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Wang Manli

Personal Info
Name Joanna Wang Manli
Chinese Name  王曼酈
Date of Birth 1975
Board Appointments
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Joanna Wang Manli is the de facto wife of Carson Yeung and mother of his two youngest children Camilla and Alexander. Her younger brother is Wang Lei, owner of U-Continent and second largest shareholder in BIH. Carson is her third husband, she is his third wife.

Joanna is resident in Carson’s house in Barker Road, the Peak, Hong Kong.

Latest articles about Wang Manli

Another Day, Another Writ

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed in an announcement to the stock exchange that they are pursuing legal action against U-Continent Holdings for failing to disclose their relationship with Carson Yeung.

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BIH: Loan and Interim Report

Birmingham International Holdings have made two announcements to the stock exchange today which have varying degrees of ramification on BCFC. One concerns the loan being made to BCFC while the other is concerned with the interim report filed by BIH.

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