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Taming the Lions – Blues v Millwall match reflections

My reflections from the Birmingham City v Millwall game at St Andrews today:

1) The result

For the second home game in succession, I’ve walked out of St Andrews feeling that Blues have dicked the opposition. It’s not just scoring three goals, or even winning by three clear goals, but the whole manner in which we did so. Blues never really looked to be under any threat of conceding; we controlled the game and really should have put maybe another couple past a Millwall side that will be nothing more than lower mid table fodder based on that performance. Tatts nailed it with a tweet just after the end of the game where he said Blues had a killer instinct – and it’s something we’ve lacked for a long time. Maybe the change of management has really brought a new philosophy to the club?

2) Jean Beausejour

Chris Wood got the MOTM award from the sponsors – and bearing in mind he got a hat-trick, it would be churlish to say he didn’t deserve it. However, I think the goals overshadowed what was a masterful performance by our Chilean winger. Beausejour was at the heart of what was right about Blues; not just his crossing and getting forwards but the simple stuff in the middle of the park, the runs which pulled the Millwall fullback over the show and even his defensive duties where he tackled and won the ball back. I’m a huge fan of Jean and I think if he can keep reproducing performances like this we’ll struggle to hold on to him in January.

3) Chris Wood

A hat-trick for the kiwi international says it all really – but I think it underlines his potential. I know he’s had his critics (the guy next to me against Nacional being chief amongst them), but I think he’s more than good enough at this level. He is raw, he is still learning but he’s got belief now in himself, he’s fired up and confident and he will keep scoring if we keep giving him these sort of chances. Five goals in seven appearances is a great return and I hope he can keep it up.

4) Morgaro Gomis

I think we might have picked up a little gem in Gomis. He’s certainly not afraid to tackle and win the ball, but he’s got a nice range of passing too, and vision. The first goal was made by Gomis playing a ridiculously good ball in behind the full back that gave Beausejour an acre of space and a good couple of seconds to get the ball where he wanted to cross it in for the forwards. It’s a shame he picked up a knock because he and Spector did exactly what was needed in the middle – they bullied the Millwall midfield out of it and it gave us the platform to build upon.

5) Boaz Myhill

I think Myhill should get some credit for today’s performance; a clean sheet is always great for a keeper but his performance merits some thought too. He made some good saves, his positioning was good, and his distribution was excellent. He’s not going to be in the same sort of class as Foster or Hart, but at this level he should be good enough and more performances like today will see him receive much more backing from the Blues crowd

In all, it was an excellent performance and credit should go to the team and Chris Hughton for properly putting Millwall to the sword. The big question is now do we go with momentum and keep it the same against SC Braga, or do we mix it up a bit and bring in some fresh legs? Either way, I’m looking forwards to Thursday with hope and confidence that we could get a result.

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18 Responses to “Taming the Lions – Blues v Millwall match reflections”

  • Scoobers says:

    Didn’t Millwall hit the post first half ? (I thought at the time Myhill got a touch on it).

    Myhills save at two nil ?

    I’m all for being positive and agree re Dave

  • chris says:

    the knockers of myhill forget the dodgy start joe hart had for the first two months, when he came here. he hardly played at wba and his confidence etc will need building up.
    no doubt working with coach watson improved hart and i think myhill will also, get off his back till watson has had the chance to wave his magic wand on him.
    wood was class for NZ in world cup mainly on his own leading the line at 18 and he’s work rate then was superb, so how anyone could have a go after a couple of matches is unbelievable.
    the whole team is gelling then they will have changes twice a week to contend with, meaning this squad probably won’t truely gel and get into their stride till about the end of october.
    well done blues

  • chris says:

    many have mentioned the last hatrick scorer for blues was ‘the forse’ but when
    a)did someone of chris’ age or younger last score a hatrick for us TF v bolton 1970?
    and b)in this league for anyone

    • Marcello got a hat-trick in 2001 against Bradford, the season Bruce came to manage us. He’d scored about 12 goals that season at the point Bruce took over and was immediately shipped out to Walsall to make way for the Bruce regime of defend, defend, hoof it, defend, defend.

      Old Link on the BCFC website:
      Marcelo Hat Trick

      Over the last 10 years there certainly haven’t been many hat tricks at Blues. Great to see one scored today.

  • Eric Jones says:

    I dont think WBA fans are high on Foster after last weeks gaff. Foster is brilliant but also gaff prone. thats why MU let him go. Hart is by far the best – and we trained him!!! But well done Myhill.

  • AR says:

    I feel churlish writing this but my opinion differs from yours in 2 out of 4 things. I thought Beausejour was excellent & Myhill pulled off some tremendous stops,particularly when he twice had one of their guys one on one. However where I disagree with you (and I hope I’m proved wrong) is over Wood & Gomis. One could argue that a hat trick is a hat trick, but Wood’s touch & inability to give his opposite number any trouble in the air means to me he has too much to learn ever to be good enough. Gomis for me was physically not up to their midfield; he showed some neat passing & tried hard to put his foot in, but on the whole was swept aside by their central pairing. A pity he isn’t 6 inches taller. Marlon King you did not mention, but I thought he did more than enough to show he not only had a very good touch, but also a football brain. If he can score like he did for Coventry then we have a decent player.

  • Carl says:

    It’s looking good: winning 3-0 for 2nd consecutive game, 100% home record in all comps, a team who look like they want to be there, a manager who increasingly impresses, still time to add in the loan market – and not playing turgid football in the overrated Premier League.

    It could be a fun season!

  • Tracey says:

    Have to agree with you on all counts, for once Myhill looked happier, and he did pull off a couple of good saves.
    Thought Gomis was immense (in a short way) really like his ability to move around the pitch.
    Wood I always say is wooden but he finished really nicely today and due to some excellent play from his colleagues he deserved his three goals.
    I totally agree about Jean, he played a blinder and got stuck in.I
    I thought Millwall weren’t bad especially in the first half, they had shots with force behind them, second half they took off Bouazza who I thought was their best player and then seemed to run out of ideas.
    King when he came on showed very good first touch and control of the ball, despite what I think
    of him he should prove a good signing for us.
    The one person who never got near the ball was Rooney he was not in the game for some reason all good result lots to look forward to bring on Bragga!

  • markg says:

    What can I say 3-0 hat trick by woods no further discussion…………….KRO

  • markg says:

    The lions were tamed……………..

  • markg says:

    Bring on Thursday European football slight change some fresh legs…. Myhill will prove to be a good keeper keep thefaith. Zigic is only two weeks away oh happy days…………..

  • Rathater says:

    Just happy now the window has closed, and we still have ziggy to come in.
    Hope gomis is not out for to long as he had a decent game!
    Things are looking up!

  • hugh-g-rection says:

    i wasnt able to get a pie today as they had sold out by the time i got there.
    ha s anyone tried the sausage rolls on offer? i believe they are made with cumberland sausage meat,
    thats my perfect combo with puff pastry

  • Mark says:

    To further my comments earlier jermone couldn’t score with one foot we possibly have a goal scorer in wood’s who has more hunger and desire and will get better under CH. Lets show on Thursday that we support our team and pack out St Andrew’s come ON you blue boys……….. To be extremely honest this team is more exciting under CH and we will see more goals. I personally do not miss any of the players who have gone other than foster and gardner……………KRO

  • JohnR says:

    A great game and Blues played well. I think you are being a little unkind to Millwall who to me looked a decent side. They had some big men up front and gave our defenders a pretty hard time on occasions. I would rather not have to see Myhill work so hard.
    Thankfully we had that extra bit of quality particularly with Beausejour and Burke. Woods impressed me with his finishing even if he has still got a lot to learn. You can’t knock anyone who gets a hat trick. If only Jerome could have finished as well.
    I agree with an earlier comment about Gomis, he had a decent game but he seems a little lightweight to me. Looking forward to seeing N’Daw in midfield who should add some muscle.
    Like you I am worried that Beausejour will be off in January we need to do all we can to keep him.
    Great credit must go to Hughton for putting together a side that might just surprise people this season. Considering how bad things looked a couple of months ago CH has turned things around remarkably well.

  • Steve says:

    Can anyone tell me when the last time someone scored the perfect hatrick for blues. Woods scored left foot, right foot then with his head….. perfect!

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