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Cotterill on his way?

Rumours have resurfaced that David Cotterill will be sold to Cardiff City in the coming days. There had been reports earlier in the month that the Bluebirds were interested in the Welsh winger but they seemed to have gone very quiet until tonight.

Well known Cardiff City fan Annis Abraham Jr published this short post on his website saying that Russell Slade was finally to get his man – and while it could well mean nothing it’s also been noted on Cardiff City messageboards that Cotterill has started following the Bluebirds on Twitter.

Cotterill enters the last year of his deal this season and having had a good debut season at St Andrew’s could well be another player that the boardroom would considering offering an extended deal to with his current deal to expire in June 2016. With nine goals and a bunch of assists he would be a tough player to replace and I can imagine that Blues wouldn’t want to let him go unless they absolutely had to.

Cotterill was a 68th minute sub for Jacques Maghoma in the 2-0 friendly defeat on Saturday and I would have expected him to be starting in the behind-closed-doors friendly against Benfica B on Monday with Rowett confirming he wanted to give 90 minutes to players who didn’t feature on Saturday.

As much as Cotterill would be a big loss – and there is no doubt he would be – I think we have to accept every player has their price and if (and it’s a big if) Cardiff are willing to pay it then it might happen. Cotterill moved to Blues from Doncaster to bring his family closer to Wales and therefore a move to the Welsh capital might be favourable to him.

That being said, I’m sceptical right now as to this happening at all – it’s not much to go on after all – and I think I’ll wait for a full blown story to break before I actually get concerned if he will go.

with thanks to Matthew Elliott for passing on the links.


41 Responses to “Cotterill on his way?”

  • toby says:

    hes a former swansea player and a swansea city supporter so i’d be surprised if it happened but as weve found out money talks so you never know.

    • Steve-0 says:

      I’m sure he’ll put his career and family before football rivalry. I’m sure he values himself more as s father and footballer than as a Swansea fan.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    Despite the fact it’s his neck of the woods he’s going to be on 5k a week with us if I am not wrong so if Cardiff double that or even treble it.its a no brainier for him.
    Apart from anything else GR has had his work cut out keeping players at the club already this summer.

  • Tony E says:

    Yes his stats for last season were very good, but overall I found him frustrating, many times he gave the ball away too easily and crosses were just as likely to go into row Z as into the danger zone. I suspect next season he will be behind both Gray and Maghoma for the wide positions. If they are prepared to pay a decent fee and Rowett is allowed to spend that money, it’s a yes from me.

  • BhamCityJulian says:

    But at the bottom, sell at the top. My gut feeling is that Cotterill’s stats for this season would be poorer because this would prove his career inconsistency. This also explains the Maghoma signing.

    I wondered why he hadn’t signed a new contract after the Wigan interest emerged. He’s been keeping his options open.

  • StaffsBlue says:

    It would be a loss, but not an insurmountable one. We have 3 or 4 players who can play on that right hand side. Sometimes, especially towards the tail end of last season, it seemed his heart wasn’t in it. If Cardiff do come calling and he wants to go, sell him and move on. The money could be used to buy a No.10 to replace his goals.

  • MrYuzhai says:

    If we manage to get someone of equal ilk in I’d say its okay to sell him on AS LONG AS IT MEANS ROWETT WILL GET THE MONEY TO SPEND!

    According to reports Donaldson hasn’t looked anywhere near his best.. Maybe it was a bit premature to reject those bids? Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong and get us the goals we need!


  • Mitchell says:

    No this is not a good way to start the week. Cotterill is just the type of player we need. He is a good squad player and can score anytime even if he is having a stinker. Gray, Arthur and Maghoma are quicker BUT very rarely score. Cotter ill does score and unless it’s a daft big bid from Cardiff, then it’s a no go from me.

  • Art says:

    If this happens it will just send another negative message to the fans who at the moment are still very suspicious about the current regime.

    I hope it doesn’t happen.

  • Trond Fuhre says:

    I think a sale to Cardiff will not happend. BCFC need a player as Cotterill. Agree he was not good in some of the games last season, but in him we have skills (scoring goals and get him in top shape he is one of the better players in the squad). Money talks, but I think Rowett will try hard to keep him!

  • Joni says:

    Possible swap deal with Le fondre!!!

  • pete says:

    Couple of swap deals I would not mind seeing. Adam Le fondue is out of the picture there a d some money which might make another deal happen would be good business. Many fans were on his back 2nd half of last season for getting we would probably have already been relegated were it not for his goals and assists in the first half. So who could blame him…

    • RichardM says:

      Don’t forget Cotterill was also starting to get some stick off the Blues fans towards the end of the season with his inconsistency, perhaps this has made him think “screw this, I’m off!”. I would rather he stays, but I’m sure he could be replaced – maybe it would open the door for Koby Arthur to get some more first team experience and blossom just as Demari Gray has.

  • chris says:

    It’s not just his performances, as many wingers over the history of the game ‘go missing’, but it’s how he links into the team with work rate, tracking back, assists plus goals.
    How many of Donaldson’s goals were from Cotterill’s assists would be a stat worth knowing.
    Maghoma has done nothing in the Championship compared to Cotterill, so it’s a big ask to replace him, plus why shouldn’t we have two right wingers when one can come on as a sub and run at a tired defence or replace each other when one is having a stinker.
    GR will know why he tailed off at the end of the season, maybe he was carrying an injury or heavy legged from a hard season.
    We’re supposed to be adding the final jigsaw pieces, not breaking up sections of the team that compliment each other.
    A big NO from me, unless it’s a massive fee that GR can buy two or three players that he really wants.

  • Dave Mann says:

    After Saturdays performance I would have put all of them up for sale but seriously loosing Cotterill would be a blow as Maghoma does not look the replacement for me but I hope ime proved wrong and he has a great season but I would much prefer cotterill out wide so I hope he stays but like staffs says if it gets a No10 and a centre half then so be it along with the Dutch lad them that’s ok by me. Kro

  • hammy says:

    some sort of a swop deal for ben turner would be nice…

  • oldburyblue says:

    The key to getting the best out of a winger is to keep giving him the ball to MAKE him work. This is where Caddis comes into his own with his non-stop running. He showed it with Burke and now with Cotterill when he gives them the ball and goes on overlaps giving them the option to pass down the line, cutting inside for a shot or passing inside….either way they have to something.

    • tony says:

      The most over rated winger in Football history was Stan Mathews, he wouldnt run onto a ball he demanded it at his feet every time, he couldnt head a ball, or shoot. He wouldnt last five minutes in todays game.

      • pete says:

        Tripe. I guess playing league football to beyond 50 despite peak years taken out by the war and having puskas describe you as possibly the greatest he ever saw was luck. ….

  • Mirkwood55 says:

    According to walesonline Cotterill is not on his way to Cardiff, quoting manager Russell Slade as saying “We are working hard to improve the quality of our squad but those rumours are untrue.”

  • Chris allen says:

    Defo too good a player to lose regardless of the fee really.better the devil you know sometimes. It’s a bit late to look for new transfer targets . Kro.

  • Blue Lizard says:

    seems this year a lot of “mischief” making has been going on..wether it is just plain old bullshit I don’t know..but what happened to the days when other teams (managers,directors etc) didn’t choose to comment on other teams players?..so far we have had Bournemouth go public with Gray,Reading with Donaldson..(even GR with his pursuit of Fabbrini and Tesche) all unsettling players . The rest of blues players rumours I discount as bullshit especially after recent outings,i know pre season can’t be read too much into but gutless lethargy I don’t rate.Blues fans have always loved a battler and a tryer we didn’t have many of those Saturday… other teams have far better players so I think most of ours are probably safe from those big birds picking up crumbs

  • andy says:

    Any scepticism should be are Blues going to be any better than last season’s 10th place finish? On the pre-season games I have witnessed, it has been poor and very poor indeed at Burton. These games mean nothing though and surely it is not a sign of things to come this season.

  • atko says:

    Now Maikel Kieftenbeld has signed for Blues I can’t see them letting Cotterill go as well because the two are totally different kind of midfielders. Cotterill is out on the wide whilst Kieftenbeld is more center so we get rid of one problem to create another if we let him go. I think is the usual rumour mill crap. Even if it were true, there is no way GR would let him go without having a definite replacement lined up first & we all know how difficult it is to get players in. I expect Cotterill to be here start of the season & if there are any truth in this then maybe go in January when we will have someone lined up.

  • Dave Mann says:

    As he signed?? Kro

  • nigel says:

    in replyto pete, I suppose signing adam le fondue would be apiece of cake.

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  • Chris allen says:

    Kieftenbeld should be a sound signing after what I have read about him. A good battler who gives it everything but can also play people in with a decent pass.a bargain anyway and is said to have only missed one game all season in the eredivisie must mean he is robust enough to deal with the championship. Kro.

  • Steve-0 says:

    Why do people think that fans are considered important to the running of the club, the purchasing and selling decisions of a Manager.? It astounds me, I read somewhere yesterday that the problem (yes the problem) was that managers don’t listen to fans. What?? Seriously?? There would be one HUGE problem if managers DID listen to fans.

    Fans don’t get a say in who signs, who gets sold, what formation to play or who the starting 11 are.

    And not should they. Could you imagine 30,000 opinions being entertained? No thanks.

    Too much football managers think they deserve a piece of the real action. Stick to your Xbox and support the club on match day.

  • Kingstanding Maximums says:

    Letting Cotterill go won’t be the worst thing to happen to the team. He has lost a bit of sparkle for me and releasing him to free up his wages the money could be used to attract a younger more hungrier player. He struggles to go past players and lacks natural speed to play in his position.

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