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Begging For Scraps

Blues find themselves with a free weekend due to a quirk of fate that sees their FA Cup third round opponents yet to be decided due to inclement weather on the south coast. However, two recent players in Dan Burn and Aaron Mclean both start for their parent clubs in the Cup as their respective managers take a look at them before deciding if they can stay longer at St Andrews.

I have to be honest in that my fervour for the club has died somewhat of late and it’s instances like this that have killed it. It’s one thing to use the loan system but it feels like we’re now begging for scraps as we see Lee Clark having to sweat on whether he will be able to take two players back on loan – one of whom who has made twenty-eight appearances for the club already. And yet we all know that until something changes financially it’s only going to stay like this – if not get worse.

I try to be optimistic in what I write but right now I am struggling. As much as the club is on an even keel as much as it can be, as much as costs have been reined in as much as they can be and it seems progress in HK is being made I can’t help but think the proposals that have been made will at best kick the debt can just a little further down the road without solving the root cause. Despite seemingly being in negotiations for months we’re no closer to knowing anything about any investment in the club and despite the stock market seemingly giving the okay it doesn’t seem that the proposals made to place new shares and to create a couple of convertible bonds are any closer to fruition.

I don’t like talking about speculation but right now that is all I have. There is precious little news coming out of HK – the festive period of course meaning that like here many businesses were closed and are only now coming back out of dormancy but there does seem to be a bit of stalemate. The word I keep hearing from my contacts out there is that Carson is no closer to selling the club than he ever has been; there is also rumours that the convertible bond isn’t as agreed as it would seem but I must stress that is rumour only and that I cannot vouch for its veracity.

There is an AGM scheduled for Friday of this week and one would hope that Mr Pannu (who it appears does still keep an eye on what is posted on here) in his role as CEO/MD/Executive Director will be able to give the press/shareholders some idea of a timetable that things will happen. In fact I’d go as far as imploring Mr Pannu to release at least some idea of where the holding company is at with regards to a sale even if it’s to say that there is no further news; something concrete rather than vacuum of information that we are currently in.

I’ve disabled comments on this piece. This is something that is unfortunately going to happen more frequently on pieces concerning BIH/Carson/Pannu as it appears that comments on the website are being watched much more intently. As people cannot seem to grasp that defamatory comments as well as potentially libellous ones can get the website into trouble I cannot take the risk.

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