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Chinese Media – snippet re Carson’s civil case

A short while back I noted that Carson was not only in court regarding his criminal case, but also faced civil proceedings (not unlike the ones Carson faced against Seymour Pierce over the purchase of BCFC) over the purchase of Sing Pao newspaper.

The plaintiff, Weng Shibing, was back in court yesterday to see if his application to put a charge against Carson’s pad in the Ying Piu Mansion apartment block has been put into place. This has been denied however until the accounting reports being compiled into Carson’s wealth (and that of his ex, Li Wing Sze) have been compiled in relation to the assets freeze application. Nobody was in court to represent Carson.

It’s not really much, but it should now give ultimate confirmation that Carson’s assets haven’t been frozen as the HK prosecutors are still compiling reports on what he owns before the courts can allow the application to go through. The court case is scheduled to go ahead in October.

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13 Responses to “Chinese Media – snippet re Carson’s civil case”

  • prewarblue says:

    Nobody in court to represent him ?,,,,,where,s Pannu ?,,,,,rats,sinking ship, spring to mind

    • Letsby Avenue says:

      Ignorami…Neanderthals…RcihardHeads…springs to mind prewar :-(

      Why should someone be in court for a “Judicial Question” ?
      This is normal and everyday in the UK..why it should be reported in the HK media is strange.

      Fair do’s for AJ to pick it up, but pretty strange nonetheless.

      Did we ever read about “Pukka Pies” taking Blues (Sullivan Blues) to court ?

      They did.
      As did many other minor creditors when the (Sullivan) Blues evaded or delayed pyments in the late 90s.

      What AJ has dutifully found is yet another, minor skirmish (with history admitted) against Carson..
      Whether this pre-dates his arrest or whether it just capitalises upon his present predicament, we don’t know.
      (We don’t know how long this skirmish has been going on – probably before he came to Blues – considering it involves his ex-wife)

      I think this will be seen by the anti-chinese faction of blues’ fans as further “proof” that Carson is guilty of whatever…9/11…Jack-the-Ripper…Pearl Harbour…you name it…Carson is guilty of it.

      Shame that it has to be reported, but thanks to AJ for reporting it. We can’t supress real things.

      Having said that…to my mind, it reads as a civil case…with the plaintiff trying to cash in on a defendant’s weakened position.
      Like some Landlord with a grievance trying to capitalise on his tenant – who happens to be in court.

      I’m glad I knew this, so thank you.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think many readers of your blog will be as open-minded


      • almajir says:

        AJ? AJ? Who the smeg is AJ? almajir is one word, not abbreviated…

        As stated in the article Letsby, it IS a civil case – it’s in the title, it’s a handy giveaway. I can also tell you how long it’s been going, cos I reported when it first happened – right here – http://oftenpartisan.co.uk/archives/704/money-money-money.html

        And as stated in the article, Mr Avenue, it’s a very similar case to the one he had against Seymour Pierce – ie someone is saying that CY owes them money for introducing him to a firm that CY subsequently took over.

        The key part that you’ve glossed over is that the article from China gives much more credence to the position I’ve consistently taken that Carson’s assets are not frozen yet – which was my main reason for interest.

      • Cocka says:

        anti chinese?, they have sold every player worth a bean???

  • Mark says:

    Thank you regarding this information hopefully this whole saga can move on when carson returns to Engand. If he’s assets are not frozen why was CH not given money during transfer window? Why were players sold off? Carson could have sanctioned most things………..

  • Bluehobba says:

    “allow the application to go through” more like complication !!

  • hugh-g-rection says:

    what happened with the pukka pie case? i presume that they didnt get their money so thats why we ended up with wrights pies?
    Has anyone tasted the new red thai chicken pasty from ginsters?
    mmm its absolutely delicious and would be a welcome addition to stans current tuck shop fayre.
    While we are on the subject of spicy pastys ,has anyone been to that indian on hagley rd? my spies claim it is excellent, with chicken bhuna being especially tasty if you have it with a keema naan.

  • john says:

    Its all gone wrong AGAIN. I read Jeromes comments on the Birmingham mail. First of all, he is not intelligent enough to make the comments, secondly and the most important…………. if he wasn’t as bad as he is, we would still be up. Dont patronise Jerome. You didnt impress at Blues, you didnt impress when my kids met you at Nandos off Broad Street and you dont impress now with your patronising comments.

    • hugh-g-rection says:

      and talking of nandos , they claim to make the best mashed potato in the world!
      well my missus makes lovely mash and i think its better than theirs .
      The secret is to use salted welsh butter and plenty of white pepper when mashing your boiled spuds.
      Anyone else think nandos mash is the best?

  • Dirty Bertie says:

    “This has been denied however until the accounting reports being compiled into Carson’s wealth (and that of his ex, Li Wing Sze) have been compiled in relation to the assets freeze application.”

    So, are CY’s assets frozen until these reports are produced, or not?

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