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Carson In The News In HK Again Over House Repossession

Carson Yeung featured heavily in the Chinese press again yesterday ahead of his October 19 appeal against the repossession of his house. It was confirmed that two ladies, Yung Sau-mui and Wang Lifei had filed papers at the High Court alleging that Carson didn’t have the right to mortgage the property on Barker Road.

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Mrs Carson Yeung revealed… Part III

Whilst Carson has been stuck at home, reporting in at the cop-shop three times a week and generally keeping his head down until he goes on trial, his missus has been a busy lady. I guess it doesn’t have much to do with Birmingham City, but with all the doom and gloom on these shores I figured a couple of pictures of a pretty lady wouldn’t go amiss.


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Mrs Carson Yeung – revealed

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted this article about Carson Yeung’s young lady wife, and the mystique that surrounds her. One thing I talked about was that no-one here in the UK seemed to know her name or anything about her, and how I’ve had a multitude of hits from people trying to find her. Today, I’m hoping to lift that veil.

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