmil was an established international world cup player playing in the top english division ,these are merely bods to top up the numbers.

  • Tony says:

    Not Rascist at all you sycophantic idiot, its like saying name one decent white heaveyweight in the Mohammed Ali era there just wasnt any.

    • prewarblue says:

      Tony you have insulted a GREAT WHITE heavyweight,,,,,,”Henry Cooper”,,,,,,dont forget Ali admitted he was out on his feet after “Henry,s Ammer” landed,,,,,Angelo Dundee admitted also he split the glove to give Ali more time to recover from the punch,,,,,,and before they are mentioned “Bugner and Dunn” were not fit to fasten “Henry,s ” gloves

  • Rosalino says:

    As a general rule, St Mirren players who come south of the border end up playing in League 1, so not sure what that signing would say, and I believe Motherwell are sniffing around McGowan. I like McGowan, but if you were going to sign a St Mirren player I’d look at McGinn first, younger with more potential. I also quite like Goncalves, he’s got pace and a good eye for goal and if he’s on loan at St Mirren he can’t exactly cost a lot.

  • twooutofthreelatchfords says:

    Herriot was OK, and he gave his name to all those vet books. Now, if you want to remember a really bad blues keeper how about – Terry Twell, run a close second by Bart Greemink.

    • chas says:

      Terryb Twell OMG.. You have given me nightmares now , bringing him into the conversation..Did you ever see Len Beel ? We got him from Shrewsbury’s reserves..He wins by a country mile for being the worse we have had since.1961..

      • prewarblue says:

        Richard Johnson !,,,,,,now that WAS a lousy keeper,,,,,the other names bring back nightmares like Herriot best forgotten,,,,,the vet books were a damn sight better than his keeping,,,,,should have stayed doing what he was best at “Bricklaying” or in his case dropping

  • Knowle Blues says:

    Give Kevin Davies (ex Bolton) 1 year deal – experienced, great pro, example for youngters, target man, holds ball up, scores goals….. And his missis is a Bluenose.

  • Tony says:

    Yes prewar but apart from him? and he was not really world class just below.
    As RegardsJim Herriot who said he was a good keeper. Total joke went through hisd legs more times than in his hands.

    • prewarblue says:

      If “Cooper” was not so cut prone,,,,,,he would have ruled the world,,,,,,he BOXED not mauled,,,,,the only boxer “Ali” had total respect for,,,,the first to sit him on his back side,,,,,,AND when he met Ali he was toward the end of his career,,,,and you say he wasnt world class ?,,,,,think again friend,,,,he was !!,,,,,any British heavyweight since has just been a punchbag for others,,,,,,Henry was not a “horizontal” contender,,,,,,he was stopped by cuts not K.O,s

  • Tony says:

    Davies in a good shout if they can match his wages.

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Wade, Robbo, Spector Asante and Doyle I think were offered new terms rather than invoke options on various contracts. This says to me they were offered less favourable deals which also tally’s with our reduced wage budget. It also means that if they say no we will let them go.

    It’s a good question to ask but would you accept lower wages if you were a senior player if it meant staying on for longer? Could maybe see Robbo and Wade accepting due to their age but the others may well move on. I can only assume Burke would have done one if they had tried to renegotiate.

    In the meantime we are stuck with Ziggy, King, Loverkrands,Mullins and Ambrose. How many of them would we have retained if we had any option?

  • Lee H says:

    With a reduced budget and a balancing act between youth and experience. Would Craig Gordon be worth a punt on a relatively low wage. It would offer him a chance to show that he’s still a top goal keeper without us having to commit too much finances for his services. This is obviously me presuming he would be interested in such a situation.

    • almajir says:

      Hasn’t he retired?

      • Lee H says:

        He recently spoke to the Daily mail about reviving his career and becoming Scotland number 1. Apparently he has been seeing the team responsible for returning Rafa Nadal to full fitness following his knee troubles. Chris Kirkland is a similar example of a gamble on a talented keeper with injury problems.

  • bluenoserob says:

    at least were talking about footballers for a change , even if we cant agree.The fact that we are now looking to sign players who currently earn less than most of us ,shows how far we have fallen.Maybe Lee will turn uop a diamond or two.

  • Tony says:

    Prewar Cooper boxed at 13-7 very light some of those guys were 16 stone but agree the best we have produced by far.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Randolph signs on the dotted line. From BCFC.com http://www.bcfc.com/news/article/darren-deal-done-820988.aspx

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