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BIH: Progress or More Delays?

Today marks the final day Birmingham International Holdings have to make an announcement to the HKSE: To either confirm the date of twice-delayed EGM to approve the measures to allow Trillion Trophy Asia to take control, or to once again delay. Which will it be?

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OP Video Podcast – Who else is involved in TTA

I recorded a little video down by the harbour today talking about who else is behind TTA. I’m not going to lie – although I’m confident on at least one of the people definitely being involved this is heading into speculation territory now. Still, with the EGM hopefully being announced soon we should know more soon enough.

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OP in Hong Kong – Day 5 – The Future Pt 2

One of the main reasons I came to Hong Kong was because not every piece of information needed about what is happening is available online. While I’ve made as much use of public information records as I can, there comes a time when you need to speak to people to get a true feel for what is going on.

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