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No Hard Evidence

Rumours continued to rumble on social media about a potential takeover of Birmingham City on twitter overnight as fans discussed stories they’d heard of various people looking to take on the club.

Having published a story yesterday on the site looking at the takeover rumours I’m reluctant to do so again today, but having spent the best part of the afternoon Hong Kong time trying to track down any news whatsoever I felt I had to share it here.

I’m sorry that I cannot report anything definitive. Carson has been instructed by his lawyers not to talk to anyone at all – not that he’s given an interview to the press in more than two years – and Peter Pannu has declined to respond to my email. With that in mind all I can offer is various bits of circumstantial evidence.

The first thing to bear in mind is that as of 20:00 HK time, there has been no announcement to the stock exchange. BIH are obliged to report that they are in negotiations with a bidder let alone agreeing a bid under stock market regulations so this is the clearest indication that there is no bid agreed. You can follow the latest news from the stock market here.

However, it is also germane to note that the last announcement made to the stock exchange (relating to the loan, made on August 1) was signed by Carson Yeung. This is unusual as the normal person to sign off announcements is Peter Pannu and indicates that Pannu was not around to sign the original copy sent to the stock exchange here in Hong Kong. This would give credence to a rumour I heard last week that Pannu is not in HK although that doesn’t necessarily mean he is either in the UK or conducting negotiations.

Hong Kong is a city that runs on gossip; the level that Carson Yeung is at is quite rarified and as such he is most likely to only associate with a certain stratum of people. I spent this afternoon at the private members club where one of my friends spotted Carson in the last fortnight and from speaking to people there who knew of Carson there was nothing to suggest that a deal had been agreed.

However, once again there is also a credible rumour that Pannu is handling this one solo for Carson and that Carson may not be aware of any bid until it’s ready to go. Pannu has been careful to distance himself from Carson’s criminal case and it might be that Pannu and Carson have differing views on whether the club should be sold or not.

The long and short of it is that there is nothing to suggest that a deal has been done but no rock solid evidence that it hasn’t. One thing that is absolutely certain is that any suggestion that the deal will be completed quickly is false; any deal has to be agreed not only by Carson and the BIH board but by shareholders as well and that alone would mean it would be mid September at the very earliest before a deal could be done. At this moment in time all I can suggest is that as always we hope for the best but expect that nothing will change in the short-term, and get behind the team on the pitch.

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47 Responses to “No Hard Evidence”

  • Eddie says:

    The only proof that a deal isn’t being done is that the HKSE hasn’t been informed,

    by that we are assuming that they would inform the HKSE and play by the rules.

    I think this crowd have shown that they dont play by the rules

    A deal may be on, we wouldn’t know

    • Gary R says:

      Almajir – There’s all this talk about BIHL having to announce things to the HKSE RE; Takeover. But hasn’t it been proven in the past that they’ve failed to notify the HKSE on certain other matters? Why isn’t it possible that they’re failing to do that again in the case of a takeover?

  • Mark1875 says:

    Out of the loop

  • RUPERT says:

    I just don’t know how Tom could put his reputation on the line like this if he didn’t know?
    Not really bothered that BIH have not notified the stock exchange as they might not always play by the rules as they stand!
    But would Tom saying all this in a roundabout way be almost calling BIH PP Carson liars because they have not notified the HKSE ?
    I tend to believe OP as this site appears to have been straight up and honest, I don’t see a sale yet I’m afraid!!!
    BTW The team put in a great effort on Sat and really worked hard limited maybe but you couldn’t fault there effort and pride. Lets hope we soon get a win to build confidence.

    • From what i’ve heard he has never said a deal is imminent in fact he said as much on the radio the other night. He said he is aware a deal is agreed to sell in principal that’s all I’ve heard. Its not anything more then this (I’d like it to be but that’s wishful thinking). You could conclude this from the two parties saying (Pannu) “the clubs yours if you pay x” (Buyer) “OK”. In principal a sale has been agreed but we all know that its not even close.

      Tom hasn’t put his reputation on the line, if the club is sold next month his right, if its 12 months he’ll be right except it will be a case that the deal hit a few snags and was delayed… If it doesn’t happen Carson decided not to sell or the buyer withdrew over x,y and z. Its a media story that can’t be proved wrong and gets people talking… may even stir up interest you never know

      In closing a deal agreed in principal means nothing until ink dried on a contract and cash is exchanged anything can happen.

  • thongs says:

    So your categorical no deal stance is now its possible but nobody is talking?

  • Wayne says:

    Knowing our luck it will just be Carson selling the club to pannu for £1 lol

  • bluenoseb says:

    With regards to Pannu getting back to you regarding a possible takeover Dan do you not think this a bit weird that he hasn’t. As we know last year when paladini said club had been sold and brmb broke the news , Pannu within hours released a statement to clarify it hadn’t , and for weeks Tom Ross has been saying this over social media and now the goalzone on sat, surely Pannu would be quick to deny if untrue and if tom kept saying it wouldnt he be libel or not as he saying information that he been passed on to him? And on previous occasions when you emailed Pannu to ask a question or clarify any matters hes replied to you, and surely if no bid had been made or accepted he would of replied in short ‘no’ . Just my thoughts but like most fans on this one really hope your wrong and the rumours and what Tom Ross is saying is right for the sake of BCFC!

    • Mike says:

      Tom Ross said a deal was agreed six weeks ago that was obviously not true but he does know something I just think he jumped the gun. The club will be sold eventually hopefully sooner rather than later

      • StevieW says:

        6 weeks is nothing in this environment My company agreed a contract with a customer and six months later we signed and started the work. Agreeing is one thing signed contracts/sales agreements are another.

        Tom could well be right and like all I hope he is right as I think we have an improving young team that are going to surprise some this season and a top notch owner to go with it would be fantastic for fans and that includes me.

        On a side note I noticed OP was quite abrupt in a reply to a query raised over David Gold which did lead me down the path of thinking “OP you know something but cant say”

        Still only time will tell.

  • Tony says:

    Clearly Tom Ross has been fed information regarding a potential takeover, otherwise he wouldn’t have repeatedly inferred that an agreement has been reached. Whether that agreement will be ratified by the BIHL board and shareholders only time will tell. I believe any statement to the HKSE will only come when they are ready and not before, so the fact it hasn’t happened yet is no great surprise, when did they ever play by the rules?

  • Murph says:

    I did hear a certain formula 1 ring leader is involved but it’s only a rumour as such , hope something happens shortly and LC gets some proper backing , fair play to the fans sat as applauded off the pitch , can’t remember last defeat that was not booed ! Kro

  • neil says:

    you point out that
    “BIH are obliged to report that they are in negotiations with a bidder let alone agreeing a bid under stock market regulations so this is the clearest indication that there is no bid agreed”

    however back in feb, BIHL did announce they had been approached by a sports management company who were leading a consortium and that more info would follow, – nothing has – BIHL are also obliged to report to HKSE if they are no longer in negotiations, which they havent. this would suggest there is still something going on (although as others have stated they dont always play ball with what they are suppose to report!)

    i suspect if there is a deal done as tom ross says, this is where its from,

  • jazzzy786 says:

    What happens off the pitch we can’t control. It will happen one day. In the meantime let’s get behind the lads and make St Andrews a fortress again.

  • dave mann says:

    heard loads of rumours comming out the ground saturday but took it all with
    a pinch of salt, weve been sold, i heard from about half a dozen fans but
    didnt get to exited after previous rubbish weve been believed happening.
    lets wait and see!KRO.

  • dave mann says:

    the players got applauded of the pitch murph because the fans could see that
    they gave 100% commitment and played for the shirt and thats all blues fans
    ask for, it was just a quality goal from a tatooed blue nose that beat us.KRO.

  • brumbie says:

    Lets all calm down about this takeover talk many fans seem to be clutching at straws out of desparation to see the back of Carson. Time will tell !

  • ken says:

    Well done on Saturday,Yeovil next league game. A word of warning if you are going.
    Ilive near junc 22 on m5. Every sat during August the traffic is horrendous from Junc14
    to Junc 25 were you leave m5 for Yeovil It is taking about 2 and a half hours to cover this distance.
    Leave early ,you have been warned

    • chris says:

      Ken, how early?
      should i get to bristol before 10.00?
      saw signs last saturday saying congestion between 14 and 24 so i knew we’d have to leave early due to hols.

  • Art Watson says:

    The main issue here is lack of communications from PP.This is leading to speculation,rumours and frustration.

    If only he would play a straight hand and communicate with the people who pay his salary-the fans!

    Come Peter tell us what’s going on.

  • Tony says:

    Commented yesterday that Tom Ross is genuine, no fool, and a bluenose, hes also too experienced to have himself hung out to dry like this.
    Im convinced a deal has been done, Hes said so and I believe him.
    People are saying forget all this and support the team fair enough, I agree but we need this to happen and quickly

  • KeepRightcroydOn says:

    I don’t think PP is going to say much. After the broken promises about not letting players go cheap, the truth coming out about how much he’s paying himself etc, he is very aware how unpopular he is. It’s no surprise that he’s ignored Dan’s email. He’s got no news on the sale front either, so don’t expect him to raise his head over the parapet.

  • Frankie says:

    If Pannu told me it was morning, I’d check the clock.
    The BEST part of having new owners would be no more more Pannu !

  • premblue says:

    Could all the waiting a round be because Carson’s only recently been given permission to come to the UK between 15th / 19th September on business? (as stated in the Independent)

    Rumours would suggest potential buyer is not in HK or China? Why would Carson be coming to the UK in September if it wasn’t to front the sales of the club?

    Could Tom Ross be right after all?

  • ken says:

    You would be advised to clear bristol as early as poss.It is usualy still very busy after that down to junc25 Better to be early than miss the start. The road to Yeovil from junc25 is not bad provided
    there are no hold ups. Just keep your fingers crossed

  • Tony says:

    Thats 6 weeks away prem

  • The Timms says:

    If it doesn’t get reported by often partisan or Colin Tattum then it’s not news

  • Tony says:

    Looks like thats a bum steer Prem ,its Dated 2011 do you have anything else?.

  • Steve says:

    We’re now into the season proper and no-one knows the whereabouts of the Acting Chairman. Unbelievable. No excuse for him to ignore Daniel’s email wherever he is, even if it’s just a holding reply. To ignore Daniel is to ignore the fans. Doesn’t the Football League have any power to ensure proper corporate governance?

    Absolute top marks to Lee Clark and his team and to the St Andrews backroom staff for keeping more than a semblance of order and efficiency while the ownership disgrace continues.

  • andy says:

    I am guessing that Tom Ross has the information from Paladini, he knows the guy well and if there is a deal close I bet its this Italian backed consortium.

  • David HK Bluenose says:

    I’m a bluenose living in Hong Kong and I have seen Carson a few times getting into his car with his lawyers and drivers. The times I’ve seen him is between 18:30 to 19:30 HKT, getting into a black merc with license plates “MANLI8”
    The place where I’ve spotted him before is http://goo.gl/maps/VoZwO

    I wasn’t following him, just so happens I work there, and I was pretty shocked to see him myself.
    I’ve also shouted sell the club, save the club to him in chinese without much acknowledgment in the past…

    Hope this helps.

  • Jack says:

    Private member’s club, eh?

  • geraldsquires says:

    Why? Has he been pushed into the river mmmmm?

  • sonabluenose says:

    strange that the op guy would miss the opening two games of the season to do research on a book?
    very fishy iindeed

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