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The Carson Trial – Day 26

Carson Yeung was back in court this morning as his trial on five counts of money laundering continues.

Early reports from Oriental Daily say that former chief manager of the New Century Hotel in Macau Francis Lam Cheok Va gave evidence today. He told the court he had witnessed Carson gamble up to HK$10mil (approx £800k) on the baccarat tables in the VIP room in 2000. Mr Lam was also an executive director of Amax Holdings, who owned the Greek Mythology Casino.

In other court news, it has been confirmed that former Birmingham International Holdings director Lee Yiu Tung wil have his unlawful dismissal case heard in the Court of First Instance, starting with a chambers hearing open to the public on July 24.

The case continues tomorrow, starting at 9:30am (2:30am BST)

Edit 22:00 June 24 2013

A fuller report has now been published by Oriental Daily

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41 Responses to “The Carson Trial – Day 26”

  • SteveC says:

    ‘Laundering money thoruhg casinos’ may well not be brightest way of ‘moving money’ but Carson has already shown his ‘shrewdness’ by paying 81 million for Birmingham City F.C.
    He aint the sharpest set of scissors around !

  • pedantic pete says:

    A banker told me that it was a classic money-laundering technique to buy a company for over the odds. When you sell it, even if you make a loss, the money you get back is clean.

  • bluenoseal says:

    if this is the case the premier league and football league had better take a good look at themselves as they let these people into the clubs ,they are surposed to be checked by them to see if they are ok ,I think the leagues should be held responsible for letting our clubs down like they have

  • bluenoseal says:

    does this mean gold and Sullivan have been paid with dirty money

  • Andrew Whalley's rave video says:

    Won 800k on the baccarat tables? Oh right. And I found 50k down the back of my sofa…

    • zxcv says:

      Where dose it say that?, Like i keep saying on here, it is not evidence to say i saw him spend 800K, It would be evidence if someone (witness) came into court and said i saw him gamble 800k and WIN 2million. This is NOT about what he has spent as we all know he has spent money buying bcfc but that dose not prove anything whatsoever. He could just aswell lost the 800k the same as he could have won any amount . Looks like to me the judge is saying nowt, but you just wait till he sums up at the end.

  • SteveC says:

    The ‘Fit and Proper’ test as assigned by the football League has to be the biggest nonsense ever, a total ‘waste of paper’.
    If Pannu and his Chinese ‘circus’ can ‘troupe through’ the ANYONE witha pulse (or without) classes as fit and proper !

  • Gary R says:

    Almajir –

    The witnesses that are now testifying are in ‘defence of CY’, am I correct? If that’s the case and it’s the defence that “have the floor”, from what I’ve read and interpreted thus far, are they further implicating CY? It doesn’t seem like a weak defence to me, it’s almost a suicidal one!

    • almajir says:

      Yes, they are witnesses for the defence.

      However, as I’ve said before I’d preach caution about what you read into it as we are going off translated summaries, not the full evidence heard in court.

    • zxcv says:

      Gary, they are of no use in my opinion mate, but like i said we will not know what the judge is thinking untill he sum up, as it seems he is saying nowt at the moment, unless we are not being told what the judge has said in court, but i doubt very much that it would not be reported upon if the judge had told them that this is not evidence.

  • SteveC says:

    Yeung has an ‘ace’ up his sleeve in Pannu, maybe he is the ‘get out of jail’ card.
    How many years was he Chief Plod in Honkers ?

    Havea think ….

  • jazzzy786 says:

    What are the consequences to the club if it is found dirty money was used to buy BCFC? Also can/would the courts try to get money back from previous owners if this was proven.

    Cheers I hope you enjoyed your break.

  • JohnBond says:

    Signed some young lad from Norwich by the looks of things don’t know much about him to be honest

  • Roy Smith says:

    Buying up property at over the odds prices and selling cheap was, and presumably still is a classic Italian Mafia technique for money laundering. I assume that if it works in one country it will work anywhere.

  • Tony says:

    Dan why was Pannu suspended?.

  • Pete says:

    Have just emailed Pannu the following and feel no shame in one word said:

    Mr Pannu

    I understand that you as a person who has stood trial for ellegedly accepting bribes, been involved with cases where witnesses have ‘disappeared’, having been suspended from your job in the past, working for a man charged with money launderingyou will not give a monkeys for the club or have any moral fibre. This is just an opportunity to take, take and take. But I wanted to congratulate you on accepting the first woeful offers which come in for our players in Redmond and Davies who are worth 2-3 times the total sum you are apparently accepting. I mean you could always be rejecting this sum and sell for half the sum like you did for Butland. Att least you have a proven track record of great deals- like Zigic which has hamstrung the club. If these sales go through- well done, there is nobody left to sell. You have sold every really sellable asset. My contempt for you is huge, nearly as huge as you.

    You are incompetant beyond words. But then again you wont care, so long as you can keep ripping off the club and threatening auditors….

    P Ford.

    • KeepRightcroydOn says:

      It beggars belief PP is accepting low offers for all our prize assets. Certainly not holding out for ‘eye popping offers’. What is the point of the club’s academy? It works hard to find and develop talent to see it packed off at knock down prices.

      I had accepted we’d lose one of our main assets and was resigned to it being Davies. But losing Redmond is a real blow, demoralising to the fans, and I suspect even more demoralising to the players left a the club. I suspect the likes of Ferguson and Morrison will now feel less inclined to return on loan as they will not have the opportunity to play alongside a talent like Redmond.

      What a shambles we find ourselves in. Who next out of the door? Pannu leave now. You’re destroying this club.

    • almajir says:


      Whilst I can appreciate the sentiments I’d be careful sending emails like that…

      • Pete says:

        Hi Dan

        I have not said anything that is not factually true. The only opinionated thigns I have metioned are his not caring about the club, ripping the club off – let him sue me if he wants to open up the informatuon about his ‘fees’ into the public domain.

  • DoctorD says:

    Careful maate that is close to libel.

  • JohnBond says:

    Fair play to Pete if you did send the email, I should think a lot of people share similar views to you, I can’t say I know Pannu or have ever heard of much he’s been up to, but yeah you hit the nail on the head.. I know we are always reminded by the media of birmingham’s tough financial times. There’s accepting 6 million and then there’s accepting alot less six months later, And there’s also selling Redmond who is probably one of the most talented lads iv ever seen come from birmingham being sold for peanuts. It’s pathetic there’s no business in that.. Yeah and what if he had a year left on his contract he’s still got to be worth over 5 million easily, Zigic well don’t even get me started there the club could of got a new stand built for the heeps of money they’ve thrown at him.. Can’t jump , can’t run, and he must really get the younger players to want to play by the way we will be getting beat and he just walks about like he couldnt care, fair play to him though if I was in his shoes and didn’t support birmingham I probably would do the same.. KRO

  • Marky mark says:

    The backlash has started and Redmond hasn’t even left the club yet!

    The natives are getting very restless, Mr Pannu you have gone to far now and one way or another you will live to regret your incompetence and greed.

    • mark says:

      if he does marky he would have completed a life circle…… some times you have got to speculate Davis and Nathan are those players whether we like it or not, unfortunately it is about survive for them Carson and pp. They are simply not going to walk way from 80 mil. If there is generally no money then this is the only way imo. Who to say koby could be the next Nathan he can play any where along the midfield??…….he can play off both feet…… we got move on quickly and not dwell on the negatives, and get behind Clark, and this team he is trying to assemble.

      • Pete says:

        Marky Mark- I do think for one minute he will regret a thing. Could not care less.

        Mark- what team he is trying to assemble? The team keeps being sold from beneath his at the first opportunity. Just think for a moment, if we are accepting £2m for him at the first offer and there are several clubs interested a little hard ball would easily add another £1m. If we were not needing that money and selling for £2m, that additional sum could have been used for buying players or paying off Zigic.

  • mark says:

    changing the subject slightly great that Clark is continuing his good work sad to see Davis go, good luck to him. Who’s know him and Brucie could be back in championship within a year that knock the big grin off the tigers boys.

    As for Nathan whether it for financial or Nathan wanting to move on, it irrelevant our situation is more than important than any footballer good luck Nathan……….the bigger picture must be looked at……..Very..Pleased Clark possibly sorting the cb’s out……..morrison and ferg’s return is also needed………..pete take my hat off too you but you are pi**ing in the wind sorry to say……….

    • Marky mark says:


      Credit to you for your continued positivity and optimism, but reality is our club is dying at the hands of Penis Pannu, one can only hope this nightmare ends before its all to late.

      • mark says:

        possibly if Carson is found guilty maybe…………. if you take a step back, and you put 80 mil in the same situation….
        i am sure you like me would fight our bollox off the keep it…… so in some ways you can understand their logic…..80 mil one hell of a lot of money…………Whether us fans like or not the history books don’t lie 9th in premiership and a cup under them. no other midland club won a cup this century………… including the vilers lol

    • StaffsBlue says:

      @mark: “As for Nathan whether it for financial or Nathan wanting to move on, it irrelevant our situation is more than important than any footballer good luck NathanI agree completely about.”

      Have to agree completely. If Redmond goes, it’s because he WANTS to go. He’s still under contract and no one can push him out the door… no more than they could Zigic. When he goes, good luck to him.. but I think it will be the old adage of his eyes being bigger than his belly. He’s like most young players, he’s been dazzled by the Prem.

      @Redmond. Goodbye, good luck, I hope you’ll be as good as you think you are.

  • mark says:

    great news robbo captain Clark bang on the money………i would like Zigic to drop his effort just once, robbo will be right up his nose, now that a sight i would like to see…………….

  • bcfc1975 says:

    Mark – love the blue spirit, we sometimes forget the pleasure, and react to the pain.

  • Russticblue says:

    Cast your minds back,we’ve been here before,we’ve all been here before,
    I’m old enough to remember the 16 years of hurt before promotion back to the big league …. The tears the joy….the noise when that third goal went in v,s villa,the noise that told the world that bcfc were back.
    My old man told me blues would break my heart…and yes they have done many a time!….
    The poor sod never lived long enough to see the leylsnd daf final never mind the real thing.
    We owe it fans long gone and of the future to protect this club….

    We will all be here long after the cancer that they are have long left.
    Sorry for the ramblings but its how I feel and it’s because I care.

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