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Who is Vico Hui?

One of the things I’ve striven to with this blog is to try and find out about the owners of Birmingham City, to provide a bit of transparency and to give people an idea of just who is who. One person I’ve not really focused on is the chairman of BCFC (and CEO of BIHL), Vico Hui.

Hui Ho Luek, to use his full Cantonese name, is 45 years old and is based in Hong Kong. Whilst at first he was over here with Carson to help oversee the period after the club was taken over, he’s been based in Hong Kong for some time and as chief executive officer is responsible for the running of the holding parent company. Unlike any other BCFC board member, Vico holds a stake in BIH – currently 4.21%, although that will shrink if and when Yang Yuezhou converts the £6mil loan he made to the club to shares.

Vico Hui (l), Carson Yeung (c)

The picture above, taken on Carson’s release on bail from court after being arrested on money laundering charges shows Vico and Carson together. Vico was one of the people to stump up Carson’s £7million bail money, and I’m led to believe that they are good friends as well as business associates.

So what does Vico do in Hong Kong? Much the same as Carson, Vico has spent time trying to drum up investment in BIH which will benefit the shareholders, and by extension will help put money into BCFC. Following BIH’s proposal to look at land development in Liaoning province, Vico headed a team to do a management study into the proposals – a team which also included Peter Pannu, and a representative from Birmingham City Council, Mark Barrow.

This was signed back in April of this year, but I’ve not heard much about it since. The land deal to buy the plot in Liaoning has stalled; understandably considering the fact that BIH hasn’t got much money at the moment.

In May, Vico was tying up another deal for BIH – this time with the city of Nanchang, which is in Jiangxi province. From this article, it seems that BIH were looking into LED manufacturing and real estate deals in Nanchang, and Sing Pao (Carson’s newspaper) made mention of the automotive business common to both cities. Again, like most of these strategic deals not much seems to have come of it.

Unfortunately, since Carson’s arrest it all seems to have gone quiet from Vico, which I have to admit troubles me. As CEO of BIH, I believe it’s up to Mr Hui to ensure that the company has a plan for dealing with any worst case scenario, and I’m disappointed that the holding company have seemingly done little to ensure that the holding company doesn’t drag BCFC down with it’s current financial issues. No doubt with Peter Pannu flying out to HK as discussed yesterday, there will be further discussions between the board of BCFC as to how the parent company is going to fund the football club over the current season.


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6 Responses to “Who is Vico Hui?”

  • Oldbluenose says:

    Once again,!!. We learn snippets of information which brings us no closer to understanding this tangled web that is B,C,F,C. B,I,H. is even worse to try and understand,?. Who the hell are they, but varied ” investors ” who are investing in what exactly,??.
    There is NO disrespect intended to you Amir mate, it is obvious that you also are trying to wade through this ” treacle pudding ” to enlighten us all,!!. but even come Monday, 30th, when Carson Yueng, appears in court again, I doubt we will be any further forward to unravelling this mess,!!.
    There is much more that I could ” winge on about “, — The weakness of our present squad,?. again, I attach no blame to C,H. who must have many sleepless nights trying to wheel and deal for us,!!.

  • John baiks says:

    Lol how about concentrating on the good aspects of the club

  • Bluehobba says:

    Do you know that come 30th Aug (CY court appearance), Will there be an outcome / closure to all this or can it be deferred again.

  • Merf says:

    Aljamir – you seem more switched on to most of these things than most. Hence my question – I was one of the punters that brought 500 shares in BCFC. I went overseas on business when Carson took over the shares. How come Carson didnt buy out my shares? Do I have some shareholding in BIH that I dont know about? Where has our money gone?

    • almajir says:

      You’re one of the lucky ones. You still own shares in BCFC. Basically, when Carson bought out the shares in BCFC he had the opportunity to force everyone to sell – however he didn’t take it up as he understood that the 4% or so who didn’t immediately sell had sentimental reasons for buying shares rather than profitable ones, and it would be better PR not to force the purchase of them.

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