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Six Thousand Miles From Home

With the appointments to the board of Ryan Yeung and Peter Pannu, the board of Birmingham City now comprises of people exclusively picked by Carson Yeung to run the club. Right now, it also means the club would be better off holding board meetings in Hong Kong, because nearly all of our board are based out there.

It’s a strange situation right now. Carson Yeung is stuck in HK because of his bail restrictions; Vico Hui and Bruno Wu (remember him?) are based out there too, and of the two remaining members Peter Pannu is out in Hong Kong drumming up new investors and Ryan Yeung can only come to board meetings when he’s done all his homework. Is this a good thing for us?

I guess in the days of teleconferencing, 4G data networks and video streaming it’s not essential for people to be in the same country, much less the same office to run a business. The day to day stuff is handled by management staff in the UK who know what they’re doing, so is there any problem with the people who hold the purse-strings and the chequebook being six thousand miles away?

There is a worry that the people who run the club could become quite detached from it; it’s difficult to feel the vibes around the place if you’re not there. Whilst I’m sure that they monitor the news and get feedback from their staff about how things are doing, I do believe that it would be hard to accurately gauge how the fans are reacting to news, and therefore how to handle PR accordingly. It’s one thing to close ranks to stop bad news of any kind trickling out; however it might just be in doing so they’re stopping any feedback from coming in.

That I think is a dangerous path for the club to follow. As much as the club is more dependent on money from media sources such as Sky, the fans are the lifeblood of the club. Without the backing of the fans, there is no club – they’re the one constant presence about the place. I can appreciate that it’s almost impossible to please everyone who supports the club, but one thing I have noticed since Carson’s arrest is that news from within the club about what is happening has dried up, to be replaced by hearsay and rumour from those “in the know”. I emailed Peter Pannu myself today to put across that it might be a good idea for the club to make some kind of statement to help ease fears – and I got a six word email back telling me that he’ll do it “when the time is right”.

Well Mr Pannu, the time is right now. Right now you have people threatening all kinds of protest on Facebook – people who are getting the interest of the media. I don’t particularly agree with what they are saying, but if people are motivated enough to actually meet and thrash out some plans to protest effectively rather than just indulge in the slactivism of a Facebook group, then they’re annoyed. It’s time to front up and be honest; I know it’s hard to admit times are tough but if you do it right the fans will understand; after all Blues are at their most unified with their collective backs to the wall. Right now, the club is better off with the fans behind you and the board than in front of the Kop waving placards and screaming for your heads.


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21 Responses to “Six Thousand Miles From Home”

  • Footlong says:

    I agree with most of this, the Facebook protests are an embarrassment though. It reminds me of when that idiot went on the tele moaning about the potential signing of Bowyer. Totally cringeworthy.

  • JohnR says:

    Totally agree. I see that Janine Self supports you. I think we need to try to get some media backing in trying to force Pannu to explain what is going on.
    I’m disappointed in Colin Tattum I would expect him to be more proactive in dealing with the club and emphasising how important it is that they keep the fans informed. As you rightly say we are the one continuous presence and the life blood of the club.

    • viperblue says:

      agreed,we would like to hear at least some general sound bites from club
      No news in this case seems to be bad news.
      Still would like to know who is doing deals when Pannu is away.
      Have we built any sell on clauses in our sales bonaza?

  • I.roth says:

    Re Mr Tattum. When he is interviewed at Fort Dunlop sitting there with his legs open and no enthusiasum at all. He is slouched in that arm chair and always answers with a one word answer of; Hello. How can such an unenthusiastic person get in front of the cameras. How can fans relate to him is beyond me. His voice is a monotone ,i’m sure he would rarther be back in the canteen drinking his cup of tea. Get a rocket placed up his posterior get some life into him.

    • Cleggy says:

      Personally I couldn’t care less how enthusiastic Colin Tattum appears, it’s what he reports that counts. I wouldn’t want an excitable fan writing frenzied emotional nonsense about Blues in the Press, I’ve always thought that’s what comments pages are for.
      Tattum writes thought-out insightful pieces about Birmingham and I for one endorse him whole-heartedly.
      I can’t stand Tom Ross, though…surely there’s a radio commentator out there who’s capable of calling David Murphy ‘David’ Murphy and not ‘Danny’ Murphy. He’s our player for God’s sake.

  • hammy says:

    nobody pays any attention to what tattum says…….and certainly no fans i know “relate” to him……

    think about it, your in the pub with a good few mates on a friday, as i am, you get to talkin’ about the blues and villa, as you do….is tattum evr mentioned??? never….is the “evening villa” ever mentioned??? never….and thats because they are irrelevant to do with us or birmingham city…..

    just the same as “ron toss”…..a claimed blues fan….but dispised by all my mates, and just thought as, as a joke….

    tattum works for the “villa wrag”….a totally biased and pathetic sports section that without doubt is dedicated to the demise of birmingham city….


    now, i know nothing of whats going on behind the scenes, but i know bookies never lose….and talk sport always ask paddy power for any info !!!

    so who knows, the the bottom line and only answer to this whole nightmare is NEW OWNERS…end of…
    KRO my friends….

  • Footlong says:

    I’m only pulling your dick!

  • Incontienta says:

    What on earth do you want the club to release a statement about? The protest the board like us probably think that it won’t happen. It’d be totally inappropriate for Peter Pannu to discuss what business he personally is doing out in Hong Kong if indeed he is still there. The only thing I would say bothers me is not bringing in the quantity of players needed to aid what we have lost but Blues have a policy of not commenting on transfers till their done. So I’m not sure what you actually want Peter Pannu to say it probably baffled him.

    • JohnR says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath about new signings. We’re shopping at the equivalent of Poundland. What partisan is calling for is some honesty from the Board we just want to know what is going on. It’s our club just as much as theirs.

  • JohnnyZulu says:

    The whole problem is that everyone in the media whether it’s Tattum, Ross national journalists or blogs like this get treated with no respect and don’t get any answers to the questions they ask. Looks to me that Yeung and Pannu have plenty to hide if they won’t speak

  • brian says:


    And we’re still 3rd favourites for promotion. So if the bookies do know something – it’s that we are promotion candidates.

    For god’s sake stop all this FUD!

    • hammy says:

      my friend, there are odds on everything…..

      i mentioned the “relegation odds” and why theyve been slashed…..NOT the promotion odds…..

      bookies will take our money on any bet….but, the lower the odds, the more likely its what they believe to be a cert….if you see what i mean….

      if we were to head towards administration (i actually dont think we will) maybe it will attract new owners???…..and that would make us all happy………….


  • yateseySOTV says:

    I think its the chinese way to clam up to the outside world and close ranks when anything important is happening, I just think we’ve got to man up, stop acting like little vile fans, stick together and get behind the blue shirts. As for the mail my brother works there and I can tell you hammy you are spot on mate. The editor and the one before him are vilers. The sports editor is also a viler. Tatts is lazy and why any bluenose would want to buy that vile anti-blues rag is beyond me. My brother is always having a go at em, I think he’ll be looking for another job soon. Stick together and KRO

  • AR says:

    I am perhaps alone in feeling a bit sorry for Colin Tattum. Until this season ended I felt he let us have seemingly accurate info on what was happening at St Andrew’s. However with the departure of our ex-manager, the so-called “no fire-sale” of our best players, the arrest of our owner, CT is obviously not receiving any inside info on what is genuinely happening. If PP is still in Hong Kong who else can he speak to about the financial state of the club,particularly if,as almajir was informed “the time is not right”. Every day I live in dread to hear what has happened; so if Mr Pannu reads Often Partisan, may it be clear to him that we need to know what’s going on & until that time, we will be sceptical & will not be on the present Board’s side. It was already felt by some supporters that the original failed attempt by CY to buy the club caused upheaval & was instrumental in relegation;coupled with this season’s relegation it makes many of us query the ability (financial & administration wise) of this Board to run our once great club. I hope PP is doing his best to sell the club to people with the right amount of money, but I’m sure we will be the last to know. So I think Colin Tattum’s job is well nigh impossible, given the apparent secretiveness of those with whom he is trying to deal.

  • Delboy says:

    We need to realise that the Chinese have a completely different approach to business than people in the western world. For example; when the Chinese say yes to a deal it generally only means that they have agreed to start discussions, many a UK company has thought it has done a large deal in China only to find out that they have passed the first hurdle and that is all.
    For this reason I had huge doubts about Chinese owners from the very start.
    We are however owned by Chinese and must now accept the fact that any business they do undertake will have a huge degree of secrecy surrounding it.
    I am concerned that my Club are going to suffer for all these secrets and goings on but I don’t see what we can do about it other than to make our voices heard, even though you can be damn sure they wont be listened to.
    Change will hopefully come preferably before we end up totally in the financial brown stuff, in the meantime all we can do in reality is what we do best, keep singing KRO and trust in CH, a man I believe is worthy of our trust.

  • Poppa999 says:

    I was going to look up slactivism, but I couldn’t be arsed! ;-)

  • Midleton says:

    Delboy has provided us with a somewhat spurious insight into the way the Chinese do business.Regarding the local media,both print and broadcast,they have failed since day one to look closely at the finances of BCFC.They have accepted to willingly every bit of spin coming out of St Andrews.Blues are heading for administration.They cannot afford to buy players and they have to sell players.The question is why? This is the area which needs investigation.Yes relegation has had an impact but the financial crisis at St Andrews was there long before relegation.And as we saw in the Channel 4 Dispatches programme Blues along with some other clubs are available to be bought by any cowboy out to make a quick profit.The Blues board told us yesterday how pleased they are with season ticket sales,as usual the fans are doing showing their support-is it not time this wretched board did something for the fans.Like go……

    • hammy says:

      mid, i read or heard somewhere we need to raise £50m just to balance the books for next season…..

      hence the big sale….



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