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Randolph in, More on the Way?

Birmingham City yesterday announced Irish international Darren Randolph would be signing on a Bosman free transfer following the end of his contract with Motherwell.

The 26-year-old former Charlton keeper has kept forty-six clean sheets in 136 appearances for the Fir Park outfit and is now looking forward to the next chapter of his career at St Andrews.

Fellow Irishman Colin Doyle has yet to sign the new contract he has been offered by Blues and it will be interesting to see if he is willing to compete with an international keeper for the fifth time for a first team spot. Young keeper Nick Townsend, who signed his first professional deal at the end of last season is wanted again on loan by Oxford City, where he made his first team debut.

Blues have also been linked with Randolph’s former team-mate at Motherwell Nicky Law. The 25-year-old former Rotherham United and Sheffield United player has been in talks with Rangers but they have stalled over a £30,000 signing on fee and Law has indicated that he wants to talk to Blues also, according to the Express.

Meanwhile, the East Anglian Daily Times has reported that current Ipswich target (and former loanee) Jay Tabb could be interesting Blues. The diminutive 29-year old former Coventry midfielder spent the second half of the season on loan at Portman Road from Reading and has yet to speak to Lee Clark about a move to St Andrews.

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38 Responses to “Randolph in, More on the Way?”

  • Bluemat says:

    Surely not Jay Tabb, haha. Oh no. A player let go in the middle of a season. Oh well cant be fussy i suppose. KRO!

    • clubclassblue says:

      Could do worse to be honest. He’s no prem player but at this level he will do a job.
      Do feel a bit sorry for Doyle but he may get his chance is he stays.

      • prewarblue says:

        Doyle has got no chance,,,,,he has been overlooked by 5 other keepers for the no1 position,,,,no matter how many clean sheets Randolph has kept in Scotland the fact remains he hasnt got what Doyle has,,,,Prem and Championship games under his belt,,,,,,Doyle has International caps as well,,,,,more than Randolph in fact,,,,,,so DONT expect him to sign,,,,,he can take a hint as well as the next man,,,,he is considered not good enough, so to keep his pride intact he will go to a club that will value his loyalty and ability, something thats sadly lacking at Blues right now

  • Matt says:

    The East Anglian Daily Times, papers from China, seriously….. how do you do this?! Do you actually have a day job or did you win the lottery and devote your life to reporting on BCFC?

    I think we all owe you a massive thanks, the amount of stuff you take the effort to bring us is exceptional.



  • jason says:

    Darrens going to be a good signing for us, I would love to get Nicky Law too he’s always been prem quality! any news on Paul McGowan? im telling you a midfield with Law, McGowan and Shinnie, that would be an exciting team, proper footballers.

  • Kaje says:

    Darren Randolph is a very good goalkeeper, he may have had a shaky start to his career but he has proven more than competent in Scotland and will definitely do a job here!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Randolph’s average of one clean sheet every 3 games is good enough for me.

    I posted this on another thread back in April:

    Nationality: Irish. Age: 26. Height: 1.85m (6′ 1″)

    Games for Motherwell: 199. Games for N.Ireland U21: 3. Games for N.Ireland: 1 (sub)

    Motherwell are 2nd in the SPL. Goals against: 44 in 34 games.

    Looks pretty agile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNKubEPRvk8

    • Richard Granfield says:

      To StaffsBlue….Darren Randolph or “Randz” to his mates was born in Bray,which is in County Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland so hasn’t played for N.Ireland.Also in April he was 25 as his birthday was on the 12th May.
      Sorry for being so pedantic.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    And with Randolph’s age, he could be our keeper as long as Maik Taylor was. :-)

    • Dom says:

      Motherwell fans seem to think he will off to a bigger club at the end of his contract with us.If he is that good then fair enough to Lee Clark for signing him.

  • Tony says:

    Dont really rate him but his stats are not bad, and hes the best we can hope for in the circumstances Jay Tab could do a job for us.

  • darren says:

    maybe we should move leagues and play in Scotland, would save on the travelling budget

  • Evesham Blue says:

    Impressed with Shinnie and Randolph signings so far. Olly Lee is prob for the development squad. I am also impressed that we are not just signing anybody who is trialling with us but looking for the quality. Keep it up LC!

  • mark says:

    Brilliant we are back on football great signing by clark. I feel this can be a very positive season for blues…… It all building up nicely, I can feel a buzz coming back, it great been a bluenose…..

  • Pete says:

    No issues with any signings so far, although Nicky Law is frankly nowhere near good enough for the championship. He is the poor mans Gomis. I am just hoping we can get some experience in at the centre half position. I would also hope we could get James Vaughan on loan.

    • prewarblue says:

      You jest surely!,,,,,Vaughan on loan ?,,,,,,he couldnt make it at Everton,,,,,got rid asap from Norwich !,,,sent back,,,,,,he,s another overrated “Jerome” [ and we cant afford the wages for either of them ]

      • Pete says:

        This is the same local James Vaughan who scored goals for fun in Huddersfield side. Whether he can get in the Norwich side in the prem is irrelivent- look where we are right now.

    • jason says:

      You have to be joking pete? law is easily good enough for our devision. i watch motherwell constantly and he is their best player.

      • Pete says:

        I am sorry- I dont see it. But it may not happen anyway. But will cheer him on like ay player- but do you think he is better tahn what we have?

  • jazzzy786 says:

    Randolph is a good keeper. I feel sorry for Doyle but there’s a reason he’s a reserve keeper and thats because he always drops a clanger whenever he is given a run of games. I personally don’t think he’s consistent enough though I do know fans who rate him. One thing I do like about Clark is that he wastes little time in buying players. No more of this months and months of due diligence as under McLeish.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I think Lee Clark is canny enough to have done his due dilligence over the last 3-4 months. I’m quite excited to see who comes in next. The squad is certainly going to have a fresh, youthful look to it next season.

      • mark says:

        Staffsblue I agree with you I also think clark been doing his homework over last few months. Just maybe he unearthed a few gems to go with our homegrown lads. Got be excited……hopefully a decent defender to replace Davis…and a prolific goalscorer would be nice……… All on the cheap aswell kro

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I agree about the cb Mark. We need a young, mobile defender, one who won’t continually be caught out by balls over the top and definitely one who doesn’t stop and hold his hand up hoping to get an offside decision… instead of playing to the whistle.

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      I agree Jazzzy786..McLeish by nature too cautious. We saw it in the way set up the team, too defensive with the emphasis on not losing rather than on winning. And was the case with his transfer dealings, too worried about what could wrong, and not looking for what could go right….ending up with too much dithering. That’s how he lost out on Wilson Palacios, and I wonder if part of the reason Dembele did not join was because of the length of time with the due deligence stuff.

      LC seems to be far more decisive and pragmatic with his transfer dealings. Could be argued that the pragmatism is born of necessity, but you got to admire how he and his team were still working on the Randolph deal even while he was on his fact finding trip in Barcalona. No pussy footing about.

  • Tony says:

    Well pleased I kept my boots. the quality of signings so far I may get a game.

  • Tony says:

    No Mark still put a few in the net

  • Tony says:

    Tony <<<<<<<<<< hot shot lol

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