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Wages and Agents Fees

“Where’s the money gone?”

It’s a familiar refrain when talking about Blues finances and one that seems to be continually asked despite the same answer being given over and over again. With Portsmouth releasing details of how much money they owe players from their last administration I thought it would be a good time to show just how badly players wages and the football creditor rule hits clubs.

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Wages and Ambition

Birmingham City have added to their ranks this summer so far with ten players having come in during the close season; of those eight have come in on free transfers with a further two on season long loans. Blues haven’t paid a fee for a player since Darren Ambrose last summer and have not paid a fee in excess of £1million since Curtis Davies in January 2011.

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Talking Points sponsored by John Hicken Industrial roofing and cladding materials

“Gerrofff the pitch, you ain’t worth a fiver a week let alone five grand!” As football fans, we’ve all heard it. We’ve probably even shouted it once or twice. Footballer’s wages are a sore point to many, especially when you read about a new signing for one of the bigger clubs earning the sort of […]

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