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McFadden and Parnaby

One story that has come out in the last week at Blues is that former Blues players James McFadden and Stuart Parnaby are training with the club – ostensibly to keep fit but also to try and get new contracts.

There is a saying that goes “never go back” – in other words it’s not worth trying to recreate something from the past because it won’t be quite the same and you’ll regret trying. As sayings go, I think it has it’s merits but in this case I have to disagree; it’s not always a bad idea to re-sign players as situations at football clubs can massively change; Birmingham City being proof of that.

Whilst Jonathan Spector has been by trade a right back, I think Chris Hughton has brought him into the team with the view to playing in midfield as a defensive, holding type player. As such, barring young rookie Luke Hubbins (himself a converted right winger), we’re a bit short on the full back slot. Now, with the way Stephen Carr has played in the past this isn’t that much of a worry – but I do think age is finally catching up with our Captain fantastic. Last night was the second performance (out of four I’ve seen in League and Europe) where he hasn’t been his normal self, and I do wonder if Blues need to consider rotating him out of the team.

With that in mind, I think Stuart Parnaby could be a good signing. He’s been fit for some time; he’s a versatile player who can not only play right back, but cover left back, right midfield and even centre back at a push. I think with the paucity of offers it seems he’s been offered from other clubs we could probably offer him a year at this level on Championship level terms, and he’d probably accept. He’d probably have to accept that he would be a squad player – but it would put the pressure back on Carr to constantly perform to a high standard to maintain his place in the team.

On the other hand, I don’t think we should pursue James McFadden. Injury-wise I’ve been told he’s only just getting to a point where he can train full time now, as he has had a few setbacks in his rehabilitation. Knee injuries of the severity McFadden had are a really big problem for footballers, as they weaken the knee for the future and make signing McFadden a risk because there is always the possibility that it could go again. Despite the obvious talent McFadden has, he’s not been offered terms by anyone and I fear that this could be the end of the road for him playing at a decent level as no one wants to take a risk on him. There is also the question as to how he would fit into Hughton’s tactical set up.

I guess time will tell as to whether either player is offered a deal, but there is absolutely no harm in taking a look; with Blues’ current financial strictures it’s imperative we see what bargains we can pick up – after all, we took Stephen Carr on a short term deal out of an absolute need to sign a right back and look how he turned out.

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16 Responses to “McFadden and Parnaby”

  • Sandycal999 says:

    As usual you’re spot on.
    Couldn’t understand why Parns was released at the end of last season (along with a few others, but that’s another story).
    Can’t see why we’d want to re-sign McFadden, his road back to fitness has taken so long, I think we’d regret it.
    Keep the faith & KRO

  • Pnewm says:

    Mcfadden would be ok if we could get him on a pay as you play deal!

  • The SIlver Fox says:

    Parnaby, sign him up for a year without doubt, great cover if he can remain fit, good all round player and very likeable…..

    McFadden, pay as you play deal – the guy has such raw talent that when played in the right position, he can be unplayable, though the boo-boys will be on his back for not tracking back/tackling like they always were….lazy players are not bad players, they just know where their strengths are…

    Strictures….must try and get that word in an email to management today…… :^)

  • glyn rees says:

    Sign them both if the term are right well worth the risk. Fads played in the right way would be class.

  • Masaccio says:

    We paid McFadden for a year without him playing and we’ve helped him over his injury so I think a pay as you play deal woudl be the better option for him.

  • bluenoseneil says:

    Parnaby can do a job for us as a squad player and cover for Carr and the Centre Backs, no doubt about it.
    Sorry but Faddy is a liability with his injury history and he is also a lazy whinger. I think this kind of disruptive influence is not CH’s style, and I think signing him would be counter-productive to what Blues are trying to do now.
    Put him out to pasture and let him do his thing elsewhere, Having said that, Phillips to Blackpool anyone?
    Wouldn’t be the first time players left and flourished elsewhere though, would it??

  • Taz says:

    I don’t really think Carr needs pressure from other players in order to maintain a high standard. I think his own personal pride will stop him from every performing below the highest possible standard he can manage. However, I do agree that age may be hindering him in constantly performing at that standard and, therefore, you may be right in saying that he may need to be ‘rested’ every now and then. In which case, Parnaby could have a role to play

    As for McFadden, this is not so cut and dried for the reasons stated by yourself and others. I am glad that it is not my decision and I am quite happy, on this occasion, to leave that particular decision to CH. (I’m good at passing the buck, me.)

  • Oldbluenose says:

    I agree with the general concencus re;Paraby, also that McFadden is to much of a risk, despite his obvious talent,!!.
    Does anyone know what happened about lua-Lua,??.

  • npot says:

    McFadden was a real favourite of mine but I must admit I wouldn’t take him on, big risk with his knees, and I don’t remember him pulling up any trees in this division when we were here last time. I think he had a decent run in the team then. So for me the attacking options are pretty good without him – I would rather we spent the wages on another striker on loan who wants to prove himself, like when Bentner came – Man City, Liverpool, Man U, Chelsea all could provide us someone no doubt and they won’t get European experience elsewhere on loan in the Championship…….

  • old bluenose says:

    I know I’m old fashioned and the current trend in football is look after number one (aka McCleish, Johnson etc etc), but I think loyalty with McFadden could benefit Blues in a big way. Now we have better strikers, he could be the one to open the door for them, no one can doubt he is creative. If it comes off we will have a player good enough for the Premiership if we can get promoted, alternately we could sell him on and make decent profit. If the point is he is not fit enough, then fair enough, but if he gets the thumbs up at a medical, I would snap his hand off.

  • leigh says:

    I’m sorry but cover for what, we need Carr to be the cover for a new first choice right back, nothing against him, but the legs don’t go on forever.
    More to the point well done Cameron Jerome, and Andy Johnson remember him? If the big lad is taken back by the Baggies, and the biggest lad does not come back where are the goals coming from?
    Like bowlers win cricket matches, strikers win football matches batsman and defenders only make draws.If CJ and AJ their defences would only have ensured 2 defeats. Gone are the days of a famous Blue who said we go on to the pitch with a point….its now 3 for a win and a draw is is not much more than a defeat.
    The season is a war there are games we need to get something out of, but success comes with winning the ones we should!

  • BeeGeeBlueBoy says:

    I would take Parnaby as cover for Davies and make Ibanez third choice for left or right CB. Our tactics require pacy, maraouding full backs and that is neither Parnaby nor Ridgwell for that matter. Noticed towards the end of last season that Carr’s huffing and puffing after each surge so this could be his last season at this level

    CH may get the best out of JM but would we just be a stepping stone to him proving himself and then agitate for a move away?

  • alexjhurley says:

    I feel quite strongly about this. Mcfadden is / was the worst pound for pound signing in the clubs history. I won’t and can’t mention the chap who signed him. Ive never seen a player so adept at keeping the ball for so long before giving it away. I find it unbelievable that he is so highly regarded by some fans. Pathetic. And if he resigns thats less chance of redmond, hubbins, asante et al getting a chance.

    Parnabys ok though….

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