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Managers and Them

It’s that time of year again when Gary Rowett is linked to the once again vacant manager post across the expressway as their latest saviour fails miserably. For the fourth time in less than a year, they’re changing manager – and as you might expect of a fanbase which is oh so slightly obsessed with us being slightly superior right now, they want our manager.

It was always inevitable that RDM was not going to last long. Tony Xia cannot afford for them to be out of the promotion picture this year and I think having taken 10 points from 11 games they need almost a miracle for an automatic spot even now. Indeed, the way they have been playing I think they might yet exit the Championship through the relegation places and as such they need to act now.

I think it’s inevitable that they’d look at Blues managers too. After all, unlike their club Blues have been in the last ten years a place for a manager to flourish. Yes, McLeish took thirty pieces of silver to cross the expressway and the less said about poor Lee Clark the better – but Steve Bruce, Chris Hughton and now Gary Rowett have all shown how a manager can build their CV in B9. We are the only team in the West Midlands to have won something this millenium after all.

It’s nice to see the Birmingham Mail realise this too. I will admit here and now I feel sorry for Brian Dick in his role as Blues correspondent; it must be tricky to work for a newspaper that doesn’t even try to conceal the bias it has for one team in the region any more.

I’ve had a few messages asking me what I think about Rowett going and the truth is I don’t think it’s time to panic. Yes, there is no loyalty in football and people are deluded to think that Rowett will not jump when someone waves enough money under his nose; however I’m reasonably sure that Panos Pavlakis might have shared some of the same bits of hearsay I’ve heard from HK with Rowett that would point to Villa not hitting full-on basket-case levels yet.

I’d be surprised if Bruce took it too. I don’t think he would turn it down due to any loyalty to us; more because as he proved with Hull City this summer the idea of working for crazy owners causing stress doesn’t appeal and he doesn’t need it. I hope he does get offered it and turns it down because it will give us all one more reason to chuckle.

The next installment of the second city derby is in 26 days. No doubt they’ll have someone in place by then, and maybe they might have even won again by then – although I wouldn’t bank on it. Let’s hope the only former Blues manager who would fancy leading them out that day will have quit his job in Kilmarnock to take them on…

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76 Responses to “Managers and Them”

  • Paul Hawkins says:

    The Vile has quickly become a managerial graveyard over the last year or two so why would any manager who is already in a job consider going there is beyond me.

  • DaveP says:

    A poisoned chalice, almost like the Leeds job. Wonder what odds Big Sam?

  • StaffsBlue says:

    As long as they don’t hire Neil Warnock, I couldn’t care less about them. We all know the galvanising effect he can have on struggling clubs.

  • Dan says:

    Fingers crossed they throw money at a big name foreign coach with no experience of the championship and dig themselves a bigger hole.

  • Tom Thompson says:

    70 more points needed to stand a chance of the play offs. Thats 2 per game average. Players unfit, if they don’t bring in a manager who will get the squad fit, unified and well drilled very quickly, it’ll be championship football for them next season again. If they stay up that is! If Rowett has any sense (which he seems to have) if they made an approach he’ll know it’s a poisoned chalice and will choose to continue the steady development of his managerial skills at the Blues, and as he said last night it’s not just about him it’s all his team that makes it work! So he would fit the bill for them but I doubt they do for him for many reasons. KRO

  • the badger says:

    Brucies house has been up for sale for about 2 weeks on Rightmove and for even longer than that on the qt. I think he’s keen to leave the midlands.

  • Mike Raybone says:

    Daniel…..Villa have won 4 games in their last 44

  • Jonathan says:

    Hahahaha beautiful sarcastic Dan,we do have to laugh at our “divine right” rivals across the Expressway ,and let’s be honest they are giving us more laughs than a standup comedian in full flow,long may it continue,until there are 2 people left in Vile Park shouting “we won the European cup you know”

  • Paul Hawkins says:

    it seems that Steve Bruce is the one they want. Why any manager would consider the job is a wonder when you consider the last three years or so. I dare say if they dont get the results they want then they will be the position they are now again not that im complaining cause im finding it quite amusing watching the club become a laughing stock. it takes time for a manager to put his influence across the club and not in a few weeks as the last manager found. if the current continues then seriously any manager would think twice about going there when you consider the time previous managers have had.

  • steve says:

    Terrible news about them lmao but one manager that wd suit them down to the ground would be MIKE BASSETT

  • Richard Granfield says:

    My fear is that they might engage either David Wagner (Huddersfield) or Dean Smith (Brentford), both of whom I rate very highly. Other than them I wouldn’t have a problem.

  • Agent Di Matteo says:

    Bruce would want a Prem team, I can see the Vilers bankrupt and in the lower leagues within the next few years.

  • WayCoolBlue says:

    They will have to go with what’s available I cant see any of the clubs at the top half of the table allowing them to talk to their Manager I cant see any manager that is in a job wanting to go there.

    Villa IMO have -50% chance a aromatic promotion and no chance of the playoffs 10 points gap is massive in this league . I expect them to finish the season in and around 17th place witch is what I gave them at the start of the season. I don’t think like everyone ells that they have a big strong squad and I don’t thin like everyone ells that they made Good singings. Their singings have all been over priced average championship players. The Vile job would be of no interest to GR he knows the only way to go is forwards going to Vile at this stage is Backwards.

    Bruce mite go But I think he is in for the England Job. I think it will be any of Tony Mowbray Steve McLaren Kenny Jacket Nigel Pearson Simon Grayson (Simon Grayson) Not out of work be he loves the Vile and as put his name out there. Big Sam As no chance of a new job until the FA finish the investigation with some more big names coming out soon. There is talk that he could even be striped of his licence Even Dr Twitter would not take that risk.

  • Mitchell says:

    Surely we are deluding ourselves with the idea that the Villa job is a poisoned chalice. Whoever takes the job on with players like McCormack,Ayew,Adomah etc. plus money to burn is fortunate. GR and all the names banded around would imo more than jog towards that job. We obviously hope GR doesn’t get approached and continues our upward spiral but he is ambitious as they come and not being a single man has family to consider. 4 year deals on possibly double your money outweighs your average Mr. loyalty.

    • Sir Harry 1875 says:

      Well said. Whilst we are mocking them and lapping up every disaster that comes their way, it wont last forever. As we know 3 or 4 wins out of 5 and all the negativity disappears. They will pay well and promise money to spend and there aren’t many who will turn it down including GR.

      • WayCoolBlue says:

        Well he decaled him self not interested in any other job right now. Unless he is no longer wanted here he is happy to stay and loves his job at Blues. You cant get more clear cut than that. He as now decided to don a peaky Blinders Cap. He as said he feels emotionally attached to the Blues and would be deeply upset if the new owners coming in decided they wanted someone new in charge. And all he can do keep doing his job to the best of his ability in a bid to leave the club in a stronger person than when he fond it. And hope the new owners like the Job he is doing and allow him to continue. That to me don’t sound like someone ready to jump at the first club that shows a interest in him. It sounds like someone that wans to build his career in his cornet job.

  • Dave Mann says:

    It’s just nice to see them struggling and the fans panicking , brings a warm glow to my heart and a massive smile to ones face . KRO :-)

  • Gary R says:

    Surely Bruce would take the job if it’s offered? Reports suggests he’s very keen. It’s convenient too as he still has a house locally.

    • WayCoolBlue says:

      Yes He probably would but would he take it over the England Job witch is a 3m+ job he don’t have to move house he don’t have to worry about budgets it’s a Job he as said he as always wanted. And he is of that age now where this could be his last chance to manage the national team.

      I ant warred about him going to vile or not I think the vile job is a very difficult one not the a Big one people think it is .The fans are extremely fickle the media don’t help with there constant Big massive club talk when in fact they are not the day as long since past. It’s the pressure that is put up on them by their own fans the media and the long since past historic History that is their Problem. Realism is what a new Manager needs to install there. But how do you install Realism when you have a owner that is far from realistic.

      One way to some it up is (Delusional Complacency)

  • ChrisG says:

    It scares the pants off me the thought of Brucie going there. They are in total disarray atm but what they lack is an experienced Championship level manager & proper organisation on the pitch, Bruce would provide both of those & more. They do have some decent players & I wouldn’t put it past them to at least finish in a play off place with the right hand to guide them. Of course i’ve been wrong before & I hope i’m totally bloody wrong this time!!.kro

    • StaffsBlue says:

      They bought some decent players to add to 2 or 3 they already had. It will only take a decent manager to sort them out, but whether or not they’ll do it by the time we play them is another matter.

  • David L says:

    Appreciate this will probably get shot down in flames, but I’m really not that interested in the trials and tribulations of another club – whether they’re 3 miles or 300 miles away from B9. And, last 14 months aside, we’re not in the greatest position to brag

    Yes, of course there’s concern that GR might be tempted by the moolah and the talent that’s allegedly on their books – but at B9 he is very much ruler of the roost – whereas over here he’d have to prove it all over again and “show his medals” to players who might consider themselves of superior quality. Would a new Ferrari really compensate for everyday grief?

    But let’s get on with the quiet revolution. Financial sanity. Solid defence AND attacking options from the bench!

  • royinamillion says:

    I understand the euphoria by bluenoses over Villa’s position but I don’t take the view that Villa’s plight is anything to Laud over.
    Birmingham is the second largest City in the UK and Manchester is the 6th or 7th so why is it that Brum couldn’t muster one decent team between us let alone have the muscle of the two Manchester teams?
    We all love the Brum derbies and wouldn’t it be nice to have blues v Villa in the same category as a Man U v Man C? Wishful thinking.
    Personally I don’t think there is any chance of Villa offering or GR taking the Villa job apart from I don’t care who takes it. we’re doing well at the moment but we are quite the finished object yet so let’s concentrate our thoughts on our own team and let Villa stew in whatever juice they contract.

  • JHogan says:

    they have had more managers than wins in the last 12 months..

    Long may it continue

  • Kevin Kelly says:

    All the interesting comments above lead me to simple conclusions, we want to keep GR at Blues and would prefer Brucie not to go to the rescue of the Vilers. A thought came to mind why with such sense of loyalty and passion in football being weak, are we not guilty as Blues supporters too? Our home attendances are very disappointing from 21000 week one to below 16000 for PNE. If we want to do our bit to further the club and retain managerial talent like GR then we must get our bums on seats.
    Before you all ask yes I am a blues supporter and yes a STH for last 17 years. This is a period of Blues being back on the up slow and steady granted but the support has not got onboard at home games particularly, WHY?

  • asif says:

    any brains and he would stay put. if he looks at managers who left blues for better oppotunities noe spring to mind who havent been sacked and are worse off. as for bruce may take it if he isnt offered the england job

  • Tilton Rifle says:

    I’m split on this subject. My head tells me we shouldn’t be bothered about that shower, they are nothing to us but a potential 6 points and the mental boost and momentum that comes from a derby win. Nothing more.

    Nevertheless my heart tells me to revel in their demise. We have taken condescension from them all my footballing life (first game 1991) and apart from brief periods in the noughties and winning the cup we have been in their shadow. Their arrogant fans need humbling and I’d take great satisfaction in seeing them in L1!


  • RichardM says:

    Apparently Villa are interviewing Steve Cotterill – how funny and desperate is that!

    Sacked by Bristol City last year, if he gets the job I predict Villa will be looking for a new, new manager in less than 6 months as they nose dive into League 1. They may as well have stuck with De Matteo.

    Long may Dr Tony Xia reign at Villa Park, his regime clearly doesn’t have the slightest clue how to run a football club, other than chucking dodgy money at it! I almost feel sorry for the Villa fans….

    • StaffsBlue says:

      Cotterill was sacked by Brizzle after they’d stormed to promotion, then sold a lot of their best players. He’d done well with them up until then. Whether he can manage a ‘big club’ like the vile, who knows.

  • MA24 says:

    Most Villa fans are suggesting Bruce, Hodgson or Allardyce. I cannot understand why any of them would drop to the Championship. Just wait for the first PL sackings!? KRO

  • RichardM says:

    Rowett seems to have dropped out of the betting, has he declared himself not interested in the role?

  • TBone says:

    Strange as it may sound, rumour has it that GR did meet with Vile officials at Nailcote Hall for informal talks prior to di Matteo getting the job. Anyhow, I guess you can never rule anything out in this day and age.

  • Pal Boora says:

    Keep Out! Dr Tony Xiatter!

  • Tony says:

    Tweet from the Lancashire constabulary at the weekend

    PNE Police ‏@PNEPolice
    5405 #avfc fans at Preston today…..safe journey home….think we’ll be seeing you next season if you stay up

  • DoctorD says:

    We need to get inside the head of the Xia. He wants a signing from a foreign league who agrees with everything he says Only one person: Lee Clark.

  • Bluey says:

    I`m convinced Bruce will get the job unless the FA intimate to him he is in line for the England position. I`m hoping this is not the case because i rate Brucie and feel confident he`d turn their fortunes around very quickly.

  • Bluefire says:

    I can only echo the views of David L and royinamillion: that is as Birmingham City fans we spend far too much time discussing/thinking about Villa. We’ve been in their shadow for most of our existence…so what? Personally I have no hang ups about that it’s part of being a Blues fan. I only care about Villa when we play them or when whatever they do has a direct bearing on Blues. Otherwise WHO CARES?

    • Bluey says:

      Who cares? That bitter and twisted rivalry with the vile is part of our DNA. Obviously we concentrate on our own club first and foremost but i wouldn`t be without the banter, one upmanship and bragging rights that the Blues/Aston conflict affords us.

  • Hillfield Blues says:

    I have a lot of fond memories of Bruce and his era at the club but he is nailed on to take the Vile job for me.I’m trying to figure out how much that bothers me and tarnishes his image to our fans but it would be a real shame to see him booed down the touch line at Stans come the end of the month.

    • StaffsBlue says:

      I don’t think it really matters anymore. He’s had a few clubs since he left us, it’s not like McLeish, who jumped ship here to join them. At the end of the day, Brucie needs a job and, if it pays well, you can’t begrudge the bloke making a living.

  • Andrew says:

    I know hes bookies fav and it all points toward him in the media but i really cant see him taking that one, nah. Ill eat my words of course if it happens but he just doesn’t seem likely to go there.

    • Hillfield Blues says:

      Why wouldn’t he be likely to go there?.He still lives in the area after all and has loads of experience in getting teams back into the Premiership.Villa will see him as the ideal man for the job.

      • Andrew says:

        just going off past jobs hes taken, the vile is a project (massive to sort that out) and i don’t think he wants that sort of thing, just how i see it, could be wrong

  • Dave Mann says:

    I agree Andrew , he looks knackered , haggard and aged terribly so the vile job is just what he needs , like you I don’t think so and would be supprised if he took it on , he’s not short of a few bob neither , the England job yes because it’s the only job I think he would take but if not I think he should retire gracefully and move to sky or bt sport and start being a pundit , my opinion ofcourse . KRO

  • StaffsBlue says:

    Neil Warnock named new Cardiff boss.

    Apparently, Steve Clarke is on a 10 man shortlist for the vile job. Yes please, gerrimin. :))

  • Dave Mann says:

    Ime supprised it’s not a shorter list than ten to be honest though Steve Clarke would be a great appointment for us ( sorry I meant them ) .. Let’s just hope the right man for the vile job takes it and takes them down to league one , he would very quickly become one of my favourite managers ever !! KRO

  • Bluey says:

    Bruce is now hot favourite for the job with some bookies offering odds of 1/2 or shorter.

  • Graham says:

    Bruce to west ham.lol

  • Dave Mann says:

    Exactly lol.KRO.. Rediculous !

  • Mitchell says:

    Dave.Any half decent manager with the likes of McCormack,Ayew,Gestede,Kodja and Adomah is bound to do well. If GR had those players in a blues shirt I would put my house on automatic.My own view is that we maintain our upward spiral whilst the going is good as Newcastle,Norwich and I hate to say Villa(under new manager) will come knocking. Huddersfield is a great example for us-just keep grounding those single goal wins and who knows.

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