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Short Term Pain

Birmingham City crashed to their third defeat in four leagues games losing 3-2 to Leicester City at the King Power stadium yesterday, having taken the lead early on through Matt Green.

It’s difficult for me to write this as I’ve not seen Blues live since the Hull pre-season game and in all likelihood won’t now until the Ipswich game on Saturday due to having been out of the country. I can’t (and won’t) comment on individual performances as I’ve not seen with my own eyes how we’ve played but I will say that I’m perturbed by some of the comments I’ve seen on here and online.

I did worry something like this was going to happen. The thing with Lee Clark being so firm and decisive in how he was changing the formation is that if it didn’t work out there would be inevitable calls for him to change it back as soon as possible. The King situation hasn’t helped matters whatsoever and the refusal to give Burke more than a few minutes each game seems completely incredible too bearing in mind how few we’ve scored.

The truth is though that I’ve long thought that this was going to be an incredibly tough season. We’ve gone from shopping at Aldi through Poundland to pretty much looking through the scraps of what is left over from that. This no disrespect to the players that have come in – Clark has brought in players who want to play and are hungry to play for the club and whilst they may be technically limited I don’t think anyone will disagree that they will give their all.

I think as much as people have moaned about how we’ve been playing that they have to accept this is pretty much as good as it’s going to get until the ownership situation changes. The club is flat broke; absolutely and utterly skint and that situation will not change until we get new investment or new owners. It’s not just money for transfers – player wages are crippling us (hence the cap on new signings of around 5k per week).

To give people an idea of how bad the situation is I heard from a good source that Mansfield Town offered Matt Green more money than Blues did – he came to us because he wanted to play at a higher level. If we are struggling to compete with a Conference club on wages that should demonstrate how little money the club has got, and as I said before – that situation will not change until we get new owners.

On the ownership front, nothing is happening. Despite all the furore interest since the announcement last week that parties had completed due diligence absolutely nothing has been further forthcoming in the press. As much as I think people want to believe a deal is close I would look at the economics of the situation – if as a bidder you knew the club (and it’s parent company) were close to the wall financially, would you make anything other than a lowball offer? As a bidder would you not wait until administration when you know a significant portion of any debts will be wiped out and that the club becomes far cheaper to purchase? I would go as far as to contend that buying the club at the moment makes no business sense and to pay any decent money for it would be similar to Carson paying £80mil for it in the first place.

I cannot agree with people who demand that we boycott games either. Firstly, it wouldn’t make that massive a dent in the cashflow anyway – the majority of money coming into the club will be from commercial deals and tv rights – and secondly the people any dent in cashflow would hurt would be the club staff who don’t deserve it. Football players are protected creditors under FL rules and you can be damn sure that the owners will strip out everything and everybody else first before they suffer. At this moment in time we are better off supporting the team and getting behind them – ensuring that when the time comes we look a better proposition to buy than a team with no fans, no staff and no hope.

In short – yes, I know it’s painful at the moment. I don’t know exactly how painful as I’ve not seen any of the games but I can see it in the way people are talking. It’s only short-term though and we’ve been through it before – things will get better.

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112 Responses to “Short Term Pain”

  • Carlos says:

    chris burke has to start he cant go from being thr fist name on the teamsheet to a 70 min sub if you need to change formation to accommodate him then so be it

  • Dino Tiltoni says:

    Yes, very well said. Having seen the home game I’m struggling to see how long the 3-5-2 experiment can continue with perhaps our most dangerous player (Burke) on the bench. Perhaps his late goal may have given Clark a wake-up call.

  • Mickey07 says:

    Does it make sense to make a bid before administration if the new owner would like to stay in this division though?because over the season and minus 10 pts would almost see blues in league 1?…..they got to weigh a few things up haven’t they mayor?

  • AF says:

    Lee Clark, stumbled upon a 4-2-3-1 formation last year that the players were comfortable with and it achieved results. This formation would accomodate Burke in the same role as Redmond from last year. Despite the finances it seems barking mad that a successful formatiion has been abandoned and Lee Clark really isn’t helping his own cause.

  • chris says:

    Look across to the dark side and how their manager was changing round the playing staff and tactics and it took nearly all season.
    Lee Clark is having to do this, so get off his and the players backs till at least October / November and yes, we may lose every game till then, but this side needs time to gel and learn.
    I know it’s not easy, but moaning at LC or the players won’t change a damn thing, repeat YOU WON’T CHANGE ONE THING as we are stuck in all this together as no new owners are coming soon, instead stay supportive or say nothing unless constructive.
    The players have to learn 3-5-2 and make mistakes just as players at Villa did in droves last season, then after Xmas they slowly improved.

    • AF says:

      I don’t think anyone is criticising the efforts of the players but changing the formation from one that was clearly working is just barking. Its a case of why fix things that didn’t need fixing in the first place.

  • Art Watson says:


    I get the impression from your well written article that you believe we are heading towards administration?

    If this is the case why are the owners taking on the loans?

    Can’t agree with your view on boycotting the games as I believe the gate revenue is vital to our survival and PP knows this.Starving the club of finance will speed up the sale.

    We do differ with our views but I respect your opinion.

    • mike ware says:

      True supporters would not boycott their club this is the time when are support is needed more than ever.

    • Sir Harry 1875 says:

      I believe that around 8000 proper fans have stayed loyal and renewed their season tickets. Plus a further 7-8000 will show their loyalty by paying on the day of the game as often as they can. We support the team through the bad times because that’s what a real supporter does.

      That leaves 15 to 20,000 including you who have already boycotted the club and will always find a reason not to go. Until of course we get a big game or a good day out somewhere.

      The team needs support now more than ever. You’ve turned your back on them. I won’t.

      • Art Watson says:

        Sir Harry,

        I also repect your opinion but my support forthe team continues and had done for the last 55 years.I’m unable to get to the games anyway because I live abroad but until this season I have purchased ST for my grandchildren.

        I have not walked way from the team just the owners and I can’t express how I feel about these morons without taking the risk of being sued for liable.

        • Sir Harry 1875 says:

          We all share the anger at our current plight. We are a complete mess and to see how far we’ve fallen since our greatest day is heartbreaking. And we may fall even further yet.

          But as almajir rightly points out, a boycott will only hurt the people who run the club behind the scenes and the players and manager on a match day.

          We need to get behind the team and hopefully ensure we stay in the championship. But if we have to go into administration and drop a league then so be it. Someone will get a bargain, invest and rebuild.

        • Pete says:

          Boycotting games achieves nothing, except gives supports an excuse to not bother going whilst trying to make out they are true supporters.

          I bet if we got to a cup final or Villa were drawn against us at St Andrews all these people making a protest would soon be buying a ticket.

    • BUBBA says:

      Totally agree Art, take the comments in the article above,

      ‘The club is flat broke; absolutely and utterly skint and that situation will not change until we get new investment or new owners’


      ‘I cannot agree with people who demand that we boycott games either. Firstly, it wouldn’t make that massive a dent in the cashflow anyway – the majority of money coming into the club will be from commercial deals and tv rights’

      are they not almost contradictory ?

      Yes the club is flat broke and as the article states will not be better off until new owners arrive and as the article insinuates that is more likely post administration.

      In which case surely the best thing for all blues fans is for the administration to arrive as quickly a possible and for all true blue fans to stop financing the club whilst it is as stated ‘flat broke’ starve it of it’s ability to continue and force administration at the earliest opportunity which will bring about new buyers all the quicker in order to both save this season and begin the healing and growing process. Any delay just contributes to the slow decline, it’s not rocket science is it ?

      The club’s flat broke and fans boycotting won’t make a difference ? You can’t have it both ways Dan.

      • almajir says:

        Actually, Bubba no it won’t make any difference.

        The majority of money from matchday revenue is season ticket money and that is already banked. The small amount from matchday walkups won’t change much and the dip in merchandise/concessionary sales would only mean people getting laid off.

        I cannot believe people cannot understand this – Pannu, Carson et al will let everyone else feel the pain before they do. As the players are protected, that means the staff at the club and they have done absolutely nothing to deserve that. Furthermore, it hurts the team much more than it hurts Pannu and Carson.

        If you want to boycott games, that’s your prerogative – just as it’s mine to say you are wrong to do so and you aren’t hurting anyone who deserves it.

        • BUBBA says:

          Absolutely it’s each person’s prerogative to do as they see fit, I just feel you’re being economical with the realities of what withdrawal of as much revenue as possible via both walk-ups and those attending in terms of merchandising will achieve, it’s an opinion you hold which is fair enough but most blues fans are desperate to take action to resolve the situation a.s.a.p and personally I’ve seen none better. The current state of affairs does not serve blues fans, at the very least an attempt at changing the current regime will answer our difference of opinion one way or another.

          I maintain nothing that is already losing money will be in operation at the club so every thing whether it be merchandise, food and drink sales etc is bringing money in over and above the cost of providing these things. Yes there may be a handful of people who may be let go, but it is not my job as a fan to consider the employment of individuals whom I do not know anymore than it is my concern whether people got laid off when rover shut. It’s sad but is a fact of life, it’s happened to me and will happen to others.

          My sole concern is the future of this club and we all know it will be best served by new owners a.s.a.p, sorry but any heartstring card of the poor bcfc employees pulling pints and selling pies just doesn’t swing it for me.

          • BUBBA says:

            just to add, at the last count I saw there were around 9000 s/t sales. The first two home attendances have been almost 19000 and almost 15000 that’s at least 16000 fans who’ve gone who are not s/t holders assuming every single s/t holder did attend. How can a club be flat broke and not have the entrance money and refreshments money of these fans probably close on half a million quid not make a difference.

            I’ll tell you up front I have an agenda to convince as many fans as possible to realise boycotting can work, particularly with the parlous state of the club and it’s parent company. How you can argue the club is flat broke and losing half a million quid every couple of games or so won’t make a difference is stretching credibility imo.

          • Drew says:

            Spot on mate. It’s the only way in my book and as for the suggestion from some that such a fan boycott will only speed up asset stripping…. What remaining assets exactly?…. The microwave ovens from our gourmet catering outlets perhaps?

          • almajir says:

            How about the ground?

          • Nuneatim says:

            Those who work at St Andrews have pulled my pints and sold me pies and looked after my son when he was a mascot and contact with them is a part of matchday. Personally I can’t care about the club and not care about those who work hard on its behalf.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Starving the club of finance will only speed up the sale of assets, not the sale of the club.

      • Oldbluenose says:

        Staffs;, Wise words matey.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          I don’t understand why other people can’t see that. All the good people at the club will lose their jobs if we succumb to admin. All the those responsible for the mess the club is in will get away scott free. Where’s the justice in that?

      • Drew says:

        What assets exactly?

      • Art Watson says:

        Staffs Blue,

        Yes I know but you are you assuming that PP and Carson will allow the club to go in to administration?

        I don’t think so.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Fair enough, you’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that. But as has been said many times before… be careful what you wish for. A lot of fans wanted Sullivan and Gold out.. and look at the mess we’re in now. I hope they’re pleased with themselves.

          • Chris says:

            Towards the end they weren’t that great for the club with two recent relegations caused by their own lack of spending and foresight.
            They never pushed the boat out for Blues like they have at WHU and the fans knew they were holding back and their hearts were not truly in the club.
            Actions spoke louder than words, e.g. Sully saying he wouldn’t be going to every home game yet the fans from all over the country managed to get there.

  • SolblueDean says:

    As the piece suggests that no buyer with any business sense would make an offer and will sit it out until administration bites, I have 2 questions. Based on what people know about our finances how long can we limp on? Are we talking until CY’s trial is finished and the game finally up (or not)? Also how many more assets can the current owners strip from the club to drag this out and will there actually be anything other than the name and supporters left to buy?

    Sorry that was more than 3 questions.

    On the playing side agree completely, the most frustrating thing re the formation is the 10 minutes or so it takes the players to adjust when the system changes due to subs, during which we look all over the shop.

  • DoctorD says:

    The only thing anyone can do is support the team as well as we can to avoid relegation.

    Who wants promotion anyway — look at these boring games in yesterday’s Premier League: can you honestly say any of these games excites you? Everton 0-0 West Brom; Hull 1-0 Norwich; Newcastle 0-0 West Ham; Southampton 1-1 Sunderland; Stoke 2-1 Crystal Palace.

  • Atahualpa is a BlueNose says:

    Recently the club have started inserting ‘administration’ clauses into employment contracts for new staff. They really are at a desperate stage and cannot budget or plan for more than 3-4 months ahead. Nothing will change on the playing and management front – the status quo will remain until the more serious issue of ownership and investment is resolved one way or the other. We won’t get relegated but we won’t get promoted as well on current form. But would we really want to go up and let PP or CY get their mitts on 80-90m GBPs?

  • andy says:

    Lee Clark made a statement yesterday that he believes nobody can do a better job than he is doing at Birmingham. I totally agree with him, in fact, who else would want the job, avoiding relegation will be a job well done.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Lee Clark has never once moaned about the board, the finances, the players…. or the fans. The guy is a diamond.. he may not be the best manager in the country, or even the division, but we’ll not find one more dedicated to the club. Neither McLeish nor Hughton had the balls or the stomach for the job.

      • Blue in Spain says:

        Hear Hear, staffs, and its ok saying boycott the club, when sat in Cyprus or Spain or wherever. Boycotting the club affects the atmosphere on the pitch, and endangers the jobs of hundreds of people doing a fine job for the club! Get behind the manager and the team, and rary for new owners.

        • StaffsBlue says:

          Spot on. It’s the best way.

        • Art Watson says:

          Blue in Spain,

          I think the average supporters would prefer a winning side than a good stadium atmosphere.

          Continuously loosing games through lack of investment will eventually reduce the home gates to “one man and his dog”

          supporter want to see a successful team not a team that wins one in four games!

      • A due says:

        A point I have made many times Staffs, and totally agree with. Only time will tell if LC has what it takes managerially but he is showing loyalty to the cause which it could be argued is apparently more than some supporters?

        • Chris Walker says:

          Totally agree, Mcjudas and Hughton both walked because they couldn’t stand the heat.
          Some sections of so called supporters either can’t see the hard work LC is putting in with next to nothing to spend or are just plain thick….
          The club will have to go into Administration I feel, before any signs of improvement or funds can be seen.

  • tony says:

    The comments regarding Chris Burke are of course all true ,he has been fitted in for a few minutes each match and he is our best player.
    Dan says he finds his absence incredible as do I .No aplologises for going back to the King situation you will remember Clark cut him adrift before the season had began saying he did not form part of his plans, he is/was our only real goalscorer. not only are we not getting any benefit from King we are continuing to pay him. He was supposed to be on the verge of joining a new club 6 weeks ago
    but as far as I am aware he is till taking money out of the club.
    Dan describes Clarke as being firm and decisive in not abandoning his formations if they did not work out.
    Well I would use different words, how about pig headed idiot, out of his depth moron, a joke, a man so deluded as to think he knows best despite the evidence staring him in the face.
    We all know he is surviving because we cant afford to sack him, he knows that too, he swans around Knowle and dorridge,seemingly without a care in the world ,not a hint of shame, or embarressment.
    Yes I know it is the owners who are doing the real damage to this club ,but he is not far behind I will never stop until he is gone to( have a little fishy ,on a little dishy, when the boat comes in.
    Away the lads FAR FAR FAR AWAY.

    • Art Watson says:


      Spot on.

      You only have to examine his record since joining the club.

      New owners hopefully will get rid of Clark who is clearly out of his depth.

    • jason says:

      what can i say about that rant tony other than what an absolute cretin you are. grow up and understand that anyone under the amount of pressure lee clark is under and yet still manages to find players who want to come and play for us aint doing a bad job. we have 10 new player come into the side all on free’s i might add. This is gonna take time. I think clark has actually bought in well. Randolph has looked a quality keeper, burn has done well at the back, furguson we all know what he is about, eardley although not great defensively has a brilliant right foot. both allan and shinnie are talented players and both green and novak do a lot of work. maybe they are not top goal scorers but tell me tony how many top goalscorers can you get on a free to a team with limited budget for wages? either forget your nonsense and support the team or dont bother turning up for games because i for one am fed up by embarrassing ‘fans’ like yourself.

  • RonJ says:

    Reading your well written observation is probably a realistic assessment of the situation. My disappointment with the owners and Pannu has changed from disappointment to anger. One would hope Yeung and his cronies would never ever step into Birmingham again. I won’t comment further what I feel about them for legistic reasons. Keep up the good work Almajir.

  • adam says:

    The game yesterday showed what we have missing – pace and craft. The back three are too slow. Burn did everything in the air but when turned was slow to react. Mullins’ distribution was too poor at this level. We don’t break with pace on the counter attack. When we do attack, we don’t have that craft to pick a pass. Elliot is the one player who does the move the ball around but it was too easy for Leicester. The changes at half time for Leicester showed us how to use the pace of wingers – Dyer and Schlupp linked well and the french lad was creative. I have to agree with earlier comments about Burke – we just cannot afford to leave him on the bench. When Murphy is fit, I think we need a back 4 and not 3. I really like Clarke and he talks with a passion about the club. The blues fans were in good voice and we all felt bitterly disappointed with result. Clearly, Redmond and King are both real blows to the team this year!

    • Chris says:

      Couldn’t believe the first two goals through the middle either one of the three centre halls has to push out to cover the middle or a holding midfield player should be dropping into the centre.
      That is pretty basic defending covering the ‘D’ area.

  • Steve says:

    almajir, and it’s Bubba’s prerogative..as is with any fan..to do what he likes with his money.

  • Tonytiler says:

    Lee had the same problem last season. When he couldn’t find his best 11. Once we settled it was too little too late. He as been told to get rid of loverkrands , king , Mullins and ambrose. The two latter are still active squad members. It’s plain to see that it’s the final third of the pitch that we are poor in. Yesterday on making the substitution he took the goalscorer off and kept the ineffective Novak on. Who actually gave the ball away for their equaliser. To be fair we should have had them game won by then. My other concern is the formation. We need to get Burke back in the team and play 4-4-2

  • mark says:

    i quite enjoyed the game, goalkeeper and burns were excellent…..I believe again if we had taken our chances Leicester would have been stuffed, and out of sight…….
    Totally agree with clark the men have to be men out there. yes play the nice football, we need to win ugly as-well…………… People seem to forget only one goal in it………….Whether chris burke plays or not
    remind me was he not dropped from scotland 1st team, so maybe had a point to prove??…….
    yes if i had chosen 451 which believe clark should revert back to its tried and trusted. But maybe clark head he want to bring attacking and flamboyant football to at please some of the negative fans we have at home……..

  • mark says:

    i quite enjoyed the game, goalkeeper and burns were excellent…..I believe again if we had taken our chances Leicester would have been stuffed, and out of sight…….
    Totally agree with clark the men have to be men out there. yes play the nice football, we need to win ugly as-well…………… People seem to forget only one goal in it………….Whether chris burke plays or not
    remind me was he not dropped from scotland 1st team, so maybe had a point to prove??…….
    yes if i had chosen 451 which believe clark should revert back to its tried and trusted. But maybe clark head he want to bring attacking and flamboyant football to at please some of the negative fans we have at home……..

  • mark says:

    i quite enjoyed the game, goalkeeper and burns were excellent…..I believe again if we had taken our chances Leicester would have been stuffed, and out of sight…….
    Totally agree with clark the men have to be men out there. yes play the nice football, we need to win ugly as-well…………… People seem to forget only one goal in it………….Whether chris burke plays or not
    remind me was he not dropped from scotland 1st team, so maybe had a point to prove??…….
    yes if i had chosen 451 which believe clark should revert back to its tried and trusted. But maybe clark head he want to bring attacking and flamboyant football to at please some of the negative fans we have at home……..

  • mark says:

    our away fans were absolutely f**king diamond white, singing the camaraderie, our anthem echoing around their stadium……….win lose or draw………… we sing our hearts out for our lads……….kro

  • StaffsBlue says:

    I still think this is being blown out of all proportion. Yes, we’ve lost 3 out of 4, but it could just have easily been Played 4 Won 4. It’s not as though we’re being blown away like we were last season. All 3 defeats have been by one goal…. and all three we could, and should have won.

    As I’ve said before, it’s very slim margins, a crossbar here, a shitty penalty decision there. Those things will turn our way soon. All we have to do is find a solution to the goals problem, because, if it wasn’t for that, Watford, Brighton and Leicester would have been seen off quite comfortably.

    • AF says:

      I think s true test will be Ipswich at home, they haven’t started well either. If we lose that one, we know we are in trouble, a draw probably the same. A win and there might be hope.

      • StaffsBlue says:

        Another thing in the oppositions’ favour so far too, is that they all have more or less the same players as last season, so are more settled and in tune with each other than we are. That will come with games.

        If we’re in this position (in, or close to, the bottom 3) coming up to Xmas, then I’ll admit defeat and accept that it may be time for a change. Until then, Lee Clark will have my support 100%.

    • mark says:

      Exactly – staffsblue

  • jazzzy786 says:

    This article is titled SHORT TERM PAIN and the sooner administration happens and we get bought out the better. So understand Bubbas suggestion to make this happen quicker by withdrawing funds.
    We cannot limp on like this much longer and with no real saleable assets to bale us out this time it’s only a matter of time before the end. Sadly though administration will almost certainly mean -10 points and relegation but the sooner this happens then the sooner we can start rebuilding again under new owners.


  • Gary Clarke says:

    Please tell me why the tickets for the KOP stand are price at £32 for the Sheff Wed match and £30 for the tilton, when I only paid £25 to go to Leicester yesterday.

    I think that’s why you will find people are not going to as many home games.

    If you don’t go to 2 home games and save your money you can go to 1 away for the same money, including the additional travel expenses for away games.

    Not everyone can keep paying £32 per game every week.

    So you have to choose, either homes games or away, and the way we play at home compared to away at the moment it is not a hard choice.

    • almajir says:

      Gary – one for the club. FWIW I’ve told them in the past I think every game should be a flat price.

    • Chris says:

      They (the board or execs here) know they will get a constant 14000 to 18000 fans so are milking them and the away fans, rather than gamble on lowering the price and hoping the attendance rises which I think we all know it wouldn’t.

  • picckko says:

    I was there yesterday. We should have held out really, Leicester’s first goal would have been prevented had their player been ‘challenged robustly’ before he got anywhere near the box. Give away a free kick, defend it but stop them running freely at us should have been the approach.

    Chris Burke should play, he’s our best player, we have to accommodate him somewhere!

    Ben a Bluenose all my life, bought my first season ticket ever this season – I live in Nottingham so it’s a bit of a trek – and I’ll continue to back the team through good times and not so good. KRO

  • Frankie says:

    Was there also and thought we did OK, against a side that is going to be in the Top 6.
    We aren’t and have reason to expect to be there.
    Was delighted to see Matt ‘break hi duck’.
    Yes we probably should have had ‘blocks’ on outside the box for the firat 2 Leicester goals but the boys were weary, having given so much durin the previous 75 minutes.
    This was a decent performance, am sure we’ll do better away from home whetre the onus isn’t on us to break teams down.

  • Art Watson says:


    Again I have to disagree with your opinion concerning boycotting the games and I am able to understand the ramifications of administration.

    I think your opinion does not account for the fact that Pannu and Carson stand to lose millions if Blues go into administration .I can’t see them allowing this to happen under any circumstances so boycotting the games will force them to speed up the sale.

  • Mikey J says:

    We are just going to have to live with the fact that it’s going to be like this, when we have no money. We’re 4 games in and the players are going to need to gel together. If we had the money that QPR has, then I would be annoyed too. I do agree with what was said about Burke though he needs to be fitted in somehow, that goes along with Allan and Shinnie, they are our most creative players. Great news on Nick Townsend getting a squad number for the cup game, it’s great seeing young lads that support the club or want to play for the club come through and learn their trade. Kro!

  • Mickey07 says:

    How about a “banner day/bedsheet day” next home game you the type of thing Carson/pannu out type of thing…..i

    • almajir says:

      Sounds a very v*lla thing to do mate.

      • mark says:

        Agree dan – pity they dont put the effort getting behind the team……….maybe that s too hard to ask…….

      • Mickey07 says:

        I don’t get this mayor,so what if villa done it??whats your problem with us doing it FFs…even hull city did it yesterday against there new name,I want to know why oh why that your against it,it’s not about villa mayor it’s about us FFs……stop pussy footing around will you and back it along with the trust so we can all unite to do it…..doing nothing like we are now is really working aint it??mayor sometimes mate your like a school teacher hitting us over the head with a shitty stick,don’t do this don’t do that etc etc…..man up FFs and grow a pair…….

        • almajir says:


          Feel free to lead it pal.

          I think painted bedsheets look awful and make us look awful. It’s my opinion and I’m 100 per cent entitled to it. If you don’t like it, well.. that’s up to you.

          • Mickey07 says:

            So what should we do then???because mayor I expect at least something from you some,give us an idea.

          • almajir says:

            Support the team Mickey. Alien concept I know, but that’s what I reckon we should do.

            We can’t do much else but wait.

  • Lee says:

    Boycotting games doesn’t lose people’s jobs, you’ve said it yourself, the gate money doesn’t count for much, boycotting games is a personal stand being made by many that chose not to give their hard earnt money to someone who’s on 13grand a week for not really doing a lot whilst not even in the same country, things like that lose other people’s jobs so I’m fully behind whoever choolses not to add to his pp’s lavish lifestyle, so many ifs and buts and maybe’s, we could have easily won 4 out of 4? What a completely ridiculous thing to say, we could also have won the division last year if but or maybe, bottom line is we’re crap, and to all the Clark out brigade I’m not his biggest fan but how much money exactly has that guy spent since he came in, how many players have took the piss whilst earning money only we can dream about, how many players has he had to see leave yet not once has he complained, the guys no fool and by saying no one could have put up with what he’s put up with is indirectly saying he knows we’re crap, he’s no mug but it’s not like he can shout it out is it? If we avoid admin, if we manage somehow to still be in the championship next season I will be a happy man, but I just can’t see it happening, be it because our side is piss poor or admin I can only see blues going down this season unless we are bought out before Christmas and some serious dollar is invested, that’s not me moaning before you piss pots start scrambling for your keyboards, that’s not me complaining, that’s me seeing what’s infront of me and staying my opinion, i agree with one or two others on here particullary in view of the people that own us, the sooner admin looms the better, its the only way i can see them selling up, when and only when they really have no other choice and have to, they either don’t want to sell or are asking too much, one is going to have to give if we have to go into admin

    comment edited

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Not ridiculous. If we’d have put our chances away, we’d have easily won 4 out of 4. That was the only difference. What is ridiculous… is to weep and wail after just 4 games. FOUR games. There are 42 to go ffs. Talk about knee jerk.

    • Zenzero says:

      What and have the away fans own the terraces? The team needs all support we can give, an empty stadium would cause tremors through the team. Nobody to cheer or encourage them.

      Boycotting games is a terrible idea.

    • Ali Duncan says:

      I think certain individuals need to be more realistic. In any business, when times are tough, there are casualties but to think club staff will be laid off is not correct. I would imagine staff levels are at the minimum already but to cut revenue generating staff(marketing / business development) would further hind the clubs ability to generate more revenue. Yes there might be cuts in places like the ticket office but some people talk on here like they’re casualties of war.

      If Peter Pan is indeed on 13k a week then maybe there needs to be internal staff “comat” becausevI can’t imagine a member of the ticket office staff is on more than 20k a week. If that is true the workers and employee rights and power needs to come to the fore.

      • Ali Duncan says:

        Or 20k a year even.

      • almajir says:


        Last accounts, one director was paid £687k per annum.
        PP has confirmed that was him
        687/52 = circa £13.5k per week.

        • Ali Duncan says:

          Dan, I don’t doubt that figure. I was simply suggesting that universal statements of the clubs staff being laid off is, IMO, wide of the mark.

          • almajir says:

            From what I know, it’s not.

          • Chris says:

            In the last few months they have advertised for a graphic designer, I think a marketing job and many match day jobs so they either need these people or they are replacing people who have left and we can probably guess why.
            I know the club state is dire, but if it was so close to admin you wouldn’t be able to pay them, unless they are not new jobs.

  • Lee says:

    Like I say, no moaning or ‘weeping’ or ‘wailing’ if our players were better players they’d score more goals and this thread, and the one before it a many other threads on Facebook concerning our lack of quality would not be here, dude, I admire your loyalty, I really do, but every time some one has a opinion different to yours you feel the need to shoot them down with your blind loyalty, I couldn’t care less on your opinion, if you don’t like mine, ignore it, it’s that simple

    • StaffsBlue says:

      “every time some one has a opinion different to yours you feel the need to shoot them down.”

      Excuse me, but I made an opinion, I did NOT have a go at anyone. You’re the one attacking MY opinions… calling them ridiculous. No more ridiculous than your panic-button reactions. If you aim your remarks directly at me, expect them back. Simples.

  • Lee says:

    Zenzero I know what your saying but could you imagine the coverage it would get if by any chance that actually ever happened, one of the most frustrating things about this whole episode is the fact that they can actually walk into a club and do this and absolutely nothing can be done about it, they live that far away it’s not an issue where they come from, no one cares, as someone else has pointed out, we have now sold every player of worth and replaced them all with lower league players no where near the quality when they first bought the club yet still charge £32 a game, we can’t afford a fee on any players, we can’t even see the season out financially yet pannu can take 13 grand a week out the club and nothing whatsoever can be done about it, it’s wrong

  • Lee says:

    If you read my comments correctly dude you’ll understand they are not in any way ‘panic’ comments, I am not panicking whatsoever, I’m sat on my setee in my shorts watching the Spanish football with a beer, my comments are my opinions based on the reality of our current situation, which is not good, it’s not based on if but or coulda woulda shoulda, you obviously would rather dwell on all the ifs n buts n maybes and how things could be different, I’d rather talk about reality, it ain’t nice but as much as you don’t like being realistic, I don’t like dwelling on what could have been

    • StaffsBlue says:

      All I’m saying, is that we’re only 4 games in, with almost a completely new squad. Give them time. 4 games ain’t anywhere near enough. IF, we’re still in this situation come Xmas, I’ll hold my hands up and admit you’re right. Deal?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    As I’ve said many times… we all know the situation regarding the ownership and the financial difficulties we’re in. There’s nothing we can do, but wait until we’re sold. I just can’t see the sense in adding to our troubles, just like the owners.

    It’s not the manager’s or the player’s fault… so what’s the point in lambasting them. The only way they’ll get better, is with encouragement. If fans show they don’t want them playing for us… then why should they bother?

  • Lee says:

    I’m not adding to anything, I’m simply talking about them, call the dogs off kid

  • chas says:

    Anyone help with a question ? My mate, who has a season ticket , said yesterday that he hasn’t been able to get a Program behind the old Main Stand this Season, and someone who sits close to him told him that they have stopped selling them round there. He was also told, true or not, that one of the Sellers who used to have a little wooden Hut but was standing in the open so was asked where the hut was. He replied that it had been reposed as they were only on hire anyway. Anyone know any
    thing about these.

  • RichardM says:

    I think it’s way too early to talk about relegation yet, we’re better than at least half a dozen teams in this division but only played one so far (and won). I can’t understand why people are getting upset because we lost away to Leicester and home to Watford (FFS) – how many teams do they think will pick up six points (or even two) from their corresponding fixtures at the King Power or home to Watford?

    We need to concentrate on the positives – Matt Green off the mark with a well taken goal, and despite all the talk of “lack of quality” in the team, the fact remains we’ve had some tough opening fixtures, played three of the teams favoured for promotion this season and in each case taken them taken them to the wire.

    It will take time – be patient. The only thing that will tip us over the edge is administration, totally out of the control of the manager and the players, and in a peverse way this might not be the worst thing in the long run. Nothing any of us can do but SUPPORT the team. I understand completely fans saying they will boycott the club until the current ownership is gone, but think about it – all you’re really doing is helping the opposition – in which case don’t moan if you don’t like the results.

  • bill cridland says:

    could we have a view on whether gold,sullivan etc would go that extra mile to make blues a mid table premiership side.personally i do not think they would invest to obtain that little better quality.{scott parker] being a perfect example sullivans words we would not be beaten financally, he ended up at newcastle.the only time their eyes lit up was when they proposed move to the developement of wheels site and of course st andrews would have gone surely our biggest asset at the moment.what happens to upton park when they move to a rented ground?ps their eyes lit up when carson came calling

  • brumbie says:

    I dont see a problem with protesting against the owners just because Villa fans did it. What a pathetic view ! Last year they were up in arms about their owner and manager and were threatening all sorts of things but seem happy again now. If we stick with it we can come through this mess but every fan has the right to do what he thinks is in the best interests of the club be that withdrawing support anti board chanting or banners. What Villa fans do is up to them and should not influence what we do.

  • Marky mark says:

    Boycott and protests are completely pointless and a waste of energy, cannot understand why people keep going on about it, PP and CY are already resigned to the fact they have to sell quickly
    The club is skint, if the current parties don’t buy we will go into admin fact !

    One way or another we will be shot of these clowns before long, until then we should do our jobs and support the team

  • Tony says:

    Jason please dont tell me not to turn up I have been turning up for the last 55 years, your name implies you are some sort of juvenile who probably walks around with a Staffordshire bull terrier wearing a studded collar, who else would have such a silly name?.
    You miss the point completely the manager does not know his elbow from his backside he had a decent side last year and failed. This time his side is not so good, but there are a few quality players who should play every game they are not. Its nothing to do with money he cant adapt to the games happenings. he does not know how to play.His formations are not working some of us can see that why cant he?.

  • mark says:

    next game yeovil in the cup wow how time fly s.. come on i want villa in a home draw now that fill our stadium……..still another 42 games to go……….in league…….. some fans don’t know their arse from their elbow……….its all about opinions…………

  • mark says:

    Tony i wish you were short term pain lol

  • Blue92 says:

    Mullins.. Bit like Clapham slow towards the end, need murphy back and Packwood, hopefully we can get King off the wage budget that might help KRO

  • sutton apex says:

    i’m sure blues will will go into admin – pp holding out for more money will backfire on him – at least then we can be bought cheaply and hopefully still be in the championship. The wheldon/kumar days were dark but we came back – joys and sorrows all about following the blues !!
    Must play 4 4 2 and accomadate burke and allan – best players we have

  • Evesham blue says:

    Who wants to subject themselves to being a masochist every home game? It’s no fun. Why are we losing at home all the time! Who wants to live with no hope of things getting any better? Sorry but please don’t slag off stay away supporters. It is thoroughly depressing going down there and has been for some time

  • Frankie says:

    At least Wheldon and the Kumars were honest also.

  • Bluenosesol says:

    Birmingham gets a bad press from the cocky southerners and the smug northerners. For their part, any fool can support a team that has been in the top 4 for donkeys years. It takes a real supporter to stand by their local team and back them to the hilt through good times and bad. This is part of the reason that I am so proud to be a Bluenose. We have outstanding camaradery and we stick together. We get pilloried by the media, told we are thick, have terrible accents, no fashion sense, you name it us brummies are simply fodder for those who resent our success in shaping the world for the last 200 years. We may be heading for admin and or relegation, but we will come out the other end. If you are a Bluenose in the greatest tradition of what it means to be a Bluenose, you will continue to support our great club. If you are not, then keep bashing them computer keys and if it gives you pleasure then go ahead and knock yourselves out! KRO for ever!

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Cracking post!

  • Chris Walker says:

    Following the Leicester game I have had a full weekend travelling up and down the country so if I am stating anything already covered I apologise.
    Another excellent article from the Al, especially regarding the financial and ownership situation.
    I have said many times that last season I was extremely anti Lee Clark, I still believe he not only had his hands tied financially but there was some sort of player revolt that disrupted the dressing room and the way he wanted the team to play.
    This season he has once again been restricted financially, more than last season in fact, therefore he has had to scrap the bottom of the barrel and given chance, may unearth some gems, Randolph and Burns standing out already, LC has also cleared out several players who are draining the clubs finances and still looking at others to go, can’t understand the keeping of Ziggy unless there is some hidden contract clause that would cost the club money.
    I said last season that we would be better to accept administration and give us a full season to make up the 10 point deduction, new owners are waiting for this to happen and snap the club up at a bargain price with only minor debts.
    Unfortunately BIHL are taking out loans to keep the club going financially in the hope that someone will be daft enough to pay the £80m that Yeung wants, or probably needs to fund his court case, hopefully these pay-day loans will cease and force the club into administration before it is too late.
    On the playing side I have been encouraged by what I have seen so far, the players are getting stuck in and it was an excellent goal by king to give Leicester the lead and deserved to win any match. Blues seem to lack concentration for the full 90 minutes, no way was it a penalty as the ball was won cleanly and I think referees should be more aware as to the way in which players go down in the box, again I think a draw would have been a fair result given the naivety of the team and work rate.
    On the Burke front, I agree he is probably our most experienced and quality player and nor sure how LC can fit him in the current starting formation, so as Al says it could be a chance to experiment in the cup matches as well as rest some other players.
    I have seen nothing as to yet to really be negative about, under the current ownership it will not get any better and the team and manager need as much support as possible.

  • Evesham blue says:

    We have good enough players to stay in this division. There are 3 worst teams than us that came up for starters. Just think Clark has tried to change too much too soon again. This happened last year tinkering with formations and personnel until he stopped messing with the team and played our best players in a formation that suited them.

    I worry come January we will have no cash flow again but this time we have no one to sell to keep us afloat. Sands are running out

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