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OP in Hong Kong – Day 5 – The Future Pt 2

One of the main reasons I came to Hong Kong was because not every piece of information needed about what is happening is available online. While I’ve made as much use of public information records as I can, there comes a time when you need to speak to people to get a true feel for what is going on.

FCC Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a stratified society; in some ways HK Island is like a village at times with people in some of the higher social strata very much knowing everyone else and their business within the same strata. I’ve often thought that 20 minutes spent in a club like the Foreign Correspondents Club can tell you more about what is going on than a whole day of trawling through Google.

Part of what I’ve been trying to find out is who else is behind Trillion Trophy Asia. If there is to be a new board appointed there will have to be at least three executive directors named at the EGM; we know Paul Suen Cho Hung is one of the names behind TTA and he could easily be named a director – but who else is there?

As there is no written information until the announcement of the EGM we’re heading into the realms of speculation now so this should be treated with a pinch of salt. However, I’ve put together from what I’ve been told a list of probables and possibles to give you some idea of some of the new names we might well be encountering under this new dawn for BIH.

Daniel Sue Ka Lok

Daniel Sue Ka Lok

Pic courtesy Apple Media

I’m almost certain that Daniel Sue will be one of the new directors. He’s currently chairman of Courage Marine (HK:1145) – a company that lists as it’s largest shareholder Paul Suen Cho Hung – and has worked with Paul Suen a lot over the years. Unlike Mr Suen there is actually a photo of Daniel Sue online so we can actually see what he looks like. He is also an executive director of China Strategic Holdings (HK:0235) and an executive director of EYANG Holdings (HK:0117)

He has been CEO of five other listed companies and director of numerous others.

Chan Yuk Yee

I’d count Ms Chan as a possible. She’s also involved at Courage Marine as an Executive Director, and is named as company secretary for many of the companies that list Paul Suen as a director within the Companies Registry here in Hong Kong.

Her positions include previously being an executive director of Huajun Holdings (HK:0337) – another company that counted Paul Suen as an investor as well as company secretary for the aforementioned Huajun Holdings as well as Enviro Energy.

Lai Ming Wai

I’m not sure if Mr Lai is a potential director, as I think he wouldn’t immediately pass the Owners and Directors Test (OADT) – however he would be a possible. He’s worked with Paul Suen before at Hailiang International Holdings (when it was known as Sunlink) and is listed as a director of Courage Marine.

Companies House in the UK lists Mr Lai as a director of a UK based company called Insight Asia Capital that never traded and was compulsorily struck off by Companies House after failure to file documents. While that in itself isn’t a crime it is somewhat of a black mark and I’d think if he was involved the FL might want to clear that up.


Until the EGM is announced to the HKSE we’re groping in the dark somewhat. I’d have gone to Courage Marine to find out more about them – however, as they’re holding their own AGM tomorrow in Singapore it’s almost certain that none of the people I would want to speak to are in Hong Kong right now.

This trip wouldn’t have happened without the support of Blues fans including: Richard Wildsmith, “Eudyptula”, David Pugh, Art Watson, Roger Hooper, Gordon Fletcher, Gary Loveridge, Michael Hancox, G Miles, Neil Pouney, the Blues Trust, Blues Middle East, PJ Planning, Open Tax Services and many others.

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24 Responses to “OP in Hong Kong – Day 5 – The Future Pt 2”

  • rhees says:

    Thanks Dan I read every ones opinion lot of it is beyond me but I find it all exciting news.
    Keep it up old boy kro

  • Andy exall says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Dan, Its sounding like we might get better investors in the club … keep it up young bean

  • Walker says:

    Question: if you unearth more and more facts about TTA aren’t you potentially breaking any privacy rules and upset the people involved?

    • ZR says:

      no HK should realise they are dealing with western society. Look what secrecy has got us to with BIHL.

    • almajir says:

      How can I be breaking privacy rules if I’m not publishing private documents?

      Thing is Walker, as I’ve said in the piece this is speculation not facts – it’s not facts until an announcement is made to the HKSE… so it’s fine.

  • Mitchell says:

    ‘Until the EGM is announced to the HKSE-then we are groping in the dark’ That sums it all up and explains 100% to everybody interested such as ourselves. We await this whether it is May,June July etc. This bottom line statement is all that matters and in no way belittles Daniels efforts in HK. Our attention is now on our last two games which Dave Mann commented earlier in the week. It would be good to get two draws against decent opposition.

  • Mark mac says:

    To be honest, we have tried and tested with the chinese, these guys need to come in and prove to me they mean business before i get excited. What ever happens panos MUST stay in his position.

  • It’s not attention Mitchell its achtung ….loving this …KRO

  • It would be nice to finish the season on a high all round , and as Dave said get a good four points , come on lads we are all looking up the same tunnel , and with the light a bit brighter let’s enjoy another summer and the holidays ……KRO

    • Mitchell says:

      William. For those of us who can get to home games-this is the only attention we can give to our team. What else can we possibly do otherwise. My respect goes out to Daniel for his sterling work in HK-but at this end our current attention has to support the next home fixture. It really works in tandem.

      • Hillfield Blues says:

        As an average fan I understand that I cannot influence what goes on in HK but why wouldn’t it have my attention?? What Dan is covering in HK for us fans is highly relevant to our overall future as a football club isn’t it?? I for one am finding his blogs and podcasts absolutely fascinating and although we all love the football I think you need to tune in to exactly what’s st stake here.

  • I agree Mitchell , I am joking , we get more twisted nickers than a Chinese launderette on here at times , it’s nice to not be so agreeable sometimes , DAN knows that feeling …KRO

  • FellowBlue22 says:

    Great work as always Dan, if history is anything to go buy than at least one if not more of the names will no doubt be involved. Either way no one could ever fault your efforts and speaking from one bluenose to another – thank you! Without your efforts, not just this week, but throughout this saga we wouldn’t have a clue what was happening so again – thank you!

    I cant wait for this all to come to an end and hopefully the club become stable and able to challenge again – but in some sick way ill miss all this drama.. it will like when your favourite TV show gets cancelled… LOL KRO

  • zxcv says:

    I have said on here before, if someone Farts in Hong Kong I want to know. I don`t go on any site to make friends with posters or to agree with anyone just because they agreed with me last time. People will disagree that’s football but I will always respect other peoples opinion, and until like Dan said an announcement is made it all just opinion`s and because of the effort Dan put in his opinions are very much respected and I for one want to know any snippets he uncovers. It is still only Thursday and we have plenty of time to turn our attentions to the Boro game, but in the meantime keep digging Daniel excellent work.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      If a guy is going to travel half way round the world in his own time to uncover information that we would never be able to obtain in any other way then he deserves our undivided attention,period.

  • Mitchell says:

    Daniel. I wonder how many of blues fans take issue with a comment like ‘our attention’ is now on the final two league games. Of course I don’t speak for the fans and to be told that I am on ‘dangerous ground’ is quite simply laughable. Here in the UK there are fans who support Blues and I would imagine imo that there attention maybe-just maybe-on tomorrow’s game. Two lessons to be learned here imo is that if you want to read into anything with a critical eye then you will and secondly the continual nitpicking on commenters who amazingly may have differing thoughts to that of your own leave little room for your short fuse. I wish you well and will always be thankful for your valued site which has been an important outlet.

    • almajir says:


      a) I don’t have a short fuse, I’m one of the most placid people I know

      b) you want to speak for other people, go for it – but I’ll tell you now, making assumptions and trying to direct a narrative never ends well.

  • Aussiebrum says:

    Appreciate all the work Dan – thanks.

  • ian ambrose says:

    Well Done to Dan work hard……When takeover at Birmingham City FC comfirm date?????, Blues fans awaiting wait wait wait to long zzzzzzzzzzzzzz too slow because I want bring blues fan full house at BCFC 25,000 help money bring NEW PLAYER and Top of the table back to Primers league WHERE WHERE????…. LOOK BRILLIANT RANGER FC FAN support help !!!! I want bring back BLUES FAN in new season and AS ABOVE When takeover date???????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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