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Delay No More: An Update

About a month ago whilst I was in the far east I talked about a newspaper interview I had given to the Cantonese press, mentioning a slogan – “Delay No More” – which I thought was apt for the situation and which I thought could be used if people wanted to show visually their unhappiness at the current situation.

In the intervening time it’s certainly caught some interest – I think people definitely liked the idea of a double-edged sword that would have a meaning in both English and Cantonese. I’ve not seen anyone mention it at the ground however, and bar comments on here and a few tweets it’s not been massively used. Despite much talk of protest, I’ve still yet to see anyone try to set up anything even slightly coherent. As I’ve often said, I’m not fond of the idea of protest as I don’t think it will achieve much more than division but I do like the idea of something visual that a) will be picked up in Hong Kong and b) won’t affect the team whilst playing.

To that aim I have been contacted by a lifelong blues fan and graphic designer  who has put together this for me to post on this site. Like me, he has no aim to be the forefront of a protest but also like me he wanted to contribute some ideas for someone to carry forwards.

We both agreed that if anything like this was to be done we would prefer it if any money raised at all would be put into an escrow account that either went towards investing in the club if it went into administration or should the club be sold without administration happening then the money could go into something like sponsoring player(s) at the academy – ie used completely as reinvestment in the club and with no profit to whoever went ahead with it. The idea would be that even though the visual representation would be that there was a demand for change, it would still be supporting the club financially in the long-term. However, as previously stated neither of us want to lead it; that’s for someone else to step up to the plate.

With the accounts announcement on Tuesday indicating that the holding company is still struggling yet has absolutely no plans to sell the football club in its entirety it does appear that Blues are very much stuck in a state of limbo until something change. Whilst a visual protest might not achieve much in the short-term the hope is it would help to give fans who want to do something a feeling of achieving something – especially as I know for sure it would be picked up in the Far East. However, it’s down to someone out there to take the next step.

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