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Titbits from China

I thought I’d put together a quick round up of news from China just to keep people up to speed with new developments out there.

As previously mentioned on the blog, Carson is being pursued through the civil courts for some money allegedly owed relating to the purchase of the Sing Pao newspaper empire. This was back in court again yesterday but has been adjourned again until next Wednesday due to lack of paperwork on Carson’s side.

From reading the messageboards, fora and Facebook it appears that there is a little confusion surrounding next week’s meeting of the BIH board. I think it’s worth confirming now it’s a board meeting and not an AGM (annual general meeting) – the AGM isn’t due until December (the last one was on 17 December 2010). Furthermore, it’s my understanding that Carson cannot be removed as Chairman of BIH without either a vote at an AGM or an EGM (extraordinary general meeting), and thus I can’t see this being discussed next week when the accounts are to be approved.

Otherwise, it seems very quiet; whilst there has been some reporting in China in English language newspapers about Birmingham City there doesn’t seem to be much happening in the rumour mill. Of course, if this changes I will update on here.

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16 Responses to “Titbits from China”

  • Letsby Avenue says:

    Quite right :-)

    Other than resignation (or a number 9 bus), the Chair can only be removed at an AGM or EGM, for which there would be a prepared and published agenda sent to all shareholders in advance.

    As regards Blues I think I’m entering my dotage, because I have not looked forward to watching them so eagerly for years and years. Considering everything that surrounds us, and a couple of below par performances, I should be signing petitions, painting bedsheets and returning my season.

    Fact is I just can’t wait for the next match, and even twice a week they can’t come fast enough for me.


    Thanks again for your research and scouting. :-)

  • JD Wilts says:

    Don’t worry Letsby Avenue, you’re not alone. i travelled up from Salisbury Plain to see the end of season draw against Wolves and then last Sunday down to Southampton desrvedly whip us 4-1.
    And guess which of our performances gave me more pleasure? Yes, we took a beating from a better team but I saw effort, potential and attacking football from Blues.
    Football wise we’re in a good place and under CH I can only see it getting better.
    Pity its a differnt story off the pitch… thanks for your informative updates Almajir, much appreciated.

  • Gary says:

    Funny we were not digging into DC and the Golds business affairs when they put up half a million to take controll of the club. Yes 500k!! not 80 Million. They loaned the club money and took it back by the bucket load. CY’s story is boring by comparisson to what they got up to and lets not forget the police enquiries into what they did with the clubs money relating to bungs and backhanders. Nothing proven so on we go.
    They also appointed managers who were willing to scrape by and in doing so produce boring football, TF included.
    PP should be credited with convincing a very promising young manager to come to our club with the promise of no money and the inevitable fact that he had to sell some of our best players. Now I dont think CH was desperate do you? Are we all exited about what we are seeing on the pitch? CY is not responsible for relegation, in fact I think he did more than enough in providing AM with the funds to bring palyers to the club who won us some silverware for the first time in history, He was willing to stick by AM inspite of his obviouse lack of ability to motivate players and tacticks. ( The biggest game of last season was Fulham at home and he put out a team and used tactics that were guaranteed to fail) He has sanctioned everything that has happened since we got relegated and in doing so has managed to retain and recruit a squad capable of completing a respectable season, There have been no rumours indicating that CY is about to quit, nor that he no longer wants to be involved with the club, and taking into acount that he has a lot of pressure in his business and private life I think for most people it would be a weight off the mind to sell up and ship out.
    So he has had a court case adjourned ( Nothing to do with his involvement with blues) and there is going to be a board meeting of which there are millions taking place every day all across the world.

    Almajir. Have I stumbled across an anti blues site here? Understanding the meaning of Partisan have I fallen into a behind the lines group? Hers a couple of topics to get your teeth into:

    Why did we get relegated when we had a squad of players who should have been capable of geting sufficient points to stay up? Was it AM or was it CY?
    We were destined to lose overaged and overpaid players plus a few that simply were not good enough.These players alone would have cost at least 40M to replace and If we were to attempt to improve the overall quality of the squad this would have been a further 50M or so. Now given the fact that AM had already spent a load of money and the players who were surplus to requirements had no value where on earth were we going to get this sort of investment. Did we take a dive????

    Secondly: It was reported that Tats and PP had an exchange of words. I would like to know more about this because there has been a major change in the way we get news of what is happeneing at the Blues, Anything we read now is first to be found on the Blues web site. My personall view is that PP told Tats that he didnt like the way news and events were being reported (Speculation) and that he was no longer welcome as a correspondent. Any news on the Blues would in future be found on the Blues official web site. The Chines do things differently to us because they are generally honourable but private people and I doubt the owners appreciated constant speculation as this often leads to alerting other clubs to players we are looking at, Dembele being one that got away. Did anyone know anything about the players we signed until they were signed?


  • steve-o says:

    When I read this article I see a snippet of information that is solely aimed at keeping Blues supporters informed of what is happening.

    In no stretch of the imagination do I read anything whatsoever to do with Carson Yeung being responsible for our relegation. I do not read anywhere that CY is bad for the club.

    Gary do you not think that this is anything other than a quickly put together update for us? It even has “titbits” in the title. Why the tirade?

    It sounds to me like you have beef with somebody else, but to answer your question: No, this is not an anti Blues site. Go and stumble elsewhere if all you’re going to do is append your own hang ups onto a reasonable article and fire internet bullets at people.


  • Gary says:

    My hangup is people who are more interested in scandal than football. Now here is an interesting article. Its a player giving us a deper insight into the way a footballer thinks during a game http://www.birminghammail.net/birmingham-sport/birmingham-city-fc/birmingham-city-fc-news/2011/09/22/birmingham-city-curtis-davies-says-squad-will-fight-back-against-barnsley-97319-29469298/
    Stevo. You say an insight into what IS happeneing? wake up mate its speculation intil such time as it is proven to have happened.

    So if he is not responsible for getting us relegated etc what exactly has he done wrong to Birmingham City Football Cub and its supporters to provoke an investigation into just about anything he does, has done and might do in the future. I was merely attempting to put things into perspective so read through it again and maybe again until the penny drops.

    • almajir says:


      I’m not sure what you’re driving at, but I think you’re labouring under some misconceptions. Firstly, I don’t really go for speculation; what I generally write is fact – I cite where I have got my info from (the blue words are links and will take you to the relevant articles etc) – I do offer my own opinion but I do say that it IS only my opinion.

      Secondly, I only have to look at my pageview stats to see that people are interested in what Carson Yeung is up to. It’s not about “investigating ” him at all; it’s about sharing the facts that we don’t hear over here for whatever reason.

      If you don’t like what you read, it’s not compulsory to read it. I can assure you I am a blues fan – well, either that or my season ticket has been a humongous waste of money, and I do talk about a lot of other stuff rather than Mr Yeung.

      • Dirty Bertie says:

        Plus, transparency is the problem. Are the lace curtains closed day and night because there’s a dead person in the front parlour or to hide the fact that the family are eating kippers?

        Fans need to be confident that the club’s future is in safe hands.

        Almajir – careful when investigating PP, would’t want you to disappear too. I’d have nothing interesting to read in the mornings!

  • Giblets says:

    When do the bruges away tickets go on sale ?

  • Gary says:

    Heres one for you all. I bumped into Ridge the other day. There was a point when I thought it could have got nasty.

  • steve-o says:

    Gary, Carson Yeung has a pending court case for alleged money Laundering, do you think this is not of interest? I for one am interesting in what is happening and the author of these articles is keeping us abreast. (Strange how I’ve used “abreast” and “titbits” since you turned up). He is neither slating CY or insinuating anything about CY and he certainly isn’t suggesting he relegated us.

    People read and respond to all sorts of topics online so why do you have a hang up on this page with people interested more in scandal. There is no scandal here and anybody reading these pages reads other more interesting articles too, and ones that are more on-the-pitch related. Guess what? You did both too.

    I invite you to read through your unnecessary drivel and discuss only those parts that are relevant to this article. The other pieces you wish to argue over, take them to a forum where people actually have those views.

    Who are you even preaching to? Nobody here has said or done anything to provoke your response.

    Go to bed, it’s getting late.

  • Farina says:

    This is the most informative BCFC site around. It is extremely well balanced and VERY informative. It is of interest because we are BCFC fans. In no way is it an anti Blues site. Some of Almajir’s findings have only served to encourage and give hope for the future of Birmingham City. I do not believe if the sites intention was to deride the Blues this would be the case. Almajir, don’t ever be disheartened by negative views (not that I’m suggesting you would be). No matter how good your site is, there will always be those questioning motives. Saying that…Gary’s not your alter ego is he? And you have blogged purely to gain justified praise? LOL

  • AR says:

    I repeat what I have said before that this is the most informative,intelligent Blues’ site that there is. It gives me information,particularly from China that I would never know about. It provides lucid detail based on fact and how anyone can think it is a vehicle to undermine CY cannot see the wood for the trees. Keep up the good work, almajir, – we need you.

  • Dudleybluenose says:

    hear hear

  • Leebluenose says:

    Anti-Blues site??? Get a grip!

    Almajir, we know this site is blue through an through mate but there is always one…


  • Gary says:

    So you all believe everything you read.

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